IBM patents granted on 20 December 2011

61 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to IBM

1 8,082,586 Snoop echo response extractor
2 8,082,554 Event-based activation and deactivation of subscription matching
3 8,082,553 Client management of java management extensions (JMX) Mbean state
4 8,082,548 System and method for performing systems management on IT-resources using web services
5 8,082,546 Job scheduling to maximize use of reusable resources and minimize resource deallocation
6 8,082,542 Load time in-lining of subroutines
7 8,082,540 Method for visually indicating preceding and succeeding source code lines that are executed in a graphical debugging environment
8 8,082,520 System and method for database management
9 8,082,487 Method to prevent access of web applications from bookmarked links
10 8,082,482 System for performing error correction operations in a memory hub device of a memory module
11 8,082,481 Multiple CRC insertion in an output data stream
12 8,082,475 Enhanced microprocessor interconnect with bit shadowing
13 8,082,474 Bit shadowing in a memory system
14 8,082,467 Triggering workaround capabilities based on events active in a processor pipeline
15 8,082,464 Managing availability of a component having a closed address space
16 8,082,454 Managing power consumption based on historical average
17 8,082,424 Determining when a set of compute nodes participating in a barrier operation on a parallel computer are ready to exit the barrier operation
18 8,082,423 Generating a flush vector from a first execution unit directly to every other execution unit of a plurality of execution units in order to block all register updates
19 8,082,422 Pipelined processing
20 8,082,420 Method and apparatus for executing instructions
21 8,082,415 Estimating the size of an in-memory cache
22 8,082,405 Dynamic address translation with fetch protection
23 8,082,399 Cache bounded reference counting
24 8,082,396 Selecting a command to send to memory
25 8,082,391 Component discovery in multi-blade server chassis
26 8,082,388 Optimizing operational requests of logical volumes
27 8,082,331 Optimized multicasting using an interest-aware membership service
28 8,082,315 Programming idiom accelerator for remote update
29 8,082,313 Efficient utilization of read-ahead buffer by partitioning read-ahead buffer in correspondence with selectors
30 8,082,310 Selective publication of e-mail account access frequency
31 8,082,307 Redistributing messages in a clustered messaging environment
32 8,082,306 Enterprise e-mail blocking and filtering system based on user input
33 8,082,302 Automatically setting chat status based on user activity in local environment
34 8,082,291 Identifying relevant data from unstructured feeds
35 8,082,282 Decomposition of decimal floating point data, and methods therefor
36 8,082,266 Index for data retrieval and data structuring
37 8,082,265 Database query processing with dynamically activated buffers
38 8,082,260 Handling content of a read-only file in a computer’s file system
39 8,082,245 Providing location information within a virtual world
40 8,082,243 Semantic discovery and mapping between data sources
41 8,082,229 Methods for backing up a database
42 8,082,153 Conversational computing via conversational virtual machine
43 8,081,760 Offline message security via selective data replication
44 8,081,632 Lookups by collisionless direct tables and CAMS
45 8,081,473 Apparatus and method of direct water cooling several parallel circuit cards each containing several chip packages
46 8,081,461 Cooling apparatus with thermally conductive porous material and jet impingement nozzle(s) extending therein
47 8,081,396 Processing data recorded on a tape medium
48 8,081,280 Method of producing UV stable liquid crystal alignment
49 8,081,082 Monitoring patterns of motion
50 8,081,076 Method and apparatus for visually locating short distance emission RFID tags to locate items in a container
51 8,080,876 Structure and method for creating reliable deep via connections in a silicon carrier
52 8,080,851 Deep trench electrostatic discharge (ESD) protect diode for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices
53 8,080,849 Characterizing films using optical filter pseudo substrate
54 8,080,838 Contact scheme for FINFET structures with multiple FINs
55 8,080,805 FET radiation monitor
56 8,080,485 Localized temperature control during rapid thermal anneal
57 8,080,465 Semiconductor wafer structure with balanced reflectance and absorption characteristics for rapid thermal anneal uniformity
58 8,080,456 Robust top-down silicon nanowire structure using a conformal nitride
59 8,080,451 Fabricating semiconductor structures
60 8,079,481 Integrated frame and central electronic complex structure
61 8,079,134 Method of enhancing on-chip inductance structure utilizing silicon through via technology