IBM patents granted on 19 July 2011

101 US patents granted on 19 July 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 7,984,479 Policy-based security certificate filtering
2 7,984,473 System and method for the coordination of short-term cyclic data and ephemeral content in a broadcast stream
3 7,984,454 Migration of single root stateless virtual functions
4 7,984,450 Dispatching packets on a global combining network of a parallel computer
5 7,984,449 In-band communication with virtual machines via a hypervisor message bus
6 7,984,448 Mechanism to support generic collective communication across a variety of programming models
7 7,984,445 Method and system for scheduling jobs based on predefined, re-usable profiles
8 7,984,427 System and methods for synchronizing software execution across data processing systems and platforms
9 7,984,418 Method and apparatus for situationally aware delivery of object instances to a client
10 7,984,409 Structures incorporating interconnect structures with improved electromigration resistance
11 7,984,408 Structures incorporating semiconductor device structures with reduced junction capacitance and drain induced barrier lowering
12 7,984,394 Design structure for a redundant micro-loop structure for use in an integrated circuit physical design process and method of forming the same
13 7,984,388 System and method for partially collapsing a hierarchical structure for information navigation
14 7,984,387 Dynamic update of data entry in a user interface
15 7,984,357 Implementing minimized latency and maximized reliability when data traverses multiple buses
16 7,984,341 Method, system and computer program product involving error thresholds
17 7,984,334 Call-stack pattern matching for problem resolution within software
18 7,984,333 Method and apparatus for proactive alert generation via equivalent machine configuration determination from problem history data
19 7,984,329 System and method for providing DRAM device-level repair via address remappings external to the device
20 7,984,326 Memory downsizing in a computer memory subsystem
21 7,984,323 Apparatus, system, and method for providing a backup configuration image to a programmable hardware device
22 7,984,313 Method, apparatus and system for reducing power consumption involving data storage devices
23 7,984,312 System and method for interchangeably powering single or multiple motherboards
24 7,984,287 Resource configuration in multi-modal distributed computing systems
25 7,984,280 Storing branch information in an address table of a processor
26 7,984,276 Method and system for altering processor execution of a group of instructions
27 7,984,272 Design structure for single hot forward interconnect scheme for delayed execution pipelines
28 7,984,270 System and method for prioritizing arithmetic instructions
29 7,984,267 Message passing module in hybrid computing system starting and sending operation information to service program for accelerator to execute application program
30 7,984,263 Structure for a memory-centric page table walker
31 7,984,262 Data transmission for partition migration
32 7,984,256 Data processing system and method in which a participant initiating a read operation protects data integrity
33 7,984,251 Autonomic storage provisioning to enhance storage virtualization infrastructure availability
34 7,984,240 Memory compression implementation in a system with directly attached processor memory
35 7,984,222 Systems for providing performance monitoring in a memory system
36 7,984,220 Exception tracking
37 7,984,204 Programmable direct memory access controller having pipelined and sequentially connected stages
38 7,984,198 System and program products for facilitating access to status and measurement data associated with input/output processing
39 7,984,181 Routing incoming call requests
40 7,984,142 Method for multidimensional visual correlation of systems management data displaying orchestration action threshold
41 7,984,138 Apparatus and methods for activity-based management of computer systems
42 7,984,106 Messaging system
43 7,984,103 System and method for managing data transfers between information protocols
44 7,984,095 Apparatus, system and method of executing monolithic application programs on grid computing systems
45 7,984,088 Method for supporting multiple filesystem implementations
46 7,984,083 Garbage collector with eager read barrier
47 7,984,075 Asynchronous linked data structure traversal
48 7,984,072 Three-dimensional data structure for storing data of multiple domains and the management thereof
49 7,984,071 Applying a templated business graph to a business object
50 7,984,060 Model content provider with reusable components for supporting a plurality of GUI API’s
51 7,984,039 Merging of results in distributed information retrieval
52 7,984,038 Longest prefix match (LPM) algorithm implementation for a network processor
53 7,984,036 Processing a text search query in a collection of documents
54 7,984,030 Fast source file to line number table association
55 7,984,024 Statistics management
56 7,984,023 Method and utility for copying files from a faulty disk
57 7,984,022 Space recovery with storage management coupled with a deduplicating storage system
58 7,984,021 Optimal use of triggers for detecting database events
59 7,984,016 Method for asynchronous replication of a hierarchically-indexed data store
60 7,984,007 Proactive problem resolution system, method of proactive problem resolution and program product therefor
61 7,983,984 Electronic endorsement of check images
62 7,983,980 Automatic bidding agents for auction system
63 7,983,958 Method and program storage device for managing a supplier for participation in a plurality of trading networks
64 7,983,910 Communicating across voice and text channels with emotion preservation
65 7,983,798 Framework for managing consumption of energy
66 7,983,701 Alerts based on significance of free format text messages
67 7,983,468 Method and system for extracting information from documents by document segregation
68 7,983,452 Using a surface based computing device for verification of an identification document
69 7,983,430 System for hierarchical audio conflict control
70 7,983,372 Method, system and computer program product for an even sampling spread over differing clock domain boundaries
71 7,983,368 Systems and arrangements for clock and data recovery in communications
72 7,983,178 Fibre channel fabric simulator
73 7,983,175 System and method for detecting a network failure
74 7,983,171 Method to manage path failure thresholds
75 7,983,168 One or more multiport systems to facilitate servicing of asynchronous communications events
76 7,983,163 System and method for implementing adaptive load sharing to balance network traffic
77 7,983,133 Portable data storage assembly having a holographic data storage layer and an optical tracking layer
78 7,983,080 Non-body contacted sense amplifier with negligible history effect
79 7,983,069 Write operations for phase-change-material memory
80 7,983,040 Apparatus and method for facilitating pumped immersion-cooling of an electronic subsystem
81 7,982,997 Method for an equalizer computation in a media system using a data set separator sequence
82 7,982,992 Dual gain control for magnetic data storage system
83 7,982,988 Combining information from parallel servo channels
84 7,982,636 Data compression using a nested hierachy of fixed phrase length static and dynamic dictionaries
85 7,982,475 Structure and method for reliability evaluation of FCPBGA substrates for high power semiconductor packaging applications
86 7,982,312 Method for fabricating dual damascene structures using photo-imprint lithography, methods for fabricating imprint lithography molds for dual damascene structures, materials for imprintable dielectrics and equipment for photo-imprint lithography used in dual damascene patterning
87 7,982,285 Antifuse structure having an integrated heating element
88 7,982,274 Device comprising doped nano-component
89 7,982,269 Transistors having asymmetric strained source/drain portions
90 7,982,249 Magnetic tunnel junction transistor
91 7,982,203 CMOS-process-compatible programmable via device
92 7,981,849 Reversible thermal thickening grease
93 7,981,772 Methods of fabricating nanostructures
94 7,981,771 Structures and methods to enhance Cu interconnect electromigration (EM) performance
95 7,981,755 Self aligned ring electrodes
96 7,981,751 Structure and method for fabricating self-aligned metal contacts
97 7,981,748 Method for fabricating a vertical field effect transistor array comprising a plurality of semiconductor pillars
98 7,981,732 Programming of laser fuse
99 7,981,731 Method of forming a high impedance antifuse
100 7,981,245 Multi-layered interconnect structure using liquid crystalline polymer dielectric
101 7,980,445 Fill head for full-field solder coverage with a rotatable member