IBM patents granted on 15 May 2012

105 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,181,260 Tracking the origins of data and controlling data transmission
2 8,181,257 Method to allow role based selective document access between domains
3 8,181,236 Method for and apparatus for retrieving username and password in an authentication protocol
4 8,181,230 System and method for adaptive approximating of a user for role authorization in a hierarchical inter-organizational model
5 8,181,225 Specializing support for a federation relationship
6 8,181,183 Method, system and program products for managing thread pools of a computing environment to avoid deadlock situations
7 8,181,173 Determining priority for installing a patch into multiple patch recipients of a network
8 8,181,169 Measuring execution time for program optimization
9 8,181,165 Using annotations to reuse variable declarations to generate different service functions
10 8,181,161 System for automatically collecting trace detail and history data
11 8,181,160 System and method for performance monitoring
12 8,181,152 Portlet template based on a state design pattern
13 8,181,148 Method for identifying and implementing flexible logic block logic for easy engineering changes
14 8,181,135 Hold transition fault model and test generation method
15 8,181,134 Techniques for performing conditional sequential equivalence checking of an integrated circuit logic design
16 8,181,131 Enhanced analysis of array-based netlists via reparameterization
17 8,181,126 Differential alternating phase shift mask optimization
18 8,181,114 Transferring files from one machine to another using adjacent desktop displays in a virtual network
19 8,181,109 Enabling unicode input in legacy operating systems
20 8,181,105 Apparatus, method, and program that performs syntax parsing on a structured document in the form of electronic data
21 8,181,102 Creating bookmark symlinks
22 8,181,101 Data bus system, its encoder/decoder and encoding/decoding method
23 8,181,094 System to improve error correction using variable latency and associated methods
24 8,181,072 Memory testing using multiple processor unit, DMA, and SIMD instruction
25 8,181,069 Method and system for problem determination using probe collections and problem classification for the technical support services
26 8,181,068 Apparatus for and method of life-time test coverage for executable code
27 8,181,050 Adaptive throttling for data processing systems
28 8,181,031 Biometric authentication device and system
29 8,180,999 Vertically tiered horizontally expandable micro grid system with bridge docking bay contoured by radial arms extending from central hub for coupling processor or power hubs
30 8,180,987 Encrypt-only data storage cartridge
31 8,180,972 Reducing remote reads of memory in a hybrid computing environment by maintaining remote memory values locally
32 8,180,970 Least recently used (LRU) compartment capture in a cache memory system
33 8,180,950 Apparatus and method to manage information using an optical and holographic data storage medium
34 8,180,941 Mechanisms for priority control in resource allocation
35 8,180,913 Apparatus and method for providing access to a data stream by a plurality of users at a same time
36 8,180,906 Dynamically optimizing delivery of multimedia content over a network
37 8,180,885 Method and system for administering devices with multiple user metric spaces
38 8,180,877 Logically partitioned system having subpartitions with flexible network connectivity configuration
39 8,180,871 Dynamic redeployment of services in a computing network
40 8,180,868 Adaptive resource management
41 8,180,865 System and method for application server/operating system network/configuration management
42 8,180,862 Arrangements for auto-merging processing components
43 8,180,860 Wireless device configuration management
44 8,180,847 Flexible web service deployment
45 8,180,832 Differential dynamic content delivery to alternate display device locations
46 8,180,831 Ad-hoc media delivery system
47 8,180,823 Method of routing messages to multiple consumers
48 8,180,815 Redundancy-free circuits for zero counters
49 8,180,810 Interactive generation of integrated schemas
50 8,180,809 Method for efficient data transformation
51 8,180,802 Extensible decimal identification system for ordered nodes
52 8,180,794 Unified user identification with automatic mapping and database absence handling
53 8,180,787 Application portability and extensibility through database schema and query abstraction
54 8,180,785 Method and system for searching numerical terms
55 8,180,780 Collaborative program development method and system
56 8,180,773 Detecting duplicate documents using classification
57 8,180,762 Database tuning methods
58 8,180,759 Spell checking URLs in a resource
59 8,180,757 System and method for leveraging tag context
60 8,180,739 Duplicate filtering in a data processing environment
61 8,180,730 Arbitration token for managing data integrity and data accuracy of information services that utilize distributed data replicas
62 8,180,726 Constraint failure analysis using constraint evaluation tree of constraint patterns
63 8,180,721 Cascading definition and support of EDI rules
64 8,180,708 Watermarking system that executes received watermarking instructions to embed a watermark
65 8,180,691 System and method for generating optimal bill/payment schedule
66 8,180,682 System and method for generating a view of and interacting with a purchase history
67 8,180,679 Computer-implemented method of performance testing software applications
68 8,180,670 Self-checkout coupon sharing
69 8,180,660 Non-depleting chips for obtaining desired service level characteristics
70 8,180,659 Identifying and measuring adherence to software development requirements
71 8,180,657 System and method for event slot negotiation
72 8,180,646 System and method for implementing voice print-based priority call routing
73 8,180,559 System and methods for geoboundary based traffic monitoring using quick tear down boundaries
74 8,180,519 Cooperative vehicle diagnostics
75 8,180,494 System and method for dynamically managing blowers and vents
76 8,180,142 Test fail analysis on VLSI chips
77 8,180,121 Fingerprint representation using localized texture feature
78 8,179,897 Generation and use of CRC in communications network
79 8,179,694 Magnetic induction grid as an early warning mechanism for space based microelectronics
80 8,179,693 Apparatus for electrically connecting two substrates using a land grid array connector provided with a frame structure having power distribution elements
81 8,179,677 Immersion-cooling apparatus and method for an electronic subsystem of an electronics rack
82 8,179,674 Scalable space-optimized and energy-efficient computing system
83 8,179,630 Storage slot for portable data storage cartridges
84 8,179,291 Method and system for compression of logical data objects for storage
85 8,179,257 Warning of hazardous conditions in monitored spaces using RFID technology
86 8,179,120 Single level of metal test structure for differential timing and variability measurements of integrated circuits
87 8,178,945 Programmable PN anti-fuse
88 8,178,931 Bridge for semiconductor internal node
89 8,178,925 Semiconductor diode structure operation method
90 8,178,908 Electrical contact structure having multiple metal interconnect levels staggering one another
91 8,178,700 Method of preparing cyclic carbonates, cyclic carbamates, cyclic ureas, cyclic thiocarbonates, cyclic thiocarbamates, and cyclic dithiocarbonates
92 8,178,503 Ribonucleic acid interference molecules and binding sites derived by analyzing intergenic and intronic regions of genomes
93 8,178,434 On-chip embedded thermal antenna for chip cooling
94 8,178,433 Methods for the formation of fully silicided metal gates
95 8,178,430 N-type carrier enhancement in semiconductors
96 8,178,400 Replacement spacer for tunnel FETs
97 8,178,387 Methods for reducing recrystallization time for a phase change material
98 8,178,386 Phase change memory cell array with self-converged bottom electrode and method for manufacturing
99 8,178,382 Suspended germanium photodetector for silicon waveguide
100 8,178,362 Electronically scannable multiplexing device
101 8,178,153 Heat transfer control structures using thermal phonon spectral overlap
102 8,177,945 Multi-anode system for uniform plating of alloys
103 8,177,122 Providing diagnostic information on the processing of variables in source code
104 8,176,972 Compliant vapor chamber chip packaging
105 8,176,624 Optical alignment module utilizing transparent reticle to facilitate tool calibration during high temperature process