IBM patents granted on 15 March 2016

179 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,288,932 Ground-based heat sink facilitating electronic system cooling
2 9,288,718 Byte caching in wireless communication networks
3 9,288,689 Configuration of wireless network cloud system based on density estimation
4 9,288,654 Keeping conversations confidential
5 9,288,622 Aggregated geo-fencing area based information delivery
6 9,288,572 Haptic microphone
7 9,288,336 Management of records for an electronic device
8 9,288,267 Handling of data transfer in a LAN-free environment
9 9,288,257 Managing file transfer commands
10 9,288,244 Managing a collaborative space
11 9,288,243 Social sharing of contacts information
12 9,288,234 Security policy enforcement
13 9,288,232 Techniques for reconciling permission usage with security policy for policy optimization and monitoring continuous compliance
14 9,288,214 Authentication and authorization methods for cloud computing platform security
15 9,288,203 Multiple input based passwords
16 9,288,189 Retrieving both sensitive and non-sensitive content in a secure manner
17 9,288,178 Inventory updating of an internet protocol (IP) alias within a highly available computing cluster
18 9,288,177 Inventory updating of an internet protocol (IP) alias within a highly available computing cluster
19 9,288,168 Retrieving messages in order in a distributed publish/subscribe system
20 9,288,167 Preserving collaboration history with relevant contextual information
21 9,288,166 Preserving collaboration history with relevant contextual information
22 9,288,161 Verifying the functionality of an integrated circuit
23 9,288,158 Dynamically expanding computing resources in a networked computing environment
24 9,288,148 Hierarchical network, service and application function virtual machine partitioning across differentially sensitive data centers
25 9,288,147 Dynamically balancing resources in a server farm
26 9,288,135 Managing data flows in software-defined network using network interface card
27 9,288,109 Enabling cluster scaling
28 9,288,093 Signal modulation using guard band determination for improved frequency spectrum efficiency
29 9,288,086 Decision-feedback analyzer and methods for operating the same
30 9,288,085 Continuous-time linear equalizer for high-speed receiving unit
31 9,288,074 Resource configuration change management
32 9,288,062 Telephone caller authentication
33 9,288,051 Secure key management
34 9,288,050 Unified storage and management of cryptographic keys and certificates
35 9,288,000 Monitoring a communication and retrieving information relevant to the communication
36 9,287,997 Removing network delay in a live broadcast
37 9,287,900 Decoding of product codes
38 9,287,873 Level shifter for a time-varying input
39 9,287,854 Pulse stretching circuit and method
40 9,287,780 Slab inductor device providing efficient on-chip supply voltage conversion and regulation
41 9,287,706 Intelligent power strip connecting master and slave peripheral device(s) wherein the master can be detected when connected to any outlet of the power strip
42 9,287,516 Forming pn junction contacts by different dielectrics
43 9,287,489 Piezoelectronic transistor with co-planar common and gate electrodes
44 9,287,426 Epitaxial growth of CZT(S,Se) on silicon
45 9,287,399 Faceted intrinsic epitaxial buffer layer for reducing short channel effects while maximizing channel stress levels
46 9,287,362 Vertical field effect transistors with controlled overlap between gate electrode and source/drain contacts
47 9,287,360 III-V nanowire FET with compositionally-graded channel and wide-bandgap core
48 9,287,358 Stressed nanowire stack for field effect transistor
49 9,287,272 Metal trench capacitor and improved isolation and methods of manufacture
50 9,287,230 Thermocompression for semiconductor chip assembly
51 9,287,190 Devices employing semiconductor die having hydrophobic coatings, and related cooling methods
52 9,287,141 Phase changing on-chip thermal heat sink
53 9,287,135 Sidewall image transfer process for fin patterning
54 9,287,130 Method for single fin cuts using selective ion implants
55 9,287,115 Planar III-V field effect transistor (FET) on dielectric layer
56 9,287,075 MEMS switches with reduced switching voltage and methods of manufacture
57 9,287,005 Detecting missing write to cache/memory operations
58 9,287,000 Three terminal fuse with FinFET
59 9,286,959 Low latency memory access control for non-volatile memories
60 9,286,943 Enhancing karaoke systems utilizing audience sentiment feedback and audio watermarking
61 9,286,914 Cartridge for storing biosample capillary tubes and use in automated data storage systems
62 9,286,893 Pre-processed annotation of street grammar in speech enabled navigation systems
63 9,286,889 Improving voice communication over a network
64 9,286,801 Leveraging information for use in a traffic prediction scenario
65 9,286,797 Traffic incident location identification
66 9,286,735 Generating cumulative wear-based indicators for vehicular components
67 9,286,704 Graphical user interface for efficiently visualizing multiple messages of different severities in a tabular format
68 9,286,599 Redacting content in online meetings
69 9,286,586 Information governance crowd sourcing
70 9,286,585 Automated data-driven closed-loop-feedback method for adaptive and comparative quality control in a discrete data aggregation environment
71 9,286,583 Integrating mind mapping technology with case modeling
72 9,286,579 Reservation system with graphical user interface
73 9,286,560 Creation and management of dynamic quick response (QR) codes
74 9,286,557 Optimizing quick response code capacity using gray luminance
75 9,286,529 Generating weights for biometric tokens in probabilistic matching systems
76 9,286,483 Protecting visible data during computerized process usage
77 9,286,453 Dynamic adjustment of authentication policy
78 9,286,451 Password authentication
79 9,286,428 Boundary based power guidance for physical synthesis
80 9,286,426 Method and apparatus for testing
81 9,286,423 Cycle accurate and cycle reproducible memory for an FPGA based hardware accelerator
82 9,286,411 Retrieval of relevant objects in a similarity
83 9,286,409 Advanced URLs for web navigation
84 9,286,407 Bookmarking internet resources in an internet browser
85 9,286,400 Presenting tag clouds based on user information
86 9,286,393 Performing a function on rows of data determined from transitive relationships between columns
87 9,286,374 Method and system for indexing, relating and managing information about entities
88 9,286,370 Viewing a dimensional cube as a virtual data source
89 9,286,366 Time-delayed replication for data archives
90 9,286,362 System and method to customize metadata for different users running on the same infrastructure
91 9,286,361 Extract-transform-load processor controller
92 9,286,358 Dimensionally constrained synthetic context objects database
93 9,286,350 Estimating most frequent values for a data set
94 9,286,349 Dynamic search system
95 9,286,348 Dynamic search system
96 9,286,347 Methods and apparatus for specifying and processing descriptive queries for data sources
97 9,286,346 Replication-only triggers
98 9,286,345 Query tree navigation
99 9,286,338 Indexing content and source code of a software application
100 9,286,334 Versioning of metadata, including presentation of provenance and lineage for versioned metadata
101 9,286,333 Stream compression and decompression
102 9,286,328 Producing an image copy of a database object based on information within database buffer pools
103 9,286,323 Context-aware tagging for augmented reality environments
104 9,286,314 Applying a maximum size bound on content defined segmentation of data
105 9,286,304 Management of file storage locations
106 9,286,300 Archiving data in database management systems
107 9,286,292 Real-time jargon translation in a communication system
108 9,286,291 Disambiguation of dependent referring expression in natural language processing
109 9,286,290 Producing insight information from tables using natural language processing
110 9,286,284 Data filtering based on a cell entry
111 9,286,280 Utilizing classification and text analytics for optimizing processes in documents
112 9,286,278 Range-based text editing
113 9,286,277 Inputting in a textbox
114 9,286,259 Method and apparatus for lowering I/O power of a computer system and computer system
115 9,286,239 Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
116 9,286,236 I/O controller and method for operating an I/O controller
117 9,286,232 Administering registered virtual addresses in a hybrid computing environment including maintaining a cache of ranges of currently registered virtual addresses
118 9,286,227 Efficient processing of cache segment waiters
119 9,286,220 Provision of early data from a lower level cache memory
120 9,286,199 Modifying memory space allocation for inactive tasks
121 9,286,194 Data processing system
122 9,286,192 Modifying run-time-instrumentation controls from a lesser-privileged state
123 9,286,191 Logging code generation and distribution
124 9,286,190 Inserting implicit sequence points into computer program code to support debug operations
125 9,286,174 Disk array having mirror configuration and rebuilding method therefor
126 9,286,171 Priming failover of stateful offload adapters
127 9,286,169 SVC cluster configuration node failover
128 9,286,163 Data recovery scheme based on data backup status
129 9,286,153 Monitoring the health of a question/answer computing system
130 9,286,151 Computerised storage system comprising replaceable units for managing testing of replacement units
131 9,286,148 Hardware-assisted interthread push communication
132 9,286,145 Processing data communications events by awakening threads in parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
133 9,286,143 Flexible event data content management for relevant event and alert analysis within a distributed processing system
134 9,286,140 Remotely monitoring and scheduling a data integration job
135 9,286,138 Major branch instructions
136 9,286,135 Provisioning aggregate computational workloads and air conditioning unit configurations to optimize utility of air conditioning units and processing resources within a data center
137 9,286,132 Utilizing multiple memory pools during mobility operations
138 9,286,130 Optimizing virtual machine deployment time by temporarily allocating more processing resources during the initial deployment time of the virtual machine
139 9,286,129 Termination of requests in a distributed coprocessor system
140 9,286,104 Selecting virtual machines to be relocated based on memory volatility
141 9,286,103 Method and apparatus for providing a test network as an IP accessible cloud service
142 9,286,089 Just-in time expensive compilation hints
143 9,286,085 Correlating class loader objects across execution environments
144 9,286,076 Intra-instructional transaction abort handling
145 9,286,072 Using register last use infomation to perform decode-time computer instruction optimization
146 9,286,071 Instruction set architecture with opcode lookup using memory attribute
147 9,286,068 Efficient usage of a multi-level register file utilizing a register file bypass
148 9,286,067 Method and apparatus for a hierarchical synchronization barrier in a multi-node system
149 9,286,065 Finding the length of a set of character data having a termination character
150 9,286,064 Copying character data having a termination character from one memory location to another
151 9,286,057 Updating software based on utilized functions
152 9,286,056 Reducing storage facility code load suspend rate by redundancy check
153 9,286,051 Dynamic protection of one or more deployed copies of a master operating system image
154 9,286,044 Hybrid parallelization strategies for machine learning programs on top of MapReduce
155 9,286,032 Automated software composition
156 9,286,031 Fast normalization in a mixed precision floating-point unit
157 9,286,000 Saving log data using a disk system as primary cache and a tape library as secondary cache
158 9,285,998 Tiered caching and migration in differing granularities
159 9,285,996 Tape drive buffer utilization
160 9,285,994 Block-level predictive data migration
161 9,285,991 System, method and program product to schedule transfer of data
162 9,285,978 Using a scroll bar in a multiple panel user interface
163 9,285,960 Business intelligence dashboard assembly tool with indications of relationships among content elements
164 9,285,876 Transparent display field of view region determination
165 9,285,870 System locale name management
166 9,285,554 Through-substrate optical coupling to photonics chips
167 9,285,542 Fiber optic interface with adhesive fill system
168 9,285,423 Managing chip testing data
169 9,285,388 Analysis of pedestrian congestion
170 9,285,339 DNA sequencing using multiple metal layer structure with different organic coatings forming different transient bondings to DNA
171 9,285,337 Nano-ring gate electrode nanochannels
172 9,285,242 Determining a connectivity model in smart grids
173 9,285,232 Determining a patrol path
174 9,285,050 Thermostat-controlled coolant flow within a heat sink
175 9,284,692 Switch monitoring and railway line management
176 9,284,656 Use of metal phosphorus in metallization of photovoltaic devices and method of fabricating same
177 9,284,404 Antimicrobial polymers and methods of manufacture thereof
178 9,283,589 Cartridge block for multilayer ceramic screening
179 9,283,514 Silicone-based chemical filter and silicone-based chemical bath for removing sulfur contaminants