IBM patents granted on 16 May 2006

69 US patents granted on 16 May 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,047,565 Method and system for capturing in-service date information
2 7,047,548 Recall of previous program channel
3 7,047,535 Method, system, and program for performing workflow related operations using an application programming interface
4 7,047,530 Method and system for cross platform, parallel processing
5 7,047,520 Computer system with watchpoint support
6 7,047,519 Dynamic setting of breakpoint count attributes
7 7,047,511 Electronic circuit design
8 7,047,506 Method to identify geometrically non-overlapping optimization partitions for parallel timing closure
9 7,047,499 Method and system for controlling a tabbed pane in a graphical user interface of a data processing system
10 7,047,487 Methods for formatting electronic documents
11 7,047,485 Intelligent pre-caching on a network
12 7,047,468 Method and apparatus for low overhead circuit scan
13 7,047,466 Apparatus and method for programmable fuse repair to support dynamic relocate and improved cache testing
14 7,047,464 Method and system for use of a field programmable function within an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) to access internal signals for external observation and control
15 7,047,452 Method and system for detecting excessive use of a data processing system
16 7,047,446 Load test system and method
17 7,047,398 Analyzing instruction completion delays in a processor
18 7,047,390 Method, system, and program for managing a relationship between one target volume and one source volume
19 7,047,379 Autonomic link optimization through elimination of unnecessary transfers
20 7,047,378 Method, system, and program for managing information on relationships between target volumes and source volumes when performing adding, withdrawing, and disaster recovery operations for the relationships
21 7,047,365 Cache line purge and update instruction
22 7,047,337 Concurrent access of shared resources utilizing tracking of request reception and completion order
23 7,047,320 Data processing system providing hardware acceleration of input/output (I/O) communication
24 7,047,319 System and method for enabling a collision-free protocol over ethernet
25 7,047,309 Load balancing and dynamic control of multiple data streams in a network
26 7,047,303 Apparatus and method for using a network processor to guard against a “denial-of-service” attack on a server or server cluster
27 7,047,291 System for correlating events generated by application and component probes when performance problems are identified
28 7,047,286 Method of modifying a logical library configuration from a remote management application
29 7,047,248 Data processing system and method for archiving and accessing electronic messages
30 7,047,239 Method and apparatus for an interactive interface
31 7,047,236 Method for automatic deduction of rules for matching content to categories
32 7,047,234 System and method for managing database access
33 7,047,222 Secure encryption of data packets for transmission over unsecured networks
34 7,047,215 Parts requirement planning system and method across an extended supply chain
35 7,047,213 Method for purging abandoned shopping carts from an electronic commerce web site
36 7,047,163 Method and apparatus for applying fine-grained transforms during placement synthesis interaction
37 7,047,139 Sharing information between instances of a propositional satisfiability (SAT) problem
38 7,047,106 Storage cell mounting and alignment for cartridge system libraries
39 7,046,847 Document processing method, system and medium
40 7,046,829 Fingerprint verification
41 7,046,827 Adapting point geometry for storing address density
42 7,046,817 Image processing apparatus and method therefor
43 7,046,777 IVR customer address acquisition method
44 7,046,696 Multiplexing high priority, low bandwidth information on a traditional link protocol
45 7,046,676 QoS scheduler and method for implementing quality of service with cached status array
46 7,046,572 Low power manager for standby operation of memory system
47 7,046,565 Bi-mode sense amplifier with dual utilization of the reference cells and dual precharge scheme for improving data retention
48 7,046,550 Cross-point memory architecture with improved selectivity
49 7,046,386 Bandwidth booster for aging printer ASICs
50 7,046,342 Apparatus for characterization of photoresist resolution, and method of use
51 7,046,300 Assessing consistency between facial motion and speech signals in video
52 7,046,254 Displaying transparent resource aids
53 7,046,236 Stylus for portable computing and processing systems
54 7,046,094 Method and ring oscillator circuit for measuring circuit delays over a wide operating range
55 7,046,063 Interface circuit for coupling between logic circuit domains
56 7,046,045 SOI sense amplifier with cross-coupled bit line structure
57 7,045,873 Dynamic threshold voltage MOSFET on SOI
58 7,045,862 Method and structure for providing tuned leakage current in CMOS integrated circuit
59 7,045,851 Nonvolatile memory device using semiconductor nanocrystals and method of forming same
60 7,045,838 Techniques for coupling in semiconductor devices and magnetic device using these techniques
61 7,045,717 High speed cable interconnect to a computer midplane
62 7,045,562 Method and structure for self healing cracks in underfill material between an I/C chip and a substrate bonded together with solder balls
63 7,045,472 Method and apparatus for selectively altering dielectric properties of localized semiconductor device regions
64 7,045,464 Via reactive ion etching process
65 7,045,453 Very low effective dielectric constant interconnect structures and methods for fabricating the same
66 7,045,372 Apparatus and method for forming a battery in an integrated circuit
67 7,045,011 Dual-layer compliant polymeric nozzle
68 7,044,633 Method to calibrate a chip with multiple temperature sensitive ring oscillators by calibrating only TSRO
69 7,044,380 Methods, systems and computer program products for communicating product status information