IBM patents granted on 17 February 2009

191 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to IBM

1 7,493,654 Virtualized protective communications system
2 7,493,625 Hierarchical event filtering for multiple parent event types
3 7,493,621 Context switch data prefetching in multithreaded computer
4 7,493,618 Fault tolerant mutual exclusion locks for shared memory systems
5 7,493,617 Method of maintaining task sequence within a task domain across error recovery
6 7,493,611 Pinning internal slack nodes to improve instruction scheduling
7 7,493,610 Versioning optimization for dynamically-typed languages
8 7,493,609 Method and apparatus for automatic second-order predictive commoning
9 7,493,603 Annotated automaton encoding of XML schema for high performance schema validation
10 7,493,602 Methods and arrangements for unified program analysis
11 7,493,601 System and method for providing access to programmer created JAVA classes
12 7,493,598 Method and system for variable trace entry decay
13 7,493,596 Method, system and program product for determining java software code plagiarism and infringement
14 7,493,593 Method for generating a business process execution language for web services executable workflow code from an unstructured cyclic business process model
15 7,493,586 Method and system product for implementing uncertainty in integrated circuit designs with programmable logic
16 7,493,570 User interface options of a data lineage tool
17 7,493,566 Display of information for two oppositely situated users
18 7,493,564 Method for the display of visual sequencing of launched application portlets and task page relationship information in a web-base environment
19 7,493,563 Using content aggregation to build administration consoles
20 7,493,556 Differential dynamic content delivery with a session document recreated in dependence upon an interest of an identified user participant
21 7,493,528 Resolving conflicts between multiple automation managers in the management of software resources using intention flags
22 7,493,527 Method for logging diagnostic information
23 7,493,526 System and method for supporting debugging of host channel adapters in a logical partitioning
24 7,493,523 Method and apparatus for preventing soft error accumulation in register arrays
25 7,493,518 System and method of managing events on multiple problem ticketing system
26 7,493,515 Assigning a processor to a logical partition
27 7,493,513 Automatically freezing functionality of a computing entity responsive to an error
28 7,493,503 Programmable throttling in blade/chassis power management
29 7,493,493 Method and apparatus for password generation
30 7,493,492 Limiting access to publicly available object-oriented interfaces via password arguments
31 7,493,488 Method to disable on/off capacity in demand
32 7,493,483 Method to prevent vulnerability to virus and worm attacks through instruction remapping
33 7,493,480 Method and apparatus for prefetching branch history information
34 7,493,478 Enhanced processor virtualization mechanism via saving and restoring soft processor/system states
35 7,493,468 Method for broadcasting instructions/data to a plurality of processors in a multiprocessor device via aliasing
36 7,493,462 Apparatus, system, and method for validating logical volume configuration
37 7,493,456 Memory queue with supplemental locations for consecutive addresses
38 7,493,454 Method for achieving reliable worm storage using WMRM storage
39 7,493,453 System, method and storage medium for prefetching via memory block tags
40 7,493,452 Method to efficiently prefetch and batch compiler-assisted software cache accesses
41 7,493,446 System and method for completing full updates to entire cache lines stores with address-only bus operations
42 7,493,445 Cache memory system and control method of the cache memory system
43 7,493,439 Systems and methods for providing performance monitoring in a memory system
44 7,493,436 Interrupt handling using simultaneous multi-threading
45 7,493,433 System, method and storage medium for providing an inter-integrated circuit (I2C) slave with read/write access to random access memory
46 7,493,428 Method and system for dynamic queue splitting for maximizing throughput of queue based operations while maintaining per-destination order of operations
47 7,493,427 Apparatus and method for supporting received data processing in an offload of network protocol processing
48 7,493,426 Data communication method and apparatus utilizing programmable channels for allocation of buffer space and transaction control
49 7,493,425 Method, system and program product for differentiating between virtual hosts on bus transactions and associating allowable memory access for an input/output adapter that supports virtualization
50 7,493,419 Input/output workload fingerprinting for input/output schedulers
51 7,493,418 Generic method for resource monitoring configuration in provisioning systems
52 7,493,417 Method and data processing system for microprocessor communication using a processor interconnect in a multi-processor system
53 7,493,415 Message transformation selection tool and method
54 7,493,412 Method for processing a data packet
55 7,493,409 Apparatus, system and method for implementing a generalized queue pair in a system area network
56 7,493,406 Maximal flow scheduling for a stream processing system
57 7,493,401 Billing adjustment for power on demand
58 7,493,391 System for automated session resource clean-up by determining whether server resources have been held by client longer than preset thresholds
59 7,493,387 Validating software in a grid environment using ghost agents
60 7,493,386 Testing applications within a grid environment using ghost agents
61 7,493,380 Method for determining load balancing weights using application instance topology information
62 7,493,370 Two stage method for dynamically determining primary adapter in a heterogeneous N-way adapter configuration
63 7,493,361 Computer operation analysis
64 7,493,359 E-mail role templates for classifying e-mail
65 7,493,358 Apparatus, system and method of executing monolithic application programs on grid computing systems
66 7,493,357 Random carry-in for floating-point operations
67 7,493,351 Rapid integration mechanism for directory based applications
68 7,493,350 Entity based configurable data management system and method
69 7,493,349 Method and system for performing a backup by querying a backup infrastructure
70 7,493,347 Method for condensing reported checkpoint log data
71 7,493,346 System and method for load shedding in data mining and knowledge discovery from stream data
72 7,493,336 System and method of updating planogram information using RFID tags and personal shopping device
73 7,493,334 System and method for handling invalid condition of a data element
74 7,493,326 BSM problem analysis method
75 7,493,325 Method for matching user descriptions of technical problem manifestations with system-level problem descriptions
76 7,493,321 Method, system, and computer program product for creating navigation views based on historical user behavior
77 7,493,319 Computer automated discovery of interestingness in faceted search
78 7,493,318 System for prefetching data necessary to execute program from database
79 7,493,309 Framework for dynamic analysis of varying structured data using multiple analysis techniques
80 7,493,306 Tracking premature termination of a database query
81 7,493,304 Adjusting an amount of data logged for a query based on a change to an access plan
82 7,493,303 Method for remotely searching a local user index
83 7,493,302 Federated transaction path and service level agreement monitoring across service oriented application partner domains
84 7,493,300 Model and system for reasoning with N-step lookahead in policy-based system management
85 7,493,296 Method and system for classifying information
86 7,493,293 System and method for extracting entities of interest from text using n-gram models
87 7,493,286 Filter module for a transaction processing system
88 7,493,284 Using visual images transferred from wireless computing device display screens
89 7,493,276 Tool, for asset data management
90 7,493,272 Computer-implemented method of performance testing software applications
91 7,493,268 Method for processing electronic rebates
92 7,493,252 Method and system to analyze data
93 7,493,249 Method and system for dynamic performance modeling of computer application services
94 7,493,248 Method, system and program product supporting phase events in a simulation model of a digital system
95 7,493,236 Method for reporting the status of a control application in an automated manufacturing environment
96 7,493,234 Monitoring and reporting normalized device system performance
97 7,493,229 Adjusting voltage for a phase locked loop based on temperature
98 7,493,224 Event tracing with time stamp compression and history buffer based compression
99 7,493,210 Vehicle navigation method
100 7,493,209 Method of calculating a route based on estimated energy consumption
101 7,493,193 Monitoring and real-time heat load control based upon server and environmental parameters
102 7,493,186 Method and algorithm for the control of critical dimensions in a thermal flow process
103 7,493,184 Available to promise allocation optimization tool
104 7,493,181 Utilizing an RFID tag in manufacturing for enhanced lifecycle management
105 7,493,145 Providing telephone services based on a subscriber voice identification
106 7,493,103 Method and apparatus to transfer data and detect weak signals
107 7,493,021 Method and apparatus for using closed captioning data to identify television programming content for recording
108 7,493,017 Convergent playback of buffered content to real-time content play
109 7,492,985 Flexible printed circuits capable of transmitting electrical and optical signals
110 7,492,974 Gray scale image cleaning system and method
111 7,492,973 Apparatus and method for determining whether machine readable information on an item matches the item
112 7,492,971 Selection of elements strongly related to a predetermined reference element
113 7,492,944 Extraction and tracking of image regions arranged in time series
114 7,492,941 Mask defect analysis system
115 7,492,940 Mask defect analysis system
116 7,492,883 Method and system for visually representing telephone call tree interface
117 7,492,880 Method and system for transferring an administrator and associated charges during a multi-way call
118 7,492,850 Phase locked loop apparatus with adjustable phase shift
119 7,492,821 System and method for selective image capture, transmission and reconstruction
120 7,492,807 Pseudo-random bit sequence (PRBS) synchronization for interconnects with dual-tap scrambling devices and methods
121 7,492,800 High speed data channel including a CMOS VCSEL driver and a high performance photodetector and CMOS photoreceiver
122 7,492,793 Method for controlling asynchronous clock domains to perform synchronous operations
123 7,492,771 Method for performing a packet header lookup
124 7,492,758 Wireless telephone system including voice over IP and POTS
125 7,492,727 Space and time efficient XML graph labeling
126 7,492,724 Method for data transmission
127 7,492,723 Mechanism to virtualize all address spaces in shared I/O fabrics
128 7,492,708 Traffic balancing apparatus and method, and network forwarding apparatus and method using the same
129 7,492,704 Protocol definition for software bridge failover
130 7,492,670 Apparatus and method for handling calendar dates in a non-calendar system specific manner
131 7,492,662 Structure and method of implementing power savings during addressing of DRAM architectures
132 7,492,631 Methods involving resetting spin-torque magnetic random access memory
133 7,492,628 Computer-readable medium encoding a memory using a back-gate controlled asymmetrical memory cell
134 7,492,622 Sequence of current pulses for depinning magnetic domain walls
135 7,492,610 Apparatus for improving server electromagnetic shielding
136 7,492,593 Cooled electronics system employing air-to-liquid heat exchange and bifurcated air flow
137 7,492,570 Systems and methods for reducing simultaneous switching noise in an integrated circuit
138 7,492,554 Magnetic sensor with tilted magnetoresistive structures
139 7,492,552 Tape head read/write module
140 7,492,542 Method for storing and accessing data from a multi-controller and multi-actuator storage device
141 7,492,365 Method and system for font building
142 7,492,358 Resistive scanning grid touch panel
143 7,492,301 Low power to analog to digital converter with small input capacitance
144 7,492,284 Method and system for acquiring additional information of map information
145 7,492,275 Apparatus and method to visually indicate the status of a data storage device
146 7,492,256 Tilt detecting apparatus and method
147 7,492,199 Fully synchronous DLL with architected update window
148 7,492,191 Design structure for high speed differential receiver with an integrated multiplexer input
149 7,492,143 Method and structure for variable pitch microwave probe assembly
150 7,492,048 CMOS sensors having charge pushing regions
151 7,492,046 Electric fuses using CNTs (carbon nanotubes)
152 7,492,029 Asymmetric field effect transistors (FETs)
153 7,492,016 Protection against charging damage in hybrid orientation transistors
154 7,492,015 Complementary carbon nanotube triple gate technology
155 7,492,013 Systems and arrangements to interconnect components of a semiconductor device
156 7,492,008 Control of buried oxide in SIMOX
157 7,491,994 Ferromagnetic memory cell and methods of making and using the same
158 7,491,992 Image sensor cells
159 7,491,985 Method of collector formation in BiCMOS technology
160 7,491,965 Heat-shielded low power PCM-based reprogrammable eFUSE device
161 7,491,964 Nitridation of STI fill oxide to prevent the loss of STI fill oxide during manufacturing process
162 7,491,948 Method of detecting and transmitting radiation detection information to a network
163 7,491,900 EMC gasket filler and method
164 7,491,660 Method of forming nitride films with high compressive stress for improved PFET device performance
165 7,491,658 Ultra low k plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition processes using a single bifunctional precursor containing both a SiCOH matrix functionality and organic porogen functionality
166 7,491,643 Method and structure for reducing contact resistance between silicide contact and overlying metallization
167 7,491,632 Buried subcollector for high frequency passive semiconductor devices
168 7,491,631 Method of doping a gate electrode of a field effect transistor
169 7,491,623 Method of making a semiconductor structure
170 7,491,618 Methods and semiconductor structures for latch-up suppression using a conductive region
171 7,491,617 Transistor structure with minimized parasitics and method of fabricating the same
172 7,491,614 Methods for forming channel stop for deep trench isolation prior to deep trench etch
173 7,491,604 Trench memory with monolithic conducting material and methods for forming same
174 7,491,598 CMOS circuits including a passive element having a low end resistance
175 7,491,589 Back gate FinFET SRAM
176 7,491,588 Method and structure for buried circuits and devices
177 7,491,585 Electrical fuse and method of making
178 7,491,578 Method of forming crack trapping and arrest in thin film structures
179 7,491,573 Phase change materials for applications that require fast switching and high endurance
180 7,491,563 Nitridation of STI fill oxide to prevent the loss of STI fill oxide during manufacturing process
181 7,491,561 Pixel sensor having doped isolation structure sidewall
182 7,491,476 Photomask electrical monitor for production photomasks
183 7,491,425 Scanning probe-based lithography method
184 7,491,286 Patterning solution deposited thin films with self-assembled monolayers
185 7,491,272 Confinement of liquids on surfaces
186 7,491,068 Land grid array (LGA) interposer groups of different heights utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
187 7,491,067 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
188 7,490,768 Election system enabling coercion-free remote voting
189 7,490,763 Method to disable use of selected applications based on proximity or user identification
190 7,490,755 Method and program for establishing peer-to-peer karma and trust
191 7,490,560 Pallet ramp with safety retainer