IBM patents granted on 15 September 2009

36 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,591,007 Computer network and methods for granting and revoking access privileges for an information source
2 7,590,984 System and method for balancing a computing load among computing resources in a distributed computing problem
3 7,590,977 Method and system for reducing memory reference overhead associated with threadprivate variables in parallel programs
4 7,590,952 Compact chip package macromodels for chip-package simulation
5 7,590,933 Method for displaying an annotated file
6 7,590,907 Method and apparatus for soft-error immune and self-correcting latches
7 7,590,901 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamic recovery and restoration from design defects in an integrated circuit
8 7,590,899 Processor memory array having memory macros for relocatable store protect keys
9 7,590,897 Device, method and computer program product for responding to error events
10 7,590,883 Management of warranty information in vital product data for replaceable units of data handling systems
11 7,590,882 System, method and storage medium for bus calibration in a memory subsystem
12 7,590,866 Super-distribution of protected digital content
13 7,590,817 Communicating with an I/O device using a queue data structure and pre-translated addresses
14 7,590,812 Apparatus, system, and method for archiving a log
15 7,590,802 Direct deposit using locking cache
16 7,590,778 Using operation codes to control a decoder’s use of a buffer to generate data from an input data stream into an output data stream
17 7,590,777 Transferring data between system and storage in a shared buffer
18 7,590,774 Method and system for efficient context swapping
19 7,590,745 System and method for analyzing a router in a shared network system
20 7,590,706 Method for communicating in a computing system
21 7,590,689 Associating multi-lingual audio recordings with objects in Internet presentation
22 7,590,623 Automated management of software images for efficient resource node building within a grid environment
23 7,590,599 System and method of automatically maintaining and recycling software components
24 7,590,552 Systems engineering process
25 7,590,507 Structure and method for monitoring variation within an active region of a semiconductor device using scaling
26 7,590,463 Supply consumption optimization and multiple component utilization
27 7,590,461 Large scale supply planning
28 7,590,238 Managing device keys in cryptographic communication
29 7,590,194 Information handling system capable of detecting frequency lock of signals downstream from a signal synthesized by frequency synthesizer
30 7,590,138 System for defining an alternate channel routing mechanism in a messaging middleware environment
31 7,590,106 Wireless telephone system including voice over IP and POTS
32 7,590,057 Network switch and components and method of operation
33 7,589,927 Dynamically adapting a read channel equalizer
34 7,589,575 Precision integrated phase lock loop circuit loop filter
35 7,589,565 Low-power multi-output local clock buffer
36 7,588,879 Graded spin-on organic antireflective coating for photolithography