IBM patents granted on 17 August 2010

120 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,779,453 Routing method and system
2 7,779,452 Computer access security
3 7,779,430 Method, system, and article of manufacture for providing service components
4 7,779,423 Detecting entity changes in a storage area network environment
5 7,779,415 Adaptive load distribution in managing dynamic and transient data for distributed applications
6 7,779,402 System and method for fine grain method update of an application to provide continuous availability
7 7,779,391 Method of employing instructions to convert UTF characters with an enhanced extended translation facility
8 7,779,384 Managing visual renderings of typing classes in a model driven development environment
9 7,779,378 Computer program product for extending incremental verification of circuit design to encompass verification restraints
10 7,779,375 Design structure for shutting off data capture across asynchronous clock domains during at-speed testing
11 7,779,363 Enabling user control over selectable functions of a running existing application
12 7,779,354 Method and data processing system for recognizing and correcting dyslexia-related spelling errors
13 7,779,350 Dynamic creation of an application’s XML document type definition (DTD)
14 7,779,349 Method for adapting a K-means text clustering to emerging data
15 7,779,348 Apparatus, system, and method for rendering multiple segment hypertext script
16 7,779,335 Enhanced error identification with disk array parity checking
17 7,779,308 Error processing across multiple initiator network
18 7,779,304 Diagnosing changes in application behavior based on database usage
19 7,779,302 Automated testing framework for event-driven systems
20 7,779,298 Distributed job manager recovery
21 7,779,292 Efficient storage of metadata in a system memory
22 7,779,276 Power management in a power-constrained processing system
23 7,779,273 Booting a multiprocessor device based on selection of encryption keys to be provided to processors
24 7,779,258 Method for controlling security function execution with a flexible, extendable, and non-forgable block
25 7,779,255 Multi-level security systems
26 7,779,242 Data processing system component startup mode controls
27 7,779,237 Adaptive execution frequency control method for enhanced instruction throughput
28 7,779,235 Using performance data for instruction thread direction
29 7,779,234 System and method for implementing a hardware-supported thread assist under load lookahead mechanism for a microprocessor
30 7,779,233 System and method for implementing a software-supported thread assist mechanism for a microprocessor
31 7,779,232 Method and apparatus for dynamically managing instruction buffer depths for non-predicted branches
32 7,779,224 Data storage system
33 7,779,223 Memory leakage management
34 7,779,219 Application transparent autonomic availability on a storage area network aware file system
35 7,779,204 System and computer readable medium for highly available removable storage network environment
36 7,779,200 Method and apparatus for a magnetic tape storage system to adaptively handle space commands
37 7,779,189 Method, system, and computer program product for pipeline arbitration
38 7,779,182 System for fully trusted adapter validation of addresses referenced in a virtual host transfer request
39 7,779,173 Direct memory access transfer completion notification
40 7,779,170 Storage area network system
41 7,779,169 System and method for mirroring data
42 7,779,148 Dynamic routing based on information of not responded active source requests quantity received in broadcast heartbeat signal and stored in local data structure for other processor chips
43 7,779,145 Data communication method, data communication system and program
44 7,779,140 Method and system for switching media streams in a client system as directed by a control system
45 7,779,129 Method and system for improving the availability of software processes utilizing configurable finite state tables
46 7,779,123 System and method for building network model in network management application
47 7,779,122 Automatically identifying an optimal set of attributes to facilitate generating best practices for configuring a networked system
48 7,779,116 Selecting servers based on load-balancing metric instances
49 7,779,114 Method and system for administering devices with multiple user metric spaces
50 7,779,110 Apparatus, system, and method for communicating control messages between a first device and a second device
51 7,779,109 Facilitating synchronization of servers in a coordinated timing network
52 7,779,104 Framework and programming model for efficient sense-and-respond system
53 7,779,088 Autonomic learning method to load balance output transfers of two peer nodes
54 7,779,081 Method, system, and program for forwarding messages between nodes
55 7,779,051 System and method for optimizing federated and ETL’d databases with considerations of specialized data structures within an environment having multidimensional constraints
56 7,779,047 Pluggable merge patterns for data access services
57 7,779,038 Reducing index size for multi-level grid indexes
58 7,779,037 Sharing a single instance of a user defined type
59 7,779,031 Multidimensional query simplification using data access service having local calculation engine
60 7,779,024 Using ontological relationships in a computer database
61 7,779,020 Small-footprint applicative query interpreter method, system and program product
62 7,779,016 Parallel execution of operations for a partitioned binary radix tree on a parallel computer
63 7,779,010 Repartitioning live data
64 7,778,992 Computing resource selection method and system
65 7,778,986 Securing transfer of ownership of a storage object from an unavailable owner node to another node
66 7,778,980 Providing disparate content as a playlist of media files
67 7,778,974 Apparatus and method to archive log entries formed by a data storage system
68 7,778,964 System and method for providing post HOC access to legacy applications and data
69 7,778,961 Delayed deletion of extended attributes
70 7,778,955 Database access system and database access method
71 7,778,937 Systems and methods for predicting wait time for service transactions
72 7,778,932 Device-based access privilege to an account
73 7,778,888 Method for dynamically and automatically setting up offerings for IT services
74 7,778,883 Method, system, and computer program product for managing an electronic contract
75 7,778,871 Optimal sequencing of marketing events
76 7,778,860 Method for simultaneously considering customer support dates and customer request dates
77 7,778,830 Training speaker-dependent, phrase-based speech grammars using an unsupervised automated technique
78 7,778,769 Method and system for calculating least-cost routes based on historical fuel efficiency, street mapping and location based services
79 7,778,650 Method, apparatus, and program for automated property adjustment in a cellular network
80 7,778,629 Method and system for handling potentially contentious situations upon receipt of an automatically connecting SMS message
81 7,778,421 Method for controlling access to encrypted content using multiple broadcast encryption based control blocks
82 7,778,417 System and method for managing encrypted content using logical partitions
83 7,778,351 Tunable CMOS receiver apparatus
84 7,778,275 Method for dynamically allocating network adapters to communication channels for a multi-partition computer system
85 7,778,271 Method for communicating instructions and data between a processor and external devices
86 7,778,198 System and article of manufacture for data transmission
87 7,778,183 Data replica selector
88 7,778,181 Method for forwarding data packets by a router
89 7,778,178 Oversubscribing bandwidth in a communications network
90 7,778,112 Apparatus and method for sensing of three-dimensional environmental information
91 7,778,065 Method and apparatus for implementing concurrent multiple level sensing operation for resistive memory devices
92 7,777,980 Multi-channel data detection phase locked loop error combination logic
93 7,777,653 Decoding variable-length code (VLC) bitstream information
94 7,777,613 Vehicle antitheft system and method
95 7,777,520 System, method and apparatus for enhancing reliability on scan-initialized latches affecting functionality
96 7,777,475 Power supply insensitive PTAT voltage generator
97 7,777,339 Semiconductor chips with reduced stress from underfill at edge of chip
98 7,777,329 Heatsink apparatus for applying a specified compressive force to an integrated circuit device
99 7,777,306 Defect-free hybrid orientation technology for semiconductor devices
100 7,777,302 Method of controlling grain size in a polysilicon layer and in semiconductor devices having polysilicon structure
101 7,777,301 Electronic components on trenched substrates and method of forming same
102 7,777,297 Non-planar fuse structure including angular bend
103 7,777,296 Nano-fuse structural arrangements having blow protection barrier spaced from and surrounding fuse link
104 7,777,276 FinFET transistor and circuit
105 7,777,136 Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
106 7,776,993 Underfilling with acid-cleavable acetal and ketal epoxy oligomers
107 7,776,737 Reliability of wide interconnects
108 7,776,732 Metal high-K transistor having silicon sidewall for reduced parasitic capacitance, and process to fabricate same
109 7,776,725 Anti-halo compensation
110 7,776,709 Cut-and-paste imprint lithographic mold and method therefor
111 7,776,706 Forming SOI trench memory with single-sided buried strap
112 7,776,704 Method to build self-aligned NPN in advanced BiCMOS technology
113 7,776,701 Metal oxynitride as a pFET material
114 7,776,695 Semiconductor device structure having low and high performance devices of same conductive type on same substrate
115 7,776,680 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor device with an electroplated metal replacement gate
116 7,776,674 Hybrid strained orientated substrates and devices
117 7,776,646 Organic field-effect transistor and method of making same based on polymerizable self-assembled monolayers
118 7,776,628 Method and system for tone inverting of residual layer tolerant imprint lithography
119 7,776,624 Method for improving semiconductor surfaces
120 7,775,732 Multi-roll paper supply for printer