IBM patents granted on 18 October 2011

147 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,042,168 Computer maintenance method and system
2 8,042,162 Method and system for native authentication protocols in a heterogeneous federated environment
3 8,042,158 Management of user authorizations
4 8,042,153 Reducing overhead associated with distributed password policy enforcement operations
5 8,042,118 Developing diameter applications using diameter interface servlets
6 8,042,115 Method and system for balancing component load in an input/output stack of an operating system
7 8,042,114 Resource allocation in a NUMA architecture based on separate application specified resource and strength preferences for processor and memory resources
8 8,042,113 Runtime-resource management
9 8,042,108 Virtual machine migration between servers
10 8,042,103 Pre-translated files used in a virtual machine
11 8,042,102 Method and system for autonomic monitoring of semaphore operations in an application
12 8,042,100 Methods, systems, and computer products for evaluating robustness of a list scheduling framework
13 8,042,097 Automated semantic-based updates to modified code base
14 8,042,092 Method for generating an executable workflow code from an unstructured cyclic process model
15 8,042,091 Automatic composition of model transformations
16 8,042,078 Enhancing formal design verification by reusing previous results
17 8,042,075 Method, system and application for sequential cofactor-based analysis of netlists
18 8,042,070 Methods and system for analysis and management of parametric yield
19 8,042,057 Facilitated source to target object editing functions
20 8,042,051 Apparatus for navigation and interaction in a virtual meeting place
21 8,042,035 Method and system for rapid access to frequently used or searched objects
22 8,042,024 Method, system, and computer program product for reconstructing a data stream
23 8,042,004 Diagnosing communications between computer systems
24 8,042,001 Protecting code from breakpoints
25 8,042,000 Apparatus, system, and method for validating application server replication errors
26 8,041,990 System and method for error correction and detection in a memory system
27 8,041,989 System and method for providing a high fault tolerant memory system
28 8,041,987 Dynamic physical and virtual multipath I/O
29 8,041,984 Redundancy information for adjusting threshold for component failure in a multi-layer system
30 8,041,976 Power management for clusters of computers
31 8,041,969 Reducing power consumption while performing collective operations on a plurality of compute nodes
32 8,041,955 Grid mutual authorization through proxy certificate generation
33 8,041,938 Alternatively activating a replaceable hardware unit
34 8,041,936 Persisting value relevant to debugging of computer system during reset of computer system
35 8,041,928 Information handling system with real and virtual load/store instruction issue queue
36 8,041,923 Load page table entry address instruction execution based on an address translation format control field
37 8,041,922 Enhanced dynamic address translation with load real address function
38 8,041,921 Apparatus, system, and method for utilizing tape media segmentation
39 8,041,919 Storing data blocks to maximize the amount of storage space used in a storage device
40 8,041,902 Direct memory move of multiple buffers between logical partitions
41 8,041,894 Method and system for a multi-level virtual/real cache system with synonym resolution
42 8,041,877 Distributed computing utilizing virtual memory having a shared paging space
43 8,041,863 Automated solution to provide personalized user environment on any public computer using portable storage devices with personalized user settings uploaded to local registry of public computer
44 8,041,851 Generic DMA memory space mapping
45 8,041,834 System and method for enabling a wireless sensor network by mote communication
46 8,041,826 Ajax proxy indirection for external domain requests
47 8,041,821 Connection pool management
48 8,041,814 Method, system and computer program product for hierarchical load balancing
49 8,041,807 Method, system and program product for determining a number of concurrent users accessing a system
50 8,041,800 Automatic orchestration of dynamic multiple party, multiple media communications
51 8,041,797 Apparatus and method for allocating resources based on service level agreement predictions and associated costs
52 8,041,786 Configuration, management and monitoring of network resources using device specific command templates
53 8,041,772 Autonomic sensor network ecosystem
54 8,041,763 Method and system for providing sharable bookmarking of web pages consisting of dynamic content
55 8,041,760 Service oriented architecture for a loading function in a data integration platform
56 8,041,753 Method and systems for hyperlinking files
57 8,041,728 Utilization of display profiles with abstract queries
58 8,041,726 System for executing a query having multiple distinct key columns
59 8,041,725 Eliminating duplicate and invalid calendar items from end user calendars using a unique entry identifier (UEID)
60 8,041,724 Dynamically modifying a sequence of slides in a slideshow set during a presentation of the slideshow
61 8,041,722 Refining collections of entities in a service registry environment
62 8,041,708 Optimizing execution of database queries containing user-defined functions
63 8,041,706 Information integration across autonomous enterprises
64 8,041,705 Microhubs and its applications
65 8,041,702 Ontology-based network search engine
66 8,041,698 Method, system and program for archiving files
67 8,041,696 Idea tracking and management
68 8,041,690 Storing information for dynamically enlisted resources in a transaction
69 8,041,687 Dynamic generation of XML Schema for backend driven data validation
70 8,041,686 Database contention and deadlock detection and reduction within application servers
71 8,041,681 Method for performing a backup by querying a backup infrastructure
72 8,041,680 Backing up a database
73 8,041,676 Backup and restore of file system objects of unknown type
74 8,041,671 Method and system for providing a homogeneous view of a distributed common information model (CIM) within a heterogeneous virtual system environment
75 8,041,663 Method for predicting problematic configurations and recommending safe configurations
76 8,041,652 Measuring web site satisfaction of information needs using page traffic profile
77 8,041,614 Inventory item expiration and renewal in a virtual universe
78 8,041,600 Application of brokering methods to performance characteristics
79 8,041,599 Method, system, and program product for selecting a brokering method for obtaining desired service level characteristics
80 8,041,594 System for importing calendar data from a computer screen into a calendar application
81 8,041,588 Business process diagram visualization using heat maps
82 8,041,586 Shared space availability by dynamically responding to user utilization behavior of shared space
83 8,041,575 System and method for enabling voice driven interactions among multiple IVR’s, constituting a voice workflow
84 8,041,573 Integrating a voice browser into a Web 2.0 environment
85 8,041,572 Speech processing method based upon a representational state transfer (REST) architecture that uses web 2.0 concepts for speech resource interfaces
86 8,041,571 Application of speech and speaker recognition tools to fault detection in electrical circuits
87 8,041,560 System for adaptive multi-cultural searching and matching of personal names
88 8,041,559 System and method for disambiguating non diacritized arabic words in a text
89 8,041,556 Chinese to english translation tool
90 8,041,555 Language translation based on a location of a wireless device
91 8,041,546 Capacitance modeling
92 8,041,537 Clock duty cycle measurement with charge pump without using reference clock calibration
93 8,041,521 Estimating power consumption of computing components configured in a computing system
94 8,041,516 Identifying and generating olfactory cohorts based on olfactory sensor input
95 8,041,437 System and method for virtual control of laboratory equipment
96 8,041,402 Method and apparatus for managing ring tones in a mobile device
97 8,041,293 Responding to recipient rated wirelessly broadcast electronic works
98 8,041,290 Tracking locally broadcast electronic works
99 8,041,125 Data visualization device and method
100 8,041,085 Minutiae mask
101 8,041,025 Systems and arrangements for controlling modes of audio devices based on user selectable parameters
102 8,041,024 Method and system for telephone number change notification and tracking
103 8,040,900 N-port network adaptor
104 8,040,863 Demand pull and supply push communication methodologies
105 8,040,824 Methods and apparatus for content delivery via application level multicast with minimum communication delay
106 8,040,813 Apparatus and method for reduced loading of signal transmission elements
107 8,040,799 Network on chip with minimum guaranteed bandwidth for virtual communications channels
108 8,040,750 Dual mode memory system for reducing power requirements during memory backup transition
109 8,040,606 Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
110 8,040,605 Dispersive element, diffraction grating, color display device, demultiplexer, and diffraction grating manufacture
111 8,040,254 Method and system for controlling and adjusting traffic light timing patterns
112 8,040,244 Closure with passive electronic sensor for tamper detection and related method
113 8,040,242 Hierarchical RFID
114 8,040,115 Multiple branch alternative element power regulation
115 8,040,100 Automatically determining optimal pulse duration for a stepper motor
116 8,039,990 DC UPS configured as intrinsic power transfer switch
117 8,039,989 Apparatus, system, and method for a low cost multiple output redundant power supply
118 8,039,966 Structures of and methods and tools for forming in-situ metallic/dielectric caps for interconnects
119 8,039,964 Fluorine depleted adhesion layer for metal interconnect structure
120 8,039,929 Asymmetrically stressed CMOS FinFET
121 8,039,909 Semiconductor nanowires charge sensor
122 8,039,908 Damascene gate having protected shorting regions
123 8,039,888 Conductive spacers for semiconductor devices and methods of forming
124 8,039,875 Structure for pixel sensor cell that collects electrons and holes
125 8,039,868 Structure and method for an electrostatic discharge (ESD) silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) structure
126 8,039,837 In-line voltage contrast detection of PFET silicide encroachment
127 8,039,382 Method for forming self-aligned metal silicide contacts
128 8,039,376 Methods of changing threshold voltages of semiconductor transistors by ion implantation
129 8,039,371 Reduced defect semiconductor-on-insulator hetero-structures
130 8,039,366 Method for providing rotationally symmetric alignment marks for an alignment system that requires asymmetric geometric layout
131 8,039,356 Through silicon via lithographic alignment and registration
132 8,039,354 Passive components in the back end of integrated circuits
133 8,039,351 Method of fabricating hetero-junction bipolar transistor (HBT)
134 8,039,334 Shared gate for conventional planar device and horizontal CNT
135 8,039,331 Opto-thermal annealing methods for forming metal gate and fully silicided gate-field effect transistors
136 8,039,314 Metal adhesion by induced surface roughness
137 8,039,292 Holey electrode grids for photovoltaic cells with subwavelength and superwavelength feature sizes
138 8,039,250 Piezoelectric-based nanopore device for the active control of the motion of polymers through the same
139 8,039,203 Integrated circuits and methods of design and manufacture thereof
140 8,038,834 Method and system for controlling radical distribution
141 8,038,343 Apparatus for thermal characterization under non-uniform heat load
142 8,037,926 Method and apparatus for chip cooling
143 8,037,893 Optimizing thermal performance using thermal flow analysis
144 8,037,736 Non-linearity determination of positioning scanner of measurement tool
145 8,037,644 Fire-code-compatible, collapsible partitions to prevent unwanted airflow between computer-room cold aisles and hot aisles
146 8,037,600 Method of producing a land grid array interposer structure
147 8,037,594 Method of forming a flip-chip package