IBM patents granted on 19 February 2013

168 US patents granted on 19 February 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,381,281 Authenticating a remote host to a firewall
2 8,381,275 Staged user deletion
3 8,381,242 Static analysis for verification of software program access to secure resources for computer systems
4 8,381,230 Message passing with queues and channels
5 8,381,225 Automated processor reallocation and optimization between logical partitions
6 8,381,222 Policy driven automation–specifying equivalent resources
7 8,381,221 Dynamic heat and power optimization of resource pools
8 8,381,220 Job scheduling and distribution on a partitioned compute tree based on job priority and network utilization
9 8,381,219 Monitoring performance on workload scheduling systems
10 8,381,212 Dynamic allocation and partitioning of compute nodes in hierarchical job scheduling
11 8,381,211 Virtual image overloading for solution deployment
12 8,381,209 Moveable access control list (ACL) mechanisms for hypervisors and virtual machines and virtual port firewalls
13 8,381,208 Tracking application installation among a plurality of client devices
14 8,381,207 Script generation engine and mapping semantic models for target platform
15 8,381,205 Co-resident software performance tracking
16 8,381,204 Compiler driven mechanism for registration and deregistration of memory pages
17 8,381,201 Processing of expressions
18 8,381,199 Modular and/or demand-driven string analysis of a computer program
19 8,381,193 Apparatus, system, and method for visual log analysis
20 8,381,190 Leveraging the relationship between object IDs and functions in diagnosing software defects during the post-deployment phase
21 8,381,188 Leveraging the relationship between object IDs and functions in diagnosing software defects during the post-deployment phase
22 8,381,187 Graphical user interface for job output retrieval based on errors
23 8,381,185 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamic module flow analysis
24 8,381,184 Dynamic test coverage
25 8,381,183 Navigation in computer software applications developed in a procedural language
26 8,381,181 Updating a workflow when a user reaches an impasse in the workflow
27 8,381,178 Intuitive visualization of Boolean expressions using flows
28 8,381,171 Customized networked-based commerce system packages
29 8,381,169 Extending unified process and method content to include dynamic and collaborative content
30 8,381,168 Computer system and method of adapting a computer system to support a register window architecture
31 8,381,166 Method of managing application definitions used in a computer program
32 8,381,161 Method for providing a secure “gray box” view proprietary IP
33 8,381,156 3D inter-stratum connectivity robustness
34 8,381,150 Method for performing a parallel static timing analysis using thread-specific sub-graphs
35 8,381,147 Method, a system and a program storage device for modeling the resistance of a multi-contacted diffusion region
36 8,381,143 Structure for a duty cycle correction circuit
37 8,381,141 Method and system for comparing lithographic processing conditions and or data preparation processes
38 8,381,098 Webpage request handling
39 8,381,095 Automated document revision markup and change control
40 8,381,091 Real-time method, system and program product for collecting web form data
41 8,381,089 System for processing mixed-format files
42 8,381,067 Apparatus, system, and method for specifying intermediate CRC locations in a data stream
43 8,381,064 High density high reliability memory module with power gating and a fault tolerant address and command bus
44 8,381,052 Circuit and method for efficient memory repair
45 8,381,050 Method and apparatus for increased effectiveness of delay and transition fault testing
46 8,381,045 Condition based detection of no progress state of an application
47 8,381,040 Relocatable interrupt handler for test generation and execution
48 8,381,037 Method and system for autonomic execution path selection in an application
49 8,381,033 Fault management in virtual computing environments
50 8,381,028 Accelerating recovery in MPI environments
51 8,381,022 Data storage with snapshot-to-snapshot recovery
52 8,381,019 EDRAM macro disablement in cache memory
53 8,381,017 Automated node fencing integrated within a quorum service of a cluster infrastructure
54 8,381,016 Fault tolerance for map/reduce computing
55 8,381,015 Fault tolerance for map/reduce computing
56 8,381,014 Node controller first failure error management for a distributed system
57 8,381,006 Reducing power requirements of a multiple core processor
58 8,381,005 Processor and memory folding for managing power consumption in information processing systems
59 8,381,004 Optimizing energy consumption and application performance in a multi-core multi-threaded processor system
60 8,381,002 Transparently increasing power savings in a power management environment
61 8,380,976 System, server, method, and computer program for relaying electronic mail
62 8,380,965 Channel-based runtime engine for stream processing
63 8,380,964 Processor including age tracking of issue queue instructions
64 8,380,961 Methods and systems for formatting storage volumes
65 8,380,958 Spatial extent migration for tiered storage architecture
66 8,380,949 Managing write operations to an extent of tracks migrated between storage devices
67 8,380,947 Storage application performance matching
68 8,380,946 System, method, and computer program product for estimating when a reliable life of a memory device having finite endurance and/or retention, or portion thereof, will be expended
69 8,380,941 Dynamic nest level determination for nested transactional memory rollback
70 8,380,938 Providing shared access to data storage resources across cluster computing environment boundaries
71 8,380,937 System for preventing unauthorized acquisition of information and method thereof
72 8,380,929 Hierarchical storage management for database systems
73 8,380,910 Out of band location information retrieval
74 8,380,907 Method, system and computer program product for providing filtering of GUEST2 quiesce requests
75 8,380,903 Administering the polling of a number of devices for device status
76 8,380,900 Systems and methods for compressing files for storage and operation on compressed files
77 8,380,894 I/O mapping-path tracking in a storage configuration
78 8,380,891 Data migration to high speed storage in accordance with I/O activity over time
79 8,380,883 Resource sharing expansion card
80 8,380,861 End-to-end (E2E) service level agreement (SLA) compliance across both managed and unmanaged network segments
81 8,380,860 Reducing carbon footprint and providing power savings in session initiated protocol conferencing
82 8,380,852 Clearing SCSI reservations for non-detectable initiators for extended duration
83 8,380,839 Clearing SCSI reservations for non-detectable initiators for extended duration
84 8,380,838 Reduction of alerts in information technology systems
85 8,380,837 Software license management within a cloud computing environment
86 8,380,832 Dynamic HTTP load balancing
87 8,380,826 Migrating port-specific operating parameters during blade server failover
88 8,380,812 Source identification for multipart content validation
89 8,380,794 Generating context aware data and conversation’s mood level to determine the best method of communication
90 8,380,792 Session management enhancements for instant messaging applications
91 8,380,787 Federation of master data management systems
92 8,380,785 Managing rule sets as web services
93 8,380,765 Collective operations in a file system based execution model
94 8,380,750 Searching and displaying data objects residing in data management systems
95 8,380,740 Selective storing of mining models for enabling interactive data mining
96 8,380,737 Computing intersection of sets of numbers
97 8,380,730 Program invocation from a query interface to parallel computing system
98 8,380,729 Systems and methods for first data capture through generic message monitoring
99 8,380,714 Method, computer system, and computer program for searching document data using search keyword
100 8,380,711 Hierarchical ranking of facial attributes
101 8,380,708 Methods and systems for ordering query results based on annotations
102 8,380,703 Feedback loop between a query optimizer and a cache manager
103 8,380,701 Using a partially built index in a computer database system
104 8,380,690 Automating form transcription
105 8,380,688 Method and apparatus for data compression
106 8,380,686 Transferring data from a primary data replication appliance in a primary data facility to a secondary data replication appliance in a secondary data facility
107 8,380,682 Indexing and searching of electronic message transmission thread sets
108 8,380,680 Piecemeal list prefetch
109 8,380,671 System and method for creating a new annotation for a data source
110 8,380,670 Opening document stored at multiple database replicas
111 8,380,649 Application of normative rules in a virtual universe
112 8,380,643 Searching multi-dimensional data using a parallelization framework comprising data partitioning and short-cutting via early out
113 8,380,635 User feedback method and system for business suite customization
114 8,380,625 Use of constraints to enforce complex payment policies
115 8,380,586 Consumer representation rendering with selected merchandise
116 8,380,513 Improving speech capabilities of a multimodal application
117 8,380,490 Reusable controls for automatically translating text between languages
118 8,380,487 Language translation of selected content in a web conference
119 8,380,484 Method and system of dynamically changing a sentence structure of a message
120 8,380,464 Moving physical objects from original physical site to user-specified locations at destination physical site
121 8,380,218 Transponder subsystem for supporting location awareness in wireless networks
122 8,380,190 Location-based tuning services for wireless LAN devices
123 8,379,968 Conversion of two dimensional image data into three dimensional spatial data for use in a virtual universe
124 8,379,963 Visual inspection system
125 8,379,947 Spatio-temporal image reconstruction using sparse regression and secondary information
126 8,379,858 Generating key information for mutual access among multiple computers
127 8,379,847 Data and control encryption
128 8,379,822 Conference call initialization
129 8,379,808 Dynamically reconfigurable distributed interactive voice response system
130 8,379,806 System and method for management of call data using a vector based model and relational data structure
131 8,379,804 Using a complex events processor (CEP) to direct the handling of individual call sessions by an interactive voice response (IVR) system
132 8,379,708 Method and circuit for digitally filtering a signal
133 8,379,642 Multicasting using a multitiered distributed virtual bridge hierarchy
134 8,379,459 Memory system with delay locked loop (DLL) bypass control
135 8,378,960 Apparatus, system, and method for controlling an electronic display
136 8,378,849 Enabling driver communication
137 8,378,787 Method and apparatus for disabling a data tag device
138 8,378,498 Chip assembly with a coreless substrate employing a patterned adhesive layer
139 8,378,493 Generation of metal holes by via mutation
140 8,378,469 Apparatus and methods for packaging antennas with integrated circuit chips for millimeter wave applications
141 8,378,465 Method and apparatus for optical modulation
142 8,378,450 Interdigitated vertical parallel capacitor
143 8,378,448 Chip inductor with frequency dependent inductance
144 8,378,447 Electrically programmable fuse and fabrication method
145 8,378,429 Selective floating body SRAM cell
146 8,378,424 Semiconductor structure having test and transistor structures
147 8,378,419 Isolation FET for integrated circuit
148 8,378,394 Method for forming and structure of a recessed source/drain strap for a MUGFET
149 8,378,328 Phase change memory random access device using single-element phase change material
150 8,378,271 Utilization of overvoltage and overcurrent compensation to extend the usable operating range of electronic devices
151 8,377,810 Schottky barrier diode and method of forming a Schottky barrier diode
152 8,377,795 Cut first methodology for double exposure double etch integration
153 8,377,790 Method of fabricating an embedded polysilicon resistor and an embedded eFuse isolated from a substrate
154 8,377,789 Field-enhanced programmable resistance memory cell
155 8,377,785 Planar field effect transistor structure having an angled crystallographic etch-defined source/drain recess and a method of forming the transistor structure
156 8,377,780 Transistors having stressed channel regions and methods of forming transistors having stressed channel regions
157 8,377,763 Poly resistor and metal gate fabrication and structure
158 8,377,759 Controlled fin-merging for fin type FET devices
159 8,377,754 Stress enhanced junction engineering for latchup SCR
160 8,377,722 Methods of forming structures with a focused ion beam for use in atomic force probing and structures for use in atomic force probing
161 8,377,631 Planarization over topography with molecular glass materials
162 8,376,856 Monitoring method and system using collective intelligence and rating propagation in virtual world community
163 8,376,766 Connector with compliant section
164 8,376,479 High end robust computer frame with improved load balancing design
165 8,376,293 Self-supporting cantilevered mounting system and methods of installation thereof
166 8,376,226 System and method for interactive marketing to consumers
167 8,376,207 Micro-fluidic injection molded solder (IMS)
168 8,375,539 Method of manufacturing complimentary metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors