IBM patents granted on 17 February 2015

124 US patents granted on 17 February 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,959,654 Minimizing sensitive data exposure during preparation of redacted documents
2 8,959,651 Protecting privacy data in MapReduce system
3 8,959,622 Enabling access to a subset of data
4 8,959,570 Verifying a security token
5 8,959,528 Acknowledging incoming messages
6 8,959,527 Dependency management in task scheduling
7 8,959,525 Systems and methods for affinity driven distributed scheduling of parallel computations
8 8,959,524 Full exploitation of parallel processors for data processing
9 8,959,523 Automated virtual machine placement planning using different placement solutions at different hierarchical tree levels
10 8,959,522 Full exploitation of parallel processors for data processing
11 8,959,521 Apparatus and methods for performing computer system maintenance and notification activities in an opportunistic manner
12 8,959,519 Processing hierarchical data in a map-reduce framework
13 8,959,516 Methods and systems for coordinated financial transactions in distributed and parallel environments
14 8,959,515 Task scheduling policy for limited memory systems
15 8,959,505 Updating elements in data storage facility using predefined state machine over extended time period
16 8,959,502 Processing table of content access overflow in an application
17 8,959,498 Parallelization method, system and program
18 8,959,493 Using range validation in assembly language programming
19 8,959,491 System, method, and computer program product for error code injection
20 8,959,490 Optimizing heap memory usage
21 8,959,486 Automatic regression testing based on cyclomatic complexity
22 8,959,482 Enabling multi-tenancy for a commerce server
23 8,959,481 Determining system level dependencies
24 8,959,479 Presenting a custom view in an integrated development environment based on a variable selection
25 8,959,478 Plan-based program slicing
26 8,959,475 Generating a semantic graph that allows a user to intelligently and efficiently connect with people and assets involved in projects
27 8,959,462 Mask design method, program, and mask design system
28 8,959,454 Table management
29 8,959,444 Presenting a navigation order of shapes
30 8,959,424 Comparative and analytic lens for displaying a window with a first column for first data and a second column for comparison values of the first data and second data
31 8,959,423 Drill-through lens for generating different types of reports
32 8,959,400 System, program, and method for collecting errors which occur while a user uses a computer
33 8,959,391 Optimizing disaster recovery systems during takeover operations
34 8,959,389 Use of a virtual drive as a hot spare for a raid group
35 8,959,367 Energy based resource allocation across virtualized machines and data centers
36 8,959,357 Biometric encryption and key generation
37 8,959,356 Double authentication for controlling disruptive operations on storage resources
38 8,959,354 Method, secure device, system and computer program product for digitally signing a document
39 8,959,344 Method and system for handling defined areas within an electronic document
40 8,959,337 Digital certificate issuer-correlated digital signature verification
41 8,959,332 Deduplication of encrypted data
42 8,959,323 Remote restarting client logical partition on a target virtual input/output server using hibernation data in a cluster aware data processing system
43 8,959,313 Using predictive determinism within a streaming environment
44 8,959,310 Dynamic network adapter memory resizing and bounding for virtual function translation entry storage
45 8,959,301 Accessing data in a storage system
46 8,959,300 Cascade ordering
47 8,959,289 Data cache block deallocate requests
48 8,959,286 Hybrid storage subsystem with mixed placement of file contents
49 8,959,279 Populating a first stride of tracks from a first cache to write to a second stride in a second cache
50 8,959,276 Byte selection and steering logic for combined byte shift and byte permute vector unit
51 8,959,275 Byte selection and steering logic for combined byte shift and byte permute vector unit
52 8,959,246 Method and computer program for a mediation processing node to update a message
53 8,959,229 Intelligently provisioning cloud information services
54 8,959,227 In-flight block map for a clustered redirect-on-write filesystem
55 8,959,226 Load balancing workload groups
56 8,959,224 Network data packet processing
57 8,959,223 Automated high resiliency system pool
58 8,959,222 Load balancing system for workload groups
59 8,959,220 Managing a workload of a plurality of virtual servers of a computing environment
60 8,959,172 Self-pacing direct memory access data transfer operations for compute nodes in a parallel computer
61 8,959,169 Electronic message alerting
62 8,959,165 Asynchronous messaging tags
63 8,959,162 Publisher-based message data cashing in a publish-subscription environment
64 8,959,158 Leveraging point-in-time knowledge to respond to e-mail
65 8,959,150 Providing a requisite level of service for an electronic meeting
66 8,959,138 Distributed data scalable adaptive map-reduce framework
67 8,959,135 Data structure for tiling and packetizing a sparse matrix
68 8,959,124 Automated selection of functions to reduce storage capacity based on performance requirements
69 8,959,119 Context-based graph-relational intersect derived database
70 8,959,097 Privacy-preserving method for skimming of data from a collaborative infrastructure
71 8,959,086 Automated online social network inter-entity relationship management
72 8,959,079 Method and system for providing relationships in search results
73 8,959,076 Managing a service catalog through crowdsourcing
74 8,959,069 Dynamic configuration of a persistence provider
75 8,959,068 Dynamic configuration of a persistence provider
76 8,959,066 Message validation in a service-oriented architecture
77 8,959,064 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
78 8,959,043 Fact checking using and aiding probabilistic question answering
79 8,959,024 Visualizing, navigating and interacting with audio content
80 8,959,008 Method for dynamically switching analyses and for dynamically switching models in circuit simulators
81 8,959,003 Interactive data visualization for trend analysis
82 8,958,827 Location based services with multiple transmission methods
83 8,958,816 Localization of a wireless communication device
84 8,958,784 Telephone call co-processing in for mobile telephones
85 8,958,555 Fast computation of a single coefficient in an inverse polynomial
86 8,958,548 Generation of relative prime numbers for use in cryptography
87 8,958,547 Generation of relative prime numbers for use in cryptography
88 8,958,532 Navigating an interactive voice response system
89 8,958,482 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
90 8,958,427 Dynamic optimization of a multicast tree hierarchy for a distributed switch
91 8,958,326 Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) session quality
92 8,958,253 Caching scheme synergy for extent migration between tiers of a storage system
93 8,958,220 Power-saving voltage converter operation
94 8,958,214 Motherboard assembly for interconnecting and distributing signals and power
95 8,958,170 Management of tape drive quality using discrete fourier transform analysis
96 8,957,917 Systems and methods for managing errors utilizing augmented reality
97 8,957,914 Method for extending a virtual environment through registration
98 8,957,912 Displaying items in an application window
99 8,957,908 Rapid representational thumbnail images for business intelligence dashboards
100 8,957,903 Run-time allocation of functions to a hardware accelerator
101 8,957,860 RFID-based input device
102 8,957,810 Near-field millimeter wave imaging
103 8,957,767 Monitoring operating parameters in a distributed computing system with active messages
104 8,957,531 Flat laminate, symmetrical test structures and method of use to gauge white bump sensitivity
105 8,957,519 Structure and metallization process for advanced technology nodes
106 8,957,479 Formation of multi-height MUGFET
107 8,957,478 Semiconductor device including source/drain formed on bulk and gate channel formed on oxide layer
108 8,957,465 Formation of the dielectric cap layer for a replacement gate structure
109 8,957,464 Transistors with uniaxial stress channels
110 8,957,463 Gate tunable tunnel diode
111 8,957,456 Heterojunction bipolar transistors with reduced parasitic capacitance
112 8,957,405 Graphene field effect transistor
113 8,957,379 Suspended wideband planar skirt antenna having low thermal mass for detection of terahertz radiation
114 8,957,378 Nano-tip spacers for precise gap control and thermal isolation in MEMS structures
115 8,956,975 Electroless plated material formed directly on metal
116 8,956,973 Bottom-up plating of through-substrate vias
117 8,956,945 Trench isolation for bipolar junction transistors in BiCMOS technology
118 8,956,938 Epitaxial semiconductor resistor with semiconductor structures on same substrate
119 8,956,932 U-shaped semiconductor structure
120 8,956,925 Silicon controlled rectifier structure with improved junction breakdown and leakage control
121 8,956,903 Planar cavity MEMS and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures
122 8,955,975 Three dimensional image projector with circular light polarization
123 8,955,347 Air-side economizer facilitating liquid-based cooling of an electronics rack
124 8,955,346 Coolant-buffered, vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus and method with controlled coolant heat load