IBM patents granted on 17 October 2006

48 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to IBM

1 7,124,433 Password that associates screen position information with sequentially entered characters
2 7,124,414 Method, system and program product for routing requests in a distributed system
3 7,124,410 Distributed allocation of system hardware resources for multiprocessor systems
4 7,124,402 Testing software module responsiveness to string input tokens having lengths which span a range of integral values
5 7,124,398 Rapid GUI refacing of a legacy application
6 7,124,396 Alternating phase-shift mask rule compliant IC design
7 7,124,387 Integrated circuit macro placing system and method
8 7,124,373 System and method for rearranging run-time ordering of open tasks
9 7,124,358 Method for dynamically generating reference identifiers in structured information
10 7,124,353 System and method for calculating a user affinity
11 7,124,329 Implementing memory failure analysis in a data processing system
12 7,124,323 Method, system, and program for recovery of a reverse restore operation
13 7,124,318 Multiple parallel pipeline processor having self-repairing capability
14 7,124,287 Dynamically adaptive associativity of a branch target buffer (BTB)
15 7,124,278 Information processing device and method, program, data structure, and computer-readable recording medium
16 7,124,257 Bus interface controller for determining access counts
17 7,124,218 System and method for providing character interactive input/output
18 7,124,213 Device having spare I/O and method of using a device having spare I/O
19 7,124,192 Role-permission model for security policy administration and enforcement
20 7,124,149 Method and apparatus for content representation and retrieval in concept model space
21 7,124,146 Incremental cardinality estimation for a set of data values
22 7,124,137 Method, system, and program for optimizing processing of nested functions
23 7,124,131 Discipline for lock reassertion in a distributed file system
24 7,124,128 Method, system, and program for managing requests to tracks subject to a relationship
25 7,124,119 Communication between intelligent agents and humans in a distributed system environment
26 7,124,115 Micro payment-based advertising
27 7,124,096 Query system for service availability according to customized criteria
28 7,124,095 Third party merchandise return method, storage medium and implementing system
29 7,124,087 System and method for updating user home automation systems
30 7,124,071 Partitioning a model into a plurality of independent partitions to be processed within a distributed environment
31 7,124,034 Method for changing a target array, a method for analyzing a structure, and an apparatus, a storage medium and a transmission medium therefor
32 7,123,848 Method and system for managing print jobs for a printer to maximize throughput
33 7,123,622 Method and system for network processor scheduling based on service levels
34 7,123,529 Sense amplifier including multiple conduction state field effect transistor
35 7,123,517 Reprogrammable integrated circuit (IC) with overwritable nonvolatile storage
36 7,123,507 Using permanent magnets in MRAM to assist write operation
37 7,123,498 Non-volatile memory device
38 7,123,443 Self-aligned void filling for mushroomed plating
39 7,123,431 Precise positioning of media
40 7,123,110 Low power self refresh timer oscillator
41 7,122,898 Electrical programmable metal resistor
42 7,122,849 Stressed semiconductor device structures having granular semiconductor material
43 7,122,472 Method for forming self-aligned dual fully silicided gates in CMOS devices
44 7,122,462 Back end interconnect with a shaped interface
45 7,122,439 Method of fabricating a bottle trench and a bottle trench capacitor
46 7,122,437 Deep trench capacitor with buried plate electrode and isolation collar
47 7,122,254 Inorganic electrode for organic electroluminescent devices
48 7,121,469 System and method for selective processing of digital images