IBM patents granted on 16 December 2014

148 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,914,899 Directing users to preferred software services
2 8,914,897 Controlling access to digital images based on device proximity
3 8,914,892 Method and system to enhance accuracy of a data leak prevention (DLP) system
4 8,914,890 Determining the vulnerability of computer software applications to privilege-escalation attacks
5 8,914,859 Managing the progressive legible obfuscation and de-obfuscation of public and quasi-public broadcast messages
6 8,914,854 User credential verification indication in a virtual universe
7 8,914,848 Social authentication of users
8 8,914,844 Method to automatically map business function level policies to IT management policies
9 8,914,812 Controlling operations according to another system’s architecture
10 8,914,807 Method, system, and program for generating a program capable of invoking a flow of operations
11 8,914,805 Rescheduling workload in a hybrid computing environment
12 8,914,798 Production control for service level agreements
13 8,914,797 Determining an allocation configuration for allocating virtual machines to physical machines
14 8,914,796 Pluggable activation engine extensions via virtual disks
15 8,914,795 Determining an allocation configuration for allocating virtual machines to physical machines
16 8,914,789 Systematic migration of workload based on classification
17 8,914,785 Providing virtual appliance system firmware images
18 8,914,784 Method and system for checking the consistency of application jar files
19 8,914,779 Data placement for execution of an executable
20 8,914,778 Data placement for execution of an executable
21 8,914,772 Prescribing a software architecture for implementing service integration
22 8,914,771 Indicating hierarchy diversion in a class diagram
23 8,914,770 Generating compatible partner processes in BPEL
24 8,914,765 Power grid generation through modification of an initial power grid based on power grid analysis
25 8,914,764 Adaptive workload based optimizations coupled with a heterogeneous current-aware baseline design to mitigate current delivery limitations in integrated circuits
26 8,914,757 Explaining illegal combinations in combinatorial models
27 8,914,736 On-page manipulation and real-time replacement of content
28 8,914,733 User interface widget unit sharing for application user interface distribution
29 8,914,721 Time relevance within a soft copy document or media object
30 8,914,708 Bad wordline/array detection in memory
31 8,914,693 Apparatus for JTAG-driven remote scanning
32 8,914,688 System and method of reducing test time via address aware BIST circuitry
33 8,914,680 Resolution of system hang due to filesystem corruption
34 8,914,679 Software testing automation framework
35 8,914,677 Managing traces to capture data for memory regions in a memory
36 8,914,676 Test cases generation for different test types
37 8,914,675 Creating data for playing back transactions
38 8,914,671 Multiple hyperswap replication sessions
39 8,914,668 Asynchronous raid stripe writes to enable response to media errors
40 8,914,658 Hibernation during meetings
41 8,914,644 System and method of facilitating the identification of a computer on a network
42 8,914,637 System for enabling digital signature auditing
43 8,914,622 Processor testing
44 8,914,619 High-word facility for extending the number of general purpose registers available to instructions
45 8,914,605 Methods and systems for formatting storage volumes
46 8,914,597 Data archiving using data compression of a flash copy
47 8,914,593 Counter-based entry invalidation for metadata previous write queue
48 8,914,574 Content addressable memory and method of searching data thereof
49 8,914,573 Method and system for mitigating adjacent track erasure in hard disk drives
50 8,914,570 Selective write-once-memory encoding in a flash based disk cache memory
51 8,914,528 Multiplexing users and enabling virtualization on a hybrid system
52 8,914,519 Request tracking for analysis of website navigation
53 8,914,518 Intermediary for satisfying a service requirement established by a service provider
54 8,914,515 Cloud optimization using workload analysis
55 8,914,507 Advice provided for offering highly targeted advice without compromising individual privacy
56 8,914,498 Calculating a checksum with inactive networking components in a computing system
57 8,914,495 Automatically detecting and locating equipment within an equipment rack
58 8,914,488 Method and system for monitoring a monitoring-target process
59 8,914,478 Automated deployment of software for managed hardware in a storage area network
60 8,914,469 Negotiating agreements within a cloud computing environment
61 8,914,466 Multi-level adaptive caching within asset-based web systems
62 8,914,456 Consolidated notifications to NFS clients
63 8,914,452 Automatically generating a personalized digest of meetings
64 8,914,444 Managing chat sessions
65 8,914,439 Fallback ordering for on-line environment
66 8,914,437 Method for capturing and recording URLs shared during correspondence
67 8,914,434 Method and apparatus for syndicating interactions between a client and a web service
68 8,914,431 Range check based lookup tables
69 8,914,425 Apparatus and method for managing data storage
70 8,914,423 Mapping data elements in a user interface
71 8,914,419 Extracting semantic relationships from table structures in electronic documents
72 8,914,417 Apparatus, system, and method for maintaining a context stack
73 8,914,415 Serial and parallel methods for I/O efficient suffix tree construction
74 8,914,413 Context-based data gravity wells
75 8,914,407 Metadata cache management
76 8,914,403 Scalable package management for virtual-machine images
77 8,914,400 Adjusting results based on a drop point
78 8,914,391 Method, program, and system for converting part of graph data to data structure as an image of homomorphism
79 8,914,388 Centralized URL commenting service enabling metadata aggregation
80 8,914,378 Specification document check method, program, and system
81 8,914,375 Method and system for matching appropriate content with users by matching content tags and profiles
82 8,914,372 Clustering customers
83 8,914,371 Event mining in social networks
84 8,914,370 Generating rules for classifying structured documents
85 8,914,368 Augmented and cross-service tagging
86 8,914,363 Disambiguating tags in network based multiple user tagging systems
87 8,914,356 Optimized queries for file path indexing in a content repository
88 8,914,340 Apparatus, system, and method for relocating storage pool hot spots
89 8,914,334 Using a metadata image of a file system and archive instance to restore data objects in the file system
90 8,914,330 Bulk deletion through segmented files
91 8,914,317 Detecting anomalies in real-time in multiple time series data with automated thresholding
92 8,914,315 Multi-compartment neuron suitable for implementation in a distributed hardware model by reducing communication bandwidth
93 8,914,303 System and method for direct manipulation of a triangular distribution of information using a graphical user interface
94 8,914,272 Visualizing sensitivity information in integrated circuit design
95 8,914,225 Managing vehicles on a road network
96 8,914,145 Efficient movement of storage media in a storage media library
97 8,914,021 Using the maintenance channel in a mobile data network to provide subscriber data when a cache miss occurs
98 8,913,856 Manufacturable optical connection assemblies
99 8,913,850 Information technology asset location using visual detectors
100 8,913,791 Automatically determining field of view overlap among multiple cameras
101 8,913,655 Feed-forward equalizer architectures
102 8,913,620 Multicast traffic generation using hierarchical replication mechanisms for distributed switches
103 8,913,556 Reducing packet loss in a mobile data network with data breakout at the edge
104 8,913,552 Spatiotemporal annotation of data packets in wireless networks
105 8,913,501 Efficient urgency-aware rate control scheme for multiple bounded flows
106 8,913,491 Overload detection and handling in a data breakout appliance at the edge of a mobile data network
107 8,913,384 Thermal transfer structures coupling electronics card(s) to coolant-cooled structure(s)
108 8,913,340 Systems and methods for writing servo patterns
109 8,913,337 Controlling transportation of tape medium
110 8,913,086 Systems and methods for managing errors utilizing augmented reality
111 8,912,926 Identifying a potential vehicle incident within a communication black spot
112 8,912,854 Structure for an inductor-capacitor voltage-controlled oscillator
113 8,912,824 Method and apparatus for detecting rising and falling transitions of internal signals of an integrated circuit
114 8,912,658 Interconnect structure with enhanced reliability
115 8,912,634 High frequency transition matching in an electronic package for millimeter wave semiconductor dies
116 8,912,630 Integrated circuit including thermal gate, related method and design structure
117 8,912,627 Electrical fuse structure and method of fabricating same
118 8,912,626 eFuse and method of fabrication
119 8,912,625 Semiconductor-on-insulator device with asymmetric structure
120 8,912,616 Device for detecting electromagnetic radiation comprising a diffusion junction and a resonant grating in a single layer
121 8,912,614 Magnetic tunnel junction devices having magnetic layers formed on composite, obliquely deposited seed layers
122 8,912,612 Silicon nitride gate encapsulation by implantation
123 8,912,609 Low extension resistance III-V compound fin field effect transistor
124 8,912,607 Replacement metal gate structures providing independent control on work function and gate leakage current
125 8,912,597 Semiconductor device including asymmetric lightly doped drain (LDD) region, related method and design structure
126 8,912,574 Device isolation with improved thermal conductivity
127 8,912,567 Strained channel transistor and method of fabrication thereof
128 8,912,529 Selective emitter photovoltaic device
129 8,912,525 Chemical oxidation of graphene and carbon nanotubes using Cerium (IV) ammonium nitrate
130 8,912,424 Multi-junction photovoltaic device and fabrication method
131 8,912,317 Ribonucleic acid interference molecules of Arabidopsis thaliana
132 8,912,098 Self-aligned carbon electronics with embedded gate electrode
133 8,912,091 Backside metal ground plane with improved metal adhesion and design structures
134 8,912,071 Selective emitter photovoltaic device
135 8,912,061 Floating gate device with oxygen scavenging element
136 8,912,059 Middle of-line borderless contact structure and method of forming
137 8,912,056 Dual epitaxial integration for FinFETS
138 8,912,050 Capping coating for 3D integration applications
139 8,912,045 Three dimensional flip chip system and method
140 8,912,032 Temperature control device for optoelectronic devices
141 8,912,030 Method for radiation monitoring
142 8,912,020 Integrating active matrix inorganic light emitting diodes for display devices
143 8,911,668 Lab on a chip
144 8,911,244 Receptacle with heat management for electronic and optical systems
145 8,910,853 Additives for grain fragmentation in Pb-free Sn-based solder
146 8,910,706 Heat sink apparatus with extendable pin fins
147 8,910,508 Early detection of overheating devices
148 8,910,355 Method of manufacturing a film bulk acoustic resonator with a loading element