IBM patents granted on 16 November 2010

123 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,836,513 System, method, and computer program product for secure input for mobile devices
2 7,836,460 Service broker realizing structuring of portlet services
3 7,836,453 Workload management in a computing environment
4 7,836,452 System, method and program for estimating a requisite amount of server resources
5 7,836,451 Method, system and program product for approximating resource consumption of a computer system
6 7,836,441 Administration automation in application servers
7 7,836,432 Systems and methods for embedded application test suites
8 7,836,429 Data synchronization mechanism for change-request-management repository interoperation
9 7,836,424 Analyzing ERP custom objects by transport
10 7,836,418 Method and system for achieving power optimization in a hierarchical netlist
11 7,836,413 Building binary decision diagrams efficiently in a structural network representation of a digital circuit
12 7,836,411 Search framework metadata
13 7,836,404 Streaming internet media record and playback software program
14 7,836,396 Automatically collecting and compressing style attributes within a web document
15 7,836,395 System, apparatus and method for transformation of java server pages into PVC formats
16 7,836,360 System and method for intrusion prevention high availability fail over
17 7,836,356 Method for monitoring dependent metric streams for anomalies
18 7,836,355 Automatic maintenance of a computing system in a steady state using correlation
19 7,836,353 Method to enhance micro-C4 reliability by reducing the impact of hot spot pulsing
20 7,836,348 Method and system for calculating and displaying risk
21 7,836,344 Method for automatic dump assurance
22 7,836,343 Method and apparatus for reducing test case generation time in processor testing
23 7,836,335 Cost-reduced redundant service processor configuration
24 7,836,314 Computer system performance estimator and layout configurator
25 7,836,312 Information acquisition enabled/disabled inspection system
26 7,836,307 Communication relay device, information processing system, control method and program
27 7,836,298 Secure identity management
28 7,836,295 Method and apparatus for improving the resilience of content distribution networks to distributed denial of service attacks
29 7,836,287 Reducing the fetch time of target instructions of a predicted taken branch instruction
30 7,836,282 Method and apparatus for performing out of order instruction folding and retirement
31 7,836,266 Managing snapshot history in a data storage system
32 7,836,261 Managing caching of data on a client
33 7,836,260 Low complexity speculative multithreading system based on unmodified microprocessor core
34 7,836,258 Dynamic data cache invalidate with data dependent expiration
35 7,836,257 System and method for cache line replacement selection in a multiprocessor environment
36 7,836,256 Method and apparatus for application-specific dynamic cache placement
37 7,836,255 Cache injection using clustering
38 7,836,254 Cache injection using speculation
39 7,836,250 Automatic rebalancing of a data storage system
40 7,836,248 Methods and systems for managing persistent storage of small data objects
41 7,836,247 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for permitting access to a storage drive while the drive is being formatted
42 7,836,238 Hot-plug/remove of a new component in a running PCIe fabric
43 7,836,222 System and method for tracking messages between a processing unit and an external device
44 7,836,215 Method for providing high performance storage devices
45 7,836,214 Managing configuration of computer systems on a computer network
46 7,836,204 Apparatus, system, and method for accessing a preferred path through a storage controller
47 7,836,198 Ethernet virtualization using hardware control flow override
48 7,836,187 Method to identify transactions and manage the capacity to support the transaction
49 7,836,185 Common resource management in a server cluster
50 7,836,161 Simultaneous data backup in a computer system
51 7,836,143 Message communications of particular message types between compute nodes using DMA shadow buffers
52 7,836,140 Team-based task invitations
53 7,836,129 Communication between host systems using a queuing system and shared memories
54 7,836,123 System and method for non-HTTP session based publish/subscribe support using pre-emptive subscriptions
55 7,836,119 Distributed execution model for cross-organizational declarative web applications
56 7,836,112 Determining the equivalence of two sets of simultaneous linear algebraic equations
57 7,836,106 Method, apparatus and computer program product for change management in a data processing environment
58 7,836,096 Method and system using date/time mutation to return data to Java applications
59 7,836,089 Data view preservation
60 7,836,082 Reducing index size for multi-level grid indexes
61 7,836,080 Using an access control list rule to generate an access control list for a document included in a file plan
62 7,836,078 Techniques for managing access to physical data via a data abstraction model
63 7,836,071 Displaying relevant abstract database elements
64 7,836,068 Method for creating and modifying lists for electronic distribution
65 7,836,063 Customizable data translation method and system
66 7,836,039 Searching descendant pages for persistent keywords
67 7,836,036 System and method for estimating distances between multiple index-driven scan operations
68 7,836,034 Method and apparatus for updating first data value before second data value
69 7,836,032 Remapping child references when parent reference updates are processed
70 7,836,030 Data library optimization
71 7,836,022 Reduction of join operations when archiving related database tables
72 7,836,016 Method and apparatus for disseminating new content notifications in peer-to-peer networks
73 7,836,004 Using data mining algorithms including association rules and tree classifications to discover data rules
74 7,835,978 Method and system for linking an anonymous electronic trade order to an identity of a trader
75 7,835,956 System and method for invoice imaging through negative confirmation process
76 7,835,953 Method and structure for monitoring moving objects
77 7,835,952 System, method, and computer program product for creating a production plan
78 7,835,899 Sequential logic in simulation instrumentation of an electronic system
79 7,835,898 Satisfiability (SAT) based bounded model checkers
80 7,835,891 Method and apparatus for generating alternative representation of optimization models
81 7,835,814 Tool for reporting the status and drill-down of a control application in an automated manufacturing environment
82 7,835,730 Using RFID and sensored zones to geographically control cellular phone audio profiles
83 7,835,596 Componentized application sharing
84 7,835,564 Non-destructive, below-surface defect rendering using image intensity analysis
85 7,835,519 Mini time key creation memory medium and system
86 7,835,453 Differential transmitter circuit
87 7,835,373 Method and apparatus for buffer linking in bridged networks
88 7,835,359 Method and apparatus for striping message payload data over a network
89 7,835,307 Network discovery tool
90 7,835,284 Method and apparatus for routing data in an inter-nodal communications lattice of a massively parallel computer system by routing through transporter nodes
91 7,835,232 Method to erase data stored on blu-ray disc
92 7,835,212 Methods and arrangements for enhancing power management systems in integrated circuits
93 7,835,176 Implementing enhanced dual mode SRAM performance screen ring oscillator
94 7,834,879 Drawing apparatus for displaying image data about a plurality of objects including semitransparent object and opaque object on computer display screen
95 7,834,875 Method and system for automatically assembling stream processing graphs in stream processing systems
96 7,834,783 Converting a mask constraint into a bitset constraint
97 7,834,781 Method of constructing an approximated dynamic Huffman table for use in data compression
98 7,834,764 Prefetching manifest data in an RFID system
99 7,834,649 Method and apparatus for statistical CMOS device characterization
100 7,834,457 Bilayer metal capping layer for interconnect applications
101 7,834,445 Heat sink with thermally compliant beams
102 7,834,444 Heatplates for heatsink attachment for semiconductor chips
103 7,834,442 Electronic package method and structure with cure-melt hierarchy
104 7,834,425 Hybrid orientation SOI substrates, and method for forming the same
105 7,834,399 Dual stress memorization technique for CMOS application
106 7,834,387 Metal gate compatible flash memory gate stack
107 7,834,384 Simultaneous conditioning of a plurality of memory cells through series resistors
108 7,834,339 Programmable-resistance memory cell
109 7,834,277 Printed circuit board manufacturing method and printed circuit board
110 7,833,907 CMP methods avoiding edge erosion and related wafer
111 7,833,897 Process for making interconnect solder Pb-free bumps free from organo-tin/tin deposits on the wafer surface
112 7,833,893 Method for forming conductive structures
113 7,833,891 Semiconductor device manufacturing method using oxygen diffusion barrier layer between buried oxide layer and high K dielectric layer
114 7,833,884 Strained semiconductor-on-insulator by Si:C combined with porous process
115 7,833,873 Method and structure to reduce contact resistance on thin silicon-on-insulator device
116 7,833,872 Uniform recess of a material in a trench independent of incoming topography
117 7,833,854 Structure and method of fabricating a hybrid substrate for high-performance hybrid-orientation silicon-on-insulator CMOS devices
118 7,833,849 Method of fabricating a semiconductor structure including one device region having a metal gate electrode located atop a thinned polygate electrode
119 7,833,825 Solution-based deposition process for metal chalcogenides
120 7,832,925 Apparatus and method for simulating heated airflow exhaust of an electronics subsystem, electronics rack or row of electronics racks
121 7,832,096 Method for producing an organic substrate with integral thermal dissipation channels
122 7,832,095 Method of forming a land grid array (LGA) interposer arrangement utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
123 7,832,094 Method of operatively combining a plurality of components to form a land grip array interposer (LGA) structure utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries