IBM patents granted on 16 February 2016

194 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,265,179 Continuous loop cooling for an electronic device
2 9,265,178 Thermal transfer and coolant-cooled structures facilitating cooling of electronics card(s)
3 9,265,177 Fabricating multi-component electronic module with integral coolant-cooling
4 9,265,176 Multi-component electronic module with integral coolant-cooling
5 9,265,157 Implementing heat sink loading having multipoint loading with actuation outboard of heatsink footprint
6 9,265,155 Flexible rework device
7 9,265,024 Determining location of mobile device
8 9,264,886 Scaling storage capability for subscriber data across multiple devices and device types in a mobile data network
9 9,264,840 Multi-dimensional audio transformations and crossfading
10 9,264,554 Providing network access
11 9,264,532 Technology for combating mobile phone criminal activity
12 9,264,511 Content sharing among mobile terminals
13 9,264,506 Pull data transfer method in request-response models
14 9,264,494 Automated data recovery from remote data object replicas
15 9,264,493 Asynchronous pausing of the formation of consistency groups
16 9,264,451 Generation of attribute based access control policy from existing authorization system
17 9,264,443 Browser based method of assessing web application vulnerability
18 9,264,436 Policy-based automated consent
19 9,264,427 Method and system for transferring a designated call to a cellular telephone
20 9,264,408 Secure delivery of files to authorized recipients
21 9,264,396 Workload balancing between nodes in a cluster as required by allocations of IP addresses within a cluster
22 9,264,393 Mail server-based dynamic workflow management
23 9,264,376 Reallocating resource capacity among resource pools in a cloud computing environment
24 9,264,375 Software-defined networking interface between multiple platform managers
25 9,264,365 Split transport control protocol (TCP) flow control management in a cellular broadband network
26 9,264,352 Hypervisor independent network virtualization
27 9,264,310 Monitoring and distributing event processing within a complex event processing environment
28 9,264,309 Enabling cluster scaling
29 9,264,306 Deployment of software images with run-time reconnection
30 9,264,236 Embedded extrinsic source for digital certificate validation
31 9,264,230 Secure key management
32 9,264,067 Re-aligning a compressed data array
33 9,264,052 Implementing dynamic phase error correction method and circuit for phase locked loop (PLL)
34 9,263,904 Frequency based rechargeable power source charging
35 9,263,714 Power source encapsulation
36 9,263,669 Magnetic trap for cylindrical diamagnetic materials
37 9,263,664 Integrating a piezoresistive element in a piezoelectronic transistor
38 9,263,634 Thin light emitting diode and fabrication method
39 9,263,626 Crystalline thin film photovoltaic cell
40 9,263,616 Selective emitter photovoltaic device
41 9,263,584 Field effect transistors employing a thin channel region on a crystalline insulator structure
42 9,263,554 Localized fin width scaling using a hydrogen anneal
43 9,263,550 Gate to diffusion local interconnect scheme using selective replacement gate flow
44 9,263,537 Methods of forming a semiconductor device with a protected gate cap layer and the resulting device
45 9,263,464 Field effect transistors including contoured channels and planar channels
46 9,263,454 Semiconductor structure having buried conductive elements
47 9,263,453 Secondary use of aspect ratio trapping holes as eDRAM structure
48 9,263,449 FinFET and fin-passive devices
49 9,263,391 Interconnect structures incorporating air-gap spacers
50 9,263,389 Enhancing barrier in air gap technology
51 9,263,386 Forming BEOL line fuse structure
52 9,263,378 Ball grid array and land grid array assemblies fabricated using temporary resist
53 9,263,366 Liquid cooling of semiconductor chips utilizing small scale structures
54 9,263,348 Film thickness metrology
55 9,263,344 Low threshold voltage CMOS device
56 9,263,343 Dual EPI CMOS integration for planar substrates
57 9,263,336 Symmetrical bipolar junction transistor array
58 9,263,276 High-k/metal gate transistor with L-shaped gate encapsulation layer
59 9,263,260 Nanowire field effect transistor with inner and outer gates
60 9,263,228 Integrated photoemission sources and scalable photoemission structures
61 9,263,157 Detecting defective connections in stacked memory devices
62 9,263,096 Voltage comparator circuit and usage thereof
63 9,263,092 Extended diagnostic overlay control for tape storage devices
64 9,263,087 Quasi-statically tilted head having dilated transducer pitch
65 9,263,082 High density hybrid storage system
66 9,263,073 Magnetic tape storage medium
67 9,263,072 Multi-channel tape head having asymmetric channel arrays
68 9,263,068 Magnetic read head having a CPP MR sensor electrically isolated from a top shield
69 9,263,065 Variable stopwrite threshold with variable smoothing factor
70 9,263,064 Reading order search method and program for recording groups on tape
71 9,263,059 Deep tagging background noises
72 9,262,938 Combining different type coercion components for deferred type evaluation
73 9,262,792 Rights management for content aggregators
74 9,262,748 Identifying locations of potential user errors during manipulation of multimedia content
75 9,262,747 Tracking participation in a shared media session
76 9,262,737 Intelligent cloning of a business object graph
77 9,262,736 System and method for efficient creation and reconciliation of macro and micro level test plans
78 9,262,735 Identifying and amalgamating conditional actions in business processes
79 9,262,729 Selecting solution for carbon emission prediction
80 9,262,727 Confidential content search engine
81 9,262,724 Low-rank matrix factorization for deep belief network training with high-dimensional output targets
82 9,262,721 Automatically selecting analogous members for new population members based on incomplete descriptions, including an uncertainty characterzing selection
83 9,262,712 Structural descriptions for neurosynaptic networks
84 9,262,626 Stack entry overwrite protection
85 9,262,625 Address translation/specification field for hardware accelerator
86 9,262,603 Advanced authentication technology for computing devices
87 9,262,575 Circuit-level abstraction of multigate devices using two-dimensional technology computer aided design
88 9,262,546 Web browser adapted to render a web page based on an identity and a type of program within which a hyperlink was selected
89 9,262,516 Automatic categorization of email in a mail system
90 9,262,512 Providing search suggestions from user selected data sources for an input string
91 9,262,510 Document tagging and retrieval using per-subject dictionaries including subject-determining-power scores for entries
92 9,262,507 System and method for the classification of storage
93 9,262,506 Generating mappings between a plurality of taxonomies
94 9,262,499 Context-based graphical database
95 9,262,495 Dimensional reduction mechanisms for representing massive communication network graphs for structural queries
96 9,262,491 System and method for implementing multi-temporal database functionality
97 9,262,485 Identifying a sketching matrix used by a linear sketch
98 9,262,480 Ensuring small cell privacy at a database level
99 9,262,478 Compile-time grouping of tuples in a streaming application
100 9,262,471 Weight adjustment in a probabilistic matching system based on external demographic data
101 9,262,467 Enforcing temporal uniqueness of index keys utilizing key-valued locking in the presence of pseudo-deleted keys
102 9,262,463 Managing multiple locks for data set members in a data set index
103 9,262,448 Data backup across physical and virtualized storage volumes
104 9,262,447 Generating RDF expression technical field
105 9,262,445 Image ranking based on attribute correlation
106 9,262,442 Techniques for generating a representative image and radiographic interpretation information for a case
107 9,262,438 Geotagging unstructured text
108 9,262,431 Efficient data deduplication in a data storage network
109 9,262,428 Preserving redundancy in data deduplication systems by designation of virtual address
110 9,262,427 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
111 9,262,411 Socially derived translation profiles to enhance translation quality of social content using a machine translation
112 9,262,407 Optimization of a multi-language user interface layout via reverse pseudo-translation
113 9,262,389 Resource-adaptive content delivery on client devices
114 9,262,386 Data editing for improving readability of a display
115 9,262,380 Calculating node centralities in large networks and graphs
116 9,262,357 Associating process priority with I/O queuing
117 9,262,351 Inter-adapter cooperation for multipath input/output systems
118 9,262,344 Local locking in a bi-directional synchronous mirroring environment
119 9,262,343 Transactional processing based upon run-time conditions
120 9,262,339 Managing write operations in a computerized memory
121 9,262,332 Memory management with priority-based memory reclamation
122 9,262,331 Memory management with priority-based memory reclamation
123 9,262,324 Efficient distributed cache consistency
124 9,262,321 Adjustment of destage rate based on read and write response time requirements
125 9,262,320 Tracking transactional execution footprint
126 9,262,316 Recording dwell time in a non-volatile memory system
127 9,262,309 Optimizing test data payload selection for testing computer software applications that employ data sanitizers and data validators
128 9,262,307 Modeling test space for system behavior with optional variable combinations
129 9,262,302 Displaying values of variables in a first thread modified by another thread
130 9,262,295 Multiple configuration item status value analysis
131 9,262,290 Flash copy for disaster recovery (DR) testing
132 9,262,288 Autonomous dispersed storage system retrieval method
133 9,262,286 Failover in a data center that includes a multi-density server
134 9,262,279 Classifying and monitoring database operations based on a cost of recovery
135 9,262,274 Persistent data across reboots
136 9,262,272 Data center power adjustment
137 9,262,255 Multi-stage failure analysis and prediction
138 9,262,248 Log configuration of distributed applications
139 9,262,247 Updating data stored in a dispersed storage network
140 9,262,243 Analyzing update conditions for shared variable directory information in a parallel computer
141 9,262,237 Automating software availability management based on API versioning
142 9,262,236 Warning track interruption facility
143 9,262,234 Expedited module unloading for kernel modules that execute read-copy update callback processing code
144 9,262,224 Resource management via iterative negotiation
145 9,262,223 Lazy initialization of operator graph in a stream computing application
146 9,262,222 Lazy initialization of operator graph in a stream computing application
147 9,262,221 Calculating the rank of multiple virtual machines based on a negative correlation between the rank and each of the computational capacity and monetary investment
148 9,262,220 Scheduling workloads and making provision decisions of computer resources in a computing environment
149 9,262,215 Selective constant complexity dismissal in task scheduling
150 9,262,210 Light weight workload management server integration
151 9,262,208 Automated, controlled distribution and execution of commands and scripts
152 9,262,207 Using the transaction-begin instruction to manage transactional aborts in transactional memory computing environments
153 9,262,206 Using the transaction-begin instruction to manage transactional aborts in transactional memory computing environments
154 9,262,205 Selective checkpointing of links in a data flow based on a set of predefined criteria
155 9,262,202 Hybrid dependency analysis using dynamic and static analyses
156 9,262,201 Performing collective operations in a distributed processing system
157 9,262,199 Virtualization and dynamic resource allocation aware storage level reordering
158 9,262,196 Virtual machine deployment planning method and associated apparatus
159 9,262,181 Process grouping for improved cache and memory affinity
160 9,262,177 Selection of a primary microprocessor for initialization of a multiprocessor system
161 9,262,172 Efficient rollback and retry of conflicted speculative threads using distributed tokens
162 9,262,170 Out-of-order checkpoint reclamation in a checkpoint processing and recovery core microarchitecture
163 9,262,169 Branch prediction table install source tracking
164 9,262,168 Computer processor with instruction for execution based on available instruction sets
165 9,262,167 Computer processor with instruction for execution based on available instruction sets
166 9,262,161 Tracking multiple conditions in a general purpose register and instruction therefor
167 9,262,160 Load latency speculation in an out-of-order computer processor
168 9,262,156 Methods for transparent management of context and state in an asynchronous callback flow
169 9,262,149 Managing incrementally applied system updates
170 9,262,144 Deploying virtual machine instances of a pattern to regions of a hierarchical tier using placement policies and constraints
171 9,262,143 Method and apparatus for template-based provisioning in a service delivery environment
172 9,262,142 Web application development tool
173 9,262,140 Predication supporting code generation by indicating path associations of symmetrically placed write instructions
174 9,262,134 Analysis of source code changes
175 9,262,130 Code validation using content assist
176 9,262,124 Natural disaster forecasting
177 9,262,094 Distributed file serving architecture with metadata storage and data access at the data server connection speed
178 9,262,092 Management of extent checking in a storage controller during copy services operations
179 9,262,089 Use of flash cache to improve tiered migration performance
180 9,262,088 Use of flash cache to improve tiered migration performance
181 9,262,087 Non-disruptive configuration of a virtualization controller in a data storage system
182 9,262,081 Method for reading file using plurality of tape media
183 9,262,080 Reducing read latency using a pool of processing cores
184 9,261,962 Haptic accessory and methods for using same
185 9,261,930 Electronics enclosure with redundant thermal sensing architecture
186 9,261,561 Scan chain latch design that improves testability of integrated circuits
187 9,261,375 Anomaly detection for road user charging systems
188 9,261,308 Pump-enhanced, sub-cooling of immersion-cooling fluid
189 9,261,128 Anti-tamper system
190 9,260,550 Lactide-based acrylate polymers
191 9,260,200 Metal fatigue analytics and alert systems
192 9,260,122 Multisensor evidence integration and optimization in object inspection
193 9,260,031 Distributed charging of electrical assets
194 9,259,902 4D Device, process and structure