IBM patents granted on 16 June 2009

71 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,549,166 Defense mechanism for server farm
2 7,549,149 Automatic software distribution and installation in a multi-tiered computer network
3 7,549,145 Processor dedicated code handling in a multi-processor environment
4 7,549,137 Latch placement for high performance and low power circuits
5 7,549,135 Design methodology of guard ring design resistance optimization for latchup prevention
6 7,549,132 Presenting identifiers and states of processes in a stacked cursor
7 7,549,121 Visual wizard launch pad
8 7,549,120 Method and system for analyzing a presentation
9 7,549,116 Computer program product for displaying multiple row layouts in a table
10 7,549,111 Apparatus, system, and method for converting between serial data and encoded holographic data
11 7,549,098 Redundancy programming for a memory device
12 7,549,095 Error detection enhancement in a microprocessor through the use of a second dependency matrix
13 7,549,090 Autonomic recovery from hardware errors in an input/output fabric
14 7,549,054 System, method, service method, and program product for managing entitlement with identity and privacy applications for electronic commerce
15 7,549,040 Method and system for caching peripheral component interconnect device expansion read only memory data
16 7,549,034 Redistribution of memory to reduce computer system power consumption
17 7,549,031 Method and apparatus for performing data backup
18 7,549,029 Methods for creating hierarchical copies
19 7,549,018 Configurable blade enclosure
20 7,549,003 Creation and management of destination ID routing structures in multi-host PCI topologies
21 7,548,998 Modifying host input/output (I/O) activity to allow a storage drive to which I/O activity is directed to access requested information
22 7,548,989 Method and system for maintaining consistency during multi-threaded processing of LDIF data
23 7,548,983 Configurable connector adapted to convey data between a first application and a second application
24 7,548,977 Client / server application task allocation based upon client resources
25 7,548,974 Adaptively processing client requests to a network server
26 7,548,964 Performance counters for virtualized network interfaces of communications networks
27 7,548,963 System and method for generating a multi-plan for a multi-layer storage area network
28 7,548,953 Method and system for dynamic reader-instigated categorization and distribution restriction on mailing list threads
29 7,548,952 Method of sending an email to a plurality of recipients with selective treatment of attached files
30 7,548,940 Generational real-time garbage collection
31 7,548,937 System and method for scalable processing of multi-way data stream correlations
32 7,548,933 System and method for exploiting semantic annotations in executing keyword queries over a collection of text documents
33 7,548,922 Customized and consolidated bookmarks
34 7,548,919 Computer program product for conducting a lock free read
35 7,548,903 Method and apparatus for automatic recommendation and selection of clustering indexes
36 7,548,896 Device, method and computer program readable medium for support of maintaining a system
37 7,548,886 System and method for early detection and prevention of identity theft
38 7,548,885 Processing tax forms at an automatic teller machine
39 7,548,874 System and method for group advertisement optimization
40 7,548,872 Simulation of business transformation outsourcing of sourcing, procurement and payables
41 7,548,871 Simulation of business transformation outsourcing
42 7,548,845 Apparatus, method, and program product for translation and method of providing translation support service
43 7,548,832 Method in a performance monitor for sampling all performance events generated by a processor
44 7,548,823 Correction of delay-based metric measurements using delay circuits having differing metric sensitivities
45 7,548,822 Apparatus and method for determining the slew rate of a signal produced by an integrated circuit
46 7,548,753 Application for automatic tracking of mobile devices for computer network processor systems
47 7,548,731 Method to reduce power consumption of static wireless beacons and cost of infrastructure
48 7,548,674 Alignment method for circular multi-core optical fiber
49 7,548,542 Methods and apparatus for transferring data
50 7,548,431 Optically connectable circuit board with optical component(s) mounted thereon
51 7,548,405 Systems and methods using diodes to protect electronic devices
52 7,548,397 Magnetic reader with piggybacked fence
53 7,548,395 Progressive track width head and method
54 7,548,350 Method and apparatus for interactively scanning images into a logical structure
55 7,548,170 Rear door heat exchanger instrumentation for heat quantity measurement
56 7,548,157 Battery backed service indicator aids for field maintenance
57 7,548,080 Method and apparatus for burn-in optimization
58 7,548,053 Wide-band antenna coupled spectrometer using CMOS transistor
59 7,547,947 SRAM cell
60 7,547,930 High performance FET devices and methods thereof
61 7,547,917 Inverted multilayer semiconductor device assembly
62 7,547,848 Structure and method for a twisted bus bar for low impedance power distribution and electromagnetic field suppression
63 7,547,641 Super hybrid SOI CMOS devices
64 7,547,616 Laser processing method for trench-edge-defect-free solid phase epitaxy in confined geometrics
65 7,547,608 Polysilicon hard mask for enhanced alignment signal
66 7,547,582 Method of fabricating a surface adapting cap with integral adapting material for single and multi chip assemblies
67 7,547,576 Solder wall structure in flip-chip technologies
68 7,547,231 Large array connector for coupling wafers with a printed circuit board
69 7,547,087 Fault detection circuit for printers with multiple print heads
70 7,546,943 Apparatus, system, and method for positioning a printed circuit board component
71 7,546,670 Method for producing thermally matched probe assembly