IBM patents granted on 20 March 2012

435 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to IBM

1 8,141,162 Method and system for hiding information in the instruction processing pipeline
2 8,141,160 Mitigating and managing privacy risks using planning
3 8,141,158 Measuring coverage of application inputs for advanced web application security testing
4 8,141,157 Method and system for managing computer security information
5 8,141,151 Non-intrusive monitoring of services in a service-oriented architecture
6 8,141,146 Authentication server, authentication method and authentication program
7 8,141,142 Secure authentication of service users of a remote service interface to a storage media
8 8,141,139 Federated single sign-on (F-SSO) request processing using a trust chain having a custom module
9 8,141,133 Filtering communications between users of a shared network
10 8,141,131 Security policy generation
11 8,141,130 Automated dissemination of enterprise policy for runtime customization of resource arbitration
12 8,141,126 Selective IPsec security association recovery
13 8,141,124 Managing community provided in information processing system
14 8,141,105 Bridge for linking two publish/subscribe message brokers
15 8,141,104 Integrating non-compliant providers of dynamic services into a resource management infrastructure
16 8,141,103 Solution for modifying a queue manager to support smart aliasing which permits extensible software to execute against queued data without application modifications
17 8,141,102 Data processing in a hybrid computing environment
18 8,141,101 Minimizing message flow wait time for management user exits in a message broker application
19 8,141,100 Identifying attribute propagation for multi-tier processing
20 8,141,099 Autonomic method and apparatus for hardware assist for patching code
21 8,141,098 Context switch data prefetching in multithreaded computer
22 8,141,097 Test management system and method
23 8,141,094 Distribution of resources for I/O virtualized (IOV) adapters and management of the adapters through an IOV management partition via user selection of compatible virtual functions
24 8,141,093 Management of an IOV adapter through a virtual intermediary in an IOV management partition
25 8,141,092 Management of an IOV adapter through a virtual intermediary in a hypervisor with functional management in an IOV management partition
26 8,141,091 Resource allocation in a NUMA architecture based on application specified resource and strength preferences for processor and memory resources
27 8,141,089 Method and apparatus for reducing contention for computer system resources using soft locks
28 8,141,087 Resolving computing resource deadlocks based on priority and dependent processes
29 8,141,086 Using data in elements of a singly linked list without a lock in a multithreaded environment
30 8,141,085 Apparatus and data structure for automatic workflow composition
31 8,141,084 Managing preemption in a parallel computing system
32 8,141,083 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing a self-tunable parameter used for dynamically yielding an idle processor
33 8,141,081 Optimized methodology for dispositioning missed scheduled tasks
34 8,141,080 Asynchronous data structure pull application programming interface (API) for stream systems
35 8,141,078 Providing shared tasks amongst a plurality of individuals
36 8,141,074 Packaging files having automatic conversion across platforms
37 8,141,073 Generating sequence diagrams using call trees
38 8,141,072 Customized software documentation based on actual configuration values
39 8,141,070 Bridging class loader name spaces
40 8,141,069 Method for generating an executable workflow code from an unstructured cyclic process model and method for executing a workflow code of an arbitrary process model
41 8,141,067 Ensuring maximum code motion of accesses to DMA buffers
42 8,141,063 Static analysis of reachable methods and fields in object-oriented applications using object instantiation
43 8,141,061 Using memory keys to detect alias violations
44 8,141,059 Method and system for avoidance of software conflict
45 8,141,056 Just-in-time dynamic instrumentation
46 8,141,055 Method for dynamic discovery of code segments in instrumented binary modules
47 8,141,054 Dynamic detection of atomic-set-serializability violations
48 8,141,053 Call stack sampling using a virtual machine
49 8,141,050 Deadlock detection by lock classification
50 8,141,048 Sequential encoding for relational analysis (SERA) of a software model
51 8,141,047 Dependent object framework for junit testing and software application component
52 8,141,046 Thread swap visual indication
53 8,141,045 Automatically identifying the source of copied software
54 8,141,044 Method and system for identifying sources of operating system jitter
55 8,141,042 Extending portability of java code through the use of AOP
56 8,141,041 Automated configuration updater and method for code builder
57 8,141,040 Assembling work packets within a software factory
58 8,141,039 Method and system for consolidating machine readable code
59 8,141,038 Virtual RAS repository
60 8,141,035 Method for accessing internal states of objects in object oriented programming
61 8,141,033 Object oriented based methodology for modeling business functionality for enabling implementation in a web based environment
62 8,141,030 Dynamic routing and load balancing packet distribution with a software factory
63 8,141,028 Structure for identifying and implementing flexible logic block logic for easy engineering changes
64 8,141,027 Automated sensitivity definition and calibration for design for manufacturing tools
65 8,141,025 Method of performing timing analysis on integrated circuit chips with consideration of process variations
66 8,141,020 Temperature-controlled 3-dimensional bus placement
67 8,141,019 Method for optimizing of pipeline structure placement
68 8,141,017 Method for bounded transactional timing analysis
69 8,141,016 Integrated design for manufacturing for 1.times.N VLSI design
70 8,141,014 System and method for common history pessimism relief during static timing analysis
71 8,141,013 Method and system of linking on-chip parasitic coupling capacitance into distributed pre-layout passive models
72 8,141,012 Timing closure on multiple selective corners in a single statistical timing run
73 8,141,002 System and method for visual representation of a social network connection quality
74 8,140,997 Manipulating display of multiple display objects
75 8,140,993 Notification of state transition of an out-of-focus application with state and notification priority filtering
76 8,140,991 Drag and drop rule topology
77 8,140,986 Generating test scenarios using reusable triggers indicating graphical user interface (GUI) elements and actions
78 8,140,984 Method and apparatus for document browsing
79 8,140,983 System and method for auto-generating threads on web forums
80 8,140,982 Method and system for splitting virtual universes into distinct entities
81 8,140,981 Method and apparatus for enhancing instant messaging systems
82 8,140,979 System and method for managing computer operations according to stored user preferences
83 8,140,978 System and method for providing information in a virtual world
84 8,140,977 Hosted data visualization service
85 8,140,976 Using content aggregation to build administration consoles
86 8,140,971 Dynamic and intelligent hover assistance
87 8,140,970 System and method for semi-transparent display of hands over a keyboard in real-time
88 8,140,969 Displaying synchronously documents to a user
89 8,140,967 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
90 8,140,966 Computer system, method and program for generating caption based computer data
91 8,140,964 Annotation validity using partial checksums
92 8,140,962 Dynamically selecting properties to display in a table based user interface
93 8,140,958 Cyclical and synchronized multi-source spreadsheet imports and exports
94 8,140,957 Technique for controlling screen display
95 8,140,954 System and method for providing on demand captioning of broadcast programs
96 8,140,952 Method of assisting a user
97 8,140,951 Method and system for instruction address parity comparison
98 8,140,942 System, method and storage medium for providing fault detection and correction in a memory subsystem
99 8,140,937 Memory initialization time reduction
100 8,140,936 System for a combined error correction code and cyclic redundancy check code for a memory channel
101 8,140,925 Method and apparatus to debug an integrated circuit chip via synchronous clock stop and scan
102 8,140,922 Method for correlating an error message from a PCI express endpoint
103 8,140,919 Display of data used for system performance analysis
104 8,140,915 Detecting apparatus, system, program, and detecting method
105 8,140,911 Dynamic software tracing
106 8,140,909 Efficient method to detect disk write errors
107 8,140,907 Accelerated virtual environments deployment troubleshooting based on two level file system signature
108 8,140,905 Incremental problem determination and resolution in cloud environments
109 8,140,903 Hardware process trace facility
110 8,140,902 Internally controlling and enhancing advanced test and characterization in a multiple core microprocessor
111 8,140,901 Validation of processors using a self-generating test case framework
112 8,140,897 Testing method for complex systems
113 8,140,895 Method and system for recovering SIP transaction
114 8,140,890 Relocating bad block relocation (BBR) directory upon encountering physical media defect on a disk
115 8,140,889 Dynamically reassigning a connected node to a block of compute nodes for re-launching a failed job
116 8,140,886 Apparatus, system, and method for virtual storage access method volume data set recovery
117 8,140,885 Accounting for microprocessor resource consumption
118 8,140,876 Reducing power consumption of components based on criticality of running tasks independent of scheduling priority in multitask computer
119 8,140,873 User imposed power constraints on web server based on user preferences
120 8,140,871 Wake on Lan for blade server
121 8,140,869 Central power management
122 8,140,868 Performance conserving power consumption reduction in a server system
123 8,140,865 Pre-configuring of encryption bands on a disk for use in a plurality of array configurations
124 8,140,861 Method and system for content-based encrypted access to a database
125 8,140,860 Policy-driven file system with integrated RAID functionality
126 8,140,857 Method for selective encryption within documents
127 8,140,856 Method and apparatus for removing encrypted files unassociated with a user key from an archive
128 8,140,853 Mutually excluded security managers
129 8,140,852 Authenticating serialized commodities
130 8,140,842 Client identification and authorization in an asynchronous request dispatching environment
131 8,140,841 Method and micro-system for updating configurations of target system in computer
132 8,140,840 Multi-operating system document editing mode for battery powered personal computing devices
133 8,140,837 Automatically making selective changes to firmware or configuration settings
134 8,140,835 Updating a basic input/output system (`BIOS`) boot block security module in compute nodes of a multinode computer
135 8,140,834 System, method and computer program product for providing a programmable quiesce filtering register
136 8,140,833 Implementing polymorphic branch history table reconfiguration
137 8,140,832 Single step mode in a software pipeline within a highly threaded network on a chip microprocessor
138 8,140,831 Routing instructions in a processor
139 8,140,830 Structural power reduction in multithreaded processor
140 8,140,829 Multithreaded processor and method for switching threads by swapping instructions between buffers while pausing execution
141 8,140,828 Handling transaction buffer overflow in multiprocessor by re-executing after waiting for peer processors to complete pending transactions and bypassing the buffer
142 8,140,826 Executing a gather operation on a parallel computer
143 8,140,825 Systems and methods for selectively closing pages in a memory
144 8,140,824 Secure code authentication
145 8,140,822 System and method for maintaining page tables used during a logical partition migration
146 8,140,817 Dynamic logical partition management for NUMA machines and clusters
147 8,140,816 Utilizing partition resource requirements from workload estimation to automate partition software configuration and validation
148 8,140,815 Estimating the size of an in-memory cache
149 8,140,814 Resource reclamation in data storage
150 8,140,812 Method and apparatus for two-phase storage-aware placement of virtual machines
151 8,140,811 Nonvolatile storage thresholding
152 8,140,808 Reclaiming allocated memory to reduce power in a data processing system
153 8,140,807 System and computer program product for dynamically resizing file systems
154 8,140,803 Structure for reducing latency associated with read operations in a memory system
155 8,140,801 Efficient and flexible memory copy operation
156 8,140,792 Indirectly-accessed, hardware-affine channel storage in transaction-oriented DMA-intensive environments
157 8,140,788 Apparatus, system, and method for selecting an input/output tape volume cache
158 8,140,785 Updating metadata in a logical volume associated with a storage controller for data units indicated in a data structure
159 8,140,771 Partial cache line storage-modifying operation based upon a hint
160 8,140,770 Data processing system and method for predictively selecting a scope of broadcast of an operation
161 8,140,768 Jump starting prefetch streams across page boundaries
162 8,140,767 Cache management through delayed writeback
163 8,140,766 Enhanced coherency tracking with implementation of region victim hash for region coherence arrays
164 8,140,765 Information handling system with immediate scheduling of load operations in a dual-bank cache with single dispatch into write/read data flow
165 8,140,764 System for reconfiguring cache memory having an access bit associated with a sector of a lower-level cache memory and a granularity bit associated with a sector of a higher-level cache memory
166 8,140,763 Techniques for managing data in a write cache of a storage controller
167 8,140,761 Event tracking hardware
168 8,140,760 I-cache line use history based done bit based on successful prefetchable counter
169 8,140,759 Specifying an access hint for prefetching partial cache block data in a cache hierarchy
170 8,140,758 Data reorganization in non-uniform cache access caches
171 8,140,756 Information handling system with immediate scheduling of load operations and fine-grained access to cache memory
172 8,140,750 Monitoring performance of a storage area network
173 8,140,731 System for data processing using a multi-tiered full-graph interconnect architecture
174 8,140,730 System reconfiguration of expansion cards
175 8,140,725 Management system for using host and storage controller port information to configure paths between a host and storage controller in a network
176 8,140,721 System and method for starting a buffer pool
177 8,140,717 Controlling access to physical indicators in a logically partitioned computer system
178 8,140,713 System and program products for facilitating input/output processing by using transport control words to reduce input/output communications
179 8,140,705 Method and system to recover a failed flash of a blade service processor in a server chassis
180 8,140,698 Method and system for efficient data transmission in interactive networked environments
181 8,140,696 Layering serial attached small computer system interface (SAS) over ethernet
182 8,140,695 Load balancing and failover of distributed media resources in a media server
183 8,140,692 Flexibly configured presence server
184 8,140,691 Role-based views access to a workflow weblog
185 8,140,688 Method and system for establishing connections between nodes in a communication network
186 8,140,686 Detection of required password authentication in a network
187 8,140,683 Method and system for selecting an operating system at user login on a target device
188 8,140,682 System, method, and apparatus for server-storage-network optimization for application service level agreements
189 8,140,681 Decentralized application placement for web application middleware
190 8,140,680 Machine-processable semantic description for resource management
191 8,140,679 Method and system for automated session resource clean-up in a distributed client-server environment
192 8,140,677 Autonomic web services hosting service
193 8,140,674 Autonomic service routing using observed resource requirement for self-optimization
194 8,140,673 Method and apparatus for controlling load admission rate of an application server
195 8,140,669 Resolving hostnames on a private network with a public internet server
196 8,140,666 Method and apparatus for network distribution and provisioning of applications across multiple domains
197 8,140,652 Energy-efficient server location determination for configuration changes
198 8,140,651 Method and system for self-organizing computer systems
199 8,140,645 Index server support to file sharing applications
200 8,140,644 Method and apparatus for updating application servers
201 8,140,643 Managing user personal information across web sites
202 8,140,636 Instant messenger subset management
203 8,140,630 Publish/subscribe message broker for message sequences
204 8,140,628 Enforcing conformance in email content
205 8,140,622 Parallel metadata service in storage area network environment
206 8,140,620 Service for providing periodic contact to a predetermined list of contacts using multi-party rules
207 8,140,619 Management of community buddy lists
208 8,140,615 Consolidated business service for integrating service oriented architecture services with customer resources
209 8,140,614 Distributed computing environment with remote data collection management
210 8,140,609 Congruency and similarity of information technology (IT) structures and associated applications
211 8,140,607 Method for providing a decimal multiply algorithm using a double adder
212 8,140,602 Providing an object to support data structures in worm storage
213 8,140,600 Memory power control method and memory power control program
214 8,140,598 Creating references in a scoped memory system
215 8,140,597 Computer system memory management
216 8,140,596 System and method for the derivation and application of sub-iteration contexts in a transformation operation in a data integration system
217 8,140,595 Linked logical fields
218 8,140,591 Enabling workflow awareness within a business process management (BPM) system
219 8,140,590 Dynamic generation of user interfaces and automated mapping of input data for service-oriented architecture-based system management applications
220 8,140,589 Autonomic updating of templates in a content management system
221 8,140,588 Decentralized many-to-many relationship management in an object persistence management system
222 8,140,585 Method and apparatus for partitioning and sorting a data set on a multi-processor system
223 8,140,583 Tag syndicates
224 8,140,582 Service oriented architecture aggregation
225 8,140,578 Multilevel hierarchical associations between entities in a knowledge system
226 8,140,575 Apparatus, method, and program product for information processing
227 8,140,574 Community search scopes for enterprises applications
228 8,140,573 Exporting and importing business objects based on metadata
229 8,140,571 Dynamic discovery of abstract rule set required inputs
230 8,140,568 Estimation and use of access plan statistics
231 8,140,565 Autonomic information management system (IMS) mainframe database pointer error diagnostic data extraction
232 8,140,563 Searching in a computer network
233 8,140,558 Generating structured query language/extensible markup language (SQL/XML) statements
234 8,140,557 Ontological translation of abstract rules
235 8,140,555 Apparatus, system, and method for dynamically defining inductive relationships between objects in a content management system
236 8,140,552 Method and apparatus for optimizing lead time for service provisioning
237 8,140,547 Systems, methods and computer products for a monitoring context generator
238 8,140,546 Computer system for performing aggregation of tree-structured data, and method and computer program product therefor
239 8,140,544 Interactive digital video library
240 8,140,540 Classification of electronic messages based on content
241 8,140,538 System and method of data caching for compliance storage systems with keyword query based access
242 8,140,537 Block level tagging with file level information
243 8,140,535 Ontology-based network search engine
244 8,140,534 System and method for sorting attachments in an integrated information management application
245 8,140,531 Process and method for classifying structured data
246 8,140,529 Method and apparatus for autonomically regulating information transfer when accessing database resources
247 8,140,523 Decision based system for managing distributed resources and modeling the global optimization problem
248 8,140,522 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for adaptive query parallelism partitioning with look-ahead probing and feedback
249 8,140,520 Embedding densities in a data structure
250 8,140,517 Database query optimization using weight mapping to qualify an index
251 8,140,516 Method, system and article of manufacture for improving execution efficiency of a database workload
252 8,140,509 Data plotting extension for structured query language
253 8,140,507 Method and system for searching across independent applications
254 8,140,504 Report generation system and method
255 8,140,501 Attribute presenter of object attributes and method for presenting object attributes using the attribute presenter
256 8,140,499 Context based cache infrastructure to enable subset query over a cached object
257 8,140,494 Providing collection transparency information to an end user to achieve a guaranteed quality document search and production in electronic data discovery
258 8,140,491 Storage management through adaptive deduplication
259 8,140,490 Method, system and program for prioritizing maintenance of database tables
260 8,140,486 Restoring a source file referenced by multiple file names to a restore file
261 8,140,485 Data recovery using a minimum number of recovery streams
262 8,140,483 Transaction log management
263 8,140,479 Logical classification of objects on a computer system
264 8,140,476 Statistical quality monitoring and enhancement
265 8,140,473 Real-time file synchronization
266 8,140,469 Journaling to capture workflow and convert to workflow markup language
267 8,140,468 Systems and methods to extract data automatically from a composite electronic document
268 8,140,466 System and method for maintaining and utilizing Bernoulli samples over evolving multisets
269 8,140,462 Method and system for approximate string matching
270 8,140,457 Determining compliance rates for probabilistic requests
271 8,140,455 Adaptive information technology solution design and deployment
272 8,140,448 System and method for classifying data streams with very large cardinality
273 8,140,447 Method for regression from interval target values by alternating linear gaussian and expectation-maximization
274 8,140,446 Application of brokering methods to operational support characteristics
275 8,140,444 Method of measuring a large population of web pages for compliance to content standards that require human judgement to evaluate
276 8,140,441 Workflow management in a global support organization
277 8,140,438 Method, apparatus, and program product for processing product evaluations
278 8,140,412 Network-based supply chain management method
279 8,140,410 Method, system, and program for translating and interfacing between data pools and product information management (PIM) systems
280 8,140,407 Method, system, and storage medium for substituting media preview items for suppressed media preview items
281 8,140,373 Data driven dynamic workflow
282 8,140,372 Planning production for complementary demands
283 8,140,371 Providing computing service to users in a heterogeneous distributed computing environment
284 8,140,368 Method and system for routing a task to an employee based on physical and emotional state
285 8,140,367 Open marketplace for distributed service arbitrage with integrated risk management
286 8,140,364 Method and system for the bundling and pricing of wireless hotspots
287 8,140,362 Automatically processing dynamic business rules in a content management system
288 8,140,360 System for processing insurance coverage requests
289 8,140,348 Method, system, and program for facilitating flow control
290 8,140,347 System and method for speeding XML construction for a business transaction using prebuilt XML with static and dynamic sections
291 8,140,346 Computer-implemented method and system for handling business transactions within an inhomogeneous legal environment
292 8,140,341 Method for the semi-automatic editing of timed and annotated data
293 8,140,340 Using voice biometrics across virtual environments in association with an avatar’s movements
294 8,140,332 Technique for searching out new words that should be registered in dictionary for speech processing
295 8,140,325 Systems and methods for intelligent control of microphones for speech recognition applications
296 8,140,323 Method and system for extracting information from unstructured text using symbolic machine learning
297 8,140,320 Modelizing resources and external data of a program for procedural language coding
298 8,140,319 Method and system for predicting system performance and capacity using software module performance statistics
299 8,140,318 Method and system for generating application simulations
300 8,140,317 Device simulation method and system
301 8,140,315 Test bench, method, and computer program product for performing a test case on an integrated circuit
302 8,140,314 Optimal bus operation performance in a logic simulation environment
303 8,140,313 Techniques for modeling variables in subprograms of hardware description language programs
304 8,140,305 Conversion of an application program
305 8,140,301 Method and system for causal modeling and outlier detection
306 8,140,297 Three dimensional chip fabrication
307 8,140,267 System and method for identifying similar molecules
308 8,140,262 Method to identify the vessel a container is loaded on
309 8,140,251 Management of traffic signals at road intersection to avoid blocking vehicles
310 8,140,213 Detection of vehicle operation under adverse conditions
311 8,140,195 Reducing maximum power consumption using environmental control settings
312 8,140,193 Assessing, forecasting and simulating energy consumption of buildings using energy efficiency coefficients
313 8,140,180 Dynamic item-space allocation and retrieval
314 8,140,057 Automated call context notification
315 8,140,034 Frequency locked feedback loop for wireless communications
316 8,140,000 Categorizing and sharing learning objects
317 8,139,904 Method and apparatus for implementing optical deflection switching using coupled resonators
318 8,139,901 Nano-encoding and decoding information related to printed texts and images on paper and other surfaces
319 8,139,853 Color naming, color categorization and describing color composition of images
320 8,139,780 Using ray tracing for real time audio synthesis
321 8,139,769 Processing multi-key content
322 8,139,767 Fine-grained forward-secure signature scheme
323 8,139,766 Pseudo public key encryption
324 8,139,754 Correlating call log files using voice prints
325 8,139,744 Server based conference call volume management
326 8,139,743 Method for providing enhanced audio conferencing services in a telephony system
327 8,139,737 Call-initiated social information acquisition and exchange
328 8,139,736 Destination device billing according to call recipient
329 8,139,734 Call volume based IVR call duration and port adjustment
330 8,139,730 Integrating an IVR application within a standards based application server
331 8,139,723 Voice authentication system and method using a removable voice ID card
332 8,139,722 System and method for expedited resolution of inquiries for an automated agent
333 8,139,721 Telephonic repeat method
334 8,139,700 Dynamic quadrature clock correction for a phase rotator system
335 8,139,635 Method for efficient encoding and decoding quantized sequence in Wyner-Ziv coding of video
336 8,139,596 Communicating prioritized messages to a destination queue from multiple source queues using source-queue-specific priority values
337 8,139,595 Packet transfer in a virtual partitioned environment
338 8,139,594 Apparatus and method to coordinate calendar searches in a network scheduler given limited resources
339 8,139,592 Ticket-based operation tracking
340 8,139,575 Device, system and method of modification of PCI express packet digest
341 8,139,567 Transceiving apparatus and data processing system for communication base stations
342 8,139,497 Method and system using ARP cache data to enhance accuracy of asset inventories
343 8,139,489 Robust jitter-free remote clock offset measuring method
344 8,139,483 Network traffic control in peer-to-peer environments
345 8,139,477 Network element bypass in computing computer architecture
346 8,139,430 Power-on initialization and test for a cascade interconnect memory system
347 8,139,400 Enhanced static random access memory stability using asymmetric access transistors and design structure for same
348 8,139,389 Programmable device
349 8,139,361 Apparatus and method for attaching selected components to a printed circuit board
350 8,139,358 Apparatus for externally changing the direction of air flowing through electronic equipment
351 8,139,355 Memory module connector having memory module cooling structures
352 8,139,354 Independently operable ionic air moving devices for zonal control of air flow through a chassis
353 8,139,318 Planar bidirectional tape head with planar read and write elements
354 8,139,315 Storage slot for data storage cartridges of differing dimensions
355 8,139,314 Pass-through mechanism for linear tape library
356 8,139,312 Timing alternative intervals within a timing based servo band
357 8,139,311 Apparatus, method and program for controlling writing of data by tape recording apparatus
358 8,139,304 Tape layout design for reliable ECC decoding
359 8,139,302 Detecting a periodic sequence of servo signals
360 8,139,115 Method and apparatus for managing parking lots
361 8,139,074 Memory optimized cache generation for image tiling in GIS/CAD browser applications
362 8,139,064 Method and apparatus for aligning an infrastructure to a template
363 8,139,061 Floating point execution unit for calculating a one minus dot product value in a single pass
364 8,139,060 Ray tracing image processing system
365 8,139,036 Non-intrusive capture and display of objects based on contact locality
366 8,139,034 Ergonomic computer alignment
367 8,138,954 Method and system for efficient data transmission with server side de-duplication
368 8,138,890 Hybrid ultrasonic and radio frequency identification system and method
369 8,138,888 System and method for adjusting a seat using biometric information
370 8,138,882 Securing premises using surfaced-based computing technology
371 8,138,880 Persistent current switch
372 8,138,876 On-chip integrated voltage-controlled variable inductor, methods of making and tuning such variable inductors, and design structures integrating such variable inductors
373 8,138,857 Structure, structure and method for providing an on-chip variable delay transmission line with fixed characteristic impedance
374 8,138,840 Optimal dithering of a digitally controlled oscillator with clock dithering for gain and bandwidth control
375 8,138,820 Peak power reduction methods in distributed charge pump systems
376 8,138,625 Dual line active automatic transfer switch
377 8,138,607 Metal fill structures for reducing parasitic capacitance
378 8,138,604 Metal cap with ultra-low k dielectric material for circuit interconnect applications
379 8,138,603 Redundancy design with electro-migration immunity
380 8,138,602 Solder interconnect pads with current spreading layers
381 8,138,592 Planar array contact memory cards
382 8,138,579 Structures and methods of forming SiGe and SiGeC buried layer for SOI/SiGe technology
383 8,138,574 PCM with poly-emitter BJT access devices
384 8,138,573 On-chip heater and methods for fabrication thereof and use thereof
385 8,138,563 Circuit structures and methods with BEOL layers configured to block electromagnetic edge interference
386 8,138,547 MOSFET on silicon-on-insulator REDX with asymmetric source-drain contacts
387 8,138,546 Electrostatic discharge protection device and method of fabricating same
388 8,138,543 Hybrid FinFET/planar SOI FETs
389 8,138,534 Anti-reflection structures for CMOS image sensors
390 8,138,531 Structures, design structures and methods of fabricating global shutter pixel sensor cells
391 8,138,523 Semiconductor device having silicon on stressed liner (SOL)
392 8,138,497 Test structure for detecting via contact shorting in shallow trench isolation regions
393 8,138,492 Formation of carbon and semiconductor nanomaterials using molecular assemblies
394 8,138,491 Self-aligned nanotube field effect transistor
395 8,138,448 Negative coefficient thermal expansion engineered particles for composite fabrication
396 8,138,410 Optical tandem photovoltaic cell panels
397 8,138,102 Method of placing a semiconducting nanostructure and semiconductor device including the semiconducting nanostructure
398 8,138,100 Microelectronic structure by selective deposition
399 8,138,099 Chip package solder interconnect formed by surface tension
400 8,138,093 Method for forming trenches having different widths and the same depth
401 8,138,089 Method and apparatus for measurement and control of photomask to substrate alignment
402 8,138,085 Laser annealing for 3-D chip integration
403 8,138,083 Interconnect structure having enhanced electromigration reliability and a method of fabricating same
404 8,138,072 Semiconductor structures and methods of manufacture
405 8,138,068 Method to form nanopore array
406 8,138,066 Dislocation engineering using a scanned laser
407 8,138,061 Quasi-hydrophobic Si-Si wafer bonding using hydrophilic Si surfaces and dissolution of interfacial bonding oxide
408 8,138,056 Thermally insulated phase change material memory cells with pillar structure
409 8,138,054 Enhanced field effect transistor
410 8,138,053 Method of forming source and drain of field-effect-transistor and structure thereof
411 8,138,052 Metal high dielectric constant transistor with reverse-T gate
412 8,138,041 In-situ silicon cap for metal gate electrode
413 8,138,037 Method and structure for gate height scaling with high-k/metal gate technology
414 8,138,036 Through silicon via and method of fabricating same
415 8,138,030 Asymmetric finFET device with improved parasitic resistance and capacitance
416 8,138,029 Structure and method having asymmetrical junction or reverse halo profile for semiconductor on insulator (SOI) metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor (MOSFET)
417 8,138,028 Method for manufacturing a phase change memory device with pillar bottom electrode
418 8,138,020 Wafer level integrated interconnect decal and manufacturing method thereof
419 8,138,015 Interconnection in multi-chip with interposers and bridges
420 8,138,008 Forming an oxide MEMS beam
421 8,137,996 Method and system for tone inverting of residual layer tolerant imprint lithography
422 8,137,893 Chemical trim of photoresist lines by means of a tuned overcoat
423 8,137,874 Organic graded spin on BARC compositions for high NA lithography
424 8,137,791 Fuse and pad stress relief
425 8,137,283 Method and apparatus for retrieval of similar heart sounds from a database
426 8,137,203 System and method for virtual space-hazard assessment
427 8,137,158 Electrical contact method
428 8,137,107 Knowledge management for recursively virtualized teams
429 8,137,105 Chinese/English vocabulary learning tool
430 8,136,982 Thermal profiling to validate electronic device authenticity
431 8,136,721 Enhanced check code line image capture for improved OCR
432 8,136,714 Micro-fluidic injection molded solder (IMS)
433 8,136,402 Accelerometer module for use with a touch sensitive device
434 8,136,242 Method of producing a land grid array interposer utilizing metal-on-elastomer
435 8,136,240 Method of forming a substrate having a plurality of insulator layers