IBM patents granted on 19 April 2016

147 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to IBM

1 9,319,956 Method and apparatus for maintaining communications connections over a distributed wireless network
2 9,319,911 Adaptive monitoring for cellular networks
3 9,319,876 Anonymizing location information of a mobile device
4 9,319,622 Video projector with automated image enhancement
5 9,319,513 Automatic un-muting of a telephone call
6 9,319,465 Storage management in a multi-tiered storage architecture
7 9,319,464 Storage managment in a multi-tiered storage architecture
8 9,319,430 Managing software deployment
9 9,319,428 Analysis of scripts
10 9,319,422 Detecting remote operation of a computer
11 9,319,399 Consolidated authentication
12 9,319,364 Displaying message content differential in popup window
13 9,319,361 System and method for unfiltering filtered status messages
14 9,319,343 Modifying an assignment of nodes to roles in a computing environment
15 9,319,280 Calculating the effect of an action in a network
16 9,319,040 Distributing multiplexing logic to remove multiplexor latency on the output path for variable clock cycle, delayed signals
17 9,319,030 Integrated circuit failure prediction using clock duty cycle recording and analysis
18 9,318,957 Slab inductor device providing efficient on-chip supply voltage conversion and regulation
19 9,318,717 Semi-conductor device with programmable response
20 9,318,698 Spin transfer torque cell for magnetic random access memory
21 9,318,692 Self-limited crack etch to prevent device shorting
22 9,318,641 Nanowires formed by employing solder nanodots
23 9,318,636 Secondary optic for concentrating photovoltaic device
24 9,318,622 Fin-type PIN diode array
25 9,318,620 Folded conical inductor
26 9,318,585 Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor having a wide band gap emitter/collector which are epitaxially grown
27 9,318,582 Method of preventing epitaxy creeping under the spacer
28 9,318,581 Forming wrap-around silicide contact on finFET
29 9,318,579 Method for making a semiconductor device while avoiding nodules on a gate
30 9,318,574 Method and structure for enabling high aspect ratio sacrificial gates
31 9,318,572 Ambipolar synaptic devices
32 9,318,561 Device isolation for III-V substrates
33 9,318,553 Nanowire device with improved epitaxy
34 9,318,492 Floating body storage device employing a charge storage trench
35 9,318,489 Complex circuits utilizing fin structures
36 9,318,392 Method to form SOI fins on a bulk substrate with suspended anchoring
37 9,318,384 Dielectric liner for a self-aligned contact via structure
38 9,318,347 Wafer backside particle mitigation
39 9,318,344 CMOS structures and methods for improving yield
40 9,318,318 3D atomic layer gate or junction extender
41 9,318,171 Dual asynchronous and synchronous memory system
42 9,318,162 Overvoltage protection for a fine grained negative wordline scheme
43 9,318,138 Write delay to de-skew data in read while write function for tape storage devices
44 9,318,100 Supplementing audio recorded in a media file
45 9,318,027 Caching natural language questions and results in a question and answer system
46 9,317,947 Graphical user interface for efficiently visualizing multiple messages of different severities in a tabular format
47 9,317,882 Smart order management
48 9,317,874 Modified queue list generation
49 9,317,838 System and method for managing calendaring events
50 9,317,836 Monitoring responses to changes to business process assets
51 9,317,829 Diagnosing incidents for information technology service management
52 9,317,828 Facilitating provisioning in a mixed environment of locales
53 9,317,826 Providing a requisite level of service for an electronic meeting
54 9,317,819 Method and system for using a component business model to transform warranty claims processing in the automotive industry
55 9,317,814 Automatically generating an ontology and axioms from a business-process model
56 9,317,804 Calculating risk assessment value of event sequence
57 9,317,803 Authentication score quantifing similarity between a user’s online persona versus that user’s physical characteristics
58 9,317,732 Method and apparatus of determining air quality
59 9,317,731 Processing visible coding sequence, playing visible coding sequence
60 9,317,720 Method, system, and program for securely providing keys to encode and decode data in a storage cartridge
61 9,317,700 Preventing malicious observance of private information
62 9,317,699 Preventing malicious observance of private information
63 9,317,697 Processing of restricted access data
64 9,317,659 Healthcare management
65 9,317,643 Technology for temperature sensitive components in thermal processing
66 9,317,637 Distributed hardware device simulation
67 9,317,630 Memory frame architecture for instruction fetches in simulation
68 9,317,615 Multi-domain co-browsing utilizing localized state management
69 9,317,589 Semantic search by means of word sense disambiguation using a lexicon
70 9,317,586 Providing answers to questions using hypothesis pruning
71 9,317,578 Decision tree insight discovery
72 9,317,555 Query method for a distributed database system and query apparatus
73 9,317,548 Reducing collisions within a hash table
74 9,317,546 Storing changes made toward a limit
75 9,317,543 Dropping columns from a table with minimized unavailability
76 9,317,542 Declarative specification of data integration workflows for execution on parallel processing platforms
77 9,317,520 State scope data file sharing
78 9,317,517 Hashing scheme using compact array tables
79 9,317,516 Systems and methods for transformation of logical data objects for storage
80 9,317,501 Data security system for natural language translation
81 9,317,499 Optimizing generation of a regular expression
82 9,317,497 Offloading projection of fixed and variable length database columns
83 9,317,479 Multi-way number partitioning using weakest link optimality
84 9,317,472 Processing element data sharing
85 9,317,460 Program event recording within a transactional environment
86 9,317,453 Client partition scheduling and prioritization of service partition work
87 9,317,447 Systems and methods for background destaging storage tracks
88 9,317,443 Managing translations across multiple contexts using a TLB with entries directed to multiple privilege levels and to multiple types of address spaces
89 9,317,442 Direct memory access (DMA) address translation with a consecutive count field
90 9,317,439 System supporting multiple partitions with differing translation formats
91 9,317,434 Managing out-of-order memory command execution from multiple queues while maintaining data coherency
92 9,317,432 Methods and systems for consistently replicating data
93 9,317,428 Supporting multiple types of guests by a hypervisor
94 9,317,427 Reallocating unused memory databus utilization to another processor when utilization is below a threshold
95 9,317,420 Computer program installation across multiple memories
96 9,317,416 Merging automated testing reports
97 9,317,414 Regression testing of SQL execution plans for SQL statements
98 9,317,410 Testing functional correctness and idempotence of software automation scripts
99 9,317,409 Creating benchmark graph data
100 9,317,406 Generating test scripts through application integration
101 9,317,401 Prioritizing test cases using multiple variables
102 9,317,383 Communication of conditions at a primary storage controller to a host
103 9,317,382 Storage device with error recovery indication
104 9,317,380 Preserving management services with self-contained metadata through the disaster recovery life cycle
105 9,317,379 Using transactional execution for reliability and recovery of transient failures
106 9,317,374 Performing a background copy process during a backup operation
107 9,317,373 Snapshots in a hybrid storage device comprising a magnetic disk and a solid state disk
108 9,317,363 Management of a secure delete operation in a parity-based system
109 9,317,357 Management of microcode errors in a storage operation
110 9,317,355 Dynamically determining an external systems management application to report system errors
111 9,317,354 Dynamically determining an external systems management application to report system errors
112 9,317,350 Method and apparatus for faulty memory utilization
113 9,317,340 Intelligent virtual machine (VM) re-location
114 9,317,338 Method and system for modeling and analyzing computing resource requirements of software applications in a shared and distributed computing environment
115 9,317,337 Utilizing software component metadata to provision virtual machines in a networked computing environment
116 9,317,332 Resolving deployment conflicts in heterogeneous environments
117 9,317,328 Strategic placement of jobs for spatial elasticity in a high-performance computing environment
118 9,317,321 Determining virtual machine image pattern distributions in a networked computing environment
119 9,317,319 Monitoring and dynamically reconfiguring virtual machine patterns
120 9,317,317 Implementing concurrent device driver maintenance and recovery for an SRIOV adapter in a virtualized system
121 9,317,311 Generating a deployment pattern for reuse in a networked computing environment
122 9,317,308 Augmenting profile data with information gathered from a JIT compiler
123 9,317,302 Method and algorithm for content layout across diverse and dynamic displays
124 9,317,294 Concurrent multiple instruction issue of non-pipelined instructions using non-pipelined operation resources in another processing core
125 9,317,292 Hybrid polymorphic inline cache and branch target buffer prediction units for indirect branch prediction for emulation environments
126 9,317,291 Local instruction loop buffer utilizing execution unit register file
127 9,317,276 Updating software
128 9,317,267 Deployment and deployment planning as a service
129 9,317,264 Execution control during program code conversion
130 9,317,262 Identification of code synchronization points
131 9,317,259 Apparatus, system, and method for automatically generating a reusable software component for interfacing with a web service
132 9,317,258 Dynamic validation of models using constraint targets
133 9,317,256 Identifying syntaxes of disparate components of a computer-to-computer message
134 9,317,223 Method and apparatus for automated migration of data among storage centers
135 9,317,210 Balancing traffic through logical unit range partitioning
136 9,317,203 Distributed high performance pool
137 9,317,199 Setting a display position of a pointer
138 9,317,097 Efficiency adjustments in power supply system
139 9,317,022 Controlling power generators and chillers
140 9,316,884 Device and system for reflective digital light processing (DLP)
141 9,316,796 Fiber pigtail with integrated lid
142 9,316,787 Continuous evanescent perturbation gratings in a silicon photonic device
143 9,316,668 Determination of local contact potential difference by noncontact atomic force microscopy
144 9,316,492 Reducing the impact of charged particle beams in critical dimension analysis
145 9,315,619 Binding Bisphenol A in a polycarbonate container
146 9,314,864 C4NP compliant solder fill head seals
147 9,313,946 Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field