IBM patents granted on 16 March 2010

87 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,681,198 Workload categorization for detecting role changes in a host computing device
2 7,681,195 System, method, and service for efficient allocation of computing resources among users
3 7,681,193 Method and apparatus for providing alternative installation structures for deployment of software applications
4 7,681,182 Including function call graphs (FCG) generated from trace analysis data within a searchable problem determination knowledge base
5 7,681,169 Process for managing complex pre-wired net segments in a VLSI design
6 7,681,158 Delay budget allocation with path trimming
7 7,681,157 Variable threshold system and method for multi-corner static timing analysis
8 7,681,153 Estimating static power consumption of integrated circuits using logic gate templates
9 7,681,152 Design structures comprising voltage translator circuits
10 7,681,132 System, method and program product for visually presenting data describing network intrusions
11 7,681,129 Audio clutter reduction and content identification for web-based screen-readers
12 7,681,095 Methods and apparatus for testing integrated circuits
13 7,681,088 Apparatus expressing high availability cluster demand based on probability of breach
14 7,681,083 Isolation of input/output adapter error domains
15 7,681,082 Method and apparatus for improved error avoidance in a redundant data path system
16 7,681,080 Diagnostic repair system and method for computing systems
17 7,681,073 Arbitration system for redundant controllers, with output interlock and automatic switching capabilities
18 7,681,064 Apparatus and computer program product for TOD-clock steering
19 7,681,056 Dynamic power management in a processor design
20 7,681,054 Processing performance improvement using activity factor headroom
21 7,681,053 Thermal throttle control with minimal impact to interrupt latency
22 7,681,047 Decryption of data in storage systems
23 7,681,020 Context switching and synchronization
24 7,681,003 Moving hardware context structures in memory while maintaining system operation
25 7,680,994 Automatically managing the state of replicated data of a computing environment, and methods therefor
26 7,680,991 Correlated analysis of wasted space and capacity efficiency in complex storage infrastructures
27 7,680,985 Method and apparatus for accessing a split cache directory
28 7,680,982 Preservation of cache data following failover
29 7,680,971 Method and apparatus for granting processors access to a resource
30 7,680,933 Apparatus, system, and method for on-demand control of grid system resources
31 7,680,926 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamically determining a set of storage area network components for performance monitoring
32 7,680,900 Publish/subscribe messaging system
33 7,680,893 Method for implementing electronic mail dictionary transporter
34 7,680,844 Method for preserving virtual filesystem information across high availability takeover
35 7,680,841 Determining whether data written to source storage locations according to a write order is copied to corresponding target storage locations in the write order
36 7,680,828 Method and system for facilitating data retrieval from a plurality of data sources
37 7,680,823 Custom report generation
38 7,680,821 Method and system for index sampled tablescan
39 7,680,800 Algorithm to marshal/unmarshal XML schema annotations to SDO dataobjects
40 7,680,798 Method, device and system for automatic retrieval of similar objects in a network of devices
41 7,680,795 Shared disk clones
42 7,680,787 Database query generation method and system
43 7,680,782 Method to generate semantically valid queries in the XQuery language
44 7,680,780 Techniques for processing data from a multilingual database
45 7,680,771 Apparatus, system, and method for database provisioning
46 7,680,769 Method of creating a database and search keys and for searching the database
47 7,680,763 Administration of resources in system-wide search systems
48 7,680,701 Request type grid computing
49 7,680,700 Request type grid computing
50 7,680,684 Resourcing of staff for events
51 7,680,682 Method, system and program product for assessing a product development project employing a computer-implemented evaluation tool
52 7,680,649 System, method, program product, and networking use for recognizing words and their parts of speech in one or more natural languages
53 7,680,643 Method for carrying multiple suspended runtime images
54 7,680,626 System and method of analyzing timing effects of spatial distribution in circuits
55 7,680,554 Method for associating objects in a manufacturing process
56 7,680,447 Method and apparatus for duplicating secure documents
57 7,680,179 Data communication system with self-test feature
58 7,680,129 Preemptive retransmission of buffered data in a network
59 7,680,043 Network processor having fast flow queue disable process
60 7,680,017 Data read/write systems comprising a tip
61 7,679,973 Register file
62 7,679,921 Security cloth design and assembly
63 7,679,858 Method for differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
64 7,679,855 Write transducer and system implementing same
65 7,679,536 Method and apparatus for constructing efficient slepian-wolf codes with mismatched decoding
66 7,679,535 High-rate RLL encoding
67 7,679,459 Multiphase signal generator
68 7,679,408 Glitchless clock multiplexer optimized for synchronous and asynchronous clocks
69 7,679,402 Methods and apparatus for monitoring power gating circuitry and for controlling circuit operations in dependence on monitored power gating conditions
70 7,679,217 Apparatus, system, and method for a high efficiency redundant power system
71 7,679,166 Localized temperature control during rapid thermal anneal
72 7,679,164 Bipolar transistor with silicided sub-collector
73 7,679,141 High-quality SGOI by annealing near the alloy melting point
74 7,679,121 Ultra scalable high speed heterojunction vertical n-channel MISFETs and methods thereof
75 7,679,083 Semiconductor integrated test structures for electron beam inspection of semiconductor wafers
76 7,678,696 Method of making through wafer vias
77 7,678,683 Method of fabricating copper damascene and dual damascene interconnect wiring
78 7,678,673 Strengthening of a structure by infiltration
79 7,678,658 Structure and method for improved SRAM interconnect
80 7,678,638 Metal gated ultra short MOSFET devices
81 7,678,634 Local stress engineering for CMOS devices
82 7,678,537 Graded topcoat materials for immersion lithography
83 7,678,421 Method for increasing deposition rates of metal layers from metal-carbonyl precursors
84 7,678,258 Void-free damascene copper deposition process and means of monitoring thereof
85 7,677,451 Reducing incident infrared radiation received by one or more infrared detectors in a self checkout point of sale system
86 7,677,440 Point of sale terminal network implementation for transmitting data indicative of terminal changes upon switching of open close state of cash drawer
87 7,677,180 Apparatus and method for steering transport vehicles in semiconductor processing