IBM patents granted on 19 August 2014

175 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to IBM

1 8,813,260 Self-contained device security
2 8,813,255 Security classification applying social norming
3 8,813,237 Thwarting cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and clickjacking attacks
4 8,813,216 Network security protection
5 8,813,209 Automating network reconfiguration during migrations
6 8,813,205 Consolidating disparate cloud service data and behavior based on trust relationships between cloud services
7 8,813,190 Resource upload
8 8,813,140 Content retrieval for digital media recorder devices
9 8,813,097 Predicting the impact of change on events detected in application logic
10 8,813,096 Predicting the impact of change on events detected in application logic
11 8,813,095 Audio feedback for command line interface commands
12 8,813,090 System and method for dynamic rescheduling of multiple varying resources with user social mapping
13 8,813,089 Managing resources for maintenance tasks in computing systems
14 8,813,088 Scheduling flows in a multi-platform cluster environment
15 8,813,087 Managing a workload in a cluster of computing systems with multi-type operational resources
16 8,813,086 Work plan prioritization for application development and maintenance using pooled resources in a factory
17 8,813,082 Thread priority based on object creation rates
18 8,813,076 Virtual machine updates
19 8,813,066 Multi-component software application installation facility
20 8,813,063 Verification of successful installation of computer software
21 8,813,058 Realtime tracking of software components
22 8,813,051 Running multiple copies of native code in a Java Virtual Machine
23 8,813,045 Object level compatibility and class resizing utilizing semantic values
24 8,813,044 Dynamic optimization of mobile services
25 8,813,039 Method and system for software defect reporting
26 8,813,037 Debugging a high performance computing program
27 8,813,036 Visual representation of a difference between Cartesian product models
28 8,813,035 Paradigm for concurrency testcase generation
29 8,813,033 System and method for static analysis using fault paths
30 8,813,030 Detecting plug-in and fragment issues with software products
31 8,813,029 Remote card content management using synchronous server-side scripting
32 8,813,024 System and a method for cross-platform porting of business application and making them contextually-aware on target platforms
33 8,813,023 Visualization of complex systems using buildings
34 8,813,022 Aggregating business analytics architecture and configurator
35 8,813,000 System for designing substrates having reference plane voids with strip segments
36 8,812,974 Combined properties dialog from different sources
37 8,812,964 Managing evelopment of an enterprise application
38 8,812,959 Method and system for delivering digital content
39 8,812,953 System and method for reading a web feed that represents multiple related objects
40 8,812,916 Failure data management for a distributed computer system
41 8,812,912 Detecting system component failures in a computing system
42 8,812,900 Managing storage providers in a clustered appliance environment
43 8,812,890 Controlling power sequence in a blade center environment
44 8,812,879 Processor voltage regulation
45 8,812,831 Fan control method and apparatus for adjusting initial fan speed based on a discreteness level of installed devices and calibrating fan speed according to threshold power and adjusted initial speed
46 8,812,826 Processor testing
47 8,812,824 Method and apparatus for employing multi-bit register file cells and SMT thread groups
48 8,812,822 Scheduling instructions in a cascaded delayed execution pipeline to minimize pipeline stalls caused by a cache miss
49 8,812,818 Management of persistent memory in a multi-node computer system
50 8,812,799 Cluster families for cluster selection and cooperative replication
51 8,812,798 Indication of a destructive write via a notification from a disk drive that emulates blocks of a first block size within blocks of a second block size
52 8,812,794 Resolving messaging deadlock in a distributed shared memory
53 8,812,793 Silent invalid state transition handling in an SMP environment
54 8,812,785 Managing track discard requests to include in discard track messages
55 8,812,762 Presence detectable baffle for electrical components in a computing system
56 8,812,742 Communication path selection
57 8,812,718 System and method of streaming data over a distributed infrastructure
58 8,812,716 Switching media streams in a client system based on environmental changes
59 8,812,698 Method of and system for enforcing authentication strength for remote portlets
60 8,812,679 Managing computing environment entitlement contracts and associated resources using cohorting
61 8,812,645 Query optimization in a parallel computer system with multiple networks
62 8,812,637 Aggregation of multiple media streams to a user
63 8,812,632 Arrangement for operating a computer cluster
64 8,812,631 Method and arrangement for operating a computer cluster
65 8,812,622 Application optimization in a network system
66 8,812,610 Optimized data communications in a parallel computer
67 8,812,606 Method and system for transmitting an application message between nodes of a clustered data processing system
68 8,812,590 Asset sharing within an enterprise using a peer-to-peer network
69 8,812,578 Establishing future start times for jobs to be executed in a multi-cluster environment
70 8,812,560 Dynamically scalable modes
71 8,812,556 Storing modification data for recreating modifications
72 8,812,551 Client-side manipulation of tables
73 8,812,535 Propagating a query in a federated database
74 8,812,529 Determining and storing at least one results set in a global ontology database for future use by an entity that subscribes to the global ontology database
75 8,812,527 Automatically recommending asynchronous discussion forum posts during a real-time collaboration
76 8,812,524 Method and system for preserving privacy of a dataset
77 8,812,513 Hash pointer checking for hierarchical database logical relationship
78 8,812,507 Method and apparatus for maintaining and navigating a non-hierarchical personal spatial file system
79 8,812,491 Optimizing queries using predicate mappers
80 8,812,489 Swapping expected and candidate affinities in a query plan cache
81 8,812,485 Database query
82 8,812,481 Management of interesting database statistics
83 8,812,475 Facilitating object searches in virtual worlds
84 8,812,469 Configurable persistent storage on a computer system using a database
85 8,812,466 Detecting and combating attack in protection system of an industrial control system
86 8,812,461 Method and system for data deduplication
87 8,812,460 File deduplication in a file system
88 8,812,458 Adaptive methodology for updating solution building block architectures and associated tooling
89 8,812,446 Block level backup and restore
90 8,812,443 Failure data collection system apparatus and method
91 8,812,426 Selecting solution for carbon emission prediction
92 8,812,424 Semantic web technologies in system automation
93 8,812,415 Neuromorphic and synaptronic spiking neural network crossbar circuits with synaptic weights learned using a one-to-one correspondence with a simulation
94 8,812,414 Low-power event-driven neural computing architecture in neural networks
95 8,812,410 Efficient data profiling to optimize system performance
96 8,812,408 Mapping method and system
97 8,812,406 Receiving security risk feedback from linked contacts due to a user’s system actions and behaviors
98 8,812,405 Services for spontaneous collaboration
99 8,812,355 Generating customized marketing messages for a customer using dynamic customer behavior data
100 8,812,352 Environmental stewardship based on driving behavior
101 8,812,350 Service evolution approach in SOA
102 8,812,342 Managing and monitoring continuous improvement in detection of compliance violations
103 8,812,340 Workflow system and method
104 8,812,336 Providing real-time test ahead work direction for manufacturing optimization
105 8,812,312 System, method and program for speech processing
106 8,812,300 Identifying related names
107 8,812,297 Method and system for interactively finding synonyms using positive and negative feedback
108 8,812,287 Autonomous, scalable, digital system for emulation of wired-or hardware connection
109 8,812,275 Modeling movement of air under a floor of a data center
110 8,812,243 Transmission and compression of genetic data
111 8,812,137 Controlling sensor networks
112 8,811,944 Authentication request management
113 8,811,797 Switching between time order and popularity order sending of video segments
114 8,811,756 Image compression
115 8,811,687 Natural media in digital representations
116 8,811,674 Incorporating video meta-data in 3D models
117 8,811,663 Object detection in crowded scenes
118 8,811,607 Processing context information
119 8,811,587 Selectively filtering incoming communications events in a communications device
120 8,811,515 Adaptation to millimeter-wave communication link using different frequency carriers
121 8,811,424 Adaptive bandwidth control with defined priorities for different networks
122 8,811,412 Steering data communications packets among service applications with server selection modulus values
123 8,811,406 Delivering multicast frames to aggregated link trunks in a distributed switch
124 8,811,389 Transceiving apparatus and data processing system for communication base stations
125 8,811,378 Dual network types solution for computer interconnects
126 8,811,150 Dynamic error dampening in a network system
127 8,811,102 Multiple read port memory system with a single port memory cell
128 8,811,060 Non-volatile memory crosspoint repair
129 8,810,957 Quasi-statically tilted head having dilated transducer pitch
130 8,810,956 Technique for optimizing skew in the presence of tape motion
131 8,810,951 Apparatus and method for controlling data writing to a tape medium
132 8,810,944 Dynamic buffer size switching for burst errors encountered while reading a magnetic tape
133 8,810,939 Variable stopwrite threshold using kurtosis
134 8,810,577 Visualizing jobs in a distributed environment with limited resources
135 8,810,429 Data forecasting in a multi-node system
136 8,810,275 Dynamic impedance matching for improved transient performance in a direct current-to-direct current (`DC/DC`) converter for delivering a load to an electrical component
137 8,810,241 Methods for detecting damage to magnetoresistive sensors
138 8,810,005 Bipolar device having a monocrystalline semiconductor intrinsic base to extrinsic base link-up region
139 8,809,998 Semiconductor device including in wafer inductors, related method and design structure
140 8,809,995 Through silicon via noise suppression using buried interface contacts
141 8,809,994 Deep isolation trench structure and deep trench capacitor on a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate
142 8,809,967 Device structures compatible with fin-type field-effect transistor technologies
143 8,809,962 Transistor with reduced parasitic capacitance
144 8,809,957 Nanowire FET and FinFET hybrid technology
145 8,809,954 Partially depleted (PD) semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) field effect transistor (FET) structure with a gate-to-body tunnel current region for threshold voltage (Vt) lowering and method of forming the structure
146 8,809,953 FET structures with trench implantation to improve back channel leakage and body resistance
147 8,809,920 Prevention of fin erosion for semiconductor devices
148 8,809,915 Gate conductor with a diffusion barrier
149 8,809,872 Bulk finFET with super steep retrograde well
150 8,809,860 III-V compound semiconductor material passivation with crystalline interlayer
151 8,809,837 Vertical stacking of graphene in a field-effect transistor
152 8,809,828 Small footprint phase change memory cell
153 8,809,827 Thermally assisted MRAM with multilayer strap and top contact for low thermal conductivity
154 8,809,187 Body contacts for FET in SOI SRAM array
155 8,809,183 Interconnect structure with a planar interface between a selective conductive cap and a dielectric cap layer
156 8,809,182 Pad cushion structure and method of fabrication for Pb-free C4 integrated circuit chip joining
157 8,809,176 Replacement gate with reduced gate leakage current
158 8,809,168 Growing compressively strained silicon directly on silicon at low temperatures
159 8,809,164 Method of large-area circuit layout recognition
160 8,809,156 Method for implementing deep trench enabled high current capable bipolar transistor for current switching and output driver applications
161 8,809,155 Back-end-of-line metal-oxide-semiconductor varactors
162 8,809,153 Graphene transistors with self-aligned gates
163 8,809,152 Germanium oxide free atomic layer deposition of silicon oxide and high-k gate dielectric on germanium containing channel for CMOS devices
164 8,809,144 On-chip capacitors with a variable capacitance for a radiofrequency integrated circuit
165 8,809,142 Structure and method to form E-fuse with enhanced current crowding
166 8,809,131 Replacement gate fin first wire last gate all around devices
167 8,809,129 Diode-triggered silicon controlled rectifier with an integrated diode
168 8,808,453 System for abating the simultaneous flow of silane and arsine
169 8,807,946 Cyclic blade speed control apparatus and method
170 8,807,318 Multi-generational carrier platform
171 8,807,204 Electrohydrodynamic airflow across a heat sink using a non-planar ion emitter array
172 8,807,184 Reduction of edge chipping during wafer handling
173 8,806,749 Two-phase, water-based immersion-cooling apparatus with passive deionization
174 8,806,742 Method of making an electronic package
175 8,806,740 Silicon chicklet pedestal