IBM patents granted on 18 December 2007

42 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,310,799 Reducing load instructions via global data reordering
2 7,310,788 Sample probability of fault function determination using critical defect size map
3 7,310,783 Single submission buttons
4 7,310,781 System and method for content and information transfer between program entities
5 7,310,780 Methods, systems and computer program products for visually tethering related graphical objects
6 7,310,779 Method for creating and selecting active regions on physical documents
7 7,310,775 System and method for restoring desktop components using distributed desktop packages
8 7,310,766 End-to-end data integrity protection for PCI-Express based input/output adapter
9 7,310,735 Method, system, and program for distributing software between computer systems
10 7,310,715 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for using an array of high performance storage drives included in a storage array to reduce accessing of an array of lower performance storage drives included in the storage array
11 7,310,689 Bypassing disk I/O operations when porting a computer application from one operating system to a different operating system
12 7,310,685 Method and system for reducing look-up time in packet forwarding on computer networks
13 7,310,667 Method and apparatus for server load sharing based on foreign port distribution
14 7,310,666 Method and system for restricting and enhancing topology displays for multi-customer logical networks within a network management system
15 7,310,658 Method for tracking responses to a forum topic
16 7,310,657 Owner identification of collaboration work object
17 7,310,643 Automatic capture of associations between content within a content framework system
18 7,310,639 Providing query correlation attributes
19 7,310,637 Dynamic database access via standard query language and abstraction technology
20 7,310,636 Shortcut enabled, context aware information management
21 7,310,627 Method of searching for text in browser frames
22 7,310,624 Methods and apparatus for generating decision trees with discriminants and employing same in data classification
23 7,310,605 Method and apparatus to transliterate text using a portable device
24 7,310,585 Method of inspecting integrated circuits during fabrication
25 7,310,472 Cable guide and system for maintaining a desired bend radius
26 7,310,445 Classification of image blocks by region contrast significance and uses therefor in selective image enhancement in video and image coding
27 7,310,345 Empty indicators for weighted fair queues
28 7,310,278 Method and apparatus for in-system redundant array repair on integrated circuits
29 7,310,243 Method and components for implementing EMC shielded resonance damping
30 7,310,141 Inspection device and inspection method for pattern profile, exposure system
31 7,310,097 Method, apparatus and computer program product enabling a dynamic global parameterization of triangle meshes over polygonal domain meshes
32 7,310,085 User interactive computer controlled display system enabling a user remote from a display screen to make interactive selections on the display screen with a laser beam projected onto the display screen
33 7,310,036 Heat sink for integrated circuit devices
34 7,309,911 Method and stacked memory structure for implementing enhanced cooling of memory devices
35 7,309,901 Field effect transistors (FETs) with multiple and/or staircase silicide
36 7,309,898 Method and apparatus for providing noise suppression in an integrated circuit
37 7,309,660 Buffer layer for selective SiGe growth for uniform nucleation
38 7,309,653 Method of forming damascene filament wires and the structure so formed
39 7,309,649 Method of forming closed air gap interconnects and structures formed thereby
40 7,309,626 Quasi self-aligned source/drain FinFET process
41 7,309,529 Structure and method for improved adhesion between two polymer films
42 7,309,009 Retail store fly-around product locator