IBM patents granted on 17 June 2014

162 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,756,704 User impersonation and authentication
2 8,756,701 Data security in a multi-nodal environment
3 8,756,665 Authenticating a rich client from within an existing browser session
4 8,756,664 Management of user authentication
5 8,756,655 Integrated physical access control and information technology (IT) security
6 8,756,649 Language-agnostic policy management
7 8,756,643 Wireless information transfer and interactive television system
8 8,756,613 Scalable, parallel processing of messages while enforcing custom sequencing criteria
9 8,756,612 Send-side matching of data communications messages
10 8,756,611 Delayed expansion of values in context
11 8,756,610 Dynamically scaling multi-tier applications vertically and horizontally in a cloud environment
12 8,756,609 Dynamically scaling multi-tier applications vertically and horizontally in a cloud environment
13 8,756,608 Method and system for performance isolation in virtualized environments
14 8,756,603 Virtual machine stage detection
15 8,756,599 Task prioritization management in a virtualized environment
16 8,756,591 Generating compiled code that indicates register liveness
17 8,756,587 Static analysis of computer software applications
18 8,756,585 Efficient monitoring in a software system
19 8,756,584 Code instrumentation method and code instrumentation apparatus
20 8,756,583 Thread-specific event management in a non-stop debugging environment
21 8,756,582 Tracking a programs calling context using a hybrid code signature
22 8,756,581 Adaptive next-executing-cycle trace selection for trace-driven code optimizers
23 8,756,580 Instance-based field affinity optimization
24 8,756,578 Impact indication of thread-specific events in a non-stop debugging environment
25 8,756,577 Collaborative software debugging in a distributed system with private debug sessions
26 8,756,576 Ranking peer submitted code snippets using execution feedback
27 8,756,575 Installing and testing an application on a highly utilized computer platform
28 8,756,574 Using reverse time for coverage analysis
29 8,756,569 Deterministic pseudo-random fault event recordation and injection tool
30 8,756,566 Parallel development of a software system
31 8,756,564 Techniques for providing environmental impact information associated with code
32 8,756,561 Software model normalization and mediation
33 8,756,554 Identifying parasitic diode(s) in an integrated circuit physical design
34 8,756,549 Integrated circuit chip incorporating embedded thermal radiators for localized, on-demand, heating and a system and method for designing such an integrated circuit chip
35 8,756,546 Elastic modulus mapping of a chip carrier in a flip chip package
36 8,756,543 Verifying data intensive state transition machines related application
37 8,756,541 Relative ordering circuit synthesis
38 8,756,538 Parsing data representative of a hardware design into commands of a hardware design environment
39 8,756,530 Generation and synchronization of offline 3D virtual world content
40 8,756,520 Individual information element access for unopened objects
41 8,756,514 System and method for real-time scheduling
42 8,756,512 Dynamic GUI rendering by aggregation of device capabilities
43 8,756,509 Visually representing and managing access control of resources
44 8,756,490 Editing parent and child web pages
45 8,756,487 System and method for context sensitive content management
46 8,756,462 Configurable alert delivery for reducing the amount of alerts transmitted in a distributed processing system
47 8,756,460 Test selection based on an N-wise combinations coverage
48 8,756,459 Fault detection based on diagnostic history
49 8,756,456 Control and monitoring for fast millimeter-wave link using out-of-band wireless channel
50 8,756,454 Method, apparatus, and system for a redundant and fault tolerant solid state disk
51 8,756,453 Communication system with diagnostic capabilities
52 8,756,440 System power capping using information received from the installed power supply
53 8,756,429 Tunable encryption system
54 8,756,416 Checking revocation status of a biometric reference template
55 8,756,409 System, method and computer program product for retrieving data at boot time
56 8,756,407 Configuration rule prototyping tool
57 8,756,404 Cascaded delayed float/vector execution pipeline
58 8,756,390 Methods and apparatuses for protecting data on mass storage devices
59 8,756,389 Prevention of overlay of production data by point in time copy operations in a host based asynchronous mirroring environment
60 8,756,388 Dynamic volume compare for asynchronous remote copy verification
61 8,756,387 Method and apparatus for optimizing the performance of a storage system
62 8,756,385 Software configuration item back-up facility
63 8,756,379 Managing concurrent accesses to a cache
64 8,756,372 Virtual storage mirror configuration in virtual host
65 8,756,351 Tape drive, tape drive recording system, and method for selecting improved tape speed in response to intermittent read requests
66 8,756,350 Method and apparatus for efficiently tracking queue entries relative to a timestamp
67 8,756,335 Estimating load shed data in streaming database applications
68 8,756,323 Semantic- and preference-based planning of cloud service templates
69 8,756,314 Selective registration for remote event notifications in processing node clusters
70 8,756,310 Comprehensive bottleneck detection in a multi-tier enterprise storage system
71 8,756,288 Publish/subscribe message routing
72 8,756,284 Minimizing incorrectly addressed communications when working with ambiguous recipient designations
73 8,756,270 Collective acceleration unit tree structure
74 8,756,269 Monitoring a path of a transaction across a composite application
75 8,756,263 Binary logic unit and method to operate a binary logic unit
76 8,756,258 Generating references to reusable code in a schema
77 8,756,243 Non-programmatic access to enterprise messaging administration
78 8,756,231 Search using proximity for clustering information
79 8,756,215 Indexing documents
80 8,756,214 Crawling browser-accessible applications
81 8,756,209 Computing resource allocation based on query response analysis in a networked computing environment
82 8,756,208 Encoded data processing
83 8,756,198 Enhancing data store backup times
84 8,756,196 Propagating tables while preserving cyclic foreign key relationships
85 8,756,189 Rule generation for event processing system
86 8,756,179 Modifying constraint-compliant populations in population-based optimization
87 8,756,171 Generating predictions from a probabilistic process model
88 8,756,145 Method and system for vendor-neutral subcontractor enablement
89 8,756,053 Systems and methods for extracting patterns from graph and unstructured data
90 8,756,045 Method, device, computer program and computer program product for determining a representation of a signal
91 8,756,040 Computational fluid dynamics modeling of a bounded domain
92 8,756,031 Matched filter testing of data transmission cables
93 8,756,013 Personalized route generation
94 8,755,948 Controlling fluid coolant flow in cooling systems of computing devices
95 8,755,914 Method for discovery, validation and delivery of power through a universal power center
96 8,755,760 Radio receiver, radio communication system, radio communication method, and program
97 8,755,644 Silicon based optical vias
98 8,755,527 Key management policies for cryptographic keys
99 8,755,519 Lattice scheme for establishing a secure multi-identity authentication context
100 8,755,507 Providing multilevel conference call participants
101 8,755,450 Adaptation to millimeter-wave communication link using different frequency carriers
102 8,755,428 Feed-forward equalizer architectures
103 8,755,390 Network data congestion management method
104 8,755,331 Determining a physical location of a wireless mobile device
105 8,755,268 Communicating information in an information handling system
106 8,755,220 Hybrid superconducting-magnetic memory cell and array
107 8,755,214 Determining cell-state in phase-change memory
108 8,755,213 Decoding scheme for bipolar-based diode three-dimensional memory requiring bipolar programming
109 8,755,200 Single stage power conversion unit with circuit to smooth and holdup DC output voltage
110 8,755,151 Friction engaged tilting roller bearing tape guidance
111 8,754,901 Identifying and generating color and texture video cohorts based on video input
112 8,754,892 Visualization of virtual image relationships and attributes
113 8,754,736 Inductor structure having increased inductance density and quality factor
114 8,754,696 Ring oscillator
115 8,754,691 Memory array pulse width control
116 8,754,690 Programmable duty cycle setter employing time to voltage domain referenced pulse creation
117 8,754,672 Voltage conversion and integrated circuits with stacked voltage domains
118 8,754,669 Dynamic impedance matching for improved transient performance in a direct current-to-direct current (`DC/DC`) converter for delivering a load to an electrical component
119 8,754,666 Probe structure having a plurality of discrete insulated probe tips projecting from a support surface, apparatus for use thereof and methods of fabrication thereof
120 8,754,655 Test structure, method and circuit for simultaneously testing time dependent dielectric breakdown and electromigration or stress migration
121 8,754,546 Bulk power assembly
122 8,754,530 Self-aligned borderless contacts for high density electronic and memory device integration
123 8,754,527 Self aligned borderless contact
124 8,754,526 Hybrid interconnect structure for performance improvement and reliability enhancement
125 8,754,520 Formation of air gap with protection of metal lines
126 8,754,500 Plated lamination structures for integrated magnetic devices
127 8,754,499 Semiconductor chip with power gating through silicon vias
128 8,754,491 Spin torque MRAM using bidirectional magnonic writing
129 8,754,488 Borderless contacts for semiconductor devices
130 8,754,483 Low-profile local interconnect and method of making the same
131 8,754,461 Spacer isolation in deep trench
132 8,754,455 Junction field effect transistor structure with P-type silicon germanium or silicon germanium carbide gate(s) and method of forming the structure
133 8,754,446 Semiconductor structure having undercut-gate-oxide gate stack enclosed by protective barrier material
134 8,754,417 Vertical stacking of field effect transistor structures for logic gates
135 8,754,412 Intra die variation monitor using through-silicon via
136 8,754,403 Epitaxial source/drain contacts self-aligned to gates for deposited FET channels
137 8,754,401 Impact ionization field-effect transistor
138 8,754,400 Two-dimensional patterning employing self-assembled material
139 8,754,393 Double contacts for carbon nanotubes thin film devices
140 8,754,392 Carbon-based memory element
141 8,754,208 Method of preparing cyclic carbonates, cyclic carbamates, cyclic ureas, cyclic thiocarbonates, cyclic thiocarbamates, and cyclic dithiocarbonates
142 8,754,139 Polyamide membranes with fluoroalcohol functionality
143 8,753,979 Hybrid interconnect structure for performance improvement and reliability enhancement
144 8,753,970 Methods of forming semiconductor devices with self-aligned contacts and the resulting devices
145 8,753,965 Graphene transistor with a self-aligned gate
146 8,753,964 FinFET structure having fully silicided fin
147 8,753,953 Self aligned capacitor fabrication
148 8,753,950 Dual-damascene process to fabricate thick wire structure
149 8,753,936 Changing effective work function using ion implantation during dual work function metal gate integration
150 8,753,934 Structure and method to integrate embedded DRAM with FinFET
151 8,753,932 Asymmetric silicon-on-insulator SRAM cell
152 8,753,929 Structure fabrication method
153 8,753,927 Low cost anti-fuse structure and method to make same
154 8,753,917 Method of fabricating photoconductor-on-active pixel device
155 8,753,912 Nano/microwire solar cell fabricated by nano/microsphere lithography
156 8,753,900 Metal density aware signal routing
157 8,753,528 Etchant for controlled etching of Ge and Ge-rich silicon germanium alloys
158 8,753,513 Ammonia-peroxide wastewater treatment system
159 8,753,460 Reduction of edge chipping during wafer handling
160 8,753,138 Memory module connector with auxiliary power
161 8,752,284 Method of producing a land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer
162 8,752,283 Assembly of electronic and optical devices