IBM patents granted on 15 April 2014

76 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,701,204 Sharing referenced content through collaborative business applications
2 8,701,186 Formal analysis of the quality and conformance of information flow downgraders
3 8,701,181 Methods and systems for preventing security breaches
4 8,701,177 Method and apparatus for graphical presentation of firewall security policy
5 8,701,163 Method and system for automatic generation of cache directives for security policy
6 8,701,120 Virtualization of storage buffers used by asynchronous processes
7 8,701,118 Adjusting thread priority to optimize computer system performance and the utilization of computer system resources
8 8,701,114 Dynamically redirecting a file descriptor of an executing process by another process by optionally suspending the executing process
9 8,701,113 Switch-aware parallel file system
10 8,701,112 Workload scheduling
11 8,701,111 Lock windows for reducing contention
12 8,701,099 Accelerating generic loop iterators using speculative execution
13 8,701,098 Leveraging multicore systems when compiling procedures
14 8,701,097 Partial inlining with software based restart
15 8,701,094 Event management in a non-stop debugging environment
16 8,701,093 Event management in a non-stop debugging environment
17 8,701,082 Method and apparatus for generating a model-driven development user interface
18 8,701,059 Method and system for repartitioning a hierarchical circuit design
19 8,701,025 Interactive ring-shaped interface
20 8,701,001 Screen capture
21 8,700,959 Scalable I/O adapter function level error detection, isolation, and reporting
22 8,700,949 Reliability scheme using hybrid SSD/HDD replication with log structured management
23 8,700,932 Method for on-demand energy savings by lowering power usage of at least one storage device in a multi-tiered storage system
24 8,700,909 Revocation of a biometric reference template
25 8,700,873 Direct memory access memory management
26 8,700,854 Managing unmodified tracks maintained in both a first cache and a second cache
27 8,700,852 Processing read and write requests in a storage controller
28 8,700,843 Providing versioning in a storage device
29 8,700,841 Sub-LUN input/output profiling for SSD devices
30 8,700,831 Automated classification of computer configuration using rule set
31 8,700,824 Adjustable buffer sizing for concurrent writing to tape
32 8,700,777 Extensible support system for service offerings
33 8,700,764 Routing incoming messages at a blade chassis
34 8,700,759 Autonomic optimization of presence server performance
35 8,700,752 Optimized efficient LPAR capacity consolidation
36 8,700,711 Controlling delivery of notifications in real-time communications based on communication channel state
37 8,700,693 Extensible mechanism for executing server side code
38 8,700,664 Unified user identification with automatic mapping and database absence handling
39 8,700,623 Activities based dynamic data prioritization
40 8,700,622 Activities based dynamic data prioritization
41 8,700,617 Managing feedback in a group resource environment
42 8,700,605 Estimating rows returned by recursive queries using fanout
43 8,700,584 Managing access to objects of a computing environment
44 8,700,581 Systems and methods for providing a map of an enterprise system
45 8,700,542 Rule set management
46 8,700,497 Inventory mechanism that generates logical inventory from assemblies in inventory
47 8,700,448 System and method for item recommendations
48 8,700,425 Dynamically predicting patient influx into an emergency department
49 8,700,413 Web services registration for dynamic composition of web services
50 8,700,334 Methods and systems for reconstructing genomic common ancestors
51 8,700,219 Periodic rotational vibration check for storage devices to compensate for varying loads
52 8,700,199 Passive resonator, a system incorporating the passive resonator for real-time intra-process monitoring and control and an associated method
53 8,700,033 Dynamic access to radio networks
54 8,700,004 Phone number encapsulation using token based framework
55 8,699,723 Audio device volume manager using measured volume perceived at a first audio device to control volume generation by a second audio device
56 8,699,685 Method for managing communication events in a communication system
57 8,699,684 Method, system, and program product for contacting conference call participants
58 8,699,566 Adaptive and integrated visualization of spatiotemporal data from large-scale simulations
59 8,699,169 Fly height extraction system
60 8,698,807 Intuitively connecting graphical shapes
61 8,698,318 Superfilled metal contact vias for semiconductor devices
62 8,698,245 Partially depleted (PD) semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) field effect transistor (FET) structure with a gate-to-body tunnel current region for threshold voltage (VT) lowering and method of forming the structure
63 8,698,244 Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structure configured for reduced harmonics, design structure and method
64 8,698,165 Graphene channel-based devices and methods for fabrication thereof
65 8,698,128 Gate-all around semiconductor nanowire FET’s on bulk semicoductor wafers
66 8,697,567 Implementing decoupling devices inside a TSV DRAM stack
67 8,697,561 Microelectronic structure by selective deposition
68 8,697,536 Locally isolated protected bulk finfet semiconductor device
69 8,697,528 Method of forming a planar field effect transistor structure with recesses for epitaxially deposited source/drain regions
70 8,697,523 Integration of SMT in replacement gate FINFET process flow
71 8,697,522 Bulk finFET with uniform height and bottom isolation
72 8,697,521 Structure and method for making low leakage and low mismatch NMOSFET
73 8,697,514 FinFET device
74 8,697,339 Semiconductor device manufacturing methods
75 8,695,641 Multilayer microfluidic probe head and method of fabrication thereof
76 8,695,639 Multilayer microfluidic probe head and method of fabrication thereof