IBM patents granted on 16 April 2013

189 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,424,106 Securing a communication protocol against attacks
2 8,424,104 Mobile access to digital media
3 8,424,078 Methodology for secure application partitioning enablement
4 8,424,076 Utilizing virtual private networks to provide object level security on a multi-node computer system
5 8,424,071 Method and apparatus for secure and reliable computing
6 8,424,067 Smart password determination
7 8,424,065 Apparatus and method of identity and virtual object management and sharing among virtual worlds
8 8,424,061 Method, system and program product for authenticating a user seeking to perform an electronic service request
9 8,424,059 Calculating multi-tenancy resource requirements and automated tenant dynamic placement in a multi-tenant shared environment
10 8,424,053 Method of dynamically updating network security policy rules when new network resources are provisioned in a service landscape
11 8,424,031 Disc with embedded flash memory and disc drive
12 8,424,018 Executing an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment
13 8,424,017 Embedding process identification information in a pathname to indicate process status
14 8,424,015 Transactional memory preemption mechanism
15 8,424,014 Method for pushing work request-associated contexts into an IO device
16 8,424,006 Task assignment on heterogeneous three-dimensional/stacked microarchitectures
17 8,424,005 System and method for time-aware run-time to guarantee time
18 8,424,003 Unified job processing of interdependent heterogeneous tasks using finite state machine job control flow based on identified job type
19 8,424,001 Virtual image deployment with a warm cache
20 8,423,998 System and method for virtual machine multiplexing for resource provisioning in compute clouds
21 8,423,990 Installing software onto a client through a network, and corresponding client
22 8,423,987 Routing performance analysis and optimization within a massively parallel computer
23 8,423,985 System, method and computer program for generating sequence diagram
24 8,423,983 Generating and executing programs for a floating point single instruction multiple data instruction set architecture
25 8,423,979 Code generation for complex arithmetic reduction for architectures lacking cross data-path support
26 8,423,978 Configurable java server pages processing framework
27 8,423,972 Collecting profile-specified performance data on a multithreaded data processing system
28 8,423,971 Generating an application software library
29 8,423,970 Method, computer program product, and hardware product for handling breakpoints in an asynchronous debug model
30 8,423,969 Inheritance breakpoints for use in debugging object-oriented computer programs
31 8,423,968 Template-based vertical microcode instruction trace generation
32 8,423,967 Automated level-based targeted test configuration
33 8,423,966 Using atomic sets of memory locations
34 8,423,964 Automated level-based targeted test configuration
35 8,423,962 Automated test execution plan generation
36 8,423,960 Evaluation of software based on review history
37 8,423,957 Using the z/OS load module system status index to distinguish product tag files
38 8,423,956 Sharing resources among hierarchical containers of resources
39 8,423,950 Method and apparatus for optimizing performance and network traffic in distributed workflow processing
40 8,423,947 Gridded glyph geometric objects (L3GO) design method
41 8,423,945 Methods and systems to meet technology pattern density requirements of semiconductor fabrication processes
42 8,423,941 Structural migration of integrated circuit layout
43 8,423,940 Early noise detection and noise aware routing in circuit design
44 8,423,936 Semiconductor structure and method of designing semiconductor structure to avoid high voltage initiated latch-up in low voltage sectors
45 8,423,918 Structure and methodology for fabrication and inspection of photomasks by a single design system
46 8,423,909 System and method for an interactive filter
47 8,423,905 Automatically populating recipients in an instant messaging or other computer communication system
48 8,423,901 Displaying content outside IFRAME container
49 8,423,891 Management of presentation timing in a distributed presentation environment
50 8,423,882 Online navigation of choice data sets
51 8,423,875 Collecting failure information on error correction code (ECC) protected data
52 8,423,847 Microcontroller for logic built-in self test (LBIST)
53 8,423,844 Dense register array for enabling scan out observation of both L1 and L2 latches
54 8,423,827 Topology based correlation of threshold crossing alarms
55 8,423,811 Transparently increasing power savings in a power management environment
56 8,423,807 Generating power management parameters of power consumption devices by independent and selective component testing and monitoring of each power consumption device
57 8,423,799 Managing accelerators of a computing environment
58 8,423,792 Apparatus, system, and method for communication between a driver and an encryption source
59 8,423,783 Secure PIN management of a user trusted device
60 8,423,773 Method for receiving/sending multimedia messages
61 8,423,750 Hardware assist thread for increasing code parallelism
62 8,423,749 Sequential processing in network on chip nodes by threads generating message containing payload and pointer for nanokernel to access algorithm to be executed on payload in another node
63 8,423,744 System and method of squeezing memory slabs empty
64 8,423,739 Apparatus, system, and method for relocating logical array hot spots
65 8,423,737 Systems and methods for virtualizing storage systems and managing data independently
66 8,423,736 Maintaining cache coherence in a multi-node, symmetric multiprocessing computer
67 8,423,735 Space reservation in a deduplication system
68 8,423,734 Making automated use of data volume copy service targets
69 8,423,720 Computer system, method, cache controller and computer program for caching I/O requests
70 8,423,715 Memory management among levels of cache in a memory hierarchy
71 8,423,712 Methods and systems for releasing and re-allocating storage segments in a storage volume
72 8,423,704 Dynamic optimization of memory use in a digital recording device
73 8,423,702 Method and system of conserving battery power in a mobile computer system
74 8,423,692 Apparatus and method to read information from an information storage medium
75 8,423,663 Providing full point-to-point communications among compute nodes of an operational group in a global combining network of a parallel computer
76 8,423,650 Transferring session data between network applications
77 8,423,646 Network-aware virtual machine migration in datacenters
78 8,423,645 Detection of grid participation in a DDoS attack
79 8,423,643 Autonomic assignment of communication buffers by aggregating system profiles
80 8,423,638 Performance monitoring of a computer resource
81 8,423,636 Dynamic setting of mbuf maximum limits
82 8,423,624 Maintaining referential integrity
83 8,423,623 Methods for sending an email and distributing an email and an email server
84 8,423,619 Message brokering in a consuming broker device
85 8,423,613 System for messaging and collaborating in an intranet environment
86 8,423,602 Web service broadcast engine
87 8,423,595 Convert significand of decimal floating point data to packed decimal format
88 8,423,594 Real-time hash map
89 8,423,590 File generation for testing single-instance storage algorithm
90 8,423,589 Copy collector with efficient abort-on-copy transition to mark collector
91 8,423,584 Conditional inclusion of resources in a computer system configuration
92 8,423,581 Proxy support for special subtree entries in a directory information tree using attribute rules
93 8,423,579 Disambiguation of tabular date
94 8,423,576 System and method for querying data streams
95 8,423,575 Presenting information from heterogeneous and distributed data sources with real time updates
96 8,423,574 Method and system for managing tags
97 8,423,573 Filesystem backup using directorywise hardlinking for a computer filesystem
98 8,423,569 Decomposed query conditions
99 8,423,560 Filter range bound paged search
100 8,423,557 Computer method and system for determining individual priorities of shared activities
101 8,423,553 Graphically displaying a file system
102 8,423,533 Multiple rule bank access scheme for use in a pattern matching accelerator
103 8,423,530 Searching in a computer network
104 8,423,527 Enabling interactive integration of network-accessible applications in a content aggregation framework
105 8,423,525 Life arcs as an entity resolution feature
106 8,423,522 Query-aware compression of join results
107 8,423,516 Speculative execution in a real-time data environment
108 8,423,514 Service provisioning
109 8,423,510 Real time backup system for computer users
110 8,423,506 Embedded change logging for data synchronization
111 8,423,505 Catalog reorganization apparatus and method
112 8,423,478 Preferred customer service representative presentation to virtual universe clients
113 8,423,414 Method and system for pausing, migrating, and restarting retail point-of-sale transactions
114 8,423,394 Method for tracking the status of a workflow using weblogs
115 8,423,382 Electronic health record transaction monitoring
116 8,423,352 Enhancing language detection in short communications
117 8,423,341 Method and system for constructing corner models for multiple performance targets
118 8,423,339 Visual analysis of a protein folding process
119 8,423,328 Method of distributing a random variable using statistically correct spatial interpolation continuously with spatially inhomogeneous statistical correlation versus distance, standard deviation, and mean
120 8,423,285 Enhanced adaptive optimization and presentation of on-line map data
121 8,423,195 Power consumption projection
122 8,423,177 Dynamic item-space allocation and retrieval
123 8,422,821 Selectively transforming a multi-dimensional array
124 8,422,786 Analyzing documents using stored templates
125 8,422,686 Automated validation and execution of cryptographic key and certificate deployment and distribution
126 8,422,684 Security classes in a media key block
127 8,422,681 Non-interactive hierarchical identity-based key-agreement
128 8,422,674 Application-specific secret generation
129 8,422,501 Efficient path maximum transmission unit information discovery and storage
130 8,422,402 Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer
131 8,422,370 Reducing retransmission of out of order packets
132 8,422,358 Best-path evaluation based on reliability of network interface layers
133 8,422,322 Self-repair integrated circuit and repair method
134 8,422,313 Reduced power consumption memory circuitry
135 8,422,273 Nanowire mesh FET with multiple threshold voltages
136 8,422,165 Pass-through mechanism for linear tape library
137 8,422,164 Pass-through mechanism for linear tape library
138 8,422,163 Determining a reference waveform used by a correlator in a servo channel
139 8,422,162 Determining a reference waveform used by a correlator in a servo channel
140 8,421,824 Hand image feedback
141 8,421,796 Visualization for multidimensional data
142 8,421,614 Reliable redundant data communication through alternating current power distribution system
143 8,421,601 Active/passive RFID transponder control function
144 8,421,600 Utilizing an RFID tag in manufacturing for enhanced lifecycle management
145 8,421,573 Inductor combining primary and secondary coils with phase shifting
146 8,421,521 Chemical detection with MOSFET sensor
147 8,421,500 Integrated circuit with stacked computational units and configurable through vias
148 8,421,495 Speed binning for dynamic and adaptive power control
149 8,421,478 Radio frequency integrated circuit with on-chip noise source for self-test
150 8,421,239 Crenulated wiring structure and method for integrated circuit interconnects
151 8,421,228 Structure and methods of forming contact structures
152 8,421,220 Silicon based microchannel cooling and electrical package
153 8,421,218 Method for direct heat sink attachment
154 8,421,217 Achieving mechanical and thermal stability in a multi-chip package
155 8,421,194 Sub-lithographic printing method
156 8,421,191 Monolayer dopant embedded stressor for advanced CMOS
157 8,421,186 Electrically programmable metal fuse
158 8,421,183 Structure of very high insertion loss of the substrate noise decoupling
159 8,421,181 Schottky barrier diode with perimeter capacitance well junction
160 8,421,160 Structure and method to enabling a borderless contact to source regions and drain regions of a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) transistor
161 8,421,159 Raised source/drain field effect transistor
162 8,421,156 FET with self-aligned back gate
163 8,421,139 Structure and method to integrate embedded DRAM with finfet
164 8,421,132 Post-planarization UV curing of stress inducing layers in replacement gate transistor fabrication
165 8,421,128 Semiconductor device heat dissipation structure
166 8,421,126 Double-sided integrated circuit chips
167 8,421,077 Replacement gate MOSFET with self-aligned diffusion contact
168 8,420,542 Method of patterned image reversal
169 8,420,540 Sub-lithographic printing method
170 8,420,537 Stress locking layer for reliable metallization
171 8,420,531 Enhanced diffusion barrier for interconnect structures
172 8,420,518 Structure and method of latchup robustness with placement of through wafer via within CMOS circuitry
173 8,420,493 SOI SiGe-base lateral bipolar junction transistor
174 8,420,491 Structure and method for replacement metal gate field effect transistors
175 8,420,476 Integrated circuit with finFETs and MIM fin capacitor
176 8,420,474 Controlling threshold voltage in carbon based field effect transistors
177 8,420,473 Replacement gate devices with barrier metal for simultaneous processing
178 8,420,471 Dense pitch bulk FinFET process by selective EPI and etch
179 8,420,469 Schottky FET fabricated with gate last process
180 8,420,468 Strain-compensated field effect transistor and associated method of forming the transistor
181 8,420,464 Spacer as hard mask scheme for in-situ doping in CMOS finFETs
182 8,420,460 Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of SOI circuits
183 8,420,459 Bulk fin-field effect transistors with well defined isolation
184 8,420,455 Generation of multiple diameter nanowire field effect transistors
185 8,419,895 Laser ablation for integrated circuit fabrication
186 8,419,434 Interactive recipe preparation using interactive cooking device to communicate with kitchen appliances
187 8,419,433 Monitoring recipe preparation using interactive cooking device
188 8,418,751 Stacked and redundant chip coolers
189 8,418,374 Apparatus for aligning and leveling a server rack rail