IBM patents granted on 19 January 2010

59 US patents granted on 19 January 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,650,647 Hardware-oriented configuration and locking of devices
2 7,650,633 Automated organizational role modeling for role based access controls
3 7,650,632 Password management
4 7,650,606 System recovery
5 7,650,604 Access management apparatus, access management method and program
6 7,650,601 Operating system kernel-assisted, self-balanced, access-protected library framework in a run-to-completion multi-processor environment
7 7,650,587 Local coloring for hierarchical OPC
8 7,650,564 Global tone adjustment system for document files containing text, raster, and vector images
9 7,650,555 Method and apparatus for characterizing components of a device under test using on-chip trace logic analyzer
10 7,650,554 Method and an integrated circuit for performing a test
11 7,650,538 Identifying temporal ambiguity in an aggregated log stream
12 7,650,535 Array delete mechanisms for shipping a microprocessor with defective arrays
13 7,650,530 Initializing a processing system to ensure fail-safe boot when faulty PCI adapters are present
14 7,650,529 Data replica selector
15 7,650,517 Throttle management for blade system
16 7,650,491 Method and system for controlled distribution of application code and content data within a computer network
17 7,650,486 Dynamic recalculation of resource vector at issue queue for steering of dependent instructions
18 7,650,476 System, method and computer program product for generating a consistent point in time copy of data
19 7,650,469 Determining whether a non-running processor has access to an address space
20 7,650,467 Coordination of multiprocessor operations with shared resources
21 7,650,461 Magnetic tape write once overwrite protection
22 7,650,455 Spider web interconnect topology utilizing multiple port connection
23 7,650,435 Apparatus and method to install a component in an information storage and retrieval system
24 7,650,434 Global tree network for computing structures enabling global processing operations
25 7,650,401 Managing introspectable objects in an enterprise
26 7,650,400 Dynamic configuration and self-tuning on inter-nodal communication resources in a database management system
27 7,650,385 Assigning priorities
28 7,650,380 System and method for messaging and collaborating in an intranet environment
29 7,650,358 AUTO COMMIT n option in a relational database
30 7,650,354 System, method, and program for checking index consistency in database
31 7,650,352 System and method for increasing availability of an index
32 7,650,325 Dynamic interface adapter for integration of source and target applications
33 7,650,259 Method for tuning chipset parameters to achieve optimal performance under varying workload types
34 7,650,251 System and method for rule-based data mining and problem detection for semiconductor fabrication
35 7,650,246 Process and apparatus for estimating circuit delay
36 7,649,998 Facilitating secure data communications that use key-based encryption
37 7,649,710 Moving magnet actuation of tape head
38 7,649,709 Differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
39 7,649,708 Differential timing based servo pattern for magnetic-based storage media
40 7,649,262 Suppression of localized metal precipitate formation and corresponding metallization depletion in semiconductor processing
41 7,649,257 Discrete placement of radiation sources on integrated circuit devices
42 7,649,243 Semiconductor structures incorporating multiple crystallographic planes and methods for fabrication thereof
43 7,649,153 Method for minimizing sample damage during the ablation of material using a focused ultrashort pulsed laser beam
44 7,649,142 Cable for high speed data communications
45 7,648,891 Semiconductor chip shape alteration
46 7,648,880 Nitride-encapsulated FET (NNCFET)
47 7,648,871 Field effect transistors (FETS) with inverted source/drain metallic contacts, and method of fabricating same
48 7,648,869 Method of fabricating semiconductor structures for latch-up suppression
49 7,648,868 Metal-gated MOSFET devices having scaled gate stack thickness
50 7,648,864 Semiconductor structure including mixed rare earth oxide formed on silicon
51 7,648,820 Antireflective hardmask and uses thereof
52 7,648,819 Method and apparatus for cleaning a semiconductor substrate in an immersion lithography system
53 7,648,805 Masks and methods of manufacture thereof
54 7,648,750 Flexible molded end cap cushion
55 7,648,369 Interposer with electrical contact button and method
56 7,648,318 Load restraint apparatus and method for protecting products from damage during shipment
57 7,648,066 Apparatus, system, and method for sorting purchase items
58 7,648,020 Transition plate position sensor for safe check-out counter conveyor operation
59 7,647,827 Machine and operating environment diagnostics, detection and profiling using sound