IBM patents granted on 16 August 2011

141 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 D643,434 Storage device cover
2 D643,406 Speaker
3 8,001,614 System and method for making encrypted content available to derivable related parties
4 8,001,611 System and method for ensuring security with multiple authentication schemes
5 8,001,604 Method and apparatus for masking child user authorizations from adverse use against a parent user
6 8,001,599 Precise web security alert
7 8,001,545 Method and system for regulating communication traffic using a limiter thread
8 8,001,544 Method and storage medium for virtualization of device self-description information using in-transit modification
9 8,001,543 Direct-memory access between input/output device and physical memory within virtual machine environment
10 8,001,541 System and method for matching of classpaths in a shared classes system
11 8,001,540 System, method and program product for control of sequencing of data processing by different programs
12 8,001,535 Computer system and method of adapting a computer system to support a register window architecture
13 8,001,534 Non-intrusive validation of software used by middleware providers
14 8,001,533 Maintaining object referential integrity for abstract objects
15 8,001,525 Rule based engine for validating financial transactions
16 8,001,520 Methodology for generating accessing functions for programmed execution of panel-driven business applications
17 8,001,519 Model driven development including aspect integration tool
18 8,001,518 Configuring a shared library to accommodate relocatable data in a pervasive device
19 8,001,503 Method and system for automatically accessing internal signals or ports in a design hierarchy
20 8,001,501 Method for circuit design
21 8,001,496 Control of design automation process
22 8,001,495 System and method of predicting problematic areas for lithography in a circuit design
23 8,001,482 Method of displaying tab titles
24 8,001,481 Implementation of an interactive progress bar in a test application environment
25 8,001,477 Method for exchanging portlet configuration data
26 8,001,461 System for exporting-importing the content of input cells from a scalable template instance to another
27 8,001,456 Methods for maintaining separation between markup and data at a client
28 8,001,454 Differential dynamic content delivery with presentation control instructions
29 8,001,447 Error correction method and apparatus for data storage device
30 8,001,429 Method and system for automated handling of errors in execution of system management flows consisting of system management tasks
31 8,001,424 System and method for fault mapping of exceptions across programming models
32 8,001,412 Combined alignment scrambler function for elastic interface
33 8,001,411 Generating a local clock domain using dynamic controls
34 8,001,405 Self-tuning power management techniques
35 8,001,402 Method for power capping with co-operative dynamic voltage and frequency scaling via shared p-state table
36 8,001,401 Power throttling of collections of computing elements
37 8,001,394 Method and system of multi-core microprocessor power management and control via per-chiplet, programmable power modes
38 8,001,389 Secure database access through partial encryption
39 8,001,386 Cooperative non-repudiated message exchange in a network environment
40 8,001,370 Encrypted communication for selectively delivering a message to multiple decrypting devices
41 8,001,361 Structure for a single shared instruction predecoder for supporting multiple processors
42 8,001,354 Implementing dynamic physical memory reallocation
43 8,001,342 Method for storing and restoring persistent memory content and virtual machine state information
44 8,001,341 Managing dynamically allocated memory in a computer system
45 8,001,340 Method for determining allocation of tape drive resources for a secure data erase process
46 8,001,336 Deterministic memory management in a computing environment
47 8,001,330 L2 cache controller with slice directory and unified cache structure
48 8,001,329 Speculative stream scanning
49 8,001,328 Method and process for expediting the return of line exclusivity to a given processor through enhanced inter-node communications
50 8,001,313 Insertion and removal of computing cards in server I/O slots
51 8,001,298 Providing extended measurement data in an I/O processing system
52 8,001,295 Optimisation of the selection of storage device ports
53 8,001,287 Dynamically updating alias location codes with correct location codes during concurrent installation of a component in a computer system
54 8,001,280 Collective network for computer structures
55 8,001,279 Method of synchronizing firewalls in a communication system based upon a server farm
56 8,001,277 Determining, transmitting, and receiving performance information with respect to an operation performed locally and at remote nodes
57 8,001,267 Apparatus, system, and method for automatically verifying access to a multipathed target at boot time
58 8,001,259 Pervasive, distributed provision of services such as product brokerage
59 8,001,255 System, method and program to synchronize file transmission in a distributed computer system
60 8,001,245 System and method for autonomically configurable router
61 8,001,242 Method for redirection of host data access to multiple non-host file systems or data stores
62 8,001,240 Generic method for resource monitoring configuration in provisioning systems
63 8,001,225 Server time protocol messages and methods
64 8,001,212 Method and data processing system for providing XML data
65 8,001,207 Common location-based service adapter interface for location based services
66 8,001,206 Broadcasting data in a hybrid computing environment
67 8,001,197 Email routing
68 8,001,186 Method and system for providing collaborative moderation and correction of message history in an instant messaging session
69 8,001,184 System and method for managing an instant messaging conversation
70 8,001,175 Facilitating server response optimization
71 8,001,166 Methods and apparatus for optimizing keyword data analysis
72 8,001,161 Cloning objects in a virtual universe
73 8,001,159 Using viewtypes for accessing instance data structured by a base model
74 8,001,151 Querying markup language data sources using a relational query processor
75 8,001,144 Detecting relationships in unstructured text
76 8,001,128 Selection of a set of optimal n-grams for indexing string data in a DBMS system under space constraints introduced by the system
77 8,001,126 Conversation persistence in real-time collaboration system
78 8,001,119 Context-aware, adaptive approach to information selection for interactive information analysis
79 8,001,109 System and method for automating data partitioning in a parallel database
80 8,001,104 Method, system and program for storing and using metadata in multiple storage locations
81 8,001,100 Leveraging multilevel hierarchical associations to find cross-boundary issues
82 8,001,099 Maintaining and utilizing copy histories
83 8,001,098 Database update management
84 8,001,094 System, method, program, and system implementation method for transaction process logging
85 8,001,093 Purging of stored timeseries data
86 8,001,091 Apparatus, system, and method for hierarchical rollback of business operations
87 8,001,089 Method and system for intelligent storage management
88 8,001,086 Sharing files among different virtual machine images
89 8,001,084 Memory allocator for optimistic data access
90 8,001,078 Commitment chains for conflict resolution between disconnected data sharing applications
91 8,001,077 Distributed method for synchronizing and updating bookmarks on multiple computer devices
92 8,001,076 Ranging scalable time stamp data synchronization
93 8,001,068 System and method for calibrating and extrapolating management-inherent complexity metrics and human-perceived complexity metrics of information technology management
94 8,001,063 Method and apparatus for reward-based learning of improved policies for management of a plurality of application environments supported by a data processing system
95 8,001,060 Classification for small collections of high-value entities
96 8,001,018 System and method for automated part-number mapping
97 8,000,987 Quality model certification assessment cost estimation and optimization
98 8,000,957 English-language translation of exact interpretations of keyword queries
99 8,000,953 Augmenting of automated clustering-based trace sampling methods by user-directed phase detection
100 8,000,952 Method and system for generating multiple path application simulations
101 8,000,950 Random initialization of latches in an integrated circuit design for simulation
102 8,000,935 Diagnostic method for root-cause analysis of FET performance variation
103 8,000,916 System and method for evaluating high frequency time domain in embedded device probing
104 8,000,693 Method, apparatus and computer program product for controlling access by a user’s portable device to a facility directory
105 8,000,524 Color naming, color categorization and describing color composition of images
106 8,000,458 Method and system for verifying incoming telephone numbers
107 8,000,384 Apparatus for stabilizing convergence of an adaptive line equalizer
108 8,000,338 Methods and apparatus for continuous connectivity between mobile device and network using dynamic connection spreading
109 8,000,260 Method for dynamic information technology infrastructure provisioning
110 8,000,214 Hermetic seal for a scanner assembly of a probe storage device
111 8,000,105 Tubular memory module
112 8,000,057 Combining information from parallel servo channels
113 8,000,056 Apparatus and method to rotate a read/write head
114 8,000,052 Cartridge refresh and verify
115 7,999,984 Apparatus and method to encode information holographically
116 7,999,950 Method and apparatus for providing backup font support for missing device glyphs
117 7,999,753 Apparatus and methods for constructing antennas using vias as radiating elements formed in a substrate
118 7,999,647 Apparatus, system, and method for an integrated winding structure for a magnetic core
119 7,999,584 Method and apparatus for on-chip phase error measurement to determine jitter in phase-locked loops
120 7,999,583 Method and apparatus for on-chip phase error measurement to determine jitter in phase-locked loops
121 7,999,377 Method and structure for optimizing yield of 3-D chip manufacture
122 7,999,344 Optoelectronic device with germanium photodetector
123 7,999,332 Asymmetric semiconductor devices and method of fabricating
124 7,999,323 Using metal/metal nitride bilayers as gate electrodes in self-aligned aggressively scaled CMOS devices
125 7,999,320 SOI radio frequency switch with enhanced signal fidelity and electrical isolation
126 7,999,319 Trench-edge-defect-free recrystallization by edge-angle-optimized solid phase epitaxy: method and applications to hybrid orientation substrates
127 7,999,255 Hydrazine-free solution deposition of chalcogenide films
128 7,999,251 Nanowire MOSFET with doped epitaxial contacts for source and drain
129 7,999,185 Transmission cable with spirally wrapped shielding
130 7,999,179 Biased air baffle for computer rack
131 7,999,160 Orienting, positioning, and forming nanoscale structures
132 7,998,880 Low k dielectric CVD film formation process with in-situ imbedded nanolayers to improve mechanical properties
133 7,998,871 Mask forming and implanting methods using implant stopping layer
134 7,998,864 Noble metal cap for interconnect structures
135 7,998,842 Atomic layer deposition metallic contacts, gates and diffusion barriers
136 7,998,828 Method of forming metal ion transistor
137 7,998,788 Techniques for use of nanotechnology in photovoltaics
138 7,997,918 Actuation device having combined mechanisms to match a desired connector plugging curve and method for actuating a power supply therewith
139 7,997,491 Thin film transistor liquid crystal display barcodes
140 7,997,481 Managing content at a portable, content adjustable personal identification device
141 7,997,002 Dual carbon nanotubes for critical dimension metrology on high aspect ratio semiconductor wafer patterns