IBM patents granted on 18 January 2011

113 US patents granted on 18 January 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,874,011 Authenticating user identity when resetting passwords
2 7,874,008 Dynamically configuring extensible role based manageable resources
3 7,873,991 Technique of defending against network flooding attacks using a connectionless protocol
4 7,873,966 Method and apparatus for transferring data to virtual devices behind a bus expander
5 7,873,961 Supervisory operating system for running multiple child operating systems simultaneously and optimizing resource usage
6 7,873,954 Stack unique signatures for program procedures and methods
7 7,873,944 System and method for maintaining and testing a software application
8 7,873,939 Processing logic modeling and execution
9 7,873,936 Method for quantifying the manufactoring complexity of electrical designs
10 7,873,933 Computer program for balancing power plane pin currents in a printed wiring board
11 7,873,926 Methods for practical worst test definition and debug during block based statistical static timing analysis
12 7,873,925 Method and apparatus for computing test margins for at-speed testing
13 7,873,923 Power gating logic cones
14 7,873,922 Structure for robust cable connectivity test receiver for high-speed data receiver
15 7,873,921 Structure for a voltage detection circuit in an integrated circuit and method of generating a trigger flag signal
16 7,873,907 Technique for searching for a specific object in an ISPF panel for automated testing
17 7,873,906 Method and system for presenting a visual notification and delaying an action responsive to an onscreen selection
18 7,873,898 System and method for searching error messages
19 7,873,894 Reverse concatenation for product codes
20 7,873,891 Programmable voltage divider
21 7,873,890 Techniques for performing a Logic Built-In Self-Test in an integrated circuit device
22 7,873,883 Method for scrubbing storage in a computer memory
23 7,873,879 Mechanism to perform debugging of global shared memory (GSM) operations
24 7,873,878 Data integrity validation in storage systems
25 7,873,869 Checkpointing a hybrid architecture computing system
26 7,873,864 Restricting the execution of copy services commands
27 7,873,862 Maintaining a primary time server as the current time server in response to failure of time code receivers of the primary time server
28 7,873,861 Apparatus to use fabric initialization to test functionality of all inter-chip paths between processors in system
29 7,873,859 Restarting failed IMS auto-restart batch applications
30 7,873,855 Method, system and calibration technique for power measurement and management over multiple time frames
31 7,873,847 Method of power state control for a server blade in a blade–server chassis system
32 7,873,843 Static power reduction for midpoint-terminated busses
33 7,873,840 System and method for order-preserving encryption for numeric data
34 7,873,830 Methods for coordinating access to memory from at least two cryptography secure processing units
35 7,873,829 Offload processing for secure data transfer
36 7,873,818 System and method for search area confined branch prediction
37 7,873,816 Pre-loading context states by inactive hardware thread in advance of context switch
38 7,873,808 Method and system for synchronizing direct access storage volumes
39 7,873,804 Apparatus for facilitating disaster recovery
40 7,873,794 Mechanism that provides efficient multi-word load atomicity
41 7,873,792 Prefetching in a virtual memory system based upon repeated accesses across page boundaries
42 7,873,787 Caching controls/policies for structured markup objects
43 7,873,773 Multi-node architecture with daisy chain communication link configurable to operate in unidirectional and bidirectional modes
44 7,873,768 Peripheral device enabling enhanced communication
45 7,873,754 Structure for option ROM characterization
46 7,873,751 Infiniband multicast operation in an LPAR environment
47 7,873,748 Synchronization of locally and remotely stored browser data
48 7,873,745 Message receipt version management in network
49 7,873,744 Configuration of fibre channel SAN path
50 7,873,732 Maintaining service reliability in a data center using a service level objective provisioning mechanism
51 7,873,730 Method and system for collaborative computing environment access restriction and orphan data management
52 7,873,728 Method and apparatus for extracting and visualizing execution patterns from web services
53 7,873,717 Progressive layered forensic correlation of computer network and security events
54 7,873,711 Method, system and program product for managing assignment of MAC addresses in a virtual machine environment
55 7,873,703 Method and apparatus for broadcasting information
56 7,873,701 Network on chip with partitions
57 7,873,687 Method for calculating a result of a division with a floating point unit with fused multiply-add
58 7,873,680 Hierarchical inherited XML DOM
59 7,873,674 Plural/alternate files registry creation and management
60 7,873,671 Database relationship constraint
61 7,873,670 Method and system for managing exemplar terms database for business-oriented metadata content
62 7,873,664 Systems and computer program products to browse database query information
63 7,873,663 Methods and apparatus for converting a representation of XML and other markup language data to a data structure format
64 7,873,658 Propagation of filter expressions across multi-layered systems
65 7,873,648 System and method for personalized presentation of web pages
66 7,873,642 Method and apparatus for ontology-based classification of media content
67 7,873,636 Method, system and program product for matching a network document with a set of filters
68 7,873,631 Abstractly mapped physical data fields
69 7,873,625 File indexing framework and symbolic name maintenance framework
70 7,873,613 Providing storage control in a network of storage controllers
71 7,873,612 Atomically moving list elements between lists using read-copy update
72 7,873,602 Apparatus and method for maintaining databases on application servers
73 7,873,586 Risk assessment in a gate area of an airport
74 7,873,555 System and method for automatically rebalancing portfolios by single response
75 7,873,552 Recommending waste reductions and credit purchases for business units
76 7,873,546 System and method for calculating parameters for a commerce system
77 7,873,537 Providing deep linking functions with digital rights management
78 7,873,531 Estimation mechanisms that utilize a complexity matrix
79 7,873,530 Method and system for solving stochastic linear programs with conditional value at risk constraints
80 7,873,527 Insurance for service level agreements in e-utilities and other e-service environments
81 7,873,516 Virtual vocal dynamics in written exchange
82 7,873,485 Indicating physical site energy usage through a virtual environment
83 7,873,259 Synching a recording time of a program to the actual program broadcast time for the program
84 7,873,183 Embedding and detecting watermarks based on embedded positions in document layout
85 7,873,170 Maintaining keys removed from a keystore in an inactive key repository
86 7,873,154 Apparatus, system, and method for remote management console for business integration scenarios
87 7,873,066 Streaming direct inter-thread communication buffer packets that support hardware controlled arbitrary vector operand alignment in a densely threaded network on a chip
88 7,873,027 Database management system and method of using it to transmit packets
89 7,873,019 Systems and methods for establishing gateway bandwidth sharing ad-hoc networks
90 7,872,982 Implementing an error log analysis model to facilitate faster problem isolation and repair
91 7,872,968 Priority based bandwidth allocation within real-time and non-real time traffic streams
92 7,872,901 Programmable-resistance memory cell
93 7,872,897 Programmable semiconductor device
94 7,872,889 High density ternary content addressable memory
95 7,872,867 Cooling system for an electronic component system cabinet
96 7,872,692 Structure for switching system for signal monitoring and switch-back control
97 7,872,572 Method and system for vehicle mounted infrared wavelength information displays for traffic camera viewers
98 7,872,334 Carbon nanotube diodes and electrostatic discharge circuits and methods
99 7,872,317 Dual metal gate self-aligned integration
100 7,872,310 Semiconductor structure and system for fabricating an integrated circuit chip
101 7,872,303 FinFET with longitudinal stress in a channel
102 7,871,935 Non-plasma capping layer for interconnect applications
103 7,871,933 Combined stepper and deposition tool
104 7,871,920 Semiconductor chips with reduced stress from underfill at edge of chip
105 7,871,919 Structures and methods for improving solder bump connections in semiconductor devices
106 7,871,895 Method and structure for relieving transistor performance degradation due to shallow trench isolation induced stress
107 7,871,893 Method for non-selective shallow trench isolation reactive ion etch for patterning hybrid-oriented devices compatible with high-performance highly-integrated logic devices
108 7,871,876 Method of forming a dual-plane complementary metal oxide semiconductor
109 7,871,869 Extremely-thin silicon-on-insulator transistor with raised source/drain
110 7,871,278 Connector blocking with automatic power management and balancing
111 7,871,271 Creation and use of hyperlinks for accessing information pertaining to content located in a Braille document
112 7,870,998 Private information exchange in smart card commerce
113 7,870,653 Tamper evident feature for package fastening clips