IBM patents granted on 20 January 2015

85 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to IBM

1 8,938,798 User access control based on handheld device orientation
2 8,938,791 System and method to control display of a realm name
3 8,938,786 System and method for using a declarative approach to enforce instance based security in a distributed environment
4 8,938,784 Authorization of server operations
5 8,938,776 Method and system for user defined local storage of information and objects in a virtual world
6 8,938,733 Generating a customized set of tasks for migration of a deployed software solution
7 8,938,732 Dynamically generating installable software artifacts in a canonical form
8 8,938,728 Dynamic compiler program, dynamic compiling method and dynamic compiling device
9 8,938,725 Technique for compiling and running high-level programs on heterogeneous computers
10 8,938,722 Identifying errors using context based class names
11 8,938,718 Managing window focus while debugging a graphical user interface program
12 8,938,715 Using the z/OS load module system status index to distinguish product tag files
13 8,938,714 Specifying reusable process models
14 8,938,713 Developing a collective operation for execution in a parallel computer
15 8,938,712 Cross-platform virtual machine and method
16 8,938,709 Multiple architecture viewpoints in single unified modeling language (UML) model
17 8,938,708 Determining project status in a development environment
18 8,938,702 Timing driven routing for noise reduction in integrated circuit design
19 8,938,701 Method of managing electro migration in logic designs and design structure thereof
20 8,938,681 Method and system for filtering movements between virtual environments
21 8,938,672 Amending the display property of grid elements
22 8,938,667 Table column spanning
23 8,938,666 Support selective graphical display of system configurations using view filters
24 8,938,665 Read-detection in solid-state storage devices
25 8,938,662 Hamming radius separated deduplication links
26 8,938,646 Mutations on input for test generation
27 8,938,631 Energy efficient implementation of read-copy update for light workloads running on systems with many processors
28 8,938,627 Multilayer securing structure and method thereof for the protection of cryptographic keys and code
29 8,938,608 Enabling portions of programs to be executed on system z integrated information processor (zIIP) without requiring programs to be entirely restructured
30 8,938,605 Instruction cracking based on machine state
31 8,938,593 Tracking ownership of memory in a data processing system through use of a memory monitor
32 8,938,588 Ensuring forward progress of token-required cache operations in a shared cache
33 8,938,587 Data recovery for coherent attached processor proxy
34 8,938,564 Processing input/output requests using proxy and owner storage systems
35 8,938,522 Tiered XML services in a content management system
36 8,938,518 Transferring applications and session state to a secondary device
37 8,938,511 Method and apparatus for detecting unauthorized bulk forwarding of sensitive data over a network
38 8,938,507 Integrated two-way communications between database client users and administrators
39 8,938,506 System and method for addressing messages
40 8,938,502 Subscriber device and subscription management that supports real-time communication
41 8,938,484 Maintaining dependencies among supernodes during repeated matrix factorizations
42 8,938,482 Generating a number based on mask and range constraints
43 8,938,474 Securing application information in system-wide search engines
44 8,938,462 Adaptively assessing object relevance based on dynamic user properties
45 8,938,451 Method, apparatus and system for linking documents
46 8,938,443 Runtime optimization of spatiotemporal events processing
47 8,938,430 Intelligent data archiving
48 8,938,417 Integrity checking and selective deduplication based on network parameters
49 8,938,405 Classifying activity using probabilistic models
50 8,938,400 Apparatus, system, and method for checking the health of encryption key managers
51 8,938,395 Cursor path vector analysis for detecting click fraud
52 8,938,388 Maintaining and supplying speech models
53 8,938,383 Enabling test script play back in different locales
54 8,938,375 Optimizing business process management models
55 8,938,314 Smart energy consumption management
56 8,938,220 Automated selection and presentation of pertinent contacts
57 8,938,093 Addition of immersive interaction capabilities to otherwise unmodified 3D graphics applications
58 8,937,959 Multicast traffic generation using hierarchical replication mechanisms for distributed switches
59 8,937,940 Optimized virtual function translation entry memory caching
60 8,937,840 Digital voltage boost circuit
61 8,937,810 Electronic assembly with detachable coolant manifold and coolant-cooled electronic module
62 8,937,788 Write head including yoke and windings
63 8,937,786 Tape servo track write compensation
64 8,937,780 Error recovery procedure (ERP) using estimated best setting in first run
65 8,937,777 Variable stopwrite threshold with variable smoothing factor
66 8,937,763 Vertical microcavity with curved surface defects
67 8,937,563 Using variable length encoding to compress an input data stream to a compressed output data stream
68 8,937,494 Method and apparatus for detecting rising and falling transitions of internal signals of an integrated circuit
69 8,937,487 Correction for stress induced leakage current in dielectric reliability evaluations
70 8,937,456 Real time system and method for optimizing and managing a load in an electrical grid
71 8,937,359 Contact formation for ultra-scaled devices
72 8,937,355 Striped on-chip inductor
73 8,937,345 Integrated circuits comprising an active transistor electrically connected to a trench capacitor by an overlying contact
74 8,937,299 III-V finFETs on silicon substrate
75 8,937,010 Information encoding using wirebonds
76 8,937,009 Far back end of the line metallization method and structures
77 8,936,996 Structure and method for topography free SOI integration
78 8,936,992 Deep isolation trench structure and deep trench capacitor on a semiconductor-on-insulator substrate
79 8,936,978 Multigate structure formed with electroless metal deposition
80 8,936,972 Epitaxially thickened doped or undoped core nanowire FET structure and method for increasing effective device width
81 8,936,961 Removal of stressor layer from a spalled layer and method of making a bifacial solar cell using the same
82 8,936,497 Connector with a rotatably coupled cam shaft having a connect-assist element
83 8,936,443 Dynamic compensation of airflow in electronics enclosures with failed fans
84 8,936,293 Robotic device for substrate transfer applications
85 8,935,952 Dynamic rack cabinet stability testing