IBM patents granted on 17 May 2011

106 US patents granted on 17 May 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,945,959 Secure physical distribution of a security token through a mobile telephony provider’s infrastructure
2 7,945,944 System and method for authenticating and configuring computing devices
3 7,945,918 Generalized WBEM/CIM indication provider simulation engine
4 7,945,913 Method, system and computer program product for optimizing allocation of resources on partitions of a data processing system
5 7,945,888 Model-based hardware exerciser, device, system and method thereof
6 7,945,887 Modeling spatial correlations
7 7,945,883 Apparatus, and computer program for implementing vertically coupled noise control through a mesh plane in an electronic package design
8 7,945,881 Method of reducing crosstalk induced noise in circuitry designs
9 7,945,869 Mask and method for patterning a semiconductor wafer
10 7,945,847 Recasting search engine results as a motion picture with audio
11 7,945,842 Method and apparatus for rateless source coding with/without decoder side information
12 7,945,808 Fanout connectivity structure for use in facilitating processing within a parallel computing environment
13 7,945,805 Architecture for a physical interface of a high speed front side bus
14 7,945,804 Methods and systems for digitally controlled multi-frequency clocking of multi-core processors
15 7,945,802 Modifying time progression rates in a virtual universe
16 7,945,795 Enabling a client device in a client device/data center environment to resume from a sleep more quickly
17 7,945,789 System and method for securely restoring a program context from a shared memory
18 7,945,779 Securing a communications exchange between computers
19 7,945,773 Failover of blade servers in a data center
20 7,945,769 Single system board with automatic feature selection based on installed configuration selection unit
21 7,945,765 Method and structure for asynchronous skip-ahead in synchronous pipelines
22 7,945,764 Processing unit incorporating multirate execution unit
23 7,945,763 Single shared instruction predecoder for supporting multiple processors
24 7,945,751 Disk image inheritance
25 7,945,741 Reservation required transactions
26 7,945,740 Structure for a memory switching data processing system
27 7,945,739 Structure for reducing coherence enforcement by selective directory update on replacement of unmodified cache blocks in a directory-based coherent multiprocessor
28 7,945,729 System and method for tolerating multiple storage device failures in a storage system using horizontal and vertical parity layouts
29 7,945,684 Spam risk assessment
30 7,945,676 Processing requests transmitted using a first communication protocol directed to an application that uses a second communication protocol
31 7,945,671 Method and apparatus for middleware assisted system integration in a federated environment
32 7,945,670 Distributed access control system
33 7,945,629 Active removal of e-mail recipient from replies and subsequent threads
34 7,945,620 Chat tool for concurrently chatting over more than one interrelated chat channels
35 7,945,613 Method for non-disruptively associating applications and middleware components with information technology infrastructure
36 7,945,598 Methodology for the automatic capture of process information in federated knowledge systems
37 7,945,591 Identifying problems, usage patterns, and performance in a database interface using aspect-oriented programming
38 7,945,583 Technique for data mining using a web service
39 7,945,578 Optimizing scalar search in a text indexing and search server
40 7,945,577 System and method for adaptive database caching
41 7,945,575 Method of transforming queries based upon E/R schema into multi-dimensional expression queries
42 7,945,570 Identifying optimal multi-scale patterns in time-series streams
43 7,945,564 Synthesizing information-bearing content from multiple channels
44 7,945,557 Method, system, and program for query optimization with algebraic rules
45 7,945,552 System of effectively searching text for keyword, and method thereof
46 7,945,543 Method and system for deferred maintenance of database indexes
47 7,945,537 Methods, systems, and computer program products for disaster recovery planning
48 7,945,532 System, and program product for rebasing an application
49 7,945,525 Methods for obtaining improved text similarity measures which replace similar characters with a string pattern representation by using a semantic data tree
50 7,945,467 Method for discerning and communicating organization’s culture/posture towards business environment through segmented questionnaires
51 7,945,464 Workflow system matrix organization search engine
52 7,945,438 Automated glossary creation
53 7,945,433 Hardware simulation accelerator design and method that exploits a parallel structure of user models to support a larger user model size
54 7,945,426 Method to improve requirements, design manufacturing, and transportation in mass manufacturing industries through analysis of defect data
55 7,945,401 Distributed intelligent remote terminal units
56 7,945,122 Method, system, and program product for processing an electronic document
57 7,945,114 Image transform method for obtaining expanded image data, image processing apparatus and image display device therefore
58 7,945,071 Automatically generating precipitation proximity notifications
59 7,945,041 Method, system and program product for managing a customer request
60 7,945,028 Coalescence of voice mail systems
61 7,945,025 Telephony based remote location monitoring
62 7,944,963 Method and apparatus for jitter compensation in receiver circuits using nonlinear dynamic phase shifting technique based on bit history pattern
63 7,944,932 Interconnect fabric for a data processing system
64 7,944,931 Balanced bandwidth utilization
65 7,944,878 Filtering in bandwidth sharing ad hoc networks
66 7,944,864 Method and system for supporting dynamic stream attributes
67 7,944,842 Opportunistic queueing injection strategy for network load balancing
68 7,944,812 Redundant intermediary switch solution for detecting and managing fibre channel over ethernet FCoE switch failures
69 7,944,740 Multi-level cell programming of PCM by varying the reset amplitude
70 7,944,734 Integrating nonvolatile memory capability within SRAM devices
71 7,944,698 Mounting a heat sink in thermal contact with an electronic component
72 7,944,694 Liquid cooling apparatus and method for cooling blades of an electronic system chassis
73 7,944,550 System and method for detecting local mechanical stress in integreated devices
74 7,944,545 High contrast lithographic masks
75 7,944,375 Wear reduction methods by using compression/decompression techniques with fast random access
76 7,944,354 System and method for shopping cart security
77 7,944,353 System and method for detecting and broadcasting a critical event
78 7,944,280 Bandgap reference generator utilizing a current trimming circuit
79 7,944,229 Method and apparatus for calibrating internal pulses in an integrated circuit
80 7,944,055 Spin-on antireflective coating for integration of patternable dielectric materials and interconnect structures
81 7,944,006 Metal gate electrode stabilization by alloying
82 7,943,997 Fully-depleted low-body doping field effect transistor (FET) with reverse short channel effects (SCE) induced by self-aligned edge back-gate(s)
83 7,943,919 Integrated circuit with upstanding stylus
84 7,943,530 Semiconductor nanowires having mobility-optimized orientations
85 7,943,493 Electrical fuse having a fully silicided fuselink and enhanced flux divergence
86 7,943,486 Enhancement of electron and hole mobilities in <110> Si under biaxial compressive strain
87 7,943,482 Method for semiconductor device having radiation hardened insulators and design structure thereof
88 7,943,480 Sub-lithographic dimensioned air gap formation and related structure
89 7,943,474 EDRAM including metal plates
90 7,943,467 Structure and method to fabricate MOSFET with short gate
91 7,943,460 High-K metal gate CMOS
92 7,943,458 Methods for obtaining gate stacks with tunable threshold voltage and scaling
93 7,943,457 Dual metal and dual dielectric integration for metal high-k FETs
94 7,943,454 Method for dual stress liner
95 7,943,453 CMOS devices with different metals in gate electrodes using spin on low-k material as hard mask
96 7,943,452 Gate conductor structure
97 7,943,445 Asymmetric junction field effect transistor
98 7,943,438 Structure and method for a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) structure for SOI technology
99 7,943,437 Apparatus and method for electronic fuse with improved ESD tolerance
100 7,943,435 Underfill film having thermally conductive sheet
101 7,943,428 Bonded semiconductor substrate including a cooling mechanism
102 7,943,420 Single mask adder phase change memory element
103 7,943,412 Low temperature Bi-CMOS compatible process for MEMS RF resonators and filters
104 7,943,404 Integrated millimeter wave antenna and transceiver on a substrate
105 7,943,399 Spin-current switched magnetic memory element suitable for circuit integration and method of fabricating the memory element
106 7,942,318 Enhancing web experiences using behavioral biometric data