IBM patents granted on 18 September 2007

88 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to IBM

1 7,272,850 Turnkey data security
2 7,272,836 Method and apparatus for bridging service for standard object identifier based protocols
3 7,272,835 Apparatus and method for obtaining a string representation of objects in displayed hierarchical structures
4 7,272,834 Method for continuous I/O request processing in an asynchronous environment
5 7,272,833 Messaging service in a federated content management system
6 7,272,827 Statically detecting externally referenced interfaces of a program
7 7,272,826 Hierarchical breakpoint groups
8 7,272,824 Method for runtime determination of available input argument types for a software program
9 7,272,819 Configuration model for configuring an adapter software component to selectively access software objects and object editor using instance of same
10 7,272,809 Method, apparatus and computer program product for implementing enhanced high frequency return current paths utilizing decoupling capacitors in a package design
11 7,272,797 System and method for information transfer over a network
12 7,272,785 Data editing for improving readability of a display
13 7,272,783 Method and system in an electronic spreadsheet for managing and handling user-defined options
14 7,272,778 Method and systems for improving test of data transmission in multi-channel systems
15 7,272,777 Method for correcting a burst of errors plus random errors
16 7,272,773 Cache directory array recovery mechanism to support special ECC stuck bit matrix
17 7,272,764 Method, system, and program product for boundary I/O testing employing a logic built-in self-test of an integrated circuit
18 7,272,761 Method, system, and program product for controlling test data of a logic built-in self-test of an integrated circuit
19 7,272,759 Method and apparatus for system monitoring with reduced function cores
20 7,272,755 Apparatus and method for dynamically rerouting a network request based on shared predictive failure information
21 7,272,754 Implementation-efficient multiple-counter value hardware performance counter
22 7,272,753 Methods and apparatus for translating application tests for execution with simulation software tools
23 7,272,752 Method and system for integrating test coverage measurements with model based test generation
24 7,272,751 Error detection during processor idle cycles
25 7,272,734 Memory management to enable memory deep power down mode in general computing systems
26 7,272,722 Method for industrially changing the passwords of AIX/UNIX users
27 7,272,714 Method, apparatus, and program for automated trust zone partitioning
28 7,272,707 Methods and apparatus for automatic system parameter configuration for performance improvement
29 7,272,699 Flexible sub-column to sub-row mapping for sub-page activation in XDR.TM. DRAMs
30 7,272,692 Arbitration scheme for memory command selectors
31 7,272,690 Method and system for assigning a resource
32 7,272,671 Means of control bits protection in a logical partition environment having a first and second distinct operating system
33 7,272,664 Cross partition sharing of state information
34 7,272,663 Method and system for delineating data segments subjected to data compression
35 7,272,653 System and method for implementing a clustered load balancer
36 7,272,642 Detecting a reverse proxy and establishing a tunneled connection therethrough
37 7,272,624 Fused booth encoder multiplexer
38 7,272,615 Meta-data driven resource management
39 7,272,595 Information search support system, application server, information search method, and program product
40 7,272,593 Method and apparatus for similarity retrieval from iterative refinement
41 7,272,590 System and method for determining numerical representations for categorical data fields
42 7,272,584 Use of dominance to improve performance or increase search space in genetic algorithms
43 7,272,573 Internet strategic brand weighting factor
44 7,272,551 Computational effectiveness enhancement of frequency domain pitch estimators
45 7,272,550 System and method for configurable binding of access control lists in a content management system
46 7,272,522 Method and systems for optimizing high-speed signal transmission
47 7,272,517 Method and system for providing performance estimations for a specified power budget
48 7,272,403 Selective enablement and disablement of a mobile communications device based upon location
49 7,272,320 Time division multiplexing of inter-system channel data streams for transmission across a network
50 7,272,264 System and method for hole filling in 3D models
51 7,272,231 Encrypting data for access by multiple users
52 7,272,228 System and method for securing code and ensuring proper execution using state-based encryption
53 7,272,196 Adjustable phase controlled clock and data recovery circuit
54 7,272,139 Fast path routing in a large-scale virtual server computing environment
55 7,272,081 On-demand support for resources in an automated data storage library
56 7,272,030 Global bit line restore timing scheme and circuit
57 7,272,005 Multi-element heat exchange assemblies and methods of fabrication for a cooling system
58 7,271,971 Dynamically adapting a magnetic tape read channel equalizer
59 7,271,878 Wafer cell for immersion lithography
60 7,271,815 System, method and program to generate a blinking image
61 7,271,738 Restricted parking system
62 7,271,715 Personal articles tracking
63 7,271,702 Method and system for autonomous correlation of sensed environmental attributes with entities
64 7,271,700 Thin film resistor with current density enhancing layer (CDEL)
65 7,271,699 Changing an electrical resistance of a resistor
66 7,271,693 On-chip inductor with magnetic core
67 7,271,681 Clearance hole size adjustment for impedance control in multilayer electronic packaging and printed circuit boards
68 7,271,643 Circuit for blowing an electrically blowable fuse in SOI technologies
69 7,271,486 Retarding agglomeration of Ni monosilicide using Ni alloys
70 7,271,455 Formation of fully silicided metal gate using dual self-aligned silicide process
71 7,271,453 Buried biasing wells in FETS
72 7,271,446 Ultra-thin channel device with raised source and drain and solid source extension doping
73 7,271,444 Wrap-around gate field effect transistor
74 7,271,442 Transistor structure having stressed regions of opposite types underlying channel and source/drain regions
75 7,271,079 Method of doping a gate electrode of a field effect transistor
76 7,271,049 Method of forming self-aligned low-k gate cap
77 7,271,044 CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) technology
78 7,271,043 Method for manufacturing strained silicon directly-on-insulator substrate with hybrid crystalline orientation and different stress levels
79 7,271,034 Semiconductor device with a high thermal dissipation efficiency
80 7,270,940 Method of structuring of a substrate
81 7,270,931 Silicon-containing compositions for spin-on ARC/hardmask materials
82 7,270,896 High performance magnetic tunnel barriers with amorphous materials
83 7,270,884 Adhesion layer for Pt on SiO.sub.2
84 7,270,546 System and method for interactive reading and language instruction
85 7,270,478 X-ray alignment system for fabricating electronic chips
86 7,270,269 Secure electronic voting device
87 7,270,174 Method, system and program product for automatically checking coolant loops of a cooling system for a computing environment
88 7,270,130 Semiconductor device cleaning employing heterogeneous nucleation for controlled cavitation