IBM patents granted on 17 July 2012

81 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,225,372 Customizing policies for process privilege inheritance
2 8,225,363 Wireless information transfer and interactive television system
3 8,225,327 Synchronizing access to a shared resource utilizing selective locking
4 8,225,324 Resource management on a computer system utilizing hardware and environmental factors
5 8,225,321 Efficient enforced resource consumption rate limits
6 8,225,307 On-demand software module deployment
7 8,225,305 Delivering software product updates via a response file
8 8,225,299 Program converting apparatus, method, and program
9 8,225,298 Tool for analyzing Siebel escripts
10 8,225,291 Automated detection of application performance bottlenecks
11 8,225,285 Generating a test suite to test support for routines
12 8,225,283 Method and apparatus for enabling collaborative product development processes
13 8,225,280 Incorporating state machine controls into existing non-state machine environments
14 8,225,279 Method and system for simplified service composition in web environment
15 8,225,278 Method of visualizing modifications of a hierarchical state diagram
16 8,225,274 Code highlight and intelligent location descriptor for programming shells
17 8,225,273 Utilization of weights and visualization of conceptual frameworks in unified modeling
18 8,225,255 Placement and optimization of process dummy cells
19 8,225,241 Method and apparatus for designing a device for electro-optical modulation of light incident upon the device
20 8,225,230 Providing a hierarchical filtered view of an object model and its interdependencies
21 8,225,188 Apparatus for blind checksum and correction for network transmissions
22 8,225,143 Method and apparatus to inject noise in a network system
23 8,225,140 Method and system for graphical user interface testing
24 8,225,129 Methods and apparatus for effective on-line backup selection for failure recovery in distributed stream processing systems
25 8,225,120 Wake-and-go mechanism with data exclusivity
26 8,225,105 Method and apparatus for verifying integrity of computer system vital data components
27 8,225,096 System, apparatus, method, and program product for authenticating communication partner using electronic certificate containing personal information
28 8,225,081 Updating programmable logic devices
29 8,225,078 Document viewing mode for battery powered computing devices
30 8,225,068 Virtual real memory exportation for logical partitions
31 8,225,045 Lateral cache-to-cache cast-in
32 8,225,005 Use of peripheral component interconnect input/output virtualization devices to create high-speed, low-latency interconnect
33 8,225,001 Feature propagation
34 8,224,997 Document source debugger
35 8,224,996 Directory viewports
36 8,224,980 Adaptive parsing and compression of SOAP messages
37 8,224,963 Managing requests for connection to a server
38 8,224,962 Automatic network domain diagnostic repair and mapping
39 8,224,957 Migrating virtual machines among networked servers upon detection of degrading network link operation
40 8,224,955 Ensuring affinity at all affinity domains by folding at each affinity level possible for a partition spanning multiple nodes
41 8,224,937 Event ownership assigner with failover for multiple event server system
42 8,224,932 Deployment of remote portlets into a portal
43 8,224,901 Method and apparatus for enhancing compound documents with questions and answers
44 8,224,872 Automated data model extension through data crawler approach
45 8,224,869 Re-establishing traceability method and system
46 8,224,866 Idea tracking and management
47 8,224,857 Techniques for personalized and adaptive search services
48 8,224,845 Transaction prediction modeling method
49 8,224,840 Sensing and responding to service discoveries
50 8,224,810 Abstract classification field specification
51 8,224,798 Reducing the number of operations performed by a persistence manager against a persistent store of data items
52 8,224,797 System and method for validating data record
53 8,224,793 Registration in a de-coupled environment
54 8,224,792 Generation of realistic file content changes for deduplication testing
55 8,224,755 Socially derived, graduated access control in collaboration environments
56 8,224,649 Method and apparatus for remote command, control and diagnostics of systems using conversational or audio interface
57 8,224,625 Closed-loop diagnostic system
58 8,224,614 Generating a combination exerciser for executing tests on a circuit
59 8,224,596 Portable device battery optimization routing system
60 8,224,497 Energy limit in a sliding window in power and heat management
61 8,224,496 Modular power control system to manage power consumption
62 8,224,465 Coordinating service performance and application placement management
63 8,223,946 Routing telecommunications to a user in dependence upon device-based routing preferences
64 8,223,835 Categorizing moving objects into familiar colors in video
65 8,223,785 Message processing and content based searching for message locations in an asynchronous network
66 8,223,667 Inferred discovery of a data communications device
67 8,223,640 Synchronous traffic shaping
68 8,223,451 Data storage apparatus and method
69 8,223,450 Cartridge refresh and verify
70 8,223,181 Wear-indicating resistors for thermal printhead
71 8,223,156 Time dependent virtual universe avatar rendering
72 8,222,936 Phase and frequency detector with output proportional to frequency difference
73 8,222,796 Micro-electro-mechanical device with a piezoelectric actuator
74 8,222,739 System to improve coreless package connections
75 8,222,702 CMOS diodes with dual gate conductors, and methods for forming the same
76 8,222,673 Self-aligned embedded SiGe structure and method of manufacturing the same
77 8,222,535 Noise reducing circuit arrangement
78 8,222,154 Fin and finFET formation by angled ion implantation
79 8,222,104 Three dimensional integrated deep trench decoupling capacitors
80 8,222,100 CMOS circuit with low-k spacer and stress liner
81 8,222,079 Semiconductor device and method of making semiconductor device