IBM patents granted on 20 August 2013

188 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to IBM

1 8,516,564 Secure user interaction using virtualization
2 8,516,501 Deep copying objects in a collocated environment
3 8,516,499 Assistance in performing action responsive to detected event
4 8,516,495 Domain management and integration in a virtualized computing environment
5 8,516,494 Executing an application on a parallel computer
6 8,516,492 Soft partitions and load balancing
7 8,516,490 Rule-based dynamic resource adjustment for upstream and downstream processing units in response to an intermediate processing unit event
8 8,516,489 Organization of virtual heterogeneous entities into system resource groups for defining policy management framework in a managed systems environment
9 8,516,487 Dynamic job relocation in a high performance computing system
10 8,516,485 Extract CPU time facility
11 8,516,484 Wake-and-go mechanism for a data processing system
12 8,516,471 Detecting impact of operating system upgrades
13 8,516,466 Optimization of automated system-managed storage operations
14 8,516,462 Method and apparatus for managing a stack
15 8,516,461 Method to dynamically distribute a multi-dimensional work set across a multi-core system
16 8,516,460 Real-time temperature sensitive machine level code compilation and execution
17 8,516,457 Method, system and program storage device that provide for automatic programming language grammar partitioning
18 8,516,455 Dynamic loading of kernel extensions
19 8,516,453 Partition-based static analysis of computer software applications
20 8,516,452 Feedback-directed call graph expansion
21 8,516,449 Detecting and localizing security vulnerabilities in client-server application
22 8,516,448 Identifying interpreted programs through class loading sequences
23 8,516,445 Multi-dimension code coverage
24 8,516,444 Debugging a high performance computing program
25 8,516,435 System and method for generating implementation artifacts for contextually-aware business applications
26 8,516,428 Methods, systems, and media to improve manufacturability of semiconductor devices
27 8,516,426 Vertical power budgeting and shifting for three-dimensional integration
28 8,516,417 Method and system for repartitioning a hierarchical circuit design
29 8,516,412 Soft hierarchy-based physical synthesis for large-scale, high-performance circuits
30 8,516,410 Method of migrating electronic devices operating in current mode to a target technology
31 8,516,409 Implementing vertical die stacking to distribute logical function over multiple dies in through-silicon-via stacked semiconductor device
32 8,516,403 Multiple patterning layout decomposition for ease of conflict removal
33 8,516,396 Object organization based on user interactions within a virtual environment
34 8,516,389 Re-using a display element associated with a first cell for a second cell
35 8,516,381 Suggestion of user actions in a virtual environment based on actions of other users
36 8,516,380 Conversation abstractions based on trust levels in a virtual world
37 8,516,376 Identification system for network data processing systems
38 8,516,361 Offloading filling of template parameters to client from server
39 8,516,338 Error correcting code protected quasi-static bit communication on a high-speed bus
40 8,516,336 Latch arrangement for an electronic digital system, method, data processing program, and computer program product for implementing a latch arrangement
41 8,516,318 Dynamic scan
42 8,516,297 Recovery from medium error on tape on which data and metadata are to be stored by using medium to medium data copy
43 8,516,284 Saving power by placing inactive computing devices in optimized configuration corresponding to a specific constraint
44 8,516,272 Secure dynamically reconfigurable logic
45 8,516,261 Message sending/receiving method
46 8,516,233 Method for setting a boot list to disks with multiple boot logical volumes
47 8,516,230 SPE software instruction cache
48 8,516,229 Two pass test case generation using self-modifying instruction replacement
49 8,516,228 Supporting partial recycle in a pipelined microprocessor
50 8,516,227 Set program parameter instruction
51 8,516,217 Managing a logically partitioned computing system through a virtual file system
52 8,516,202 Hybrid transactional memory system (HybridTM) and method
53 8,516,200 Avoiding cross-interrogates in a streaming data optimized L1 cache
54 8,516,197 Write-through cache optimized for dependence-free parallel regions
55 8,516,195 Extract cache attribute facility and instruction therefore
56 8,516,177 Avoiding non-posted request deadlocks in devices by holding the sending of requests
57 8,516,175 Graphical development tool for compensation actions and compensation scope in a process flow environment
58 8,516,173 Swapping PPRC secondaries from a subchannel set other than zero to subchannel set zero using control block field manipulation
59 8,516,170 Control flow in a ring buffer
60 8,516,164 Implementing storage adapter performance optimization with enhanced hardware and software interface
61 8,516,161 Providing indirect data addressing for a control block at a channel subsystem of an I/O processing system
62 8,516,159 Asynchronous file operations in a scalable multi-node file system cache for a remote cluster file system
63 8,516,154 Serial attached SCSI and serial ATA wide port tunnelling through a fibre channel connection
64 8,516,143 Transmitting data within remote application
65 8,516,138 Multiple authentication support in a shared environment
66 8,516,126 Processing SIP messages based on multiple cores
67 8,516,114 Method and apparatus for content pre-fetching and preparation
68 8,516,112 Performance monitoring of a computer resource
69 8,516,111 System for enabling rich network applications
70 8,516,110 Automated availability data collection and reporting for system management environments
71 8,516,106 Use tag clouds to visualize components related to an event
72 8,516,098 Improving scale between consumer systems and producer systems of resource monitoring data
73 8,516,086 Generalized credential and protocol management of infrastructure
74 8,516,065 Criterion-dependent email display agent
75 8,516,058 System and method for dynamic tagging in email
76 8,516,056 Programmatic message partner list management
77 8,516,052 Dynamically managing online communication groups
78 8,516,049 Administering instant messaging (`IM`) chat sessions
79 8,516,048 Method for facilitating a real-time virtual interaction
80 8,516,037 Methods for dynamic partitioning of applications in client-server environments
81 8,516,021 Concurrent checkpointing and modifications in a transactional clustered file system
82 8,516,020 Concurrent transactional checkpoints in a clustered file system
83 8,516,015 Mechanism for making changes to server file system
84 8,516,014 Segmented processing of data recordings
85 8,516,010 Processing of splits of control areas and control intervals
86 8,516,009 Processing of splits of control areas and control intervals
87 8,516,006 Transformation of logical data objects for storage
88 8,515,999 Method and system providing document semantic validation and reporting of schema violations
89 8,515,995 Presenting multiple possible selectable domain names from a URL entry
90 8,515,994 Reaching resource neighborhoods
91 8,515,993 Methods and apparatus for processing a database query
92 8,515,992 Method and system for creating executable document and repository links within virtual workplace environments
93 8,515,977 Delta language translation
94 8,515,967 Cost and power efficient storage area network provisioning
95 8,515,959 Method and apparatus for maintaining and navigating a non-hierarchical personal spatial file system
96 8,515,955 Analyzing XML data
97 8,515,948 Managing materialized query tables (MQTS) over fine-grained access control (FGAC) protected tables
98 8,515,947 Analyzing XML data
99 8,515,943 System and method for generating dynamic queries
100 8,515,942 System and method for generating dynamic queries
101 8,515,929 Online propagation of data updates
102 8,515,926 Processing related data from information sources
103 8,515,924 Method and apparatus for handling edge-cases of event-driven disposition
104 8,515,922 Deduplicated caching of queries for green IT management
105 8,515,914 Data retention using logical objects
106 8,515,909 Enhanced method and system for assuring integrity of deduplicated data
107 8,515,905 Apparatus and method for maintaining databases on application servers
108 8,515,898 Column based data transfer in extract transform and load (ETL) systems
109 8,515,897 Automatically generating reports matching user interests represented in a dynamically adjusted user interest analytic model
110 8,515,885 Neuromorphic and synaptronic spiking neural network with synaptic weights learned using simulation
111 8,515,883 Systems and methods for generating missing rules matching a minimal set of objects
112 8,515,882 Efficient storage of individuals for optimization simulation
113 8,515,824 Negotiation of product purchase with an electronic device
114 8,515,813 Virtual-world avatar-based advertising with gestures and predetermined payments
115 8,515,809 Dynamic modification of advertisements displayed in response to a search engine query
116 8,515,800 Method and system for estimating risk in the financial metrics of a business case
117 8,515,799 Constructing change plans from component interactions
118 8,515,796 Prioritizing client accounts
119 8,515,795 Creating a data governance assessment
120 8,515,792 Method and system for chargeback allocation in information technology systems
121 8,515,761 Intelligent mechanism to automatically discover and notify a potential participant of a teleconference
122 8,515,748 Mobile phone communication gap recovery
123 8,515,732 Opening a message catalog file for a language that is not installed
124 8,515,727 Automatic logic model build process with autonomous quality checking
125 8,515,725 Characterization of nonlinear cell macro model for timing analysis
126 8,515,724 Technology computer-aided design (TCAD)-based virtual fabrication
127 8,515,715 Method, system and program storage device for simulating electronic device performance as a function of process variations
128 8,515,684 System and method for identifying similar molecules
129 8,515,590 Fan speed control from adaptive voltage supply
130 8,515,589 Dynamic cooling system for electronic device with air flow path changes
131 8,515,445 Location based services with multiple transmission methods
132 8,515,347 Intelligent device integration using RFID technology
133 8,515,257 Automatic announcer voice attenuation in a presentation of a televised sporting event
134 8,515,127 Multispectral detection of personal attributes for video surveillance
135 8,515,080 Method, system, and computer program product for encryption key management in a secure processor vault
136 8,514,999 Floating-point event counters with automatic prescaling
137 8,514,987 Compensation for data deviation caused by frequency offset using timing correlation value
138 8,514,890 Method for switching traffic between virtual machines
139 8,514,886 Method and user device for receiving digital transmissions
140 8,514,885 Using variable length packets to embed extra network control information
141 8,514,767 Wireless sensor network information swarming
142 8,514,709 Autonomic disassociation of clients in a wireless local area network
143 8,514,583 System and method for multi-application socket
144 8,514,575 Multimodal cooling apparatus for an electronic system
145 8,514,535 Electrostatic discharge device control and structure
146 8,514,534 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for electronic devices using wire-bonding
147 8,514,386 Technique for verifying the microstructure of lead-free interconnects in semiconductor assemblies
148 8,514,374 Alignment method for semiconductor processing
149 8,514,237 Two dimensional memory caching apparatus for high definition video
150 8,514,232 Propagating shared state changes to multiple threads within a multithreaded processing environment
151 8,514,230 Recasting a legacy web page as a motion picture with audio
152 8,514,215 Dynamically managing power consumption of a computer with graphics adapter configurations
153 8,514,195 Self-healing and diagnostic screen
154 8,514,155 Display unit, drive circuit, amorphous silicon thin-film transistor, and method of driving OLED
155 8,514,085 Intelligent switching method and apparatus
156 8,514,028 Load tolerant voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), IC and CMOS IC including the VCO
157 8,513,972 Soft error resilient FPGA
158 8,513,957 Implementing integral dynamic voltage sensing and trigger
159 8,513,948 Microelectromechanical structure (MEMS) monitoring
160 8,513,815 Implementing integrated circuit mixed double density and high performance wire structure
161 8,513,814 Buffer pad in solder bump connections and methods of manufacture
162 8,513,791 Compact multi-port CAM cell implemented in 3D vertical integration
163 8,513,779 CMOS devices incorporating hybrid orientation technology (HOT) with embedded connectors
164 8,513,769 Electrical fuses and resistors having sublithographic dimensions
165 8,513,765 Formation method and structure for a well-controlled metallic source/drain semiconductor device
166 8,513,743 Field effect transistor with channel region having portions with different band structures for suppressed corner leakage
167 8,513,739 Metal-gate high-k reference structure
168 8,513,738 ESD field-effect transistor and integrated diffusion resistor
169 8,513,723 Method and structure for forming high performance MOS capacitor along with fully depleted semiconductor on insulator devices on the same chip
170 8,513,718 Stress enhanced transistor devices and methods of making
171 8,513,706 Heterojunction bipolar transistors with reduced base resistance
172 8,513,663 Signal repowering chip for 3-dimensional integrated circuit
173 8,513,642 Patterned doping of semiconductor substrates using photosensitive monolayers
174 8,513,575 Utilization of overvoltage and overcurrent compensation to extend the usable operating range of electronic devices
175 8,513,131 Fin field effect transistor with variable channel thickness for threshold voltage tuning
176 8,513,127 Chemical mechanical planarization processes for fabrication of FinFET devices
177 8,513,122 Method and structure for differential silicide and recessed or raised source/drain to improve field effect transistor
178 8,513,106 Pseudo butted junction structure for back plane connection
179 8,513,099 Epitaxial source/drain contacts self-aligned to gates for deposited FET channels
180 8,513,085 Structure and method to improve threshold voltage of MOSFETs including a high k dielectric
181 8,513,084 Transistor structure with a sidewall-defined intrinsic base to extrinsic base link-up region and method of forming the transistor
182 8,513,081 Carbon implant for workfunction adjustment in replacement gate transistor
183 8,513,073 Silicon germanium channel with silicon buffer regions for fin field effect transistor device
184 8,513,068 Nanowire field effect transistors
185 8,512,849 Corrugated interfaces for multilayered interconnects
186 8,512,458 Chemical and particulate filters containing chemically modified carbon nanotube structures
187 8,511,369 Thermally reversible crosslinked polymer modified particles and methods for making the same
188 8,511,345 Detecting and automatically responding to airborne hydrocarbon gas