IBM patents granted on 16 August 2016

164 US patents granted on 16 August 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,420,728 Liquid-cooled heat sink configured to facilitate drainage
2 9,420,721 Liquid-cooled heat sink assemblies
3 9,420,562 Tracking information technology (IT) assets
4 9,420,559 Obstacle detection and warning system using a mobile device
5 9,420,516 Transmitting and receiving data based on multipath
6 9,420,446 Collaborative response using capabilities-aware hive network
7 9,420,417 Facilitating location-based communication with mobile devices
8 9,420,108 Controlling conference calls
9 9,420,107 Service request routing using passive skill certification
10 9,420,069 Image distribution for dynamic server pages inserting client side file name and image display location
11 9,420,056 Analytics caching based on users connected
12 9,420,052 Web navigation using web navigation pattern histories
13 9,420,041 Optimizing resource downloads or streams using a collection of trusted network connected endpoints
14 9,420,035 Transaction isolation during multi-tenant transaction requests
15 9,420,034 Providing services to multiple tenants of an application
16 9,420,033 Managing file transfer commands
17 9,420,016 Predicting viewing activity of a posting to an activity stream
18 9,419,984 Secure port forwarding to access data between public processing locations and on-premise components
19 9,419,971 Securely unlocking a device using a combination of hold placement and gesture
20 9,419,967 Confidential information access via social networking web site
21 9,419,960 Secure user authentication in a dynamic network
22 9,419,932 Managing an E-mail response
23 9,419,930 Management of connections in a messaging environment
24 9,419,912 Selective underflow protection in a network switch
25 9,419,907 I/O driven rate adaptation
26 9,419,905 Data streaming scheduler for dual chipset architectures that includes a high performance chipset and a low performance chipset
27 9,419,900 Multi-bit indicator set according to feedback based on an equilibrium length of a queue
28 9,419,881 Selectively refreshing address registration information
29 9,419,879 Selectively refreshing address registration information
30 9,419,809 System and method for post resonance
31 9,419,808 System and method for post resonance
32 9,419,734 Enhanced radio
33 9,419,650 Flexible event data content management for relevant event and alert analysis within a distributed processing system
34 9,419,646 Hardware compression to find backward references with multi-level hashes
35 9,419,625 Dynamic prescaling for performance counters
36 9,419,595 Bipolar transistor frequency doublers at millimeter-wave frequencies
37 9,419,203 Passivation and alignment of piezoelectronic transistor piezoresistor
38 9,419,201 Integrating a piezoresistive element in a piezoelectronic transistor
39 9,419,138 Embedded carbon-doped germanium as stressor for germanium nFET devices
40 9,419,115 Junctionless tunnel fet with metal-insulator transition material
41 9,419,102 Method to reduce parasitic gate capacitance and structure for same
42 9,419,097 Replacement metal gate dielectric cap
43 9,419,091 Trenched gate with sidewall airgap spacer
44 9,419,079 Low defect relaxed SiGe/strained Si structures on implant anneal buffer/strain relaxed buffer layers with epitaxial rare earth oxide interlayers and methods to fabricate same
45 9,419,078 Floating body memory with asymmetric channel
46 9,419,074 Non-planar semiconductor device with aspect ratio trapping
47 9,419,016 Junctionless tunnel FET with metal-insulator transition material
48 9,418,982 Multi-layered integrated circuit with selective temperature coefficient of resistance
49 9,418,976 Chip stack with electrically insulating walls
50 9,418,934 Structure and fabrication method for electromigration immortal nanoscale interconnects
51 9,418,900 Silicon germanium and silicon fins on oxide from bulk wafer
52 9,418,895 Dies for RFID devices and sensor applications
53 9,418,870 Silicon germanium-on-insulator formation by thermal mixing
54 9,418,865 Wet etching of silicon containing antireflective coatings
55 9,418,846 Selective dopant junction for a group III-V semiconductor device
56 9,418,841 Type III-V and type IV semiconductor device formation
57 9,418,722 Prioritizing refreshes in a memory device
58 9,418,721 Determining and storing bit error rate relationships in spin transfer torque magnetoresistive random-access memory (STT-MRAM)
59 9,418,698 Dynamic gain control for use with adaptive equalizers
60 9,418,696 Fast-access self-repairing tape library using mobile robots
61 9,418,692 Method of fabricating graded media
62 9,418,686 Monitoring head wear
63 9,418,685 Compensating for loss of current through shorted tunneling magnetoresistance sensors
64 9,418,683 Mass production of multichannel current perpendicular to plane head modules via preferred milling
65 9,418,682 Universal magnetic recording head chip
66 9,418,621 Selective monitor control
67 9,418,575 Dynamically updating map projections
68 9,418,566 Determining comprehensiveness of question paper given syllabus
69 9,418,457 Force-directed graphs
70 9,418,445 Real time processing of video frames
71 9,418,444 Real time processing of video frames
72 9,418,375 Product recommendation using sentiment and semantic analysis
73 9,418,367 Context-aware code provisioning for mobile devices
74 9,418,357 Task prioritization and optimization using interconnected data sources
75 9,418,354 Facilitating user incident reports
76 9,418,330 System and method for enhancing user accessibility in a virtual universe
77 9,418,327 Security key system
78 9,418,326 Enhanced quick response codes
79 9,418,289 IC layout pattern matching and classification system and method
80 9,418,235 Hierarchical pre-fetch pipelining in a hybrid memory server
81 9,418,201 Integration of functional analysis and common path pessimism removal in static timing analysis
82 9,418,198 Method for calculating an effect on timing of moving a pin from an edge to an inboard position in processing large block synthesis (LBS)
83 9,418,190 Virtual sub-net based routing
84 9,418,188 Optimizing placement of circuit resources using a globally accessible placement memory
85 9,418,187 Cycle-accurate replay and debugging of running FPGA systems
86 9,418,178 Controlling a size of hierarchical visualizations through contextual search and partial rendering
87 9,418,166 Creation of structural diagram of web site based on both physical links and semantic links of web pages of web site
88 9,418,162 Content filtering for personal productivity applications
89 9,418,158 Providing multi-lingual searching of mono-lingual content
90 9,418,146 Optimizing a clustered virtual computing environment
91 9,418,134 Managing replication configuration availability
92 9,418,124 System and method of integrating time-aware data from multiple sources
93 9,418,106 Joining operations in document oriented databases
94 9,418,101 Query optimization
95 9,418,088 Identification of storage system elements causing performance degradation
96 9,418,069 Extensible system and method for information extraction in a data processing system
97 9,418,066 Enhanced document input parsing
98 9,418,065 Tracking changes related to a collection of documents
99 9,418,061 Prioritized incremental asynchronous machine translation of structured documents
100 9,418,046 Price-and-branch algorithm for mixed integer linear programming
101 9,418,034 Ascertaining configuration of a virtual adapter in a computing environment
102 9,418,021 Writing adjacent tracks to a stride, based on a comparison of a destaging of tracks to a defragmentation of the stride
103 9,418,007 Managing memory transactions in a distributed shared memory system supporting caching above a point of coherency
104 9,418,006 Moving blocks of data between main memory and storage class memory
105 9,418,005 Managing garbage collection in a data processing system
106 9,418,004 JNI object access
107 9,418,002 Processing unit reclaiming requests in a solid state memory device
108 9,417,999 Write peformance in solid state storage by recognizing copy source to target operations and only storing updates instead of entire block
109 9,417,996 Shared physical memory protocol
110 9,417,995 Extraction of problem diagnostic knowledge from test cases
111 9,417,991 Translation verification testing
112 9,417,989 Multi-threaded debugger support
113 9,417,987 Advisory warning and workaround indications to user when stopped between load and store conditional instructions while using source level debuggers
114 9,417,986 System library error classification in a cloud based dynamic analysis tool
115 9,417,972 Cascade ordering
116 9,417,971 Cascade ordering
117 9,417,964 Destaging cache data using a distributed freezer
118 9,417,963 Enabling efficient recovery from multiple failures together with one latent error in a storage array
119 9,417,950 Preventing cascade failures in computer systems
120 9,417,949 Generic alarm correlation by means of normalized alarm codes
121 9,417,945 Error checking and correction for NAND flash devices
122 9,417,932 Launching and managing unattended application programs
123 9,417,928 Energy efficient supercomputer job allocation
124 9,417,927 Runtime capacity planning in a simultaneous multithreading (SMT) environment
125 9,417,924 Scheduling in job execution
126 9,417,923 Optimization of workload placement
127 9,417,918 Computing session workload scheduling and management of parent-child tasks
128 9,417,913 Tunable computerized job scheduling
129 9,417,909 Scheduling work in a multi-node computer system based on checkpoint characteristics
130 9,417,905 Terminating an accelerator application program in a hybrid computing environment
131 9,417,903 Storage management for a cluster of integrated computing systems comprising integrated resource infrastructure using storage resource agents and synchronized inter-system storage priority map
132 9,417,899 Memory page de-duplication in a computer system that includes a plurality of virtual machines
133 9,417,898 Categorizing memory pages based on page residences
134 9,417,896 Allocating hypervisor resources
135 9,417,893 Triggered controlled event listener learner
136 9,417,892 Configuration command template creation assistant using cross-model analysis to identify common syntax and semantics
137 9,417,882 Load synchronization with streaming thread cohorts
138 9,417,876 Thread context restoration in a multithreading computer system
139 9,417,870 Managing user access to alternative versions of a particular function of a software product from within a current version of the software product
140 9,417,869 Visualizing a congruency of versions of an application across phases of a release pipeline
141 9,417,867 Smart source code evaluation and suggestion system
142 9,417,858 Strength reduction compiler optimizations for operations with unknown strides
143 9,417,856 Efficient interpreter profiling to obtain accurate call-path information
144 9,417,846 Techniques for improving random number generation security
145 9,417,813 Tuning overprovisioning based on the used block count
146 9,417,811 Efficient inline data de-duplication on a storage system
147 9,417,809 Efficient management of page retirement in non-volatile memory utilizing page retirement classes
148 9,417,808 Promotion of partial data segments in flash cache
149 9,417,786 Adjusting eraser size in drawing applications
150 9,417,714 RFID-based input device
151 9,417,469 Waveguide structure
152 9,417,404 Single-mode polymer waveguide connector
153 9,417,387 Graphene plasmonic communication link
154 9,417,266 Implementing handheld transfer impedance probe
155 9,417,256 System, method and program product for automatically matching new members of a population with analogous members
156 9,417,237 Biosample plate with data storage and wireless communication means
157 9,417,221 Food steganography
158 9,417,208 Dual FET sensor for sensing biomolecules and charged ions in an electrolyte
159 9,417,126 Spectrometer insert for measuring temperature-dependent optical properties
160 9,416,338 Composition for and method of suppressing titanium nitride corrosion
161 9,416,031 Desalination system and method for desalination
162 9,415,746 Vehicle safety belt bypass warning system
163 9,415,305 Adaptive difficulty in a multiplayer gaming environment
164 9,414,779 Electronic communication warning and modification