IBM patents granted on 19 August 2008

53 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 7,415,716 Component integrator
2 7,415,714 Method and system for generating a tutorial application
3 7,415,705 Autonomic method and apparatus for hardware assist for patching code
4 7,415,703 Loading software on a plurality of processors
5 7,415,698 Testing and debugging framework for application builders
6 7,415,695 System for search and analysis of systematic defects in integrated circuits
7 7,415,673 Extensible resource resolution framework
8 7,415,664 System and method in a spreadsheet for exporting-importing the content of input cells from a scalable template instance to another
9 7,415,645 Method and apparatus for soft-error immune and self-correcting latches
10 7,415,644 Self-repairing of microprocessor array structures
11 7,415,634 Method for fast system recovery via degraded reboot
12 7,415,628 Restricting the execution of copy services commands
13 7,415,559 Data processing systems and method for processing work items in such systems
14 7,415,556 Exclusion control
15 7,415,538 Intelligent document filtering
16 7,415,537 Conversational portal for providing conversational browsing and multimedia broadcast on demand
17 7,415,521 Method for controlling client access
18 7,415,498 Time limited collaborative community role delegation policy
19 7,415,489 Managing an archived file system
20 7,415,485 Workflow application having linked workflow components
21 7,415,465 Method for representing an interest priority of an object to a user based on personal histories or social context
22 7,415,460 System and method to customize search engine results by picking documents
23 7,415,455 Self-healing RDBMS optimizer
24 7,415,453 System, method and program product for forecasting the demand on computer resources
25 7,415,450 Apparatus and method for providing a centralized personal data base accessed by combined multiple identification numbers
26 7,415,444 Determining compliance rates for probabilistic requests
27 7,415,427 Method, computer network, and signal-bearing medium for performing a negotiation utilizing pareto-optimization
28 7,415,422 Method for prediction of materialization of a reserved purchase
29 7,415,415 Computer generated prompting
30 7,415,413 Methods for conveying synthetic speech style from a text-to-speech system
31 7,415,405 Database script translation tool
32 7,415,383 Compiling method, apparatus, and program
33 7,415,153 Color naming, color categorization and describing color composition of images
34 7,415,119 Method for hierarchical audio conflict control
35 7,415,038 Method and system for network management providing access to application bandwidth usage calculations
36 7,415,033 Dynamic time division multiplexing circuit without a shadow table
37 7,415,030 Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric having an address-based launch governor
38 7,414,987 Wireless telecommunications system for accessing information from the world wide web by mobile wireless computers through a combination of cellular telecommunications and satellite broadcasting
39 7,414,925 System and method for providing telephonic voice response information related to items marked on physical documents
40 7,414,908 Magnetic memory device
41 7,414,904 Method for evaluating storage cell design using a wordline timing and cell access detection circuit
42 7,414,878 Method for implementing domino SRAM leakage current reduction
43 7,414,812 Actuator assembly
44 7,414,811 Magnetic head having three modules
45 7,414,627 Maximize data visibility using slated viewer
46 7,414,529 Disablement of camera functionality for a portable device
47 7,414,436 Limited switch dynamic logic cell based register
48 7,414,387 Waveform measuring apparatus and method thereof
49 7,414,275 Multi-level interconnections for an integrated circuit chip
50 7,413,967 Yield improvement in silicon-germanium epitaxial growth
51 7,413,961 Method of fabricating a transistor structure
52 7,413,941 Method of fabricating sectional field effect devices
53 7,413,833 Single exposure of mask levels having a lines and spaces array using alternating phase-shift mask