IBM patents granted on 15 June 2010

131 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,739,747 Dynamic control of authorization to access internet services
2 7,739,743 Information presentation apparatus, and information presentation method and program for use therein
3 7,739,698 Multiplatform API usage tool
4 7,739,697 System and method for creating web services from an existing web site
5 7,739,687 Application of attribute-set policies to managed resources in a distributed computing system
6 7,739,685 Decoupling a central processing unit from its tasks
7 7,739,675 Dynamically computing a degradation analysis of waiting threads in a virtual machine
8 7,739,664 Collection and detection of differences of values of expressions/variables when debugging a computer process
9 7,739,663 Method, system and program product for validating a runtime environment
10 7,739,656 Generating asynchronous interfaces and methods from synchronous interfaces and methods
11 7,739,652 Determining software complexity
12 7,739,648 Formation of masks/reticles having dummy features
13 7,739,640 Method and apparatus for static timing analysis in the presence of a coupling event and process variation
14 7,739,637 Partial good schema for integrated circuits having parallel execution units
15 7,739,636 Design structure incorporating semiconductor device structures that shield a bond pad from electrical noise
16 7,739,635 Conjunctive BDD building and variable quantification using case-splitting
17 7,739,633 Verification of highly optimized synchronous pipelines via random simulation driven by critical resource scheduling system and program product
18 7,739,632 System and method of automated wire and via layout optimization description
19 7,739,609 Method and system for responding to inquiries from users
20 7,739,592 Delivery, organization, and management of data capture elements
21 7,739,589 Extending markup of a browser using a plug-in framework
22 7,739,573 Voltage identifier sorting
23 7,739,570 System and method for increasing error checking performance by calculating CRC calculations after multiple test patterns for processor design verification and validation
24 7,739,562 Programmable diagnostic memory module
25 7,739,557 Method, system and program product for autonomous error recovery for memory devices
26 7,739,555 Autonomically adjusting configuration parameters for a server when a different server fails
27 7,739,549 Device, system and method for predictive failure analysis
28 7,739,547 Failure recovery and error correction techniques for data loading in information warehouses
29 7,739,545 System and method to support use of bus spare wires in connection modules
30 7,739,538 Double data rate chaining for synchronous DDR interfaces
31 7,739,526 System for regulating system power by controlling memory usage based on an overall system power measurement
32 7,739,492 Encrypted communication for selectively delivering a message to multiple decrypting devices
33 7,739,489 Method and system for automatic detection, inventory, and operating system deployment on network boot capable computers
34 7,739,477 Multiple page size address translation incorporating page size prediction
35 7,739,474 Method and system for unifying memory access for CPU and IO operations
36 7,739,462 Policy based data shredding for storage controller
37 7,739,461 DRAM power management in a memory controller
38 7,739,439 Method of fabrication of a portable computer apparatus with thermal enhancements and multiple modes of operation
39 7,739,434 Performing a configuration virtual topology change and instruction therefore
40 7,739,427 Dynamic memory allocation between inbound and outbound buffers in a protocol handler
41 7,739,422 Method to improve system DMA mapping while substantially reducing memory fragmentation
42 7,739,415 Method for managing virtual instances of a physical port attached to a network
43 7,739,405 Multicast group management in infiniband
44 7,739,396 System, method and program for field service of computers
45 7,739,389 Providing web services from a service environment with a gateway
46 7,739,388 Method and system for managing data center power usage based on service commitments
47 7,739,382 Dynamic extension of network-accessible services
48 7,739,377 Performing inventory scan to determine presence of prerequisite resources
49 7,739,350 Voice enabled network communications
50 7,739,344 Instant message method to provide a delayed alarm/reminder
51 7,739,340 Method, system and computer program product for enabling electronic chat with online calendar invitees
52 7,739,331 Method and apparatus for providing load diffusion in data stream correlations
53 7,739,323 Systems, methods and computer program products for providing a combined moduli-9 and 3 residue generator
54 7,739,303 Method, system and program product for verifying access to a data object
55 7,739,297 Computerized method, system and program product for generating a data mining model
56 7,739,296 System and method for virtualization of relational stored procedures in non-native relational database systems
57 7,739,293 Method, system, and program for collecting statistics of data stored in a database
58 7,739,284 Method and apparatus for processing data streams
59 7,739,273 Method for creating, executing and searching through a form of active web-based content
60 7,739,267 Classification and sequencing of mixed data flows
61 7,739,243 System and method for dynamically configuring a multiplatform computing environment
62 7,739,241 Implementing dynamic copy-on-write (COW) storage compression through purge function
63 7,739,236 System and method for preserving filehandles across file system migrations on a best effort basis
64 7,739,230 Log location discovery and management
65 7,739,218 Systems and methods for building and implementing ontology-based information resources
66 7,739,207 Network autonomous learning system that allows computers to share learned knowledge such that errors and potential problems are identified and resolved
67 7,739,197 Guest limited authorization for electronic financial transaction cards
68 7,739,155 Automatically distributing a bid request for a grid job to multiple grid providers and analyzing responses to select a winning grid provider
69 7,739,147 System and method for pallet identification based on threshold of case-level tags
70 7,739,141 Consulting assessment environment
71 7,739,136 Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling business level service level agreements
72 7,739,122 Collection and analysis of measurement data associated with service elements
73 7,739,117 Method and system for voice-enabled autofill
74 7,739,116 Subtitle generation and retrieval combining document with speech recognition
75 7,739,114 Methods and apparatus for tracking speakers in an audio stream
76 7,739,099 Method and system for on-line performance modeling using inference for real production IT systems
77 7,739,073 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional measurements of physical characteristics within a data center
78 7,739,071 System validation using validation programs depicted using markup language
79 7,739,052 Pattern discovery techniques for determining maximal irredundant and redundant motifs
80 7,738,984 System for and method of interpolation for supply chain planning
81 7,738,753 CMOS compatible integrated dielectric optical waveguide coupler and fabrication
82 7,738,635 Correlating call data and speech recognition information in a telephony application
83 7,738,551 System and method for processing a high definition television (HDTV) image
84 7,738,443 Asynchronous broadcast for ordered delivery between compute nodes in a parallel computing system where packet header space is limited
85 7,738,394 Receiving data in a sensor network
86 7,738,376 Managing traffic within a data communication network
87 7,738,284 Memory cell with independent-gate controlled access devices and memory using the cell
88 7,738,283 Design structure for SRAM active write assist for improved operational margins
89 7,738,207 Optical storage system using an antenna for recording information data to a phase-change type medium
90 7,738,129 Method and apparatus for assigning candidate processing nodes in a stream-oriented computer system
91 7,738,056 Liquid crystal display panel and device thereof
92 7,737,974 Reallocation of spatial index traversal between processing elements in response to changes in ray tracing graphics workload
93 7,737,970 Ray tracing with depth buffered display
94 7,737,969 System and program product for re-meshing of a three-dimensional input model using progressive implicit approximating levels
95 7,737,853 System and method for disabling RFID tags
96 7,737,794 Phase locked loop with temperature and process compensation
97 7,737,766 Two stage voltage boost circuit, IC and design structure
98 7,737,763 Virtual electronic fuse apparatus and methodology
99 7,737,757 Low power level shifting latch circuits with gated feedback for high speed integrated circuits
100 7,737,561 Dual damascene integration of ultra low dielectric constant porous materials
101 7,737,550 Optimization of electronic package geometry for thermal dissipation
102 7,737,530 Semiconductor device structures for bipolar junction transistors and methods of fabricating such structures
103 7,737,528 Structure and method of forming electrically blown metal fuses for integrated circuits
104 7,737,504 Well isolation trenches (WIT) for CMOS devices
105 7,737,502 Raised STI process for multiple gate ox and sidewall protection on strained Si/SGOI sructure with elevated source/drain
106 7,737,501 FinFET SRAM with asymmetric gate and method of manufacture thereof
107 7,737,500 CMOS diodes with dual gate conductors, and methods for forming the same
108 7,737,498 Enhanced stress-retention silicon-on-insulator devices and methods of fabricating enhanced stress retention silicon-on-insulator devices
109 7,737,482 Self-aligned strap for embedded trench memory on hybrid orientation substrate
110 7,737,468 Semiconductor devices having recesses filled with semiconductor materials
111 7,737,052 Advanced multilayer dielectric cap with improved mechanical and electrical properties
112 7,737,050 Method of fabricating a nitrided silicon oxide gate dielectric layer
113 7,737,032 MOSFET structure with multiple self-aligned silicide contacts
114 7,737,029 Methods of forming metal interconnect structures on semiconductor substrates using oxygen-removing plasmas and interconnect structures formed thereby
115 7,737,026 Structure and method for low resistance interconnections
116 7,737,014 Reduction of boron diffusivity in pFETs
117 7,737,003 Method and structure for optimizing yield of 3-D chip manufacture
118 7,736,981 Metal high dielectric constant transistor with reverse-T gate
119 7,736,966 CMOS devices with hybrid channel orientations and method for fabricating the same
120 7,736,965 Method of making a FinFET device structure having dual metal and high-k gates
121 7,736,949 Device and method for fabricating double-sided SOI wafer scale package with optical through via connections
122 7,736,915 Method for neutralizing trapped charge in a charge accumulation layer of a semiconductor structure
123 7,736,841 Reflective film interface to restore transverse magnetic wave contrast in lithographic processing
124 7,736,833 Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication thereof
125 7,736,753 Formation of nanostructures comprising compositionally modulated ferromagnetic layers by pulsed ECD
126 7,736,474 Plating apparatus and plating method
127 7,736,152 Land grid array fabrication using elastomer core and conducting metal shell or mesh
128 7,736,053 Bolometric on-chip temperature sensor
129 7,735,730 System and method for state-based execution and recovery in a payment system
130 7,735,326 Air re-cool for electronic equipment
131 7,735,216 Micro-electromechanical sub-assembly having an on-chip transfer mechanism