IBM patents granted on 17 November 2015

136 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,191,918 Contextual push notification service
2 9,191,827 Mobility detection for edge applications in wireless communication networks
3 9,191,824 Sharing frequencies in an OFDM-based wireless communication system
4 9,191,775 Electronically binding to a lost mobile device
5 9,191,764 Binaural audio signal-based applications
6 9,191,723 Providing a regional channel in a digital broadcast environment
7 9,191,642 Visual obstruction removal with image capture
8 9,191,632 Automated authorization to access surveillance video based on pre-specified events
9 9,191,463 Stream processing using a client-server architecture
10 9,191,446 Maintaining session initiation protocol application session affinity in SIP container cluster environments
11 9,191,441 Cell fabric hardware acceleration
12 9,191,437 Optimizing data storage among a plurality of data storage repositories
13 9,191,396 Identifying source of malicious network messages
14 9,191,360 Address management in an overlay network environment
15 9,191,353 Providing open session based selective broadcasting in an instant messaging system
16 9,191,350 Receiving email attachments when a mailbox is full
17 9,191,344 Validating content from an original communication included in a new communication
18 9,191,330 Path selection for network service requests
19 9,191,313 Communications over multiple protocol interfaces in a computing environment
20 9,191,296 Network event management
21 9,191,283 Prioritizing data packets associated with applications running in a networked computing environment
22 9,191,267 Device management for determining the effects of management actions
23 9,191,236 Message broadcasting in a clustered computing environment
24 9,191,057 Scalable polarimetric phased array transceiver
25 9,191,018 Analog-digital converter
26 9,190,951 Current re-use oscillator, doubler and regulator circuit
27 9,190,841 Controlling the distribution of motor vehicle battery power to consuming devices during battery discharge
28 9,190,549 Solar cell made using a barrier layer between p-type and intrinsic layers
29 9,190,517 Methods for making a semiconductor device with shaped source and drain recesses and related devices
30 9,190,466 Independent gate vertical FinFET structure
31 9,190,409 Replacement metal gate transistor with controlled threshold voltage
32 9,190,406 Fin field effect transistors having heteroepitaxial channels
33 9,190,399 Thermally enhanced three-dimensional integrated circuit package
34 9,190,376 Organic coating to inhibit solder wetting on pillar sidewalls
35 9,190,329 Complex circuits utilizing fin structures
36 9,190,328 Formation of fins having different heights in fin field effect transistors
37 9,190,321 Self-forming embedded diffusion barriers
38 9,190,285 Rework and stripping of complex patterning layers using chemical mechanical polishing
39 9,190,171 Method and apparatus for read measurement of a plurality of resistive memory cells
40 9,190,112 Storing write environment conditions
41 9,190,076 Data format using an efficient reverse concatenated modulation code for magnetic tape recording
42 9,190,072 Local peak weighted-minimum mean square error (LPW-MMSE) estimation for robust speech
43 9,190,017 Proportional pointer transition between multiple display devices
44 9,189,974 Method, apparatus and computer program for determining the location of a user in an area
45 9,189,972 Visualizing the mood of a group of individuals
46 9,189,967 Enhancing posted content in discussion forums
47 9,189,965 Enhancing posted content in discussion forums
48 9,189,959 Navigation system providing a super detail mode of operation to assist user’s driving
49 9,189,775 Message distribution and viewing rules in a network
50 9,189,764 Usage of quantitative information gain to support decisions in sequential clinical risk assessment examinations
51 9,189,763 Expedited process execution using probabilities
52 9,189,757 Monitoring and maintaining balance of factory quality attributes within a software factory environment
53 9,189,756 Case management system and method for collaborative project teaming
54 9,189,754 Adding syndication feeds to calendar application items
55 9,189,738 Automatic event analysis
56 9,189,731 Structural plasticity in spiking neural networks with symmetric dual of an electronic neuron
57 9,189,729 Scalable neural hardware for the noisy-OR model of Bayesian networks
58 9,189,688 Identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
59 9,189,654 On-chip structure for security application
60 9,189,649 Security model for workflows aggregating third party secure services
61 9,189,643 Client based resource isolation with domains
62 9,189,625 Data management of potentially malicious content
63 9,189,619 Runtime based application security and regulatory compliance in cloud environment
64 9,189,618 Secure password generation
65 9,189,584 Cross-talk noise computation using mixed integer linear program problems and their solutions
66 9,189,565 Managing tag clouds
67 9,189,544 Graphically representing tags in a networked computing environment
68 9,189,543 Predicting service request breaches
69 9,189,542 Evidence profiling
70 9,189,541 Evidence profiling
71 9,189,539 Electronic content curating mechanisms
72 9,189,535 Compensating for unbalanced hierarchies when generating OLAP queries from report specifications
73 9,189,534 Online repair of a replicated table
74 9,189,524 Obtaining partial results from a database query
75 9,189,518 Gathering index statistics using sampling
76 9,189,512 Device and method for acquiring resource lock
77 9,189,506 Database index management
78 9,189,490 Fast snapshots
79 9,189,486 Autonomic generation of document structure in a content management system
80 9,189,469 Apparatus and method for supporting creation of an electronic document
81 9,189,465 Documentation of system monitoring and analysis procedures
82 9,189,449 Memory management in a streaming application
83 9,189,447 Data communications for a collective operation in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
84 9,189,436 Abstracting special file interfaces to concurrently support multiple operating system levels
85 9,189,433 Tracking a relative arrival order of events being stored in multiple queues using a counter
86 9,189,415 EDRAM refresh in a high performance cache architecture
87 9,189,413 Read-copy update implementation for non-cache-coherent systems
88 9,189,406 Placement of data in shards on a storage device
89 9,189,405 Placement of data in shards on a storage device
90 9,189,404 PDSE dynamic directory optimization for caching
91 9,189,403 Selective cache-to-cache lateral castouts
92 9,189,401 Synchronous and asynchronous discard scans based on the type of cache memory
93 9,189,381 Managing CPU resources for high availability micro-partitions
94 9,189,380 Systems and methods to save and restore a write gather pipe
95 9,189,372 Trace coverage analysis
96 9,189,365 Hardware-assisted program trace collection with selectable call-signature capture
97 9,189,338 Disaster recovery failback
98 9,189,330 Stale data detection in marked channel for scrub
99 9,189,327 Error-correcting code distribution for memory systems
100 9,189,320 Handling intermittent recurring errors in a network
101 9,189,316 Managing failover in clustered systems, after determining that a node has authority to make a decision on behalf of a sub-cluster
102 9,189,311 Rebuilding a storage array
103 9,189,305 Durable subscriptions in publish/subscribe messaging
104 9,189,303 Shadow queues for recovery of messages
105 9,189,299 Framework for system communication for handling data
106 9,189,292 Resource allocation during workload partition relocation
107 9,189,291 Sharing a kernel of an operating system among logical partitions
108 9,189,289 Executing a collective operation algorithm in a parallel computer
109 9,189,288 Executing a collective operation algorithm in a parallel computer
110 9,189,276 Background collective operation management in a parallel computer
111 9,189,270 Realizing jumps in an executing process instance
112 9,189,266 Responding to a timeout of a message in a parallel computer
113 9,189,260 Resource allocation for virtual machines and logical partitions
114 9,189,259 Provisioning of virtual machine pools based on historical data in a networked computing environment
115 9,189,243 Efficient rollback and retry of conflicted speculative threads with hardware support
116 9,189,229 Self-diagnosing processes using quick response codes
117 9,189,219 Deciding whether to install a first application within one of a plurality of candidate environments
118 9,189,214 Code stack management
119 9,189,212 Predicted outputs in a streaming environment
120 9,189,205 Prescribing a software architecture for implementing service integration
121 9,189,204 Static analysis of computer software applications having a model-view-controller architecture
122 9,189,169 Common contiguous memory region optimized virtual machine migration within a workgroup
123 9,189,164 Secure memory system with fast wipe feature
124 9,189,162 Tape drive buffer utilization
125 9,189,135 Three-dimensional GUI object stores in automation test tools
126 9,189,126 Virtual world teleportation
127 9,189,123 Method and apparatus for displaying status of hierarchical operations
128 9,189,057 Adaptive real-time power and performance optimization of multi-core processors
129 9,189,051 Power reduction by minimizing bit transitions in the hamming distances of encoded communications
130 9,189,047 Organizing databases for energy efficiency
131 9,188,967 Enforcing fine-grained demand management in smart grids
132 9,188,636 Self evaluation of system on a chip with multiple cores
133 9,188,574 Mobile gas detection cart with wireless transceiver
134 9,188,447 Physical object search
135 9,187,597 Flame-retardant polylactic acid (PLA) by grafting through of phosphorus-containing polymers directly to PLA backbone
136 9,186,641 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field to enable easy removal of one substrate from another for enhanced reworkability