IBM patents granted on 17 April 2012

143 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,161,539 IPSec network adapter verifier
2 8,161,526 Protecting sensitive information on a publicly accessed data processing system
3 8,161,525 Method and system for architecting a secure solution
4 8,161,498 Providing globalization functionalities for javascript applications
5 8,161,495 Parameters passing of data structures where API and corresponding stored procedure are different versions/releases
6 8,161,493 Weighted-region cycle accounting for multi-threaded processor cores
7 8,161,484 Prevention of deadlock in a distributed computing environment
8 8,161,483 Configuring a parallel computer based on an interleave rate of an application containing serial and parallel segments
9 8,161,480 Performing an allreduce operation using shared memory
10 8,161,476 Processor exclusivity in a partitioned system
11 8,161,470 Systems, methods, and computer products for automated injection of java bytecode instructions for java load time optimization via runtime checking with upcasts
12 8,161,468 Processing of expressions
13 8,161,467 Compiling method and storage medium therefor
14 8,161,464 Compiling source code
15 8,161,462 Program-level performance tuning
16 8,161,457 Detection of errors caused by interactions of independent software vendor code with host code
17 8,161,456 Management of heterogeneous software artifacts through a common representation
18 8,161,455 Concurrent execution of multiple primitive commands in command line interface
19 8,161,445 Logic transformation and gate placement to avoid routing congestion
20 8,161,440 Highly specialized scenarios in random test generation
21 8,161,433 Utilizing an unSAT proof for model checking
22 8,161,422 Fast and accurate method to simulate intermediate range flare effects
23 8,161,421 Calibration and verification structures for use in optical proximity correction
24 8,161,407 Multiple sorting of columns in a displayed table in a user interactive computer display interface through sequential radial menus
25 8,161,405 Accepting a user’s selection of sort options for sorting a table
26 8,161,403 Returning passed objects in a surface based computing environment using a virtual bungee
27 8,161,401 Intermediate viewer for transferring information elements via a transfer buffer to a plurality of sets of destinations
28 8,161,399 Automated learning system for improving graphical user interfaces
29 8,161,398 Assistive group setting management in a virtual world
30 8,161,393 Arrangements for managing processing components using a graphical user interface
31 8,161,380 Pipeline optimization based on polymorphic schema knowledge
32 8,161,371 Method and system for defining a heirarchical structure
33 8,161,366 Finite state machine error recovery
34 8,161,329 Generating random sequences based on stochastic generative model having multiple random variates
35 8,161,315 Implementation of sparing policies for servers
36 8,161,314 Method and system for analog frequency clocking in processor cores
37 8,161,310 Extending and scavenging super-capacitor capacity
38 8,161,309 Apparatus, system, and method for controlling power sequence in a blade center environment
39 8,161,307 Reducing power consumption while synchronizing a plurality of compute nodes during execution of a parallel application
40 8,161,287 Method and system for memory protection and security using credentials
41 8,161,271 Store misaligned vector with permute
42 8,161,268 Performing an allreduce operation on a plurality of compute nodes of a parallel computer
43 8,161,265 Techniques for multi-level indirect data prefetching
44 8,161,264 Techniques for data prefetching using indirect addressing with offset
45 8,161,263 Techniques for indirect data prefetching
46 8,161,255 Optimized simultaneous storing of data into deduplicated and non-deduplicated storage pools
47 8,161,248 Simplifying and speeding the management of intra-node cache coherence
48 8,161,245 Method and apparatus for performing data prefetch in a multiprocessor system
49 8,161,242 Adaptive spill-receive mechanism for lateral caches
50 8,161,241 Temperature-aware buffered caching for solid state storage
51 8,161,206 Method and system for storing memory compressed data onto memory compressed disks
52 8,161,187 Stream processing workflow composition using automatic planning
53 8,161,183 Distributing information in a markup language within a computer system
54 8,161,177 Formulating multimedia content of an on-line interview
55 8,161,149 Pseudo-agent
56 8,161,146 Method, system, and program product for assigning device identifiers
57 8,161,145 Method for managing of denial of service attacks using bandwidth allocation technology
58 8,161,143 Prioritization of networks for preferred groups
59 8,161,142 Addressing node failure during a hyperswap operation
60 8,161,136 Method and system for optimizing performance and availability of a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) service
61 8,161,131 Dynamic media content for collaborators with client locations in dynamic client contexts
62 8,161,128 Sharing of data across disjoint clusters
63 8,161,127 Process mapping in parallel computing
64 8,161,115 System and method for effective mail transmission
65 8,161,112 Dynamic media content for collaborators with client environment information in dynamic client contexts
66 8,161,108 Integrating participant profile information into real-time collaborations
67 8,161,101 Unattended installation of drivers for devices that are not automatically found and installed during operating system installation
68 8,161,091 Method for performing decimal floating point addition
69 8,161,079 Acquisition and expansion of storage area network interoperation relationships
70 8,161,067 Method and apparatus for managing complex presentation objects using globally-unique identifiers
71 8,161,059 Method and apparatus for collecting entity aliases
72 8,161,058 Performance degradation root cause prediction in a distributed computing system
73 8,161,055 Filter extraction in a service registry environment
74 8,161,054 Dynamic paging model
75 8,161,047 Managing configuration items
76 8,161,044 Faceted web searches of user preferred categories throughout one or more taxonomies
77 8,161,038 Maintain optimal query performance by presenting differences between access plans
78 8,161,037 Method for autonomically generating a query implementation that meets a defined performance specification
79 8,161,034 Abstract query building with selectability of aggregation operations and grouping
80 8,161,028 System and method for adaptive categorization for use with dynamic taxonomies
81 8,161,018 Managing locks and transactions
82 8,161,017 Enhanced identification of relevant database indices
83 8,161,016 Controlling execution of transactions
84 8,161,015 Method and system for deferred maintenance of database indexes
85 8,161,011 Apparatus, system, and method for analyzing a file system
86 8,161,004 XML sub-document versioning method in XML databases using record storages
87 8,161,002 System, method, and computer readable media for replicating virtual universe objects
88 8,161,000 Generic bijection with graphs
89 8,160,999 Method and apparatus for using set based structured query language (SQL) to implement extract, transform, and load (ETL) splitter operation
90 8,160,964 Virtual license documents
91 8,160,924 Pay-per-click fraud protection
92 8,160,912 System and method for automatic moderator delegation
93 8,160,910 Visualization for aggregation of change tracking information
94 8,160,891 Method and system for distributing disaster information
95 8,160,857 Selective compilation of a simulation model in view of unavailable higher level signals
96 8,160,845 Method for emulating operating system jitter
97 8,160,734 Changing time intervals of the occurence of audio information from local and remote sites
98 8,160,566 Message sender controllable messaging system
99 8,160,551 Managing voicemail messages based on location of caller’s wireless communication device
100 8,160,388 Spatially selective transformation of a spatially varying optical characteristic of an image in an array of pixels
101 8,160,375 Method, computer program product, and hardware product for implementing lossless image compression by minimizing complex structures using intelligent pixel crawling
102 8,160,235 Controlling hold queue position adjustment
103 8,160,223 System and method for managing a conference call
104 8,160,209 IVR call routing testing
105 8,160,130 System and method for the dynamic resolution change for video encoding
106 8,159,855 Switchable element
107 8,159,854 Piezo-effect transistor device and applications
108 8,159,837 Integrated bias and standby power supply circuit
109 8,159,814 Method of operating transistors and structures thereof for improved reliability and lifetime
110 8,159,770 Apparatus and method to transfer data to and from a sequential information storage medium
111 8,159,501 System and method for smooth pointing of objects during a presentation
112 8,159,350 Method and system for localizing objects using passive RFID tags which identifies the RFID with an LED
113 8,159,335 Controlling a user’s interaction with a keyboard of a multi-application electronic device
114 8,159,260 Delay chain burn-in for increased repeatability of physically unclonable functions
115 8,159,248 Interposer structures and methods of manufacturing the same
116 8,159,247 Yield enhancement for stacked chips through rotationally-connecting-interposer
117 8,159,198 Power supply that adjusts a transformer turns ratio to operate efficiently at high and low line input
118 8,159,160 Apparatus, system, and method for improved fan control in a power supply
119 8,159,067 Underfill flow guide structures
120 8,159,060 Hybrid bonding interface for 3-dimensional chip integration
121 8,159,042 Adopting feature of buried electrically conductive layer in dielectrics for electrical anti-fuse application
122 8,159,040 Metal gate integration structure and method including metal fuse, anti-fuse and/or resistor
123 8,159,031 SOI substrates and SOI devices, and methods for forming the same
124 8,159,028 Metal high dielectric constant transistor with reverse-T gate
125 8,159,015 Method and structure for forming capacitors and memory devices on semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) substrates
126 8,159,008 Method of fabricating a trench-generated transistor structure
127 8,158,988 Interlevel conductive light shield
128 8,158,515 Method of making 3D integrated circuits
129 8,158,500 Field effect transistors (FETS) and methods of manufacture
130 8,158,481 CMOS structure and method for fabrication thereof using multiple crystallographic orientations and gate materials
131 8,158,461 Continuously referencing signals over multiple layers in laminate packages
132 8,158,453 Methods of forming silicide strapping in imager transfer gate device
133 8,158,449 Particle emission analysis for semiconductor fabrication steps
134 8,158,334 Methods for forming a composite pattern including printed resolution assist features
135 8,158,190 Low magnetization materials for high performance magnetic memory devices
136 8,158,014 Multi-exposure lithography employing differentially sensitive photoresist layers
137 8,158,003 Precision peak matching in liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy
138 8,157,978 Etching system and method for forming multiple porous semiconductor regions with different optical and structural properties on a single semiconductor wafer
139 8,157,970 Sputtering target fixture
140 8,157,381 Method to synchronize stereographic hardware to sequential color rendering apparatus
141 8,157,158 Modification of solder alloy compositions to suppress interfacial void formation in solder joints
142 8,156,998 Patterned metal thermal interface
143 8,156,990 Apparatus for providing uniaxial load distribution for laminate layers of multilayer ceramic chip carriers