IBM patents granted on 17 April 2007

62 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,207,068 Methods and apparatus for modeling based on conversational meta-data
2 7,207,061 State machine for accessing a stealth firewall
3 7,207,043 Programmatic response-time based workload distribution techniques
4 7,207,035 Apparatus and method for converting an instruction and data trace to an executable program
5 7,207,033 Automatic backup and restore for configuration of a logical volume manager during software installation
6 7,207,006 Run-time hypervideo hyperlink indicator options in hypervideo players
7 7,207,003 Method and apparatus in a data processing system for word based render browser for skimming or speed reading web pages
8 7,207,002 Serialization and preservation of objects
9 7,207,000 Providing dynamic web pages by separating scripts and HTML code
10 7,206,977 Intelligent self-configurable adapter
11 7,206,975 Internal product fault monitoring apparatus and method
12 7,206,962 High reliability memory subsystem using data error correcting code symbol sliced command repowering
13 7,206,923 Method and apparatus for eliminating the need for register assignment, allocation, spilling and re-filling
14 7,206,911 Method, system, and program for a system architecture for an arbitrary number of backup components
15 7,206,908 Apparatus and method to convert a plurality of sectors from a first sector format to a second sector format
16 7,206,886 Data ordering translation between linear and interleaved domains at a bus interface
17 7,206,878 Voltage level bus protocol for transferring data
18 7,206,852 System and method for upgrading software in a distributed computer system
19 7,206,845 Method, system and program product for monitoring and controlling access to a computer system resource
20 7,206,813 Method, computer program product and apparatus for implementing professional use of instant messaging
21 7,206,803 Method and apparatus for controlling access to the contents of web pages by using a mobile security module
22 7,206,802 Hybrid carry look ahead/carry select adder including carry logic generating complementary hot carry signals, and method for producing the carry logic
23 7,206,791 System and method for managing and securing meta data
24 7,206,777 Method and system for archiving and retrieving a markup language document
25 7,206,771 Automated knowledge system for equipment repair based on component failure history
26 7,206,758 Method, system and computer program product for identifying and implementing collected privacy policies as aggregate privacy policies in electronic transactions
27 7,206,748 Multimedia player toolkit for electronic content delivery
28 7,206,747 Speech command input recognition system for interactive computer display with means for concurrent and modeless distinguishing between speech commands and speech queries for locating commands
29 7,206,738 Hybrid baseform generation
30 7,206,732 C-API instrumentation for HDL models
31 7,206,652 Method and system for intelligent automated reticle management
32 7,206,502 Apparatus and method for recording and reproducing digital data
33 7,206,387 Resource allocation for voice processing applications
34 7,206,362 Binary data transmission on a single information channel
35 7,206,308 Method of providing a non-blocking routing network
36 7,206,284 Method and apparatus for automatic congestion avoidance for differentiated service flows
37 7,206,236 Array redundancy supporting multiple independent repairs
38 7,206,203 Electronic device cooling assembly and method employing elastic support material holding a plurality of thermally conductive pins
39 7,206,194 Mechanism for self-alignment of communications elements in a modular electronic system
40 7,206,163 Data storage device for recording to magnetic thread
41 7,206,151 System, method and computer program product for tape failure detection
42 7,206,005 Image display device and method for displaying multi-gray scale display
43 7,205,895 Locating a wireless device
44 7,205,830 Analog MOS circuits having reduced voltage stress
45 7,205,816 Variable-gain-amplifier based limiter to remove amplitude modulation from a VCO output
46 7,205,639 Semiconductor devices with rotated substrates and methods of manufacture thereof
47 7,205,627 Image sensor cells
48 7,205,604 Ultra scalable high speed heterojunction vertical n-channel MISFETs and methods thereof
49 7,205,591 Pixel sensor cell having reduced pinning layer barrier potential and method thereof
50 7,205,478 Active device thread electrical connections
51 7,205,477 Surface mounted components using strip line conductors for surface wiring
52 7,205,237 Apparatus and method for selected site backside unlayering of si, GaAs, Ga.sub.xAl.sub.yAs.sub.zof SOI technologies for scanning probe microscopy and atomic force probing characterization
53 7,205,216 Modification of electrical properties for semiconductor wafers
54 7,205,207 High performance strained CMOS devices
55 7,205,206 Method of fabricating mobility enhanced CMOS devices
56 7,205,163 Curvature anisotropy in magnetic bits for a magnetic random access memory
57 7,205,093 Topcoats for use in immersion lithography
58 7,204,731 Linear propulsor with radial motion
59 7,204,697 Non-oriented wire in elastomer electrical contact
60 7,204,408 System and method of data entry utilizing a scanning printer
61 7,204,346 Self checkout system with automated transportation conveyor
62 D540,788 Computer server system