IBM patents granted on 17 May 2016

157 US patents granted on 17 May 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,345,169 Liquid-cooled heat sink assemblies
2 9,344,969 Enhanced power conservation for mobile phones
3 9,344,821 Dynamically providing to a person feedback pertaining to utterances spoken or sung by the person
4 9,344,666 System and method for providing interactive multimedia services
5 9,344,615 Discriminating visual recognition program for digital cameras
6 9,344,510 Pushing content from a local device to a remote display
7 9,344,508 Dynamically launching inter-dependent applications based on user behavior
8 9,344,500 Distributed storage time synchronization based on storage delay
9 9,344,498 Policy-based management of storage functions in data replication environments
10 9,344,468 Method and apparatus for controlling information in virtual world
11 9,344,465 Correlating computing network events
12 9,344,457 Automated feedback for proposed security rules
13 9,344,435 Using a local authorization extension to provide access authorization for a module to access a computing system
14 9,344,389 Split transcript view for business object integration into messaging
15 9,344,381 Event management in a distributed processing system
16 9,344,373 Packet I/O support for a logical switch router architecture
17 9,344,342 Monitoring similar data in stream computing
18 9,344,340 System and method for notification of QoE issues
19 9,344,279 Mobile device-based keypad for enhanced security
20 9,344,274 Method and system for encrypting data
21 9,344,200 Complementary metal oxide semiconductor device with III-V optical interconnect having III-V epitaxial semiconductor material formed using lateral overgrowth
22 9,344,092 Tunable superconducting notch filter
23 9,343,904 Power factor
24 9,343,569 Vertical compound semiconductor field effect transistor on a group IV semiconductor substrate
25 9,343,545 Electrical coupling of memory cell access devices to a word line
26 9,343,529 Method of formation of germanium nanowires on bulk substrates
27 9,343,423 No flow underfill or wafer level underfill and solder columns
28 9,343,325 Trilayer SIT process with transfer layer for FINFET patterning
29 9,343,255 Normally closed microelectromechanical switches (MEMS), methods of manufacture and design structures
30 9,343,185 Electronic circuit for fitting a virtual address range to a physical memory containing faulty address
31 9,343,182 Direct memory based ring oscillator (DMRO) for on-chip evaluation of SRAM cell delay and stability
32 9,343,148 Method and apparatus for faster determination of a cell state of a resistive memory cell using a parallel resistor
33 9,343,131 Mismatch and noise insensitive sense amplifier circuit for STT MRAM
34 9,343,123 Memory access alignment in a double data rate (`DDR`) system
35 9,343,111 Reducing total seek time for determining an access sequence of data stored on a tape medium
36 9,343,106 Performing process for removal medium
37 9,343,097 Method of forming magnetic recording head having protected reader sensors and near zero recession writer poles
38 9,343,093 Servo control
39 9,343,092 Pro-active protection of communication devices that are senstive to vibration or shock
40 9,342,982 Traffic control agency deployment and signal optimization for event planning
41 9,342,966 Determining a restricted apparatus with respect to a location
42 9,342,932 Monitoring objects in motion along a static route using sensory detection devices
43 9,342,856 Social network pruning
44 9,342,853 Social network pruning
45 9,342,840 Controlling simultaneous execution of multiple telecom campaigns
46 9,342,825 Software license and installation process management within an organization
47 9,342,821 Virtual discussion threads for activities in a trusted network
48 9,342,809 Method and apparatus to populate asset variant relationships in repositories
49 9,342,799 System and method for optimizing business intelligence data queries within a client-server architecture
50 9,342,790 Cohort half life forecasting combination from a confident jury
51 9,342,789 Classification reliability prediction
52 9,342,787 Sensor based truth maintenance
53 9,342,700 Implementing enhanced security with storing data in DRAMs
54 9,342,696 Attesting use of an interactive component during a boot process
55 9,342,692 Neutralizing propagation of malicious information
56 9,342,687 Detecting synthetic keystrokes
57 9,342,648 Optical proximity correction (OPC) accounting for critical dimension (CD) variation from inter-level effects
58 9,342,639 Method of hierarchical timing closure of VLSI circuits using partially disruptive feedback assertions
59 9,342,625 Management of a history of a meeting
60 9,342,616 User influenced asynchronous module definition loader
61 9,342,608 Clarification of submitted questions in a question and answer system
62 9,342,607 Dynamic inference graph
63 9,342,606 Intelligent software installation
64 9,342,604 Collaborative search
65 9,342,594 Indexing and searching according to attributes of a person
66 9,342,591 Apparatus for clustering a plurality of documents
67 9,342,588 Reclassification of training data to improve classifier accuracy
68 9,342,587 Computer-implemented information reuse
69 9,342,586 Managing and using shareable search lists
70 9,342,585 Text searching method and device and text processor
71 9,342,579 Visual analysis of multidimensional clusters
72 9,342,575 Providing high availability in an active/active appliance cluster
73 9,342,572 Workflow processing system and method with database system support
74 9,342,570 Detecting reference data tables in extract-transform-load processes
75 9,342,567 Control for persistent search results and iterative searching
76 9,342,561 Creating and using titles in untitled documents to answer questions
77 9,342,560 Node validation in a network
78 9,342,556 RDF graphs made of RDF query language queries
79 9,342,555 Reporting tools for object-relational databases
80 9,342,548 Accessing data entities
81 9,342,547 Management of memory usage using usage analytics
82 9,342,545 Using a partially built index in a computer database system
83 9,342,544 Parallel load in a column-store database
84 9,342,543 Three-dimensional time series data
85 9,342,542 Analytics driven in-memory data grid (IMDG) hydration
86 9,342,536 Intent based automation of data management operations by a data management engine
87 9,342,527 Sharing electronic file metadata in a networked computing environment
88 9,342,526 Providing storage resources upon receipt of a storage service request
89 9,342,514 Multicultural collaborative editing method, apparatus and program product
90 9,342,502 Contextual validation of synonyms in otology driven natural language processing
91 9,342,493 Transient, real-time position tracking interface for user activity in a document editing application
92 9,342,491 Enriching website content with extracted feature multi-dimensional vector comparison
93 9,342,463 Management of destage tasks with large number of ranks
94 9,342,460 I/O write request handling in a storage system
95 9,342,458 Cache allocation in a computerized system
96 9,342,455 Cache prefetching based on non-sequential lagging cache affinity
97 9,342,454 Nested rewind only and non rewind only transactions in a data processing system supporting transactional storage accesses
98 9,342,440 Test coverage analysis
99 9,342,436 Capture and display of historical run-time execution traces in a code editor
100 9,342,434 Revealing new errors in edited code
101 9,342,432 Hardware performance-monitoring facility usage after context swaps
102 9,342,431 Technique to generically manage extensible correlation data
103 9,342,424 Optimal test flow scheduling within automated test equipment for minimized mean time to detect failure
104 9,342,423 Selective restoration of data from non-volatile storage to volatile memory
105 9,342,422 Selectively coupling a PCI host bridge to multiple PCI communication paths
106 9,342,420 Communication of conditions at a primary storage controller to a host
107 9,342,415 Run-to-completion thread model for software bypass fail open for an inline intrusion protection system
108 9,342,411 Reducing memory overhead of highly available, distributed, in-memory key-value caches
109 9,342,406 Dispersed storage re-dispersion method based on a failure
110 9,342,397 Salvaging hardware transactions with instructions
111 9,342,395 Error checking using serial collection of error data
112 9,342,390 Cluster management in a shared nothing cluster
113 9,342,388 Dynamic queue alias
114 9,342,387 Hardware-assisted interthread push communication
115 9,342,385 Reconfiguring an operator graph based on attribute usage
116 9,342,378 Broadcasting shared variable directory (SVD) information in a parallel computer
117 9,342,377 Managing a resource lock
118 9,342,373 Virtual machine management among networked servers
119 9,342,370 Server migration
120 9,342,368 Modular cloud computing system
121 9,342,364 Workflow managed composite applications
122 9,342,363 Distributed online optimization for latency assignment and slicing
123 9,342,360 Workload migration between virtualization softwares
124 9,342,357 Extending cloud computing to on-premises data
125 9,342,355 Joint optimization of multiple phases in large data processing
126 9,342,353 Techniques for implementing information services with tenant specific service level agreements
127 9,342,352 Guest access to address spaces of adapter
128 9,342,345 Analytics platform spanning unified subnet
129 9,342,342 Refreshing memory topology in virtual machine operating systems
130 9,342,340 Virtual module-based ultra-lazy installation for modular systems
131 9,342,337 Privilege level aware processor hardware resource management facility
132 9,342,336 Memory page de-duplication in a computer system that includes a plurality of virtual machines
133 9,342,331 Secure virtualized mobile cellular device
134 9,342,328 Model for simulation within infrastructure management software
135 9,342,317 Importing profiles for configuring specific system components into a configuration profile for the system
136 9,342,309 Extensible execution unit interface architecture with multiple decode logic and multiple execution units
137 9,342,308 Parsing-enhancement facility
138 9,342,307 Allocation of counters from a pool of counters to track mappings of logical registers to physical registers for mapper based instruction executions
139 9,342,289 Service node, network, and method for pre-fetching for remote program installation
140 9,342,279 Traceability management for aligning solution artifacts with business goals in a service oriented architecture environment
141 9,342,275 System and method for automatically declaring variables
142 9,342,255 Transfer size monitor, determination, and optimization engine for storage devices
143 9,342,251 Data integrity protection in storage volumes
144 9,342,249 Controlling partner partitions in a clustered storage system
145 9,342,247 Leveraging a hybrid infrastructure for dynamic memory allocation and persistent file storage
146 9,342,222 Accessible chart navigation using object neighborhood
147 9,342,121 Cooling system for electronic components
148 9,342,118 Liquid cooling of multiple components on a circuit board
149 9,342,117 Externally latching drive tray and drive removal mechanism
150 9,342,079 Controlled cooling of an electronic system based on projected conditions
151 9,342,071 Automated process for holding products at predefined points during manufacturing
152 9,341,797 Optical module and method for manufacturing optical module
153 9,341,670 Residual material detection in backdrilled stubs
154 9,341,596 Annular gas ionization delta E-E detector
155 9,341,418 Thermal transfer structure with in-plane tube lengths and out-of-plane tube bend(s)
156 9,341,190 Thermal control system based on nonlinear zonal fan operation and optimized fan power
157 9,339,175 System and method to improve mouth disease diagnosis