IBM patents granted on 19 October 2010

136 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to IBM

1 7,818,812 Article and system for decentralized creation, distribution, verification and transfer of valuable documents
2 7,818,810 Control of document content having extraction permissives
3 7,818,765 System for object retransmission without a continuous network connection in a digital media distributor system
4 7,818,753 Method and system for distributed virtual enterprise dependency objects
5 7,818,752 Interface for application components
6 7,818,745 Dynamic transaction control within a host transaction processing system
7 7,818,743 Logging lock data
8 7,818,738 System and method for automatically identifying a unit of change requiring upgrade in a database management system
9 7,818,736 Dynamic update mechanisms in operating systems
10 7,818,733 Improving bundle control in computing environment
11 7,818,731 Method and system for reducing memory reference overhead associated with treadprivate variables in parallel programs
12 7,818,722 Computer implemented method and system for accurate, efficient and adaptive calling context profiling
13 7,818,713 Method, system and program product for generating requirement relationships for designing a solution
14 7,818,702 Structure incorporating latch-up resistant semiconductor device structures on hybrid substrates
15 7,818,696 Architectural level throughput based power modeling methodology and apparatus for pervasively clock-gated processor cores
16 7,818,694 IC layout optimization to improve yield
17 7,818,693 Methodology for improving device performance prediction from effects of active area corner rounding
18 7,818,692 Automated optimization of device structure during circuit design stage
19 7,818,686 System and method for accelerated web page navigation using keyboard accelerators in a data processing system
20 7,818,681 Method and system for internally identifying a specific web browser for displaying a specific web page
21 7,818,680 Method for deleting related messages
22 7,818,676 System, method and program product for a content viewer portlet
23 7,818,633 Method and apparatus for identification of program check errors indicating code with high potential for storage overlay
24 7,818,630 Framework for automatically analyzing I/O performance problems using multi-level analysis
25 7,818,624 Processor bus for performance monitoring with digests
26 7,818,622 Method for recovering data processing system failures
27 7,818,621 Data center boot order control
28 7,818,619 Method and apparatus for debugging application software in information handling systems over a memory mapping I/O bus
29 7,818,612 Apparatus, system, and method for performing storage device maintenance
30 7,818,600 Method, apparatus, and program for minimizing invalid cache notification events in a distributed caching environment
31 7,818,599 Statistical switched capacitor droop sensor for application in power distribution noise mitigation
32 7,818,597 Computer system fault detection
33 7,818,588 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic data-driven privacy policy protection and data sharing
34 7,818,581 Data management system
35 7,818,580 Control of port based authentication protocols and process to support transfer of connection information
36 7,818,578 Method and apparatus for uniquely and authoritatively identifying tangible objects
37 7,818,576 User controlled anonymity when evaluating into a role
38 7,818,574 System and method for providing dynamically authorized access to functionality present on an integrated circuit chip
39 7,818,566 Apparatus and method for sharing a cached security profile in a database environment
40 7,818,562 Method and apparatus for time synchronization in a network data processing system
41 7,818,561 Sending service data to an RFID tag while an attached computer system is powered off
42 7,818,550 Method and apparatus for dynamically fusing instructions at execution time in a processor of an information handling system
43 7,818,544 Processor livelock recovery by gradual stalling of instruction processing rate during detection of livelock condition
44 7,818,537 Method and system for dynamically determining hash function values for file transfer integrity validation
45 7,818,533 Storing location identifier in array and array pointer in data structure for write process management
46 7,818,522 Apparatus, system, and method for incremental resynchronization in a data storage system
47 7,818,514 Low latency memory access and synchronization
48 7,818,512 High capacity memory subsystem architecture employing hierarchical tree configuration of memory modules
49 7,818,511 Reducing number of rejected snoop requests by extending time to respond to snoop request
50 7,818,509 Combined response cancellation for load command
51 7,818,507 Methods and apparatus for facilitating coherency management in distributed multi-processor system
52 7,818,505 Method and apparatus for managing a cache memory in a mass-storage system
53 7,818,504 Storage system that prioritizes storage requests
54 7,818,503 Method and apparatus for memory utilization
55 7,818,501 Rebalancing of striped disk data
56 7,818,497 Buffered memory module supporting two independent memory channels
57 7,818,473 Embedded locate records for device command word processing
58 7,818,472 Repeat CCW count argument for device command word processing
59 7,818,459 Virtualization of I/O adapter resources
60 7,818,456 Method and system for processing a file attached to an electronic document
61 7,818,433 System and method for minimizing retry delays in high traffic computer networks
62 7,818,432 Seamless reflection of model updates in a visual page for a visual channel in a composite services delivery system
63 7,818,429 Registering a resource that delegates commit voting
64 7,818,417 Method for predicting performance of distributed stream processing systems
65 7,818,413 Authenticating a requestor without providing a key
66 7,818,406 Enabling remote locale specific operations in multiple locale and user environments
67 7,818,404 Dynamic run-time configuration information provision and retrieval
68 7,818,388 Data processing system, method and interconnect fabric supporting multiple planes of processing nodes
69 7,818,385 Method and apparatus for forwarding emails to previous recipients
70 7,818,376 Off record chat
71 7,818,374 Effective communication in virtual worlds
72 7,818,373 Notifying co-recipients of others currently replying to communications
73 7,818,364 Method and data processing system for microprocessor communication in a cluster-based multi-processor system
74 7,818,362 Split socket send queue apparatus and method with efficient queue flow control, retransmission and sack support mechanisms
75 7,818,348 Timeline condition support for an abstract database
76 7,818,347 Timeline condition support for an abstract database
77 7,818,338 Problem determination service
78 7,818,337 System and method for dynamically exposing SQL statements as web protocols
79 7,818,329 Method and apparatus for automatic multimedia narrative enrichment
80 7,818,323 Discovering topical structures of databases
81 7,818,316 Variable density query engine
82 7,818,312 Methods and apparatus for assessing web page decay
83 7,818,309 Method for managing data access requests utilizing storage meta data processing
84 7,818,306 Read-copy-update (RCU) operations with reduced memory barrier usage
85 7,818,301 Method, system and article of manufacture for rolling back past a boundary generator to a savepoint located in a unit of work
86 7,818,294 Apparatus, system, and method for implementing an IMS SOAP gateway
87 7,818,293 Method and system to synchronize updated versions of a document edited on a collaborative site that are under document management control
88 7,818,282 System and method for the support of multilingual applications
89 7,818,277 Methods and apparatus for business rules authoring and operation employing a customizable vocabulary
90 7,818,273 System and method for cortical simulation
91 7,818,245 Electronic endorsement of check images
92 7,818,221 Method and apparatus for variable regulatory or conditional use compliance maximizing use of available inventory
93 7,818,198 Autonomic time management calendar system
94 7,818,195 Method, system and program product for reporting a call level view of a customer interaction with a contact center
95 7,818,179 Devices and methods providing automated assistance for verbal communication
96 7,818,165 Method and system for language identification
97 7,818,152 Computerized method and system for maturity assessment of business processes
98 7,818,137 Characterization circuit for fast determination of device capacitance variation
99 7,818,074 Methods to select golden devices for device model extractions
100 7,817,799 Maintaining encryption key integrity
101 7,817,623 Optimization process and system for non-multiplexed peer-to-peer architecture
102 7,817,585 Data capture technique for high speed signaling
103 7,817,584 Method and system for managing simultaneous electronic communications
104 7,817,582 Path controller, path control method, and program therefor
105 7,817,578 Method for integrating downstream performance and resource usage statistics into load balancing weights
106 7,817,560 Acknowledging packet receipt based on expected size of sender’s congestion window
107 7,817,481 Column selectable self-biasing virtual voltages for SRAM write assist
108 7,817,455 Random access electrically programmable e-fuse ROM
109 7,817,036 Cabled and cableless interface method for connecting units within a rack
110 7,816,969 Level shifter circuit
111 7,816,945 3D chip-stack with fuse-type through silicon via
112 7,816,909 Mechanical stress characterization in semiconductor device
113 7,816,785 Low compressive force, non-silicone, high thermal conducting formulation for thermal interface material and package
114 7,816,762 On-chip decoupling capacitor structures
115 7,816,760 Semiconductor structure including laminated isolation region
116 7,816,754 Ball grid array package construction with raised solder ball pads
117 7,816,747 Detector for detecting electromagnetic waves
118 7,816,743 Microelectronic structure by selective deposition
119 7,816,738 Low-cost FEOL for ultra-low power, near sub-vth device structures
120 7,816,728 Structure and method of fabricating high-density trench-based non-volatile random access SONOS memory cells for SOC applications
121 7,816,664 Defect reduction by oxidation of silicon
122 7,816,275 Gate patterning of nano-channel devices
123 7,816,271 Methods for forming contacts for dual stress liner CMOS semiconductor devices
124 7,816,261 MOSFETS comprising source/drain recesses with slanted sidewall surfaces, and methods for fabricating the same
125 7,816,253 Surface treatment of inter-layer dielectric
126 7,816,248 Solder connector structure and method
127 7,816,237 Ultra shallow junction formation by epitaxial interface limited diffusion
128 7,816,231 Device structures including backside contacts, and methods for forming same
129 7,816,224 Method for fabricating an ultra thin silicon on insulator
130 7,816,219 Field effect transistors (FETs) with multiple and/or staircase silicide
131 7,816,197 On-chip adjustment of MIMCAP and VNCAP capacitors
132 7,816,069 Graded spin-on organic antireflective coating for photolithography
133 7,816,068 Underlayer compositions containing heterocyclic aromatic structures
134 7,815,968 Centrifugal method for filing high aspect ratio blind mirco vias powdered materials for circuit formation
135 7,815,548 Training coordinator device and method
136 7,815,400 Retainer assembly for absorbent materials