IBM patents granted on 17 January 2006

54 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 6,988,280 System and method for enhancing authorization request in a computing device
2 6,988,279 Intelligent agent authentication via position locator system
3 6,988,270 System and method for providing collaborative replicated objects for synchronous distributed groupware application
4 6,988,264 Debugging multiple threads or processes
5 6,988,263 Apparatus and method for cataloging symbolic data for use in performance analysis of computer programs
6 6,988,255 Generation of refined switching windows in static timing analysis
7 6,988,242 Transforming a portion of a database into a custom spreadsheet
8 6,988,241 Client side, web-based spreadsheet
9 6,988,193 System and method for creating a definition for a target device based on an architecture configuration of the target device at a boot server
10 6,988,186 Shared resource queue for simultaneous multithreading processing wherein entries allocated to different threads are capable of being interspersed among each other and a head pointer for one thread is capable of wrapping around its own tail in order to access a free entry
11 6,988,179 Method, system, and program for ordering of physical extents
12 6,988,173 Bus protocol for a switchless distributed shared memory computer system
13 6,988,171 Method and system for recovery of meta data in a storage controller
14 6,988,155 Aggregation of hardware events in multi-node systems
15 6,988,145 Method, system, and program for managing client access to a shared resource
16 6,988,144 Packet scheduling system and method for multimedia data
17 6,988,135 Method and system for specifying a cache policy for caching web pages which include dynamic content
18 6,988,128 Calendar events and calendar-driven application technique
19 6,988,125 Servicing client requests in a network attached storage (NAS)-based network including replicating a client-server protocol in a packet generated by the NAS device
20 6,988,122 Ferris-wheel queue
21 6,988,120 Arithmetic unit and method thereof
22 6,988,113 Data access system
23 6,988,110 Storage system class distinction cues for run-time data management
24 6,988,105 Use of agents and control documents to update a database structure
25 6,988,101 Method, system, and computer program product for providing an extensible file system for accessing a foreign file system from a local data processing system
26 6,988,100 Method and system for extending the performance of a web crawler
27 6,988,097 Negotiation system and method for electronic commerce
28 6,988,073 Method, system, and product for facilitating international travel with respect to immigration
29 6,988,068 Compensating for ambient noise levels in text-to-speech applications
30 6,988,064 System and method for combined frequency-domain and time-domain pitch extraction for speech signals
31 6,988,062 Metamodel generation on the basis of examples of target models
32 6,988,020 Method and apparatus to move an accessor within a data storage and retrieval system
33 6,987,932 Apparatus and method for controlling an optical transceiver
34 6,987,844 Caller-initiated transfer of services between telephones
35 6,987,824 Method and system for clock/data recovery for self-clocked high speed interconnects
36 6,987,772 Efficient broadcasting over a fully connected network
37 6,987,761 Inbound data stream controller with pre-recognition of frame sequence
38 6,987,760 High speed network processor
39 6,987,735 System and method for enhancing the availability of routing systems through equal cost multipath
40 6,987,691 Easy axis magnetic amplifier
41 6,987,689 Non-volatile multi-stable memory device and methods of making and using the same
42 6,987,686 Performance increase technique for use in a register file having dynamically boosted wordlines
43 6,987,633 Apparatus and method to read information from a tape storage medium
44 6,987,511 Linear anisotrophic mesh filtering
45 6,987,454 Power management
46 6,987,397 Method and probe structure for implementing a single probe location for multiple signals
47 6,987,316 Multilayer ceramic substrate with single via anchored pad and method of forming
48 6,987,289 High-density FinFET integration scheme
49 6,987,067 Semiconductor copper line cutting method
50 6,987,050 Self-aligned silicide (salicide) process for low resistivity contacts to thin film silicon-on-insulator and bulk MOSFETS and for shallow junctions
51 6,987,042 Method of forming a collar using selective SiGe/Amorphous Si Etch
52 6,986,668 Structure for controlled shock and vibration of electrical interconnects
53 6,986,198 Method of forming printed circuit card
54 D513,617 Digital audio player