IBM patents granted on 18 March 2014

200 US patents granted on 18 March 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,677,484 Providing protection against unauthorized network access
2 8,677,474 Detection of rogue client-agnostic NAT device tunnels
3 8,677,473 Network intrusion protection
4 8,677,465 Preventing inadvertent lock-out during password entry dialog
5 8,677,456 Accelerated reevaluation of authorization rules
6 8,677,410 Dynamic media configuration
7 8,677,374 Resource management in a virtualized environment
8 8,677,372 Method, data processing program, and computer program product to compensate for coupling overhead in a distributed computing system, and corresponding overhead calculator for a distributed computing system and corresponding computer system
9 8,677,371 Mixed operating performance modes including a shared cache mode
10 8,677,370 Generating resource consumption control limits
11 8,677,366 Systems and methods for processing hierarchical data in a map-reduce framework
12 8,677,361 Scheduling threads based on an actual power consumption and a predicted new power consumption
13 8,677,358 Endpoint-hosted hypervisor management
14 8,677,357 Method and apparatus for distributing a composite software stack as a virtual machine image
15 8,677,356 Adjunct partition work scheduling with quality of service attributes
16 8,677,354 Controlling kernel symbol visibility and accessibility across operating system linkage spaces
17 8,677,340 Planning and optimizing IT transformations
18 8,677,339 Component relinking in migrations
19 8,677,334 Parallelization method, system and program
20 8,677,333 Virtual machine and programming language for event processing
21 8,677,328 Generating a dynamic content creation program
22 8,677,327 Service testing method and service testing system
23 8,677,326 Detecting applications in a virtualization environment
24 8,677,325 Application services source refactoring
25 8,677,319 Computer method and system for composite state management of software change requests
26 8,677,318 Management of composite software services
27 8,677,317 Simplified deployment modeling
28 8,677,305 Designing a robust power efficient clock distribution network
29 8,677,304 Task-based multi-process design synthesis
30 8,677,299 Latch clustering with proximity to local clock buffers
31 8,677,282 Multi-finger touch adaptations for medical imaging systems
32 8,677,275 Illustrating a menu of insights associated with visualizations
33 8,677,272 Graphical user interface design utility
34 8,677,269 Creating and maintaining a singular uninterrupted focus while transitioning through a graduated user interface
35 8,677,254 Discerning and displaying relationships between avatars
36 8,677,253 Replicating recorded actions across computer systems in a collaborative environment
37 8,677,211 Data bus inversion using spare error correction bits
38 8,677,193 Lightpath diagnostics with voice alerts
39 8,677,184 System, method, and computer program product for gathering device information to enable identification of potential risks in a network environment
40 8,677,183 Dynamic testing of networks
41 8,677,180 Switch failover control in a multiprocessor computer system
42 8,677,178 Recovery control in mirrored disks
43 8,677,176 Cable redundancy and failover for multi-lane PCI express IO interconnections
44 8,677,175 Reducing impact of repair actions following a switch failure in a switch fabric
45 8,677,174 Management of runtime events in a computer environment using a containment region
46 8,677,162 Reliability-aware disk power management
47 8,677,161 Optimizing power consumption and performance in a hybrid computer environment
48 8,677,160 Managing power consumption of a computer
49 8,677,154 Protecting sensitive data in a transmission
50 8,677,120 Communication between key manager and storage subsystem kernal via management console
51 8,677,117 Remote management of boot application
52 8,677,101 Method and apparatus for cooperative software multitasking in a processor system with a partitioned register file
53 8,677,098 Dynamic address translation with fetch protection
54 8,677,079 Selecting a position where data is stored
55 8,677,077 Use of test protection instruction in computing environments that support pageable guests
56 8,677,066 Raid array transformation in a pooled storage system
57 8,677,063 Parity declustered storage device array with partition groups
58 8,677,062 Caching data in a storage system having multiple caches including non-volatile storage cache in a sequential access storage device
59 8,677,050 System, method and computer program product for extending a cache using processor registers
60 8,677,046 Deadlock resolution in end-to-end credit protocol
61 8,677,043 Filler module for computing devices
62 8,677,041 Balancing loads of a plurality of bus lanes of a snooping-based bus using a receiver, analyzer, and controller
63 8,677,039 Systems and methods for compression of data for block mode access storage
64 8,677,027 Fibre channel input/output data routing system and method
65 8,677,024 Aggregating shared Ethernet adapters in a virtualized environment
66 8,677,004 Migration of logical partitions between two devices
67 8,676,985 System, method and program product for local client device context-aware shared resource and service management
68 8,676,984 Live directory of cloud tenants to enable inter-tenant interaction via cloud
69 8,676,983 Balancing the loads of servers in a server farm based on an angle between two vectors
70 8,676,981 Routing service requests based on lowest actual cost within a federated virtual service cloud
71 8,676,976 Microprocessor with software control over allocation of shared resources among multiple virtual servers
72 8,676,975 Virtual universe desktop exploration for resource acquisition
73 8,676,974 Quality of service (QoS) based planning in web services aggregation
74 8,676,966 Detecting and monitoring server side states during web application scanning
75 8,676,962 Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing data asset management activities
76 8,676,941 Using wireless technology to direct complex wiring configurations
77 8,676,923 Use of discovery scanning and method of IP only communication to identify owners and administrators of network attached devices
78 8,676,917 Administering an epoch initiated for remote memory access
79 8,676,903 System and method to control email whitelists
80 8,676,902 System and method for service oriented email client application
81 8,676,899 Offline IM chat to avoid server connections
82 8,676,883 Event management in a distributed processing system
83 8,676,876 Synchronizing an active feed adapter and a backup feed adapter in a high speed, low latency data communications environment
84 8,676,874 Data structure for tiling and packetizing a sparse matrix
85 8,676,867 File system location verification using a sentinel
86 8,676,865 Adaptive lazy merging
87 8,676,860 Web service discovery via data abstraction model
88 8,676,857 Context-based search for a data store related to a graph node
89 8,676,854 Computer method and apparatus for using social information to guide display of search results and other information
90 8,676,850 Prioritization mechanism for deletion of chunks of deduplicated data objects
91 8,676,848 Configuring cloud resources
92 8,676,847 Visibility control of resources
93 8,676,845 Database entitlement
94 8,676,842 Creating multiple Mbeans from a factory Mbean
95 8,676,836 Search capability enhancement in service oriented architecture (SOA) service registry system
96 8,676,834 Set-level comparisons in dynamically formed groups
97 8,676,826 Method, system and program storage device for automatic incremental learning of programming language grammar
98 8,676,818 Dynamic storage and retrieval of process graphs representative of business processes and extraction of formal process models therefrom
99 8,676,791 Apparatus and methods for providing assistance in detecting mistranslation
100 8,676,788 Structured large object (LOB) data
101 8,676,787 Distributed multi-step abstract queries
102 8,676,782 Information collection apparatus, search engine, information collection method, and program
103 8,676,773 Controlling and recovering long-lived transactions
104 8,676,770 Displaying changes to versioned files
105 8,676,767 Real time XML data update identification
106 8,676,763 Remote data protection in a networked storage computing environment
107 8,676,762 Efficient backup and restore of a cluster aware virtual input/output server (VIOS) within a VIOS cluster
108 8,676,760 Maintaining data integrity in data servers across data centers
109 8,676,758 Extending configuration management databases using generic datatypes
110 8,676,751 High availability database systems and methods
111 8,676,750 Efficient data synchronization in a distributed data recovery system
112 8,676,748 Clearing metadata tracks in a storage system
113 8,676,739 Determining a preferred node in a classification and regression tree for use in a predictive analysis
114 8,676,737 Detecting missing cases in business rules
115 8,676,724 Training with complex event processing engine to identify semantic meaning of virtual world object state changes
116 8,676,652 Sending a counter-offer to use an alternate payment option
117 8,676,647 Response attribution valuation
118 8,676,646 Response attribution valuation
119 8,676,645 Identification of users for advertising using data with missing values
120 8,676,635 Method and system for managing transactions
121 8,676,631 Automated item pricing
122 8,676,627 Vertical process merging by reconstruction of equivalent models and hierarchical process merging
123 8,676,625 Customer terminal for conducting a video conference between the customer terminal and an operator terminal and in which an estimated wait time is determined based on operator skill and an average dealing time
124 8,676,593 Geographic governance of data over clouds
125 8,676,589 Editing telecom web applications through a voice interface
126 8,676,580 Automatic speech and concept recognition
127 8,676,564 Method, program and system for finding correspondence between terms
128 8,676,560 Simulation method, system and program for simulating physical unit controlled by electronic control unit
129 8,676,559 System and method for providing efficient schematic review
130 8,676,536 Method and apparatus for selecting voltage and frequency levels for use in at-speed testing
131 8,676,516 Test circuit for bias temperature instability recovery measurements
132 8,676,449 Vehicle governance system
133 8,676,442 In-vehicle drive pattern optimization for reduced road wear
134 8,676,435 Maintaining a dynamic service registry for a self-diagnosing device
135 8,676,397 Regulating the temperature of a datacenter
136 8,676,367 Lot process order modification to improve detection of manufacturing effects
137 8,676,275 Ambient sound-based call functions
138 8,676,194 Method and apparatus for preconditioning mobile devices for network and other operations
139 8,676,036 User data-driven DVR download scheduling system
140 8,675,917 Abandoned object recognition using pedestrian detection
141 8,675,875 Optimizing use of hardware security modules
142 8,675,871 Protecting a control vector in an optional block of a standard key block
143 8,675,859 Implementing a contact center using open standards and non-proprietary components
144 8,675,828 Authentication of a user to a telephonic communication device
145 8,675,722 Methods and apparatus for snapshot-based equalization of a communications channel
146 8,675,683 Implementing end-to-end credit management for enhanced large packet reassembly
147 8,675,660 Selection of receive-queue based on packet attributes
148 8,675,641 System and method for supporting concurrent communication over multiple access points and physical media
149 8,675,484 Receiving data in a sensor network
150 8,675,475 Techniques for recovery of wireless services following power failures
151 8,675,444 Synchronized command throttling for multi-channel duty-cycle based memory power management
152 8,675,427 Implementing RC and coupling delay correction for SRAM
153 8,675,403 Gated diode memory cells
154 8,675,310 Embedded chip tape head
155 8,675,303 Method to handle portable cassettes removeably disposed in a data storage library comprising a pass-through accessor
156 8,675,296 Creating an identical copy of a tape cartridge
157 8,675,219 High bandwidth image processing with run time library function offload via task distribution to special purpose engines
158 8,675,011 Displaying items in an application window
159 8,675,001 Efficient memory management for path determination in memory space limited parallel processing systems
160 8,674,991 Layout method and system in a display area for disconnected dynamic networks
161 8,674,856 Data compression utilizing longest common subsequence template
162 8,674,843 System and method for detecting and localizing abnormal conditions and electrical faults in an electrical grid
163 8,674,766 Differential amplifier stage with integrated offset cancellation circuit
164 8,674,737 Clock feathered slew rate control system
165 8,674,515 3D integrated circuits structure
166 8,674,506 Structures and methods to reduce maximum current density in a solder ball
167 8,674,497 Stacked half-bridge package with a current carrying layer
168 8,674,476 Anti-fuse device structure and electroplating circuit structure and method
169 8,674,474 Biosensors integrated with a microfluidic structure
170 8,674,472 Low harmonic RF switch in SOI
171 8,674,456 High-K transistors with low threshold voltage
172 8,674,447 Transistor with improved sigma-shaped embedded stressor and method of formation
173 8,674,444 Structure and method of forming a transistor with asymmetric channel and source/drain regions
174 8,674,423 Semiconductor structure having vias and high density capacitors
175 8,674,412 Contacts-first self-aligned carbon nanotube transistor with gate-all-around
176 8,674,400 Stress enhanced junction engineering for latchup SCR
177 8,674,342 Pad-less gate-all around semiconductor nanowire FETs on bulk semiconductor wafers
178 8,674,237 Implementing press-lock EMC gasket with absorber
179 8,673,791 Method and apparatus for substrate-mask alignment
180 8,673,761 Reflow method for lead-free solder
181 8,673,757 Structure and method for using high-k material as an etch stop layer in dual stress layer process
182 8,673,738 Shallow trench isolation structures
183 8,673,737 Array and moat isolation structures and method of manufacture
184 8,673,735 Semiconductor device and method for making same
185 8,673,731 Techniques for gate workfunction engineering to reduce short channel effects in planar CMOS devices
186 8,673,729 finFET eDRAM strap connection structure
187 8,673,726 Transistor structure with a sidewall-defined intrinsic base to extrinsic base link-up region and method of forming the transistor
188 8,673,725 Multilayer sidewall spacer for seam protection of a patterned structure
189 8,673,719 DRAM with a nanowire access transistor
190 8,673,717 Self-aligned process to fabricate a memory cell array with a surrounding-gate access transistor
191 8,673,708 Replacement gate ETSOI with sharp junction
192 8,673,703 Fabrication of graphene nanoelectronic devices on SOI structures
193 8,673,699 Semiconductor structure having NFET extension last implants
194 8,673,698 Generation of multiple diameter nanowire field effect transistors
195 8,673,683 Graphene field effect transistor
196 8,673,670 Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) structures and design structures
197 8,673,462 Low viscosity electrostatic discharge (ESD) dissipating adhesive substantially free of agglomerates
198 8,673,165 Sidewall image transfer process with multiple critical dimensions
199 8,672,688 Land grid array interposer with compressible conductors
200 8,672,273 Rail car sensor network