IBM patents granted on 16 December 2008

93 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,467,410 System and method for preventing network misuse
2 7,467,399 Context-sensitive confidentiality within federated environments
3 7,467,398 Apparatus and method of searching for desired television content
4 7,467,391 Allowing client applications to programmatically access web sites
5 7,467,390 Enhanced staged event-driven architecture
6 7,467,387 Method for off-loading user queries to a task manager
7 7,467,386 Parameter passing of data structures where API and corresponding stored procedure are different versions/releases
8 7,467,379 System and method for incrementally executing a client/server application
9 7,467,369 Constrained detailed placement
10 7,467,366 Method for generating a timing path software monitor for identifying a critical timing path in hardware devices coupled between components
11 7,467,364 Database mining method and computer readable medium carrying instructions for coverage analysis of functional verification of integrated circuit designs
12 7,467,354 Method to search data
13 7,467,350 Method in an electronic spreadsheet for copying and pasting displayed elements of a range of cells
14 7,467,331 Preservation of error data on a diskless platform
15 7,467,325 Processor instruction retry recovery
16 7,467,323 Data processing system and method for efficient storage of metadata in a system memory
17 7,467,311 Distributed system and method for managing power usage among server data processing systems
18 7,467,303 Grid mutual authorization through proxy certificate generation
19 7,467,295 Determining a boot image based on a requesting client address
20 7,467,288 Vector register file with arbitrary vector addressing
21 7,467,280 Method for reconfiguring cache memory based on at least analysis of heat generated during runtime, at least by associating an access bit with a cache line and associating a granularity bit with a cache line in level-2 cache
22 7,467,278 Memory tuning for garbage collection and central processing (CPU) utilization optimization
23 7,467,277 Memory controller operating in a system with a variable system clock
24 7,467,272 Write protection of subroutine return addresses
25 7,467,266 Snapshot management method apparatus and system
26 7,467,262 Data processing system, cache system and method for scrubbing a domain indication in response to execution of program code
27 7,467,260 Method and apparatus to purge remote node cache lines to support hot node replace in a computing system
28 7,467,216 Method, system and computer program product for dynamically optimized handling of messages received from a message transmission backbone by a data processing system node
29 7,467,207 Balancing communication load in a system based on determination of user-user affinity levels
30 7,467,204 Method for providing low-level hardware access to in-band and out-of-band firmware
31 7,467,201 Methods, systems and computer program products for providing status information to a device attached to an information infrastructure
32 7,467,197 Workflow anywhere: invocation of workflows from a remote device
33 7,467,196 Managing network errors communicated in a message transaction with error information using a troubleshooting agent
34 7,467,188 Method for scheduling and transmitting messages
35 7,467,181 System and method for context-specific instant messaging
36 7,467,180 Automatically segmenting and populating a distributed computing problem
37 7,467,168 Method for mirroring data at storage locations
38 7,467,157 Generation of semantically valid xpath expressions
39 7,467,146 System, method and program product for determining whether a web page returned to a web browser is a redirected web page
40 7,467,138 Algorithm for sorting bit sequences in linear complexity
41 7,467,132 Search supporting apparatus, and method utilizing exclusion keywords
42 7,467,125 Methods to manage the display of data entities and relational database structures
43 7,467,120 System for supporting user’s behavior
44 7,467,102 Request type grid computing
45 7,467,090 Using web FAQ data for creating self-service speech applications
46 7,467,068 Method and apparatus for detecting dependability vulnerabilities
47 7,467,066 System and method for benchmarking correlated stream processing systems
48 7,467,063 Determining fleet matching problem and root cause issue for measurement system
49 7,467,050 Method for detecting noise events in systems with time variable operating points
50 7,466,996 Global management of local link power consumption
51 7,466,986 On-device mapping of WIFI hotspots via direct connection of WIFI-enabled and GPS-enabled mobile devices
52 7,466,978 Telephone network node device
53 7,466,861 Method for outputting character recognition results
54 7,466,801 Method and apparatus for presenting caller identification information with geographical and/or source language information
55 7,466,716 Reducing latency in a channel adapter by accelerated I/O control block processing
56 7,466,715 Flexible control block format for frame description and management
57 7,466,687 Packet classification using modified range labels
58 7,466,656 Method, apparatus and program storage device for efficient construction of network overlays through interconnection topology embedding
59 7,466,649 Method for setting a value of waiting time for switching
60 7,466,648 Data transfer in a messaging system
61 7,466,647 Efficient muxing scheme to allow for bypass and array access
62 7,466,617 Multi-port dynamic memory structures
63 7,466,604 SRAM voltage control for improved operational margins
64 7,466,582 Voltage controlled static random access memory
65 7,466,579 Field effect device with a channel with a switchable conductivity
66 7,466,562 Toolless method for alignment, retention, connection, termination and test on printed circuit boards
67 7,466,534 High capacitance density vertical natural capacitors
68 7,466,284 Chip seal ring having a serpentine geometry
69 7,466,241 Determining billboard refresh rate based on traffic flow
70 7,466,217 System for determining abandonment of child in unattended vehicle
71 7,466,198 Differential gain boosted amplifier
72 7,466,188 Stress control mechanism for use in high-voltage applications in an integrated circuit
73 7,466,171 Voltage detection circuit and circuit for generating a trigger flag signal
74 7,466,165 Transmission gate multiplexer
75 7,466,164 Method and apparatus for a configurable low power high fan-in multiplexer
76 7,466,156 System of digitally testing an analog driver circuit
77 7,466,155 Functional and stress testing of LGA devices
78 7,466,154 Conductive particle filled polymer electrical contact
79 7,466,010 Bipolar transistor having self-aligned silicide and a self-aligned emitter contact border
80 7,465,992 Field effect transistor with mixed-crystal-orientation channel and source/drain regions
81 7,465,973 Integrated circuit having gates and active regions forming a regular grating
82 7,465,952 Programmable non-volatile resistance switching device
83 7,465,882 Ceramic substrate grid structure for the creation of virtual coax arrangement
84 7,465,837 Fluorinated vinyl ethers, copolymers thereof, and use in lithographic photoresist compositions
85 7,465,649 Method of forming a split poly-SiGe/poly-Si alloy gate stack
86 7,465,642 Methods for forming semiconductor structures with buried isolation collars
87 7,465,615 Polyconductor line end formation and related mask
88 7,465,195 Circuit board connector
89 7,465,181 Locking header for universal serial bus device retention
90 7,465,174 Coupling for connecting and disconnecting a plug and a socket
91 7,464,869 Method for self-checkout
92 7,464,594 System and method for sensing a paper roll ultrasonically
93 7,464,462 Method of forming anisotropic heat spreading apparatus for semiconductor devices