IBM patents granted on 18 November 2014

172 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,893,311 Three-dimensional imaging and manipulation
2 8,893,310 Scanned probe microscopy (SPM) probe having angled tip
3 8,893,306 Resource management and security system
4 8,893,288 Prevention of information leakage from a document based on dynamic database label based access control (LBAC) policies
5 8,893,220 Managing co-editing sessions
6 8,893,218 Association of service policies based on the application of message content filters
7 8,893,217 Method and apparatus for specifying time-varying intelligent service-oriented model
8 8,893,160 Block storage interface for virtual memory
9 8,893,157 Administering incident pools for event and alert analysis
10 8,893,153 Inter-thread data communications in a computer processor
11 8,893,150 Runtime optimization of an application executing on a parallel computer
12 8,893,148 Performing setup operations for receiving different amounts of data while processors are performing message passing interface tasks
13 8,893,145 Method to reduce queue synchronization of multiple work items in a system with high memory latency between processing nodes
14 8,893,139 System and method for time-aware run-time to guarantee timeliness in component-oriented distributed systems
15 8,893,138 Dynamic test scheduling by ordering tasks for performance based on similarities between the tasks
16 8,893,134 Locating bottleneck threads in multi-thread applications
17 8,893,133 Dynamic test scheduling by ordering tasks for performance based on similarities between the tasks
18 8,893,128 Real-time distributed monitoring of local and global processor resource allocations and deallocations
19 8,893,127 Method and system for loading application to a local memory of a co-processor system by using position independent loader
20 8,893,126 Binding a process to a special purpose processing element having characteristics of a processor
21 8,893,118 Migratable unit based application migration
22 8,893,101 Hybrid dependency analysis using dynamic and static analyses
23 8,893,100 Return address optimisation for a dynamic code translator
24 8,893,095 Methods for generating code for an architecture encoding an extended register specification
25 8,893,091 Running an executable during a debug session
26 8,893,086 System and method for resource modeling and simulation in test planning
27 8,893,083 Collective operation protocol selection in a parallel computer
28 8,893,079 Methods for generating code for an architecture encoding an extended register specification
29 8,893,075 Screen use diagram-based representation, development and testing system and method
30 8,893,064 System and method for determining merged resistance values for same-type terminals in a complex semiconductor structure
31 8,893,050 Assembly and output of user-defined groupings
32 8,893,049 Creation and prioritization of multiple virtual universe teleports in response to an event
33 8,893,047 Activity triggered photography in metaverse applications
34 8,893,043 Method and system for predictive browsing
35 8,893,038 Graphical association of task bar entries with corresponding desktop locations
36 8,893,028 Supplementary calculation of numeric data in a web browser
37 8,893,004 User interface proxy method and system
38 8,893,000 Relocation between virtual environments based upon promotional and alert conditions
39 8,892,959 Automatic problem diagnosis
40 8,892,958 Dynamic hardware trace supporting multiphase operations
41 8,892,952 Preserve status parameter for testing in computing system
42 8,892,951 Fault localization for data-centric programs
43 8,892,949 Effective validation of execution units within a processor
44 8,892,946 Verifying speculative multithreading in an application
45 8,892,945 Efficient application management in a cloud with failures
46 8,892,944 Handling a failed processor of multiprocessor information handling system
47 8,892,941 Recovering a volume table and data sets from a corrupted volume
48 8,892,921 Power management for systems on a chip
49 8,892,916 Dynamic core pool management
50 8,892,900 Privacy-protecting integrity attestation of a computing platform
51 8,892,892 System for enabling digital signature auditing
52 8,892,864 Method for separating a dividable computer device into multiple sub-computers with predetermined features and functionality loaded before the separation upon user’s selection
53 8,892,851 Changing opcode of subsequent instruction when same destination address is not used as source address by intervening instructions
54 8,892,850 Endpoint-based parallel data processing with non-blocking collective instructions in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
55 8,892,843 Creation of logical units via borrowing of alternative storage and subsequent movement of the logical units to desired storage
56 8,892,838 Point-in-time copying of virtual storage and point-in-time dumping
57 8,892,836 Automated migration to a new copy services target storage system to manage multiple relationships simultaneously while maintaining disaster recovery consistency
58 8,892,834 Cyclic point-in-time-copy architecture with data deduplication
59 8,892,830 Changing ownership of cartridges
60 8,892,824 Store-operate-coherence-on-value
61 8,892,821 Method and system for thread-based memory speculation in a memory subsystem of a data processing system
62 8,892,807 Emulating a skip read command
63 8,892,802 Enhancing interrupt handling in a virtual environment
64 8,892,781 Bi-directional data transfer within a single I/O operation
65 8,892,779 Virtual machine allocation at physical resources
66 8,892,775 Apparatus, system, and method for redundant device management
67 8,892,762 Multi-granular stream processing
68 8,892,746 Asynchronous invocation mechanism in session initiation protocol (SIP) server clusters
69 8,892,740 Dynamic application provisioning in cloud computing environments
70 8,892,739 Enabling and managing user-specified aliases
71 8,892,714 Managing inventory data for components of a server system
72 8,892,709 Early generation of service requests
73 8,892,705 Information processing system, operation management method for computer systems, and program in a distributed network environment
74 8,892,703 Cross-cutting event correlation
75 8,892,702 Policy driven autonomic computing-programmatic policy definitions
76 8,892,660 Dynamic email content update process
77 8,892,659 Adaptive electronic introductions
78 8,892,657 Motivating and demotivating message responses
79 8,892,652 E-meeting summaries
80 8,892,645 Method and system for selective sharing of flagged information in a group chat environment
81 8,892,631 System and method of optimizing digital media processing in a carrier grade web portal environment
82 8,892,624 Method for the interoperation of virtual organizations
83 8,892,603 Restoring deduplicated data objects from sequential backup devices
84 8,892,576 Ordering and presenting a set of data tuples
85 8,892,571 Systems for associating records in healthcare database with individuals
86 8,892,566 Creating indexes for databases
87 8,892,561 Refinement and calibration mechanism for improving classification of information assets
88 8,892,558 Inserting data into an in-memory distributed nodal database
89 8,892,557 Optimal persistence of a business process
90 8,892,554 Automatic word-cloud generation
91 8,892,550 Source expansion for information retrieval and information extraction
92 8,892,548 Ordering search-engine results
93 8,892,546 Search quality via query provenance visualization
94 8,892,539 Building, reusing and managing authored content for incident management
95 8,892,531 Scalable file management for a shared file system
96 8,892,525 Automatic consistent sampling for data analysis
97 8,892,524 Collection of data from collaboration platforms
98 8,892,521 Managing redundant immutable files using deduplication in storage clouds
99 8,892,515 Enforcing temporal uniqueness of index keys utilizing key-valued locking in the presence of pseudo-deleted keys
100 8,892,512 Synchronization for initialization of a remote mirror storage facility
101 8,892,499 Life cycle management of rule sets
102 8,892,487 Electronic synapses for reinforcement learning
103 8,892,471 Modifying a digital media product
104 8,892,445 Quality of user generated audio content in voice applications
105 8,892,444 Systems and methods for improving quality of user generated audio content in voice applications
106 8,892,386 Method and apparatus for post-silicon testing
107 8,892,354 Prescription-based travel route recommendation
108 8,892,344 Solving traffic congestion using vehicle grouping
109 8,892,267 Real-time monitoring, controlling, and optimizing electrical generation assets based on emission level measurements
110 8,892,053 Cache hits via a users speed, direction of movement, location, and band within a cellular network
111 8,891,816 Interior location identification
112 8,891,814 Systems and methods for metadata embedding in streaming medical data
113 8,891,760 System for checking acceptance of string by automaton
114 8,891,740 Voice input state identification
115 8,891,550 Platform independent configuration of multiple network services
116 8,891,542 Unified system networking with CEE-PCIe tunneling
117 8,891,541 Systems, methods and algorithms for named data network routing with path labeling
118 8,891,535 Managing a global forwarding table in a distributed switch
119 8,891,531 Bridge for implementing a converged network protocol to facilitate communication between different communication protocol networks
120 8,891,516 Extended link aggregation (LAG) for use in multiple switches
121 8,891,473 Deduplicated data processing congestion control
122 8,891,408 Broadcasting a message in a parallel computer
123 8,891,405 Integrated device management over Ethernet network
124 8,891,403 Inter-cluster communications technique for event and health status communications
125 8,891,397 Lawful interception in a mobile data network with data offload at the basestation
126 8,891,376 Quantized Congestion Notification–defense mode choice extension for the alternate priority of congestion points
127 8,891,371 Data communications in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
128 8,891,359 Selective link aggregation in a virtualized environment
129 8,891,328 Low voltage metal gate antifuse with depletion mode MOSFET
130 8,891,293 High-endurance phase change memory devices and methods for operating the same
131 8,891,279 Enhanced wiring structure for a cache supporting auxiliary data output
132 8,891,266 Monolithic high voltage multiplier having high voltage semiconductor diodes and high-k capacitors
133 8,891,212 RC-triggered semiconductor controlled rectifier for ESD protection of signal pads
134 8,891,199 Robust metric computation of longitudinal position (LPOS) data symbol detection
135 8,891,198 Method and apparatus for operating a tape storage device
136 8,891,197 Adjustment of tape writing mechanism, based on tape dimensional stability and positional error signal distribution
137 8,890,557 Built-in self-test method and structure
138 8,890,556 Real-time on-chip EM performance monitoring
139 8,890,542 On-chip measurement of AC variability in individual transistor devices
140 8,890,318 Middle of line structures
141 8,890,316 Implementing decoupling devices inside a TSV DRAM stack
142 8,890,261 Fin field effect transistor devices with self-aligned source and drain regions
143 8,890,257 Damascene method of forming a semiconductor structure and a semiconductor structure with multiple fin-shaped channel regions having different widths
144 8,890,256 Structure for heavy ion tolerant device, method of manufacturing the same and structure thereof
145 8,890,255 Structure and method for stress latching in non-planar semiconductor devices
146 8,890,249 Bulk FinFET ESD device
147 8,890,247 Extremely thin semiconductor-on-insulator with back gate contact
148 8,890,246 Shielding for high-voltage semiconductor-on-insulator devices
149 8,890,245 Raised source/drain structure for enhanced strain coupling from stress liner
150 8,890,121 Integrated nanowire/nanosheet nanogap and nanopore for DNA and RNA sequencing
151 8,890,116 Vertical stacking of carbon nanotube arrays for current enhancement and control
152 8,890,112 Controlling ferroelectricity in dielectric films by process induced uniaxial strain
153 8,890,083 Soft error detection
154 8,890,003 Multiple-layered electromagnetic shielding
155 8,889,564 Suspended nanowire structure
156 8,889,562 Double patterning method
157 8,889,546 Discontinuous/non-uniform metal cap structure and process for interconnect integration
158 8,889,542 Method of forming a through-silicon via utilizing a metal contact pad in a back-end-of-line wiring level to fill the through-silicon via
159 8,889,541 Reduced short channel effect of III-V field effect transistor via oxidizing aluminum-rich underlayer
160 8,889,540 Stress memorization in RMG FinFets
161 8,889,537 Implantless dopant segregation for silicide contacts
162 8,889,529 Heterojunction bipolar transistors with thin epitaxial contacts
163 8,889,506 Structure and method for interconnect spatial frequency doubling using selective ridges
164 8,889,504 Semiconductor devices having tensile and/or compressive stress and methods of manufacturing
165 8,889,495 Semiconductor alloy fin field effect transistor
166 8,889,491 Method of forming electronic fuse line with modified cap
167 8,889,475 Self-aligned bottom-gated graphene devices
168 8,889,466 Protective insulating layer and chemical mechanical polishing for polycrystalline thin film solar cells
169 8,889,456 Method of fabricating uniformly distributed self-assembled solder dot formation for high efficiency solar cells
170 8,889,447 Double layer interleaved p-n diode modulator
171 8,889,433 Spin hall effect assisted spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory
172 8,889,046 Visual indication of improperly processed plastic parts