IBM patents granted on 15 March 2011

85 US patents granted on 15 March 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,908,601 Computer method and apparatus for merging software configurations when a change set spans multiple artifacts
2 7,908,599 Dynamic granting of permissions in an object-oriented code base
3 7,908,596 Automatic inspection of compiled code
4 7,908,593 Technique for evaluating software performance online to support online tuning
5 7,908,588 Program presentation with reviewer feedback maintenance
6 7,908,583 Evidentiary enrichment of traceability links between software specification requirements
7 7,908,575 Enhanced verification through binary decision diagram-based target decomposition using state analysis extraction
8 7,908,571 Systems and media to improve manufacturability of semiconductor devices
9 7,908,566 System and method for scrolling among categories in a list of documents
10 7,908,564 Copying and pasting a plurality of data items as a group
11 7,908,560 Method and system for cross-screen component communication in dynamically created composite applications
12 7,908,536 Testing functional boundary logic at asynchronous clock boundaries of an integrated circuit device
13 7,908,534 Diagnosable general purpose test registers scan chain design
14 7,908,532 Automated system and processing for expedient diagnosis of broken shift registers latch chains
15 7,908,518 Method, system and computer program product for failure analysis implementing automated comparison of multiple reference models
16 7,908,512 Method and system for cache-based dropped write protection in data storage systems
17 7,908,511 File replacement in shared file system
18 7,908,505 Apparatus, system, and method for event, time, and failure state recording mechanism in a power supply
19 7,908,493 Unified management of power, performance, and thermals in computer systems
20 7,908,492 Method for using a compact disk as a smart key device
21 7,908,476 Virtualization of file system encryption
22 7,908,474 Method for improved key management for ATMs and other remote devices
23 7,908,457 Retaining an association between a virtual address based buffer and a user space application that owns the buffer
24 7,908,443 Memory controller and method for optimized read/modify/write performance
25 7,908,439 Method and apparatus for efficient replacement algorithm for pre-fetcher oriented data cache
26 7,908,413 Data allocation in a distributed storage system
27 7,908,403 Reserved device access contention reduction
28 7,908,385 Electronic mail communicating method, apparatus and system using facsimile communication procedure
29 7,908,382 System and method to optimally manage performance’s virtual users and test cases
30 7,908,379 Automatic mobile device detection
31 7,908,374 Device, method and program for providing matching service
32 7,908,368 Method and apparatus for redirecting data traffic based on external switch port status
33 7,908,365 System using footprints in system log files for monitoring transaction instances in real-time network
34 7,908,355 Method for improving network server load balancing
35 7,908,353 Managing overlapping address spaces
36 7,908,350 Methods for operating virtual networks, data network system, computer program and computer program product
37 7,908,349 Resource management with rule based consistency check
38 7,908,346 Processing a plurality of requests simultaneously in a web application
39 7,908,336 Dynamically inserting prefetch tags by the web server
40 7,908,331 Efficient presentation of related messages in a computer network-based messaging system
41 7,908,308 Carry-select adder structure and method to generate orthogonal signal levels
42 7,908,305 Intelligent business object document system
43 7,908,282 Method for provision and use of a visual representation of website browsing history
44 7,908,278 Recommendation system for assisting mashup developers at build-time
45 7,908,268 Predictive database pool preparation
46 7,908,256 Speculative computation lock coarsening through the use of localized lock reservation
47 7,908,251 Quorum-based power-down of unresponsive servers in a computer cluster
48 7,908,246 Separating file data streams to enhance progressive incremental processing
49 7,908,237 Method and apparatus for identifying unexpected behavior of a customer in a retail environment using detected location data, temperature, humidity, lighting conditions, music, and odors
50 7,908,236 Using multiple data structures to manage data in cache
51 7,908,233 Method and apparatus for implementing digital video modeling to generate an expected behavior model
52 7,908,225 Intelligent agent with negotiation capability and method of negotiation therewith
53 7,908,162 Method of delegating activity in service oriented architectures using continuations
54 7,908,161 Method and apparatus for business process transformation wizard
55 7,908,143 Dialog call-flow optimization
56 7,908,141 Extracting and utilizing metadata to improve accuracy in speech to text conversions
57 7,908,060 Method and system for blind spot identification and warning utilizing portable and wearable devices
58 7,908,023 Method of establishing a lot grade system for product lots in a semiconductor manufacturing process
59 7,908,022 System and method for reducing toxic waste in manufacturing processes
60 7,907,796 Alignment of tape cartridge accessor
61 7,907,773 Apparatus and method for holographic information storage and retrieval
62 7,907,725 Simple universal hash for plaintext aware encryption
63 7,907,619 Method, system and program product for adapting to protocol changes
64 7,907,604 Creation and management of routing table for PCI bus address based routing with integrated DID
65 7,907,596 Valley-free shortest path method
66 7,907,534 Identifying faulty network components during a network exploration
67 7,907,440 Data writing to scalable magnetic memory devices
68 7,907,410 Universal patterned metal thermal interface
69 7,907,406 System and method for standby mode cooling of a liquid-cooled electronics rack
70 7,907,363 Managing data storage media and multiple cartridge memories of a data storage cartridge
71 7,907,330 Display element
72 7,906,950 Tuning a switching power supply
73 7,906,887 Microsystem and method for positioning a second element with respect to a first element in a microsystem
74 7,906,871 Apparatus, system, and method for reducing power consumption on devices with multiple power supplies
75 7,906,428 Modified via bottom structure for reliability enhancement
76 7,906,426 Method of controlled low-k via etch for Cu interconnections
77 7,906,420 Method and apparatus for forming planar alloy deposits on a substrate
78 7,906,413 Abrupt “delta-like” doping in Si and SiGe films by UHV-CVD
79 7,906,390 Thin gate electrode CMOS devices and methods of fabricating same
80 7,906,384 Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
81 7,906,368 Phase change memory with tapered heater
82 7,906,231 Magnetic tunnel barriers and associated magnetic tunnel junctions with high tunneling magnetoresistance
83 7,906,031 Aligning polymer films
84 7,905,670 Method and apparatus for exposing printable media in a printer
85 7,905,096 Dehumidifying and re-humidifying air cooling for an electronics rack