IBM patents granted on 19 November 2013

213 US patents granted on 19 November 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,590,058 Advanced audio CAPTCHA
2 8,590,052 Enabling granular discretionary access control for data stored in a cloud computing environment
3 8,590,050 Security compliant data storage management
4 8,590,044 Selective virus scanning system and method
5 8,590,029 Management of access authorization to web forums open to anonymous users within an organization
6 8,590,019 Authentication with credentials in Java messaging service
7 8,590,018 Transaction authentication management system with multiple authentication levels
8 8,590,017 Partial authentication for access to incremental data
9 8,590,010 Retention based intrinsic fingerprint identification featuring a fuzzy algorithm and a dynamic key
10 8,589,957 Adaptive platform
11 8,589,951 Conserving memory by using objects that are selectably mutable during runtime
12 8,589,949 Processing multiple heterogeneous event types in a complex event processing engine
13 8,589,946 Prevention of browser timeout
14 8,589,941 Resource affinity via dynamic reconfiguration for multi-queue network adapters
15 8,589,939 Composite contention aware task scheduling
16 8,589,938 Composite contention aware task scheduling
17 8,589,937 Shared file system cache in a virtual machine or LPAR environment
18 8,589,932 Data processing workload control
19 8,589,931 Environment based node selection for work scheduling in a parallel computing system
20 8,589,929 System to provide regular and green computing services
21 8,589,928 Scalable system call stack sampling
22 8,589,926 Adjusting processor utilization data in polling environments
23 8,589,923 Preprovisioning virtual machines based on request frequency and current network configuration
24 8,589,922 Performance monitor design for counting events generated by thread groups
25 8,589,917 Techniques for transferring information between virtual machines
26 8,589,916 Deploying and instantiating multiple instances of applications in automated data centers using application deployment template
27 8,589,912 Loosely coupled product install and configuration
28 8,589,900 Runtime code modification in a multi-threaded environment
29 8,589,899 Optimization system, optimization method, and compiler program
30 8,589,896 Method and system for loading status control of DLL
31 8,589,895 Architectural support for automated assertion checking
32 8,589,894 Self-monitoring object-oriented applications
33 8,589,892 Verification of speculative execution
34 8,589,891 Capturing multi-component trace for unit of work
35 8,589,890 Mechanism for maintaining detailed trace information relevant to the current operation being processed
36 8,589,887 Registration-based remote debug watch and modify
37 8,589,882 Analyzing computer code development actions and process
38 8,589,880 Identifying a software developer based on debugging information
39 8,589,877 Modeling and linking documents for packaged software application configuration
40 8,589,875 Computing system with compile farm
41 8,589,873 Software engineering system and method for self-adaptive dynamic software components
42 8,589,872 System and method for variable type identification
43 8,589,864 Automating the creation of an application provisioning model
44 8,589,863 Capturing information accessed, updated and created by services and using the same for validation of consistency
45 8,589,860 Method and apparatus for using service representations to align information technology with the strategy of an enterprise
46 8,589,855 Machine-learning based datapath extraction
47 8,589,848 Datapath placement using tiered assignment
48 8,589,843 Method and device for selectively adding timing margin in an integrated circuit
49 8,589,842 Device-based random variability modeling in timing analysis
50 8,589,841 Automatic parity checking identification
51 8,589,837 Constructing inductive counterexamples in a multi-algorithm verification framework
52 8,589,834 Using direct memory access to initialize a programmable logic device
53 8,589,832 On chip shielding structure for integrated circuits or devices on a substrate and method of shielding
54 8,589,822 Controlling three-dimensional views of selected portions of content
55 8,589,819 Generating a modified queue list in response to presentation and selection of an option
56 8,589,811 Techniques for organizing information accessed through a web browser
57 8,589,801 Display screen user identification card for access to secured databases
58 8,589,799 System administration discussions indexed by system components
59 8,589,796 Method and system for a user-following interface
60 8,589,788 Methods, systems, and computer program products for automatic parsing of markup language documents
61 8,589,780 Processing geographical location data in a document
62 8,589,778 System and method for processing multi-modal communication within a workgroup
63 8,589,777 Method and system for calculating cost of a compilation of content
64 8,589,776 Translation between a first communication protocol and a second communication protocol
65 8,589,769 System, method and storage medium for providing fault detection and correction in a memory subsystem
66 8,589,762 Adaptive multi-bit error correction in endurance limited memories
67 8,589,741 Server network diagnostic system
68 8,589,739 Product limitations advisory system
69 8,589,735 Creating randomly ordered fields while maintaining the temporal ordering based on the value of the fields
70 8,589,734 Verifying correctness of processor transactions
71 8,589,733 Saving operational state of open applications when unexpected shutdown events occur
72 8,589,728 Job migration in response to loss or degradation of a semi-redundant component
73 8,589,721 Balancing power consumption and high availability in an information technology system
74 8,589,712 Determining a power saving mode based on a hardware resource utilization trend
75 8,589,698 Integrity service using regenerated trust integrity gather program
76 8,589,694 System, method, and apparatus for graduated difficulty of human response tests
77 8,589,672 Method for securely merging multiple nodes having trusted platform modules
78 8,589,665 Instruction set architecture extensions for performing power versus performance tradeoffs
79 8,589,662 Accepting or rolling back execution of instructions based on comparing predicted and actual dependency control signals
80 8,589,657 Operating system management of address-translation-related data structures and hardware lookasides
81 8,589,656 Queuing of conflicted remotely received transactions
82 8,589,652 Reorganization of a fragmented directory of a storage data structure comprised of the fragmented directory and members
83 8,589,635 Administering thermal distribution among memory modules with call stack frame size management
84 8,589,633 Control apparatus
85 8,589,630 Methods and apparatus for handling a cache miss
86 8,589,624 Systems and methods for background destaging storage tracks
87 8,589,623 Systems and methods for managing cache destage scan times
88 8,589,621 Object persistency
89 8,589,609 Cabling between rack drawers using proximity connectors and wiring filter masks
90 8,589,608 Logic node connection system
91 8,589,605 Inbound message rate limit based on maximum queue times
92 8,589,603 Delaying acknowledgment of an operation until operation completion confirmed by local adapter read operation
93 8,589,598 Management of redundant physical data paths in a computing system
94 8,589,594 Programmatic management of software resources in a content framework environment
95 8,589,584 Pipelining protocols in misaligned buffer cases
96 8,589,568 Method and system for secure handling of electronic business transactions on the internet
97 8,589,567 Method and apparatus for improving SIP parse performance
98 8,589,564 Method and apparatus for maintaining compatibility within a distributed systems management environment with a plurality of configuration versions
99 8,589,556 Allocation of energy budgets to individual partitions
100 8,589,538 Storage workload balancing
101 8,589,536 Network monitoring system
102 8,589,515 Aggregated widget request processing
103 8,589,511 Variable content based on relationship to content creator
104 8,589,502 System and method for allowing access to content
105 8,589,497 Applying tags from communication files to users
106 8,589,493 Sending related information to indirect email recipients
107 8,589,472 Agent system for reducing server resource usage
108 8,589,454 Computer data file merging based on file metadata
109 8,589,448 Method and device for displaying and browsing a multi-faceted data set
110 8,589,446 Graphical user interface (GUI) to associate information with an object
111 8,589,444 Presenting information from heterogeneous and distributed data sources with real time updates
112 8,589,439 Pattern-based and rule-based data archive manager
113 8,589,438 System for accessing shared data using multiple application servers
114 8,589,435 Method, system and program for simplifying data flow in a statement with sequenced subexpressions
115 8,589,433 Dynamic tagging
116 8,589,427 Sensing and responding to service discoveries
117 8,589,422 Identity propagation through application layers using contextual mapping and planted values
118 8,589,415 Method and system for filtering false positives
119 8,589,412 Selecting a data element in a network
120 8,589,409 Selecting a data element in a network
121 8,589,396 Cross-guided data clustering based on alignment between data domains
122 8,589,389 Characterizing and selecting providers of relevant information based on quality of information metrics
123 8,589,384 Methods and arrangements for employing descriptors for agent-customer interactions
124 8,589,382 Multi-fact query processing in data processing system
125 8,589,356 Determining a storage location based on frequency of use
126 8,589,355 Data storage in a cloud
127 8,589,349 Tracking and viewing revision history on a section-by-section basis
128 8,589,342 Log message optimization to ignore or identify redundant log messages
129 8,589,337 System and method for analyzing data in a report
130 8,589,331 Predicting outcomes of a content driven process instance execution
131 8,589,327 Efficiently determining boolean satisfiability with lazy constraints
132 8,589,320 Area efficient neuromorphic system that connects a FET in a diode configuration, and a variable resistance material to junctions of neuron circuit blocks
133 8,589,313 Real-time license metering of a provisioned application in a cloud computing environment
134 8,589,312 Real-time license metering of a provisioned application in a cloud computing environement
135 8,589,265 Token licensing mapping costs to enabled software tool features
136 8,589,264 Token licensing mapping costs to enabled software tool features
137 8,589,254 Universal user interaction module for web transactions with user controlled conditions
138 8,589,251 Method, system, and storage device for managing trading network packages for a plurality of trading networks
139 8,589,229 Immediate updating of global positioning system (GPS) generated area maps on wireless computer controlled displays
140 8,589,206 Service requests for multiple service level characteristics
141 8,589,102 Using in situ capacitance measurements to monitor the stability of interface materials in complex PCB assemblies and other structures
142 8,589,076 Power usage planning for a vehicle
143 8,589,067 Method, device and computer program for mapping moving direction by sounds
144 8,588,951 Method and system for setting rates and targets in a range management system
145 8,588,810 Energy efficient location tracking on smart phones
146 8,588,736 System and method for capturing real time telecommunications usage data from mobile devices and comparing that data to life cycle telecommunications expense management (TEM) data
147 8,588,587 Navigation interface with ghost region
148 8,588,552 Spatio-temporal image reconstruction using sparse regression and secondary information
149 8,588,533 Semantic parsing of objects in video
150 8,588,531 Graph similarity calculation system, method and program
151 8,588,526 Visualization program, visualization method and visualization apparatus for visualizing reading order of content
152 8,588,464 Assisting a vision-impaired user with navigation based on a 3D captured image stream
153 8,588,400 Category based organization and monitoring of customer service help sessions
154 8,588,341 Data transfer circuit and data transfer method for clock domain crossing
155 8,588,224 Priority based flow control in a distributed fabric protocol (DFP) switching network architecture
156 8,588,125 Communication with receiving stations according to their geographical status
157 8,588,009 Circuit for memory cell recovery
158 8,587,990 Global bit line restore by most significant bit of an address line
159 8,587,943 Liquid-cooling memory modules with liquid flow pipes between memory module sockets
160 8,587,902 Device select system for multi-device electronic system
161 8,587,898 Magnetic head having first, second and third arrays of writers
162 8,587,892 Method and apparatus for operating a storage device
163 8,587,891 Transport speed adjustment device, transport speed adjustment method and transport speed adjustment program for adjusting transport speed of tape medium
164 8,587,890 Tape drive provided write format for overwrite erasure of magnetic tape data recorded in tracks
165 8,587,852 Generation of a hologram pattern
166 8,587,810 System for providing an indication of the proximity of a moveable device
167 8,587,693 Determination of storage availability for files to be stored at one or more device quality parameter settings
168 8,587,667 Beyond field-of-view tracked object positional indicators for television event directors and camera operators
169 8,587,596 Multithreaded software rendering pipeline with dynamic performance-based reallocation of raster threads
170 8,587,594 Allocating resources based on a performance statistic
171 8,587,482 Laminated antenna structures for package applications
172 8,587,465 Successive approximation analog to digital converter with comparator input toggling
173 8,587,464 Off-line gain calibration in a time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter
174 8,587,458 Unpacking a variable number of data bits
175 8,587,383 Measuring bias temperature instability induced ring oscillator frequency degradation
176 8,587,357 AC supply noise reduction in a 3D stack with voltage sensing and clock shifting
177 8,587,288 Digital interface for fast, inline, statistical characterization of process, MOS device and circuit variations
178 8,587,121 Backside dummy plugs for 3D integration
179 8,587,114 Multichip electronic packages and methods of manufacture
180 8,587,112 Underbump metallurgy employing an electrolytic Cu / electorlytic Ni / electrolytic Cu stack
181 8,587,086 Self-aligned dual depth isolation and method of fabrication
182 8,587,068 SRAM with hybrid FinFET and planar transistors
183 8,587,067 Graphene devices and silicon field effect transistors in 3D hybrid integrated circuits
184 8,587,066 Structure and method having asymmetrical junction or reverse halo profile for semiconductor on insulator (SOI) metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET)
185 8,587,065 Local bottom gates for graphene and carbon nanotube devices
186 8,587,063 Hybrid double box back gate silicon-on-insulator wafers with enhanced mobility channels
187 8,587,062 Silicon on insulator (SOI) field effect transistors (FETs) with adjacent body contacts
188 8,586,982 Semiconductor test chip device to mimic field thermal mini-cycles to assess reliability
189 8,586,971 Polymeric material, method of forming the polymeric material, and method of forming a thin film using the polymeric material
190 8,586,966 Contacts for nanowire field effect transistors
191 8,586,960 Integrated circuit including vertical diode
192 8,586,957 Three-terminal cascade switch for controlling static power consumption in integrated circuits
193 8,586,950 Method and system for feature function aware priority printing
194 8,586,923 Low-voltage transmission electron microscopy
195 8,586,919 Low-voltage transmission electron microscopy
196 8,586,488 Configuring radiation sources to simultaneously irradiate a substrate
197 8,586,482 Film stack including metal hardmask layer for sidewall image transfer fin field effect transistor formation
198 8,586,476 Fabrication method for circuit substrate having post-fed die side power supply connections
199 8,586,466 Electrical fuse with a current shunt
200 8,586,455 Preventing shorting of adjacent devices
201 8,586,454 Two-step hydrogen annealing process for creating uniform non-planar semiconductor devices at aggressive pitch
202 8,586,449 Raised isolation structure self-aligned to fin structures
203 8,586,444 Creating deep trenches on underlying substrate
204 8,586,441 Germanium lateral bipolar junction transistor
205 8,586,439 Inversion mode varactor
206 8,586,431 Three dimensional integration and methods of through silicon via creation
207 8,586,426 Method of forming isolation structures for SOI devices with ultrathin SOI and ultrathin box
208 8,586,423 Silicon controlled rectifier with stress-enhanced adjustable trigger voltage
209 8,586,411 Manufacturing a filling of a gap in semiconductor devices
210 8,586,283 Near-infrared absorbing film compositions
211 8,585,280 Manufacturing a microfluid mixer
212 8,585,103 Robotic safety stop for automated storage library
213 8,585,094 Deterring information copying including deterrence of currency counterfeiting