IBM patents granted on 19 February 2008

52 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to IBM

1 D562,329 Acoustic rack door for a computer server system
2 7,334,234 Method and apparatus for transferring data to virtual devices behind a bus expander
3 7,334,233 Method and apparatus for multiple slaves to receive data from multiple masters in a data processing system
4 7,334,230 Resource allocation in a NUMA architecture based on separate application specified resource and strength preferences for processor and memory resources
5 7,334,228 Runtime-resource management
6 7,334,226 Autonomic auto-configuration using prior installation configuration relationships
7 7,334,225 Method, system, and computer program product for on demand enablement of dormant computing resources
8 7,334,222 Methods and apparatus for dependency-based impact simulation and vulnerability analysis
9 7,334,218 Method for adaptively assigning of data management applications to data objects
10 7,334,212 Method for interlayer and yield based optical proximity correction
11 7,334,194 Text editing apparatus
12 7,334,191 Segmentation and detection of representative frames in video sequences
13 7,334,142 Reducing power consumption in a logically partitioned data processing system with operating system call that indicates a selected processor is unneeded for a period of time
14 7,334,140 Apparatus and method to selectively provide power to one or more components disposed in an information storage and retrieval system
15 7,334,104 Satisfying memory allocation requests from memory pool or lookaside lists based on memory size requested to be allocated
16 7,334,088 Page descriptors for prefetching and memory management
17 7,334,087 Context-sensitive caching
18 7,334,070 Multi-channel memory architecture for daisy chained arrangements of nodes with bridging between memory channels
19 7,334,060 System and method for increasing the speed of serially inputting data into a JTAG-compliant device
20 7,334,055 Status display for parallel activities
21 7,334,032 System for allocating storage performance resource
22 7,333,996 Management of contract data
23 7,333,988 Method for constructing and caching a chain of file identifiers and enabling inheritance of resource properties in file systems
24 7,333,981 Transformation of a physical query into an abstract query
25 7,333,973 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for locating data in large datasets
26 7,333,968 Conditional CSP solving using constraint propagation
27 7,333,967 Method and system for automatic computation creativity and specifically for story generation
28 7,333,926 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for facilitating modeling of a combinatorial logic glitch at an asynchronous clock domain crossing
29 7,333,905 Method and apparatus for measuring the duty cycle of a digital signal
30 7,333,870 Self-adjusting inventory management process for personalizing and re-personalizing parts
31 7,333,773 Coordination of cellular telephones in a residential area to obviate need for wired residential service
32 7,333,658 Data verification using text messaging
33 7,333,493 Method for prevention of out-of-order delivery of data packets
34 7,333,487 Methods and apparatus for updating subsource addressing multicast routing records in a communications network
35 7,333,486 Methods and arrangements for monitoring subsource addressing multicast distribution trees
36 7,333,379 Balanced sense amplifier circuits with adjustable transistor body bias
37 7,333,323 Display system for use with portable display device
38 7,333,317 Portable ionizer
39 7,333,244 Method and system for embedding an image into two other images
40 7,333,188 Method and apparatus for real-time measurement of trace metal concentration in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) slurry
41 7,333,014 Notifying users of device events in a networked environment
42 7,332,956 Method to avoid device stressing
43 7,332,932 Serial link receiver with wide input voltage range and tolerance to high power voltage supply
44 7,332,927 Apparatus for temporary thermal coupling of an electronic device to a heat sink during test
45 7,332,922 Method for fabricating a structure for making contact with a device
46 7,332,821 Compressible films surrounding solder connectors
47 7,332,805 Electronic package with improved current carrying capability and method of forming the same
48 7,332,436 Process of removing residue from a precision surface using liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide composition
49 7,332,424 Fluxless solder transfer and reflow process
50 7,332,054 Etch apparatus
51 7,331,796 Land grid array (LGA) interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer hemi-torus and other multiple points of contact geometries
52 7,331,519 Traceability signature system, signature method and program product