IBM patents granted on 17 January 2012

64 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,099,781 Method of managing and mitigating security risks through planning
2 8,099,767 Secure agent-less enterprise infrastructure discovery
3 8,099,728 System for managing configuration changes in a data processing system
4 8,099,725 Method and apparatus for generating code for an extract, transform, and load (ETL) data flow
5 8,099,723 Referencing a constant pool in a java virtual machine
6 8,099,714 Method and apparatus for applying business rules in an object model driven context
7 8,099,711 System and method for multi-level security filtering of model representations
8 8,099,688 Circuit design
9 8,099,684 Methodology of placing printing assist feature for random mask layout
10 8,099,683 Movement-based dynamic filtering of search results in a graphical user interface
11 8,099,670 Systems and media for updating an instant messaging system
12 8,099,668 Predator and abuse identification and prevention in a virtual environment
13 8,099,634 Autonomic component service state management for a multiple function component
14 8,099,630 Hardware diagnostics determination during initial program loading
15 8,099,628 Software problem identification tool
16 8,099,600 Content distribution site spoofing detection and prevention
17 8,099,588 Method, system and computer program for configuring firewalls
18 8,099,582 Tracking deallocated load instructions using a dependence matrix
19 8,099,579 System and method for cache-locking mechanism using segment table attributes for replacement class ID determination
20 8,099,570 Methods, systems, and computer program products for dynamic selective memory mirroring
21 8,099,562 Scalable interface for a memory array
22 8,099,559 System and method for generating fast instruction and data interrupts for processor design verification and validation
23 8,099,532 Intelligent dynamic multi-zone single expander connecting dual ported drives
24 8,099,525 Method and apparatus for controlling access to logical units
25 8,099,524 Automated method to configure a data storage system
26 8,099,522 Arrangements for I/O control in a virtualized system
27 8,099,518 Method and system for providing asynchronous portal pages
28 8,099,514 Network file system
29 8,099,465 Method and system for preparing and replying to multi-party e-mails
30 8,099,454 Staging a file within a distributed computing system
31 8,099,451 Systems and methods for implementing logic in a processor
32 8,099,446 Digital content searching tool
33 8,099,440 Method for laying out fields in a database in a hybrid of row-wise and column-wise ordering
34 8,099,430 Computer method and apparatus of information management and navigation
35 8,099,410 Optimizing execution of database queries containing user-defined functions
36 8,099,397 Apparatus, system, and method for improved portable document format (“PDF”) document archiving
37 8,099,388 Efficient handling of mostly read data in a computer server
38 8,099,387 Managing consistency groups using heterogeneous replication engines
39 8,099,385 System and article of manufacture for maintaining data in a distributed computing environment for processing transaction requests
40 8,099,382 Method and system for mapping multi-dimensional model to data warehouse schema
41 8,099,338 Management of virtual universe item returns
42 8,099,274 Facilitating input/output processing of one or more guest processing systems
43 8,098,968 Silicide thermal heaters for silicon-on-insulator nanophotonic devices
44 8,098,808 Automated calling system for conference calls
45 8,098,784 Systems, methods and computer program products for high speed data transfer using a plurality of external clock signals
46 8,098,729 Implementing B-picture scene changes
47 8,098,536 Self-repair integrated circuit and repair method
48 8,098,330 Mapping of presentation material
49 8,098,248 Method for semantic modeling of stream processing components to enable automatic application composition
50 8,098,137 Media passport system
51 8,097,978 Extending backup times of uninterruptible power supplies
52 8,097,932 Ultra low .kappa. plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition processes using a single bifunctional precursor containing both a SiCOH matrix functionality and organic porogen functionality
53 8,097,525 Vertical through-silicon via for a semiconductor structure
54 8,097,520 Integration of passive device structures with metal gate layers
55 8,097,516 Dual trench isolation for CMOS with hybrid orientations
56 8,097,515 Self-aligned contacts for nanowire field effect transistors
57 8,097,500 Method and apparatus for fabricating a high-performance band-edge complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor device
58 8,097,492 Method and manufacture of silicon based package and devices manufactured thereby
59 8,097,474 Integrated circuit chip design flow methodology including insertion of on-chip or scribe line wireless process monitoring and feedback circuitry
60 8,097,401 Self-forming top anti-reflective coating compositions and, photoresist mixtures and method of imaging using same
61 8,096,705 Method and system for real-time estimation and prediction of the thermal state of a microprocessor unit
62 8,096,627 Latch apparatus to an enclosure for an electronic device
63 8,096,462 Method of reworking electrical short in ultra sonic bonder
64 8,096,153 Method and apparatus for securing equipment at a workstation