IBM patents granted on 18 August 2015

158 US patents granted on 18 August 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 9,113,581 Valve controlled, node-level vapor condensation for two-phase heat sink(s)
2 9,113,265 Providing a confidence measure for speaker diarization
3 9,113,246 Automated left-right headphone earpiece identifier
4 9,113,150 System and method for recording collaborative information
5 9,113,135 Image advocacy in portable computing devices
6 9,113,084 Generating an image of a seal impression
7 9,113,035 Guiding a desired outcome for an electronically hosted conference
8 9,113,000 Management of records for an electronic device
9 9,112,965 Managing cellular phone calls
10 9,112,953 Internet telephony unit and software for enabling internet telephone access from traditional telephone interface
11 9,112,945 Automatic address range detection for IP networks
12 9,112,910 Method and system for authentication
13 9,112,908 System and method for managing TLS connections among separate applications within a network of computing systems
14 9,112,907 System and method for managing TLS connections among separate applications within a network of computing systems
15 9,112,864 Controlling access within a protected data environment
16 9,112,863 Method, program product and server for controlling a resource access to an electronic resource stored within a protected data environment
17 9,112,831 Scalable infrastructure for handling light weight message protocols
18 9,112,806 User guided generation of network link optimization profiles
19 9,112,804 Network congestion notification preservation and modification during transmission of network data between physical network and virtual network
20 9,112,801 Quantized congestion notification in a virtual networking system
21 9,112,794 Dynamic multipath forwarding in software defined data center networks
22 9,112,793 End-to-end multipathing through network having switching devices compatible with different protocols
23 9,112,792 Hosting device-specific edge applications at the edge of a mobile data network
24 9,112,784 Hierarchical occupancy-based congestion management
25 9,112,733 Managing service level agreements using statistical process control in a networked computing environment
26 9,112,707 System and method for providing location based services using collaborative networks
27 9,112,680 Distribution of credentials
28 9,112,666 Elastic auto-parallelization for stream processing applications based on measured throughput and congestion
29 9,112,626 Employing configuration information to determine the role of a server in a coordinated timing network
30 9,112,068 Laser doping of crystalline semiconductors using a dopant-containing amorphous silicon stack for dopant source and passivation
31 9,112,031 Reduced resistance finFET device with late spacer self aligned contact
32 9,111,986 Self-aligned emitter-base-collector bipolar junction transistors with a single crystal raised extrinsic base
33 9,111,962 Selective dielectric spacer deposition for exposing sidewalls of a finFET
34 9,111,938 Copper interconnect with CVD liner and metallic cap
35 9,111,935 Multiple-patterned semiconductor device channels
36 9,111,933 Stacked through-silicon via (TSV) transformer structure
37 9,111,925 Process for enhanced 3D integration and structures generated using the same
38 9,111,816 Multilayer pillar for reduced stress interconnect and method of making same
39 9,111,793 Joining a chip to a substrate with solder alloys having different reflow temperatures
40 9,111,761 Multi component dielectric layer
41 9,111,609 Concentric phase change memory element
42 9,111,577 Storage space savings via partial digital stream deletion
43 9,111,570 Replication of tape cartridge data
44 9,111,568 Bulk data erase utilizing an encryption technique
45 9,111,563 Vibration control in data storage devices
46 9,111,457 Voice pronunciation for text communication
47 9,111,443 Heavy vehicle traffic flow optimization
48 9,111,442 Estimating incident duration
49 9,111,406 Multi-point capacitive information transfer
50 9,111,262 Email message association
51 9,111,261 Method and system for management of electronic mail communication
52 9,111,243 Global process template and adaptation of global process to local country to facilitate migration to shared service center
53 9,111,237 Evaluating an effectiveness of a monitoring system
54 9,111,230 Frequency arrangement for surface code on a superconducting lattice
55 9,111,183 Performing a comparison between two images which are scaled to a common resolution
56 9,111,181 Detecting and flagging likely confidential content in photographs to prevent automated dissemination
57 9,111,145 Parking lot information system using image technology for identifying available parking spaces
58 9,111,123 Firmware for protecting data from software threats
59 9,111,115 Oblivious transfer with hidden access control lists
60 9,111,109 Using different secure erase algorithms to erase chunks from a file associated with different security levels
61 9,111,091 Automatic extraction, modeling, and code mapping of application user interface display screens and components
62 9,111,081 Remote direct memory access authentication of a device
63 9,111,054 Data center design tool
64 9,111,046 Implementing capacity and user-based resource allocation for a shared adapter in a virtualized system
65 9,111,040 Integration of a software content space with test planning and test case generation
66 9,111,038 Integrated debugger and code coverage tool
67 9,111,034 Testing of run-time instrumentation
68 9,111,033 Compiling source code for debugging with user preferred snapshot locations
69 9,111,032 Identification of performance bottlenecks
70 9,111,029 Intelligent performance monitoring based on user transactions
71 9,111,010 Search results display for weighted multi-term searches
72 9,111,009 Self-parsing XML documents to improve XML processing
73 9,111,004 Temporal scope translation of meta-models using semantic web technologies
74 9,111,001 Local transmission of point of interest data to a global positioning system receiver
75 9,110,976 Supporting compliance in a cloud environment
76 9,110,970 Destructuring and restructuring relational data
77 9,110,967 Data lineage in data warehousing environments
78 9,110,966 Managing replicated data
79 9,110,961 Single command data warehouse table update
80 9,110,950 Expert locator based on user polling
81 9,110,948 Relative performance prediction of a replacement database management system (DBMS)
82 9,110,946 Database query optimization
83 9,110,944 Providing answers to questions using multiple models to score candidate answers
84 9,110,941 Master data governance process driven by source data accuracy metric
85 9,110,938 Parallelizing I/O processing of index insertions during insertion of data into a database
86 9,110,934 System and method for delivering an integrated server administration platform
87 9,110,930 Parallel application checkpoint image compression
88 9,110,913 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
89 9,110,907 Framework for extremely large complex objects (XLCOs)
90 9,110,900 Generating simulated containment reports of dynamically assembled components in a content management system
91 9,110,899 Multi-tenancy in database namespace
92 9,110,893 Combining problem and solution artifacts
93 9,110,890 Selecting a language encoding of a static communication in a virtual universe
94 9,110,885 Techniques for cache injection in a processor system
95 9,110,878 Use of a warning track interruption facility by a program
96 9,110,875 XML post-processing hardware acceleration
97 9,110,872 Computer method and system for storing and presenting sequence data
98 9,110,867 Providing application based monitoring and recovery for a hypervisor of an HA cluster
99 9,110,866 OpenFlow controller master-slave initialization protocol
100 9,110,865 Virtual machine dynamic routing
101 9,110,864 Fault tolerance solution for stateful applications
102 9,110,855 Matrix based dynamic programming
103 9,110,831 High-speed memory system
104 9,110,818 Memory switching protocol when switching optically-connected memory
105 9,110,815 Enhancing data processing performance by cache management of fingerprint index
106 9,110,808 Formation of an exclusive ownership coherence state in a lower level cache upon replacement from an upper level cache of a cache line in a private shared owner state
107 9,110,801 Resource integrity during partial backout of application updates
108 9,110,800 Preventing cascade failures in computer systems
109 9,110,793 Inner process
110 9,110,779 Allocate and reallocate CPU resources needed to utilize full available network adapter bandwidth capacity for logical partition migration
111 9,110,778 Address generation in an active memory device
112 9,110,777 Reducing performance degradation in backup semiconductor chips
113 9,110,766 Dynamically recommending changes to an association between an operating system image and an update group
114 9,110,764 User feedback method and system for business suite customization
115 9,110,742 Integrated link-based data recorder for semiconductor chip
116 9,110,741 Warning track interruption facility
117 9,110,736 Interfacing between a caller application and a service module
118 9,110,734 Power-constrained compiler code generation and scheduling of work in a heterogeneous processing system
119 9,110,729 Host system admission control
120 9,110,722 Data processing work allocation
121 9,110,717 Managing use of lease resources allocated on fallover in a high availability computing environment
122 9,110,712 Method for encapsulating logical units of work using business objects
123 9,110,710 Preserving changes to a configuration of a running virtual machine
124 9,110,709 Preserving changes to a configuration of a running virtual machine
125 9,110,708 Region-weighted accounting of multi-threaded processor core according to dispatch state
126 9,110,705 Estimating migration costs for migrating logical partitions within a virtualized computing environment based on a migration cost history
127 9,110,699 Determining optimal methods for creating virtual machines
128 9,110,697 Sending tasks between virtual machines based on expiration times
129 9,110,694 Data flow affinity for heterogenous virtual machines
130 9,110,684 Data splitting for recursive data structures
131 9,110,681 Recognizing operational options for stream operators at compile-time
132 9,110,675 Usage of TOC register as application register
133 9,110,672 Compiler generation of thunking code
134 9,110,661 Mobile device offloading task to a peer device and receiving a completed task when energy level is below a threshold level
135 9,110,660 Data transform method and data transformer
136 9,110,659 Policy to source code conversion
137 9,110,658 Automatic verification and synthesis for weak memory models
138 9,110,654 Dynamically building locale objects or subsections of locale objects based on historical data
139 9,110,632 Portable device capture
140 9,110,603 Identifying modified chunks in a data set for storage
141 9,110,584 Controlling a cursor on a touch screen
142 9,110,575 Method and system for graphically emphasizing a path through a diagram
143 9,110,559 Designing a GUI development toolkit
144 9,110,554 Representing a graphical user interface using a topic tree structure
145 9,110,488 Wide-bandwidth linear regulator
146 9,110,476 Controlled cooling of an electronic system based on projected conditions
147 9,110,254 Method and spacer for assembling flexible optical waveguide ribbons, and assembled stack of such ribbons
148 9,110,137 Method for JTAG-driven remote scanning
149 9,110,135 Chip testing with exclusive OR
150 9,110,056 Surface treatment
151 9,110,014 Field effect transistor-based bio-sensor
152 9,109,989 Corrosion detector apparatus for universal assessment of pollution in data centers
153 9,109,928 Methods and apparatus for efficient and adaptive transmission of data in data collection networks
154 9,109,897 Generating optimal itineraries based on network connectivity
155 9,109,087 Low molecular weight branched polyamines for delivery of biologically active materials
156 9,108,828 Lift mechanism
157 9,108,797 Methods and systems to identify and manage recyclable materials
158 9,108,582 System and method for collaborative vehicle crash planning and sequence deployment