IBM patents granted on 16 July 2013

162 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,490,202 Method for masking data
2 8,490,184 Verification for computer programs that include external call references
3 8,490,181 Deterministic serialization of access to shared resource in a multi-processor system for code instructions accessing resources in a non-deterministic order
4 8,490,167 Preventing password presentation by a computer system
5 8,490,165 Restoring secure sessions
6 8,490,113 Messaging in a parallel computer using remote direct memory access (`RDMA`)
7 8,490,112 Data communications for a collective operation in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
8 8,490,110 Network on chip with a low latency, high bandwidth application messaging interconnect
9 8,490,102 Resource allocation management using IOC token requestor logic
10 8,490,098 Concomitance scheduling commensal threads in a multi-threading computer system
11 8,490,095 Method and system for detecting program deadlock
12 8,490,094 Non-uniform memory access (NUMA) enhancements for shared logical partitions
13 8,490,091 Virtual machine placement to improve memory utilization
14 8,490,090 Multilevel support in a nested virtualization environment
15 8,490,088 On demand virtual machine image streaming
16 8,490,087 System and method for transforming legacy desktop environments to a virtualized desktop model
17 8,490,082 System and method for representing user processes as software packages in a software package management system
18 8,490,073 Controlling tracing within compiled code
19 8,490,072 Partitioning operator flow graphs
20 8,490,071 Shared prefetching to reduce execution skew in multi-threaded systems
21 8,490,065 Method and apparatus for software-assisted data cache and prefetch control
22 8,490,063 Debugging extensible markup language
23 8,490,061 Profiling application performance according to data structure
24 8,490,060 Tracing memory updates and accesses for debugging computer programs
25 8,490,059 Cross-browser testing of a web application
26 8,490,057 Confidence-based static analysis
27 8,490,056 Automatic identification of subroutines from test scripts
28 8,490,049 Faceted, tag-based approach for the design and composition of components and applications in component-based systems
29 8,490,048 Apparatus, system, and method for tool-based creation of a hub server/application interface
30 8,490,045 Method and device for selectively adding timing margin in an integrated circuit
31 8,490,040 Disposition of integrated circuits using performance sort ring oscillator and performance path testing
32 8,490,039 Distributing spare latch circuits in integrated circuit designs
33 8,490,037 Method and apparatus for tracking uncertain signals
34 8,490,029 Method of fabricating a device using low temperature anneal processes, a device and design structure
35 8,490,023 Navigating UML diagrams
36 8,490,018 Prioritization of choices based on context and user history
37 8,490,014 Method and system for controlling the arrangements of windows on a display
38 8,490,003 Dynamic proximity based text exchange within a group session
39 8,490,001 Electronic mail display program product, method, apparatus and system
40 8,489,985 Automatically adjusting a webpage
41 8,489,967 Dynamic monitoring of ability to reassemble streaming data across multiple channels based on history
42 8,489,946 Managing logically bad blocks in storage devices
43 8,489,941 Automatic documentation of ticket execution
44 8,489,938 Diagnostic data capture in a computing environment
45 8,489,936 High reliability memory module with a fault tolerant address and command bus
46 8,489,914 Method apparatus and system for a redundant and fault tolerant solid state disk
47 8,489,909 Displaying the operating efficiency of a processor
48 8,489,904 Allocating computing system power levels responsive to service level agreements
49 8,489,886 Double authentication for controlling disruptive operations on storage resources
50 8,489,883 Virtual world embedded security watermarking
51 8,489,867 Monitoring events and incrementing counters associated therewith absent taking an interrupt
52 8,489,866 Branch trace history compression
53 8,489,863 Processor including age tracking of issue queue instructions
54 8,489,859 Performing a deterministic reduction operation in a compute node organized into a branched tree topology
55 8,489,856 System and article of manufacture for providing an address format compatible with different addressing formats used for addressing different sized address spaces
56 8,489,853 Executing a perform frame management instruction
57 8,489,848 Data communications between the computer memory of the logical partitions and the data storage devices through a host fibre channel adapter
58 8,489,829 Reduction of communication and efficient failover processing in distributed shared memory-based application
59 8,489,824 Selective memory compression for multi-threaded applications
60 8,489,821 Managing concurrent accesses to a cache
61 8,489,819 Victim cache lateral castout targeting
62 8,489,812 Automated storage provisioning within a clustered computing environment
63 8,489,809 Intelligent storage provisioning within a clustered computing environment
64 8,489,807 Techniques for performing refresh operations in high-density memories
65 8,489,799 Efficient loading of data into memory of a computing system
66 8,489,797 Hardware resource arbiter for logical partitions
67 8,489,793 Connected input/output hub management
68 8,489,787 Sharing sampled instruction address registers for efficient instruction sampling in massively multithreaded processors
69 8,489,785 Apparatus and method for writing data onto tape medium
70 8,489,763 Distributed virtual bridge management
71 8,489,755 Technique of detecting denial of service attacks
72 8,489,745 Optimizing power consumption by dynamic workload adjustment
73 8,489,741 Policy enabled grid architecture
74 8,489,722 System and method for providing quality of service in wide area messaging fabric
75 8,489,700 Analysis of nodal affinity behavior
76 8,489,696 Instant messaging exchange incorporating user-generated multimedia content
77 8,489,694 Peer-to-peer collaboration of publishers in a publish-subscription environment
78 8,489,693 System and method for context-based serialization of messages in a parallel execution environment
79 8,489,690 Providing cellular telephone subscription for e-mail threads
80 8,489,688 Managing delivery of electronic meeting content
81 8,489,655 Restoring data segments of rolled-back transactions in a clustered file system
82 8,489,653 Incremental class unloading in a region-based garbage collector
83 8,489,647 Use-case based configuration of an object-relational mapping framework
84 8,489,645 Techniques for estimating item frequencies in large data sets
85 8,489,637 User-based DNS server access control
86 8,489,631 Distributing a query
87 8,489,626 Method and apparatus for recommending a short message recipient
88 8,489,621 System and method of creating and rating items for social interactions
89 8,489,605 Document object model (DOM) based page uniqueness detection
90 8,489,602 Systems and methods for determining exclusion efficiencies of a plurality of keywords appearing in a search result
91 8,489,588 Interactive visualization of sender and recipient information in electronic communications
92 8,489,581 Method and apparatus for self optimizing data selection
93 8,489,580 Query optimization
94 8,489,578 System and method for administering data ingesters using taxonomy based filtering rules
95 8,489,566 Optimistic locking in online and offline environments
96 8,489,564 Registration in a de-coupled environment
97 8,489,558 Distributed file system logging
98 8,489,556 Database instance decommissioning
99 8,489,550 Multi-tenancy data storage and access method and apparatus
100 8,489,547 System and method for transforming configuration data items in a configuration management database
101 8,489,526 Controlling quarantining and biasing in cataclysms for optimization simulations
102 8,489,525 Automatic model evolution
103 8,489,514 Method, system and program product for generating a demanufacturing price quote
104 8,489,492 Automated encoding of increment operators
105 8,489,465 Tier-based dynamic incentive arbitration in an on-demand computing environment
106 8,489,448 System, method and program to estimate cost of distributing software
107 8,489,444 Chronicling for process discovery in model driven business transformation
108 8,489,443 Method and apparatus for collaborative selection of proposals
109 8,489,441 Quality of records containing service data
110 8,489,439 Forecasting discovery costs based on complex and incomplete facts
111 8,489,407 Method of evaluating business components in an enterprise
112 8,489,380 Satisfiability (SAT) based bounded model checkers
113 8,489,378 Silicon controlled rectifier modeling
114 8,489,367 Modeling a matrix for formal verification
115 8,489,284 Automated dynamic vehicle blind spot determination
116 8,489,250 Fan control system and method for a computer system
117 8,489,225 Wafer alignment system with optical coherence tomography
118 8,489,217 Thermal cycling and gradient management in three-dimensional stacked architectures
119 8,489,079 Content identification and retrieval based on device component proximity
120 8,488,968 Programmable optical interconnect for multi-node computer systems
121 8,488,960 Synchronizing events on a communications network using a virtual command interface
122 8,488,921 Packaged multicore fiber optical transceiver module
123 8,488,881 Object segmentation at a self-checkout
124 8,488,793 Efficient rebinding of partitioned content encrypted using broadcast encryption
125 8,488,496 Wireless local area network (LAN) system
126 8,488,456 Load-balancing via modulus distribution and TCP flow redirection due to server overload
127 8,488,436 High density data storage medium, method and device
128 8,488,397 Increased capacity heterogeneous storage elements
129 8,488,368 Method for selectable guaranteed write-through with early read suppression
130 8,488,329 Power and ground vias for power distribution systems
131 8,488,275 High areal density tape format and head
132 8,488,176 Method for analyzing usage of printers
133 8,488,150 Method and apparatus for analyzing usage of printers
134 8,487,749 Tactile virtual world
135 8,487,696 Modularized three-dimensional capacitor array
136 8,487,693 Self calibrated, broadband, tunable, active oscillator with unity gain cells for multi-standard and/or multiband channel selection
137 8,487,447 Semiconductor structure having offset passivation to reduce electromigration
138 8,487,427 Assembly including plural through wafer vias, method of cooling the assembly and method of fabricating the assembly
139 8,487,425 Optimized annular copper TSV
140 8,487,411 Multiple patterning using improved patternable low-.kappa. dielectric materials
141 8,487,401 Methods of fabricating passive element without planarizing and related semiconductor device
142 8,487,379 Structure and method for buried inductors for ultra-high resistivity wafers for SOI/RF SiGe applications
143 8,487,355 Structure and method for compact long-channel FETs
144 8,487,304 High performance compliant wafer test probe
145 8,486,814 Wafer backside defectivity clean-up utilizing selective removal of substrate material
146 8,486,797 Bipolar junction transistor with epitaxial contacts
147 8,486,796 Thin film resistors and methods of manufacture
148 8,486,778 Low resistance source and drain extensions for ETSOI
149 8,486,776 Strained devices, methods of manufacture and design structures
150 8,486,751 Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic cell
151 8,486,533 Anti-corrosion conformal coating for metal conductors electrically connecting an electronic component
152 8,486,512 Pattern formation employing self-assembled material
153 8,486,511 Pattern formation employing self-assembled material
154 8,486,489 Methods for aligning polymer films and related structures
155 8,486,268 Precision peak matching in liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy
156 8,486,250 Electrodeposition method of forming a probe structure having a plurality of discrete insulated probe tips projecting from a support surface
157 8,485,834 Mitigating electromagnetic interference using dummy plugs
158 8,485,831 Tall mezzanine connector
159 8,485,812 Spin-mounted fabrication of injection molded micro-optics
160 8,485,440 Mobile device financial transactions
161 8,485,271 In-computer fire suppression
162 8,485,053 Inertial stabilizer system